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Vectorman 2

Developer:SEGA Genre:Arcade Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

A routine sludge barge excursion is cut short when a mysterious missile critically damages VectorMan’s ship. Vectorman escapes destruction and freefalls back to earth, landing on the outskirts of a seemingly abandoned research facility.

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Vectorman 2 Review

By J.C. Hildebrand

The story line is a little bit more complicated this time. Vector man destroyed War-Head in the original game. Your doing your routine job of being a sludge pilot and bumping tunes in your space barge (that's what happens in the opening movie and it pretty funny and the graphics are good) and life seems like its back to normal. Until a missile fired from some unseen intelligence. When you land back on Earth you notice a new kind of enemy has become of all the pollution created by the orbots and War-Head, Mutant Insects! And the unseen mastermind behind this new take over. I wont write anymore spoilers you'll have to get to the last boss to complete the story. There are a lot of new things up in this sequel.

The morphs are now level specific with an exception of a few. Like in the first Vector Man you start and end the level with a specific morph. This time you have a huge range such as natural disasters (the tornado morph which is cool) to heavy artillery (You can turn take the form of a tank and you can blast through just about anything). I would have liked the morphs to be a little less level specific but here's a bonus to the sequel and that's you can obtain powers from your enemies and morph into more powerful versions of vector-man. There is a shield from the Shield bug, Scorpion tail from the giant scorpions, Rhino Charge from the massive rhino beetles and also the tick punch from these huge creatures that remind me of some of the enemies from the 1st Vector man. You have a collection of new weapons that are very different from the original as well but heck, they also really get the job done.

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