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Wizard Chess

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About The Game

Wizard Chess brings the classic game to life with fantasy chess pieces. Two forces battle for glory using strategy, magic and weapons, and your task is to lead your army of humans, dwarfs, elves and other fantastical creatures to victory. Battles take place in many exotic locations, such as distant deserts and ruins of old temples. Watch and marvel as your pieces battle the enemy in the struggle to control the positions needed to launch that final assault on the enemy king. Features include fully automated / rotational camera view, tutorial, various game modes, onscreen clock and hints button, along with ambient background music and intuitive interface.

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Wizard Chess

Wizard Chess Review

By Roland Armentrout

Wizard's Chess is the magical variant of the classic board game in which the pieces move of their own accord when commanded by the player. When a piece is taken, it is removed by the attacking piece. Players move their pieces by speaking the name of the piece and the square it is to move to by algebraic notation. For example, "Knight to E5". Aside from the self-moving pieces, the rules of Wizard's Chess are exactly the same as muggle chess. When Harry Potter began learning how to play the game, he used Seamus Finnigan's pieces, which offered him conflicting advice because they knew that he was not a good player.

During the Christmas feast, in a number of Wizard Crackers, Harry obtained, among other things, his very own Wizard's Chess set. He later broke it in by losing, once again, to Ron. (Although Harry saw this more as the fault of Ron's brother, Percy Weasley, who stood over his shoulder and gave him advice).

During 1992 a giant Wizard's Chessboard was the third-to-last layer of security for the Philosopher's Stone. Harry played as one of the black bishops, Hermione as a rook, and Ron as a Knight. Using his extensive knowledge of chess, Ronald Weasley managed to get him, Harry, and Hermione Grangeracross, ultimately sacrificing himself to the White Queen so that Harry could checkmate the King.

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