Video Game Tycoon (Gold Edition)




Video Game Tycoon (Gold Edition)

Developer:GAMESweet Software Genre:Girl Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Like to play videogames? Ever dream of making your own game? Now you can with Video Game Tycoon! Make your own video games and burn them onto a CD. The abundant choices for environments, terrains, tracks, obstacles, vehicles, characters, upgrades and even cheats give users infinite possibilities in creating levels. Video Game Tycoon also includes a robust tutorial and help system that assists in level creation by even the youngest of players. Game controller and multiplayer support are also part of the game's ability set.

The Gold Edition focuses on action, with design packs for Tanks, Helicopters, Gun Turrets, Super Cars and Krazy Karz, Paint Ball, Rocket Packs, Dinosaurs, Bugs, Aliens and more.

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Video Game Tycoon (Gold Edition) Review

By J.C. Hildebrand

Video game tycoon is so old, but such a goodie. This is good for the whole family we love it long time. You will be amazed by the awesome graphics and the long time game play, big payouts, and all that jazzz. It's affordable and I love it because I get all the tycoon games from work...ahahah, thank you blockbuster! haahaah! good times, who wants to play a game?!?!! I'm thinking of selling some older games I have...looking for some where other than ebay which would be so cool.

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