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About The Game

It is 2087. World War III has come and gone. And as a Desert Ranger, you've vowed to help rebuild humanity ... but first, you have to survive. This is civilization's last stand as you roam the deserts of the American Southwest, battling zombies crawling the radioactive desert sand of a post apocalyptic Las Vegas. Master survival skills not in the Boy Scout manual: demolitions, knife-fighting, anti-tank and 25 more skills. Use your brain to survive intricate puzzles like the Chessboard of Death.

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Wasteland Review

By Boyd Kitson |

The game is set in 2087, following a nuclear war during 1998, when Earth has been turned into a wasteland where survival is the paramount objective.

The player controls a party of Desert Rangers, a remnant of the U.S. Army based in the Southwestern United States. The party begins with four characters, and through the course of the game can hold as many as seven characters by recruiting certain citizens and creatures of the wasteland to the player's cause. The party is assigned to investigate a series of disturbances in the nearby areas and throughout the game, the player explores the remaining enclaves of human civilization, including a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas.

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