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Time is your enemy and your car is your weapon as you fight your way through the streets of a zombie infested city to save the survivors of a disastrous chemical accident.
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Complete each requirement to receive the achievements.CodeEffectUnlock the mayor's White Limousine.Very Important PersonMove to the harbor base.Sunken HopeUnlock the police squad car.I Am The Law!Progress to the train station base.The Last ExpressUnlock the military prototype super car.SuperbeastComplete the game.Zombie DriverProgress to the airport base.Missed FlightFully upgrade one car.Pimp CarMake a 10,000 points combo.Combo MasterFully upgrade all weapons.Guns of GloryFinish the game without buying any car upgrades.I like My Car Clean.Kill 3,000 zombies in a single mission.Die Zombies Die !!Destroy 5000 destructibles in Slaughter mode.Smashing ideaKill 50000 zombies in Slaughter mode.Why do you hate them so much?Light 25 zombies on fire at once.I give them warmthEarn a gold medal on Harbor, Midtown, City Center, Park and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.My favourite colorGet all car upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.The best car ever!Destroy 1500 destructibles in Slaughter mode.Naughty, naughtyDrive the Taxi, Sports Car, Limousine, Police Car, Ambulance, Bus and the Super Car in Slaughter mode.Gotta try them all!Earn at least silver medal on Harbor, Midtown, City Center, Park and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.It's almost like winningDetonate 3 exploding zombies with a single rocket shot.It's raining bloodKill 30 zombies with a single railgun shot.Out of my way!Kill 2000 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.Blood bathGet all weapon upgrades in a single game in Slaughter mode.Do you have a license for that?Burn 1000 zombies in Slaughter mode.Gas is cheapKill 10000 zombies in Slaughter mode.It was in self defence. I swearKill 20 zombies with the back of your car in one combo.You got it backwardsEarn at least bronze medal on Harbor, Midtown, City Center, Park and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.The worst of the bestDestroy 666 destructibles in Slaughter mode.The devil told me to do itUnlock Harbor, Midtown, City Center, Park and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.I've seen placesKill 500 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.Can't hide from meEarn your first Slaughter mode medal.It's like a sportKill 100 zombies in a single game in Slaughter mode.I'm just warming upKill 3 enemies with a single railgun shot in the Blood Race mode.Coming through!!!Kill your first enemy in the Blood Race mode.Don't you ever scratch my paint again!Kill 100 enemies in the Blood Race mode.Fair play.Finish the Rookies' Tournament in the Blood Race mode.Faster than a bike.Finish the Pro Racers' Tournament in the Blood Race mode.Faster than a speeding bullet.Finish the Beginners' Tournament in the Blood Race mode.Faster than a wheelchair.Finish the Drivers' Tournament in the Blood Race mode.Faster than an airplane.Finish the Zombie Drivers' Tournament in the Blood Race mode.Faster than the light.Kill 30 enemies during an Eliminator event in the Blood Race mode.Find your own race track!Survive for more than 2:30 in an Endurance event in the Blood Race mode.I don't want it to end so quickly!Win a gold trophy in all tournaments in the Blood Race mode.I just can't get enough!Kill 10000 zombies in Slaughter mode.It was in self defence. I swearEarn at least silver medal on Harbor, Midtown, City Center, Park and Suburbs arenas in Slaughter mode.It's almost like winningEarn your first Slaughter mode medal.It's like a sportDetonate 3 exploding zombies with a single rocket shot.It's raining bloodEarn your first Blood Race mode medal.Look! I know how to drive!Unlock the Muscle Car in the Blood Race mode.Maybe it is too much to handle...Be the first on the finish line in a Race event in the Blood Race mode.Smell my fumes!Unlock all car skins in the Blood Race mode.Stand out from the crowd.Make a barbecue of 20 zombie dogs in a single slaughter mode match.Summer Hot dog.Get gold medals in every event in the Blood Race mode.They didn't see anything but my rear.Change the look of your car in Blood Race mode.Wow! It looks like a brand new car.

