World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International




World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International

Developer:Konami TYO Genre:Sports Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Latest installment in the highly acclaimed soccer series. The game features 100 teams, 21 stadiums, newly modeled player models, and a changed Master League mode. The competition now takes place within 4 regional leagues. Players select the region in which they wish to participate and work their way up through the divisions in an attempt to compete in the Champions League. Additionally, the Master League introduces the ultimate franchise tool, a player "search engine", allowing managers to search through the entire league for players with the specific skills, position, contract terms and salaries they are looking for. Along with its popular cup tournaments, practice mode, friendly matches and a greatly expanded Master League, Winning Eleven 7 also introduces a "Shop" element to the game.

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World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International Review

By Roland Armentrout

It may have official FIFA PC licensing; it may have dominated the genre for the better part of a decade; and it may have climbed to such a lofty position of strength that it's driven away virtually every contender. However, Electronic Arts' celebrated FIFA Soccer series may not have the PC footie market cornered after all. Fresh off its 2004 revision, in which the game's producers have once again shown a disturbing recent penchant for sitting idly upon the throne, the FIFA series is also now in the midst of taking a full-on broadside from an exciting newcomer. With World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International, Konami brings its console soccer hit to the PC for the first time and, in the process, proves that EA's reign is suddenly as shaky as the San Andreas Fault. Whether it's superior overall to the durable EA franchise is open to interpretation, but one thing is clear: Winning Eleven 7 is a superb game that sounds great, looks impressive, and gets the most important element--playability--just right.

No true PC soccer fan should buy into the EA FIFA machine this year without first investigating Konami's superb alternative. As the title suggests ("Winning Eleven" stands for the number of players on a soccer side and "7" stands for the number of annual revisions in the game's history), Winning Eleven 7 is far from a brand-new series. In fact, it has existed in the console realm since 1996. Granted, North America didn't get its first taste of the game until 2003's Winning Eleven 6, when Konami released it for the PlayStation 2 crowd. But this is the first time we've seen it in PC form, and it's not a moment too soon.

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