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X-Men: Children of the Atom

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About The Game

X-MEN: Children of the Atom for the PC is a port of the original arcade hit. The game features 2D animation, much like the art in the comic books that thrust the X-Men into the limelight. Many of the characters from the comics appear, from the popular to the obscure. The team's leader (Cyclops) shows up, as does the teleporter from another dimension named Spiral. Each character contains an extensive list of moves that start out simple but get progressively more difficult to perform. Careful timing and button combinations execute the moves, so plenty of practice is required. There is a Two-Player mode that lets you and a friend go head-to-head in a battle to the death. The backgrounds are all locations inspired from the cartoon and feature many of the well-known headquarters and bases. X-MEN: Children of the Atom fits the classic Capcom mold, yet has an identity all to itself.

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X-Men: Children of the Atom

X-Men: Children of the Atom Review

By Nobuo Kogawa

This is an arcade game that was produced byCapcom and released on the CP System II arcade hardware in 1994. It is the first fighting game produced by Capcom using characters under license from Marvel Comics, widely praised for its faithfulness in capturing the spirit of its namesake comics,[citation needed] by using colorful animation and voice actors from the X-Men animated series, such as Cathal Dodd as Wolverine and Norm Spencer as Cyclops. The game is loosely based on the Fatal Attractions storyline. The main antagonist is Magneto, who plans to unleash an electromagnetic pulse on the Earth that will disrupt the magnetic fields and create havoc on the world's electrical systems ushering in a Dark Age for Earth's non-mutant population. With the promise of a mutant run planet, the X-Men's most formidable foes join forces with Magneto.

X-Men follows the same fighting game controls and conventions Capcom previously established with the Street Fighter II games and the original Darkstalkers. The player can choose between one of six X-Men members or four of their enemies (for a total of ten selectable characters) and proceed to compete in a series of best-two-out-of-three one-on-one matches. The player has an "X-Power" gauge (similar to the Super Combo gauge in Super Street Fighter II Turbo and the "Special" gauge inDarkstalkers) that builds as the player performs regular or special moves.

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