Zombie Driver Game Walkthrough



I. Introduction (INTR1)
II. Zombies (ZOMB1)
III. Weapons (WEAP1)
IV. Tips and Tricks (TAT1)
V. Achievements (ACHI1)
VI. Walkthrough (OPERx) [Replace the "x" with which ever mission you are on.]
VII. Version History (VERS1)
VIII. Legal/Contact (BORING1)


Welcome to my Zombie Driver walkthrough, probably the first file of it's kind.
While Zombie Driver isn't an amazing game by any stretch, it's still a fun
little vehicular combat game - and it has zombies!

I bought Zombie Driver on the 27th off of Steam for 2.50$, so really, I can't
complain. That 2.50$ has kept me entertained for three days now, so it was so
worth it.

With that out of the way, enjoy!


There are several different kinds of zombies you will encounter as you play
through the game.


This is the basic, slow moving zombie. These make up the majority of enemies
in the game. No special abilities.

First encountered: Mission 01, "Operation Fat Cat"


Instead of trying to hit your car in melee, these zombies will stand far away
and throw things at your car. These are slightly more dangerous, as they do
more damage and can't always be avoided.

First encountered: Mission 01, "Operation Fat Cat"


These are canines who have turned into zombies. They run very fast and attack
much faster.

First encountered: Mission 02, "Operation Neighborhood"


A dangerous type of zombie until you get a vehicle with high armor. These
zombies are very muscular men who will punch your vehicle and do high amounts
of damage. They also slow your vehicle down more than regular zombies when hit.

First encountered: Mission 03, "Operation Lost Bird"

An extremely damaging, but easily avoided zombie. These zombies are extremely
fat and will explode on contact or when you are near them. Before getting high
armor vehicles like the Bus or Experimental Military Vehicle, these can take
out almost a quarter of your health single handedly.

First encountered: Mission 04, "Operation Paradise Island"



Even though it's the first weapon you get and rather sub par at first level, it
becomes a wrecking ball at levels 2 and 3. It fires bullets at rapid speeds,
and at Level 3 can kill anything but Strong Men with one bullet.


A useless weapon, in my opinion. It gives you a speed boost and lets you get
out of hordes quicker, so you take less damage. If you are using a vehicle with
high ramming power and lots of armor, getting stuck in a horde won't happen.
Don't waste your time and money buying this.


At first, it looks like a very nice weapon, but it requires you to be far too
close to be useful. In order to actually hit anything with it, you would need
to drive up to zombies, stop before hitting them, then fire. That is
pointless - if you're going to do that, you might as well not stop and just
drive through the horde. Don't waste money on this.


A very nice weapon for clearing out small areas full of zombies. It will launch
a rocket (or two at level 3) straight ahead, then blow up, instantly killing
everything close to the blast. This is worth spending money on.


A weapon that you don't recieve until late in the game, but is worth it. It
fires a beam of energy (two at level 3) from the left side of your car,
completely killing ANYTHING in a straight line until it hits something solid.
A full ammo pack of this weapon can clear entire hordes, even at level one.
Immediately buy and upgrade this weapon as soon as you are able.


Fat Men explosions can be used to your advantage. When a fat zombie
explodes, they kill all the zombies around them. Remember this.

Ramming into anything but a fat zombie does zero damage to your vehicle.
All vehicles are immune to anything that SHOULD damage a car - fences, light
posts, even buildings.

Only ram Strong Men if you have nitro or a way clear shot out of a horde.
Strong Men slow down your vehicle more than any other zombie.

Fat Men do just as much damage if you hit them than if you let them explode.
Make a quick pass and let them blow themselves up, or shoot them. Never ram a
fat man.


Combo Master
Make a 10,000 points combo.

Easily done, you just need to practice a little bit at combos. Find large
groups of zombies around a single block, and drive in circles around the block,
plowing over zombies in the way. Make use of your weapons during this, and a
10,000 point combo is nothing.

Die Zombies Die!!
Kill 3,000 zombies in a single mission.

Another simple achievement. Just drive around the city killing zombies until
you kill 3,000 of them. Easy.

Guns of Glory
Fully upgrade all weapons.

Semi-difficult, because of the way the developers make you start over each
time you complete the game, so you can't save up your money. Basically, just
do every bonus mission, chain massive combos for ultimate ammounts of money,
and horde money. Only buy vehicle upgrades if you are ABSOUTLY SURE you need
it to continue.

I Am The Law!
Unlock the police squad car.

You'll unlock this during the story mode. On Mission 07, Operation Blue Shield,
simply do the optional side mission, and you get this achievement.

