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About The Game

A massively multiplayer online fantasy RPG in a war that has already ravaged the land for many hundreds of years. Beginning with a battle between DoChun-Poung and the Blood Evil Emperor, the land has been split into four factions all vying for supremacy to rival Sa-Do, son of the Blood Evil Emperor.

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Xiah Review

By Jesse Alley |

I have played A LOT of online and offline games. From every genre under the sun. This is by far the most annoying/worst I have ever played.

1. It was horribly programmed. The entire front end interface was very badly presented.

2. The whole entire game launcher was horribly done. It took forever to load and it locked up my entire computer (which is WAY above the requirements for the game. My computer exceeds the requirements by almost 4 times what they require.

3. Character development was poorly done and even moreso badly implemented.

4. Graphics were of general bad quality.

So overall there are hundreds of thousands of online rpg's and many others. They are all worth 10 of this game. I recommend you go pick up WoW or Silkroad, or Supreme Destiny or Requiem. Don't waste your time with this. Maybe 10 years down the road when there able to get there programming/interface right and not make the game so buggy it locks up computers then maybe it'll be worth playing..

On a good note however they are working in the right direction. If they would take the time to redo there stupid launcher setup and stupid graphics the graphics are like a bad PS1 game) then maybe the game can go somewhere. The 4 classes they have in place now have a lot of potentially but there horribly implemented. 1 grand overhaul of the games graphics/engine would do wonders. But they have to get past those Launcher issues to be worth anything.

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