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Worms Revolution

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Everyone's favourite invertebrates are back! Worms Revolution brings the classic franchise back, developed from the ground up on a completely new game-engine to bring the worm warfare back in style. Exciting new features and challenges have been introduced whilst old favourites such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade remain to thrill fans.

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Worms Revolution

Worms Revolution Review

By Roland Armentrout

Developer Team 17 has announced Worms Revolution, a new title in the Worms series ... wait, come back! It really is new. Worms Revolution has been "developed from the ground up" using a brand new engine. Team 17 promises "exciting new features and challenges" as well as returning favorites. The press release specifically mentions the Holy Hand Grenade and Super Sheep, and keen-eyed observers will spot the Concrete Donkey and Airstrike weapons in the announcement trailer as well.

Team 17 is keeping quiet on the new features, though there is some more info to be gleaned from the trailer. There appears to be a new water bomb (probably the water balloon seen in the logo). There are also some rather large-looking worms in the video. Could these worms be heavier, perhaps more difficult for cheap bastards crafty tacticians to knock into the drink with the baseball bat?

Worms Revolution is slated for a third quarter release this year on PC and "consoles." If history is anything to go by, a PSN and XBLA release seems likely at the very least. 3D Worms games have always released to a mixed response -- with a loud portion of that mix saying, "Hey, man, this sucks!"

Worms: Revolution is a compromise. It appeases the masses lusting for 2D gameplay while still giving Worms the 3D love it probably needs at this point. The world exists in 3D, so there's depth to the playing field looking in, but it doesn't taint the 2D experience of side-scrolling pew-pew.

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