I Like My Car Clean
Finish the game without buying any car upgrades.

Really obvious what you do to get this one - don't buy upgrades!

Missed Flight
Progress to the airport base.

Another one finished during story mode. Play through the game and you'll unlock

Pimp Car
Fully upgrade one car.

Another easy one. Just buy all the upgrades on one car.

Sunken Hope
Move to the harbor base.

Finished during story mode. Play through the game and you'll unlock this.

Unlock the military prototype super car.

Complete the optional mission during Mission 13, Operation Pidgon Hunt.

The Last Express
Progress to the train station base.

Finished during story mode. Play through the game and you'll unlock this.

Very Important Person
Unlock the mayor's White Limousine.

Finish the optional mission during Mission 3, Operation Lost Bird.

Zombie Driver
Complete the game.

Complete the game, duh.

|   MISSION CODE 01  | (OPER1)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue 3 people from City Hall.
REWARD: 1500$, Machine Gun Level 1, Nitro Level 1

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill 100 zombies.
REWARD: 1000$

This mission is incredibly simple as it should be - it's the first mission.
You begin with no options for weapons or vehicle upgrades, as you have no
money. Your only vehicle is the taxi, so that's what you'll use.

Very simple - just drive to city hall, kill all the zombies there, and pick up
the three people. The kill 100 zombies is easily accomplished just by driving
to and from city hall.

|      MISSION CODE 02     | (OPER2)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Evacuate 4 survivors from both houses.
REWARD: 3000$, Vehicle Upgrades Level 1, Sports Car

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Evacuate all survivors in less than 3 minutes.
REWARD: 2000$

Before starting this mission, buy your rank one Machine Gun.

Another simple mission, that needs no real direction. Drive to the two houses,
pick up the people inside, then drive back. If you want to get the bonus
money, pick them all up before returning back.

After finishing, you will unlock the Sports Car. It goes 2.5x faster than your
taxi, at the cost of having half as much armor and ramming ability.

|    MISSION CODE 03   | (OPER3)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Evacuate 3 kids from the school.
REWARD: 4500$, Flamethrower Level 1.

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Clear out the mayor's mansion.
REWARD: 3000$, Limousine.

Don't bother upgrading anything before starting this mission - you will be
replacing both your current vehicles with the Limousine once you unlock it.

Another easy mission. Drive to the school, pick up the kids, then drive to the
mayor's house and kill everything there. Drop the students off to finish the

|       MISSION CODE 04      | (OPER4)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue at least 4 of the 6 engineers.
REWARD: 6000$, Nitro Level 2

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill the zombies near the main draw bridge.
BONUS: 4000$

Now you've got the limo, and this is probably the vehicle you want to be using
for now. It might be slower, but it can hold twice as many people, and starts
with triple the armor and ramming the Sports Car has.

Add some upgrades to the Limo if you want, but it's probably best to just save
your money. If you really want to, buy the Flamethrower weapon, but it's a 
waste of money compared to the Machine Gun.

There are two groups of three survivors each, so if you don't want to take two
trips, use the taxi or the Limo.

Another quick mission. Drive to the places, pick up the people, drive back.
Finish the secondary objective if you want to, it's not important. It's another
"kill everything, get money" objective.

Your first little tidbit of plot comes into play here. While picking up one
group of the engineers, one of them will speak to you and tell you "Why do they
want you to go to the industrial district? They're using you, man!" Uh oh...

|    MISSION CODE 05   | (OPER5)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue 6 out of 8 sailors.
REWARDS: 7500$, Machine Gun Level 2, Rockets Level 1

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue all 8 sailors.
REWARDS: 5000$

You'll want the limo for this mission again, since you can easily complete the
bonus with it. You should have roughly 40,000$ if you've been doing all of the
secondary objectives and not buying anything but Machine Guns, so if you want
to spend a little on upgrading the limo, go for it, you'll use it for a while.

No matter what vehicle you have, you will need to make two trips (or three,
with the Sports Car) to get the optional objective. It isn't an important
reward, just a mere 5000$, so if you want to skip it, then do so.

