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About The Game

Warriors sends you to the land of Bors, a competitive world where combatants engage in annual tournaments to achieve glory and prestige. A practice mode and in-game strategy guide is given to those who are new to the game. Once inside the annual tournament, you'll build your team of 4 from a vast amount of available character, each with his strengths and weaknesses. This is where you will make your most crucial decisions. A balanced team and a good strategy is the key to victory. As you defeat your opponents you will accumulate score and rank which can later be uploaded to the Enigma Games website for display on the Warriors Leaderboard. Can you defeat the gods? Enigma Games has also added a championship mode for expert gamers. In this special tournament your opponents are compiled from past champion clans of Bors. Prove that you are worthy of standing face to face with the Wargods.

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Warriors Review

By Boyd Kitson |

The Warriors actually provides a good bit of extra content to play around with. There are multiple multiplayer modes, including two-player co-op for any story mission, as well as a few unique minigames such as quick rumbles, a capture-the-flag variation (involving a girl instead of a flag) and king of the hill. The minigames are merely amusing distractions, although one unlockable game in particular stands out as completely awesome. Titled Armies of the Night, it's basically a side-scrolling beat-'em-up in the tradition of something like a Final Fight or Double Dragon, and includes the opening sequence from Double Dragon, verbatim. Again, totally rad. The cooperative play is about what you'd expect, and it doesn't involve a lot of actual cooperation, so much as it does two people standing next to each other, beating up a lot of dudes. In a couple of nice touches, however, the camera will actually split if the two of you get too far away from one another, and a second player can jump into the game at practically any time, making it a lot more accessible.

With its unrelenting obsession with nailing the details of the film's universe, its quality action, and its breadth of content, The Warriors is easily one of the better pure-action games to come out this year. It's a game that clearly goes out of its way to do more than just rehash a previously told story, as many games based on films tend to do. Again, though, this is not a game in which you have to have seen the original movie to understand and enjoy it; but if anything, it'll make you want to go out of your way to see the movie, just to see how it plays out and compares to the game experience. And in the end, isn't that what all games based on movies try to do in the first place? If you've got a thing for mature-themed action games, The Warriors is well worth your while.

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