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Vet Emergency 2

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About The Game

In Vet Emergency 2, you assume the role of veterinarian in the busy animal hospital! You?ll experience first-hand a wide variety of pets and problems, including a bird that can?t fly, a sunburned frog, a ferret that?s losing its hair, plus much more. It?s real-life, heart-pumping drama, and you?re always at the center of the action.

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Vet Emergency 2

Vet Emergency 2 Review

By J.C. Hildebrand

Now instead of using drawn graphics, the makers of this game decided basically cutting out a picture of a non moving dog and placing it on a bed was the most approrpiate. This doesn't add any realism - in fact it detracts from it because you are reminded all the more you are playing on a computer. Also there's very little visual education on how these illnesses-fractures look. When you take an eye instrument and look deep in the eye you always get the same picture, no matter what the patient is suffering from. Same thing with the xray. The only differentiation is between species (turtles, fish, birds, dogs, cats, lizards) You have many instruments at your disposal and learn as you go, with hints availible if you're not sure what to do next. Normal procedure is checking the pulse on the back leg, the temperature in the ear etc. but in emergency cases you will have to act fast and make sure to stabilize the patient first with oxygen, ivs etc. Once you've gone through 5-10 cases you get an idea of the typical procedure, and the uses of some of the more rarly utilized equipment. The in game tutorial is basically a text walkthrough and I personally did not have the patience to go through it.

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