The primary objective, however, can be completed in one trip with the Limo (why
you would want to use anything besides the limo in any case at this point is
beyond me). Simple pick up mission - drive out, pick people up, drop them off.

|  MISSION CODE 06   | (OPER6)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue 4 of the 6 medics.
REWARDS: 9000$, Vehicle Upgrades Level 2, Ambulance

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Finish the mission in less than 7 minutes.
REWARDS: 6000$

Quick and easy mission, though getting the bonus is a bit of a bother.

If you want the bonus, use the Limo. In fact, you should probably use the Limo
no matter what, since it's the best of the cars you have now.

If you're in the limo and care about the bonus, pick up all six and drive them
back. You should have no problem beating the timer, it's very forgiving. If
you don't care, use whatever car you want. As long as you save four medics,
you beat the mission.

The ambulance is basically a slightly different Limo, in case you didn't do
the optional bonus to get it. You gain one Ramming and one Speed point but
lose two armour. Personally, the drastic change in armor isn't worth it.
Continue using the limo.

|     MISSION CODE 07     | (OPER7)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue 3 of the 11 policemen.
REWARDS: 10500$, Flamethrower Level 2

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill all zombies at the central police station.
REWARDS: 7000$, Police Car

I don't know why you only have to rescue 3 of the 11, but that's all you have
to do. This is even easier than the starting missions - take any vehicle,
drive to the area with nine police men, pick up as many as you can, drive back
to base. Mission complete.

The secondary objective is just as easy. Drive to the police station, kill
zombies. Free seven grand a the shiny new police car.

The police car what you will be using for the next few missions. It is equal to
or better than the Limo in every stat, but it holds two less passengers. Unless
you need to hold more than four passengers, use the Police Car.

|      MISSION CODE 08      | (OPER8)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue at least 4 of the 8 car mechanics.
REWARDS: 12000$, Machine Gun Level 3

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Clear out the train wreck area.
REWARDS: 8000$

Another simple rescue mission - but hey, that's the entire game. Do the same
as any other mission - drive out and pick up who you need, kill zombies at the
secondary objective area, then drive back. Easy.

This unlocks the Level 3 Machine Gun, which you should have way more than
enough money for. Buy it IMMEDIATELY.


PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Save all 3 survivors, two train drivers and the bus depot
REWARDS: 13500$, Rockets Level 2, Bus

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Finish the mission in less than 4 minutes.
REWARD: 9000$

This is a very important mission, as it unlocks the Bus, which you will be
using for the next eight or so missions.

This is the first mission that might give you trouble. It requires being fast
on your wheels - not because of the secondary reward, but the primary.

While the other shelters that the survivors are hiding in last quite a while,
these ones tick away very rapidly. Go to the shelter with 2 survivors in it
first, then drive over to the one with the single survivor. If you have your
level 3 machine guns, that should chew through the hordes like nobody's
business, but if not, you will be in for a tough mission.

The secondary objective is bugged. While the breifing says you only have four
minutes, you are actually given six.

A little more plot comes forward: Someone blew up the train station. But wait,
zombies don't know how to use bombs...

|  MISSION CODE 10  | (OPE10)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Bring all 16 survivors to the base.
REWARDS: 15000$, Railgun Level 1

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Clear out the zombies near the bridge.
REWARDS: 10000$

You will be relying heavily on your bus for the next several missions, so feel
free to blow money on upgrades for it. You won't regret it.

This is also the perfect chance to test out the new vehicle - you need to pick
up 16 survivors to win, and the only vehicle able to do that is the Bus.

An incredibly easy mission if you use the bus, very difficult if not. Keep that
in mind.

Finishing this mission unlocks the Railgun. BUY IT. You will not regret it.

A plot tease: The hacker you pick up? He broke into the military security
network. They're trying to cover up all the zombies in the city. But why?

|   MISSION CODE 11    | (OPE11)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue at least 3 of the 4 vetrinarians.
REWARDS: 16500$, Vehicle Upgrades Level 3, Rockets Level 3

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill 200 zombie dogs.
REWARDS: 11000$

I used the police car for this - use the bus if you want, but you only need to
pick up three people.

Same as any other mission. Go, pick up the people you need, done!

The secondary mission is long and frustrating. Basically, only thing you can do
is drive around and shoot zombie dogs until you complete it. It's slow, boring
and time consuming, but it's easy.

