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About The Game

In the massively multiplayer online game WAKFU, players have to use the skills and smarts to survive, battle and build in a virgin universe. Characters fight fierce fauna and flora using magic, martial arts or new technologies. They also have to build cities in a virgin universe while preserving nature from destruction. Thanks to a universal and intuitive language, players will interact to create alliances or to take part in fights that will have a direct influence upon the universe.

The story of Wakfu takes place a long time after that of DOFUS. An ogre named Ogrest gathered all the six Dofus and gained boundless powers. The ogre offered his beloved the dragon eggs. But she turned down the present though worthy of the gods themselves, and Ogrest started shedding tears of rage and pique. The tears of the ogre made the ocean level increase so much that parts of the World are now submerged to the inhabitants' great displeasure. Now gods and heroes of the World are starting a new adventure before reaching Ogrest and confront him in an ultimate fight!

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Wakfu Review

By J.C. Hildebrand

Dofus had always been a unique game. It was 2 dimensional, it had many classes which not one other game had, its community was amazing and it had a lot of amusing features. After the success of Dofus, Ankama decided to develop a game that had the good parts of Dofus combined with modern graphics and a new world: Wakfu.

Even though the game is still in Open Beta, and it is still being developed, it is already popular and many former Dofus players decided to give the new game a try. They noticed many similarities with Dofus, but it was somehow different. They thought it was an amazing game, but could it beat the great reputation of Dofus?

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