Wild Wheels




Wild Wheels

Developer:Epsitec Genre:Racing Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Choose from 3 different ways to play save robots, transport bombs, chase down flying saucers and more in the 28 missions! You can also choose to race 9 open courses to try to get the best time. Do you have a time that can't be beat? Save your performance and challenge a friend in a duel to see if they can get a better time.

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Wild Wheels Review

By Boyd Kitson |

A racing game where you fight the clock and ghost cars. The player is given a large selection of customization tools for his or her vehichle. That's where it stops getting interesting. It's like a lame version of pong and I ahte it.

You'll hate it too...trust me. stay away form this game...it's not worth the time or effort. NEXT!

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