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Wrestling Spirit

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About The Game

Wrestling Spirit, created by Adam Ryland, takes its lead from its predecessor, Total Extreme Wrestling, and allows you to take control of the career of a professional wrestler, guiding his career through the world title wins, the tough matches, and the rivalries. You will control each match, negotiate contracts, personal finances, deal with injuries, and manage all the backstage politics. The accurate simulation engine and realistic AI offers up an extremely unique and immersive wrestling experience.

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Wrestling Spirit

Wrestling Spirit Review

By Roland Armentrout

Wrestling Spirit (WreSpi) is a series of professional wrestling computer games that was created by British programmer Adam Ryland for the PC since 2004. The games are published by Grey Dog Software. The games in the series are seen as complementary games to ones in Ryland's Extreme Warfare series. The games cast the user as a rookie wrestler who has to make it big in the world of wrestling, in the similar veins of Edge of Survival Wrestling Federation but with a more serious approach. On November 30, 2004, Wrestling Spirit: Rookie To Legend (WreSpi) was released. The game was originally going to be called Fighting Spirit but was quickly changed after it was found out Sony Computer Entertainment were releasing a game called Fighting Spirits.

Similar to TEW 2004 in its later stages, WreSpi was distributed by ELicense and had a trial that made the user able to play the main game for one game month. Its exhibition mode was restricted in the trial however. WreSpi tries to mix the real-life situations of getting work in a promotion, approaching staff for feuds and fitness regimes with actual participation in the matches and interview segments.

With the game having been programmed in Visual Basic, the matches in WreSpi are generally textual-based (with the optional aid of pictures of moves and commentary sound) unlike the graphical portrayal on other major wrestling games such as the WWE SmackDown! series.

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