Warcraft 2 Battle Chest




Warcraft 2 Battle Chest

Developer:Blizzard Entertainment Genre:Classics Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The Warcraft Series has sold over four million copies worldwide and has won numerous awards, including multiple Games of the Year and Best Multiplayer Game honors. Now, you can get the ultimate Warcraft collection at an unbeatable price! Blizzard Entertainment presents the Warcraft Battle Chest, a set that combines updated versions of the original classic real-time strategy game WARCRAFT II: TIDES OF DARKNESS and the Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal expansion set with the Official Strategy Guides by Prima Publishing for both games and free Internet play over Battle net that allows up to 8 opponents from around the world to compete in fantastic warfare. Play as either the noble Humans or the brutish Orcs as you experience the epic saga of Azeroth, from the Orcs' initial invasion to the Human's quest to forever seal the Dark Portal between the two worlds. Along the way you'll need to carefully manage your limited resources as you train fantastic troops, research powerful magicks, and construct buildings and ships to carry the battle over land, sea, and air.

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Warcraft 2 Battle Chest Review

By Boyd Kitson |

Warcraft was a hit in its day. Although its pretty outdated war, i still play it now and then because its still a playable rts game. This package contains Warcraft 1, 2 and expansion, all of which are great. This is a great addition to anyone classic game collection although i would suggest buying Warcraft 2 battle.net edition now.

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