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War Gods

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About The Game

Midway makers of the classic MORTAL KOMBAT series have introduced a new fighting game, WAR GODS for the PC. The gameplay leaps into the third dimension, requiring players to learn a new set of skills to be able to compete. A straight port of the arcade version, WAR GODS features 10 different playable characters as well as the option to battle against a friend, adding a lot of replay value to this already revolutionary title.

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War Gods Review

By Shawn Oaks |

When the N64 was the latest gaming system to be released, they had the games you'd expect. And games that made you ask your self what the hell is this!?! My brother and I bought War Gods when it first came out for the N64. And I must say, back then, it seemed pretty cool. We had many battles against each other and friends. It looked pretty cool. It was a another fighter to add to the collection,ect... Well, I recently broke out the N64 again and played this cart among others. You know how some games age well and others don't? Let's just say that War Gods hasn't aged that great over the years. Others have aged worse. But War Gods is not nearly as fun as it was in the late 90's. The graphics are choppy looking now & the CPU fighters will appear to fight unfairly. If your looking to add this game to your N64, or game collection in general, I recommend getting it cheap! You may actually find it fun....Maybe youtube video footage of it to get a feel of it first. Your highest replay value out of this game is going to be playing it against friends and family.

War Gods Cheats

There is a cheat code screen under the Properties option in Advanced. Some cheats only work when put in before the game is started/reloaded.

Unlimited credits ... 2509 (9052 to disable)
Player 1 invincible ... 1971 (1791 to disable)
Player 2 invincible ... 1515 (5151 to disable)
Player 1 does more damage ... 0708 (8070 to disable)
Player 2 does more damage ... 3366 (6633 to disable)
Finish game quickly ... 4774 (7447 to disable)
Easy fatalities ... 1037 (7301 to disable)
Press high punch and low kick to do easy fatalities.
Fight as Grox ... 3871 (1783 to disable)
Fight as Exor ... 9021 (1209 to disable)
Display framerate ... 5721

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