Very bad plot development: The first zombie cat scratches you. That can't be
good... Also, the military is taking all the corpses out of the city and
shipping them out on boats. But they aren't taking the survivors! Why?

|   MISSION CODE 12    | (OPE12)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue 12 of the 16 fire-fighters.
REWARDS: 18000$, Flamethrower Level 3

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill the zombies near the fire.
REWARDS: 20% Discount on Car Upgrades

Time for another bus run! While you can get your third level upgrades now if
you want, you can save 20% if you wait until the next mission. Up to you.

Either way, select the bus, and finish the mission.

Plot: One of the fire-fighters mentions something happening at the chemical
plant before the zombies came. Hmm, wonder what it was?

|     MISSION CODE 13      | (OPE13)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Evacuate 6 of the 8 pilots.
REWARDS: 19500$, Railgun Level 2

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Clear out the secret garage area.
BONUS: 13000$, Diprip Supercar

This mission unlocks one of the best cars in the game, the Diprip Supercar. You
really, really want to try and finish the secondary objective, it is very worth

Either way, you need to rescue six people, so if you want to do it in one
trip, take the Bus or Ambulance.

This is nothing special - go rescue the group of six, then finish the optional
objective. The other two survivors are expendable, if you don't want to bother.

Plot developments: The pilot mentions a plane trying to escape - but it was
shot down. Obviously, zombies can't shoot down planes, so it had to be a human.
But who? The pilot also mentions that you look sick. Cat scratch fever, maybe?
Hahahah- wait, no, you're turning into a zombie.

|     MISSION CODE 14      | (OPE14)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue all three botanists.
REWARD: 21000$, Railgun Level 3

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill the zombies near the herbalists shed.
REWARD: 20% Discount on Weapon Upgrades

You'll want to fully upgrade the Supercar, since most of the remaining missions
will use it, including this one. At this point, there are no other vehicles and
only one more weapon upgrade, so you might as well spend your money. Buy the
level 2 railgun, or wait until after this mission so you have the 20% discount.
Your choice.

Either way, take the Supercar and pick up the three botanists. If you're low on
money, finish the secondary objective.

|     MISSION CODE 15    | (OPE15)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Rescue at least 9 of the 12 scientists.
REWARDS: 22500$, Nitro Level 3

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Kill 1500 zombies.
REWARD: 15000$

Take the bus for this mission, so you can finish it quickly. If you use the
Supercar, while tempting, you will need to take three trips to finish.

Same as usual. Pick up the survivors. For the secondary objective, just drive
around aimlessely and kill zombies.

|     MISSION CODE 16    | (OPE16)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Evacuate all 8 scientists.
REWARDS: 24000$

SECONDARY OBJECTIVE: Clear the City Park area.
REWARDS: 16000$

You've got eight people to pick up, so grab the bus and head out. Pick up the 
scientists, bring them back. If you need the money, do the secondary objective,
it's the typical "kill all the zombies" mission, but it gives you a fat hunk of

|     MISSION CODE 17    | (OPE17)

PRIMARY OBJECTIVE: Escape the nuclear bomb.


Here it is. The last mission. After telling you for the past 16 missions
that they will rescue you once this is all over, they lied. They're going to
blow up the city, with you inside. Well, you've got something to say about

Easy mission, if you have the Supercar. If you have money, fully upgrade the
Supercar, and then blow the money on anything you want - this is the last
mission and you can't keep the money (or anything else).

Get in the Supercar and drive out. If you haven't bought Nitrous yet, it might
be a good idea to. Otherwise, take the Railgun.

You have 1:50 to drive out of the city. Be quick. This mission is actually
fairly tough - go fast, but not too fast. There are dozens of Fat Men every
where you go, and they will total even the Supercar after five or six hits.

Once you drive out - oh no! You've turned into a zombie! That's the ending.


v1.0 (12/29/09): Finished guide, released to all the websites.

v1.1 (1/6/10): Added achievements section.


I can be reached at the following locations for questions concerining
Zombie Driver or this document:

E-mail: Baronvonyiffington@gmail.com
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MSN: attorneyatlawl@hotmail.com

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or it may get pushed aside by my spam filters.

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And, of course:
(c) ImAShaaark, BaronYiffington, Salvatore D'Addio, 2009


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