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X3: Albion Prelude

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About The Game

Bridging the gap between the old and the new universe of the X game series, X³: Albion Prelude shows a universe in flux, and prepares players for things to come. The old X Universe is passing; a new X Universe is about to be created!

The X universe is undergoing a period of massive change. What started as a conflict of interest between the Earth and the races of the X Universe has now escalated into a full scale war. Play a part in a war scenario bigger than anything the X Universe has ever seen before!

Corporations Compete for Control of the Future With the war as a backdrop, corporations are vying for power and are driving the X Universe in a new direction. A technological breakthrough will soon allow massive accelerators, forming highways in space and allowing the economy to expand on an unprecedented scale. Highways, a key feature of X Rebirth, are not yet ready, but you can see them being built and participate in the power struggles around the construction of much larger self sustaining economies.

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X3: Albion Prelude

X3: Albion Prelude Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

X3: Albion Prelude (X3AP), is a space trading and combat simulator from German developer Egosoft and is the latest (fifth) game in their X series. An add-on to 2008's X3: Terran Conflict, X3: Albion Prelude features new content, functionality and improvements including; additional ships, stations and sectors, a new plot line, war scenario sectors and several stock exchanges. X3: Albion Prelude was announced on 8 December 2011 and released on Steam on 15 December 2011.For example the pins right now are extremely helpfull and you hace enough place to play 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzles!

One of the new mini-plots draws the Boron deeper into the war than ever before and provides the player with access to the mysterious Xenon HUB. The second re-introduces the secret Unfocussed Jumpdrive and the mighty Player Headquarters, the latter providing a new function to easily equip newly built or bought ships - a function that all fleet commanders will no doubt appreciate.With the ongoing war and the associated investment in new assets, it's no surprise that the various races have come up with a new type of ship to support their war fleets. With version 2.0 the X-Universe sees the first examples of this new category of fast, light escort carrier. If you are too busy doing other things to follow the regular war reports, version 2.0 brings a function to disable these reports until you want to take part in the war again. In addition, new graphs give you a better overview of your property and your current progress.

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