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Tycoon City: New York

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About The Game

In Tycoon City: New York, players become moguls by constructing and customizing hundreds of businesses and famous landmarks anywhere and anyway they want in a bustling simulation of New York City. Players start from humble beginnings as a budding entrepreneur, and build a Manhattan empire by creating, upgrading, and customizing more than 100 types of major businesses. Some challenges include running a nightclub, owning a hot new restaurant, staging a concert in Central Park, and opening a Broadway theater. With world-renowned landmarks, true-to-life neighborhoods, real-world brands, and spectacular New York events, Tycoon City: New York puts players in the thick of the action, becoming major moguls in America's most exciting city.

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Tycoon City: New York

Tycoon City: New York Review

By Shawn Oaks |

Few games from its era have stood the test of time as well as Mattel's 1981 Intellivision classic, Utopia, arguably the godfather of all strategy/civilization titles to follow. Like Utopia and so many of its successors during the past twenty-five years, Atari's Tycoon City: New York asks you to plan, establish, and manage the welfare of an entire populace. It does not, however, kick you to the curb if you fail. Nor does it compel you to build a society from the ground up, adhere to a stringent set of rules, or deal with complexities such as power, water, or road construction. Yet if serious competition and authenticity aren't critical and if you prefer working in a relaxed environment and from a predetermined infrastructure, Tycoon City can be quite entertaining for the short term. It certainly looks fantastic, no small feat in a game this jam-packed with visual details.

As the title suggests, the game deals exclusively with the hamlet of New York, New York. You'll start by exerting your godlike power in the artist/musician/hippy/stoner berg of Greenwich Village, which in the beginning comprises just a few buildings and acre upon acre of deserted parks and barren land, You'll then move through eleven more Big Apple suburbs until you've created an entire urban jungle of deliriously upbeat citizens.

And make no mistake—they will ultimately be upbeat. The game is designed in a forgiving manner that lets you take pretty much any route you want as long as you keep building and developing, and it doesn't punish you severely for making wrong decisions. In any case, you'll never lose everything you have and you won't end up on skid row. In this way, Tycoon City clearly appeals less to hardcore entrepreneurs than newcomers to the tycoon biz.

The first place that newcomer will go is the game's brief tutorial, though the concept and interfaces are so easily grasped that such a tutorial is probably unnecessary. Following that, they can choose either "Sandbox" mode—wherein virtually no parameters or conquests exist—or move straight on to "Build New York." As even the latter mode is comparatively cushy, all but the youngest or most unsure will want to start there.

You'll open with $500,000 in your pocket, a princely sum indeed considering a measly $20,000 will somehow buy you a clothing store or a pub in this strangely affordable virtual version of New York. By clicking on any of the various residential buildings already in place, you'll bring up a menu system that offers comprehensive accounts of each tenants' current level of happiness or dissatisfaction. Flip the menu page and you'll see a collection of bar graphs describing precisely what you need to do in order to make them happier.

Whether you build additional accommodations, a disco, or a locksmith shop is completely up to you. Granted, you'll want to place amenities where their "sphere of influence" (represented by a handy-dandy shaded circle) impacts the greatest number of residents. And you certainly seem to get more bang for the buck by creating distinct nightlife or shopping zones. But the game plays out as if you could have handled things in one of several ways to achieve the same result.

You'll undoubtedly spend a good deal of time with the game's upgrade menu. Here you'll turn bland eateries into compelling, profitable eateries by adding items such as additional seating, vegetation, menu boards, various degrees of signage, and perhaps even an extra waitress. Yet it seems to be a guessing game whether a given upgrade is really superior to another. A row of potted plants versus a dancing mascot? Who knows. We remember enhancing a park with desirable perks such as a playground, a pricey pool, a wandering minstrel, and a barbecue pit, only to discover the occupants of the apartment building directly across the street still cried out for more "activities." Sheesh, talk about hard to please.

You are not, however, allowed to upgrade the interiors of any of your structures. In fact, the game doesn't even allow you to see inside most of the buildings you construct, never mind walk around and explore. In this way, Tycoon City certainly differs from the see-thru wall designs of its peers such as The Sims or Vega$ Tycoon.

One of your most critical moves is to satisfy the various "opportunities" the game throws your way. In these instances, you're asked to perform a specific series of tasks, often within an allotted time frame, in order to receive the go-ahead for adding a key element to a given neighborhood. You'll need to complete these opportunities in order to move onward, and you'll want to complete them because they're generally quite interesting.

As time goes by, your neighborhood will eventually become a very, very busy place. In the last few real time minutes of gameplay before a new neighborhood unlocks, the sidewalks near your shopping and nightlife districts fill with happy shoppers and partiers. Your roads overflow with traffic. Your egomaniacal brain will be bombarded with news reports heralding your business acumen and newfound wealth. Indeed, the ticker running across the bottom of the screen will flatter you even further. All this peripheral stuff really adds something to the game, though it grows a bit tired after you've seen it all several times over.

Fortunately, the level of challenge does ramp up as you move forward. You're never asked to build roads or power grids, and you'll never truly lose that feeling of invincibility, but your competing magnates will make their presence felt and you won't be able to please everyone as easily.

Considering its scope, Tycoon City is an extraordinarily pretty game. It really doesn't matter if you're gazing down on the proceedings from a mid-air "blimp" perspective, following the traffic along a busy street at pavement level, zooming up tight to your latest Internet caf or office tower, or just cruising the crowded sidewalks checking out all the beautifully rendered babes (or dudes, if you're so inclined). The variety and quality of scenery and the attention to detail is nothing short of striking.

Tycoon City: New York Cheats

During gameplay, use the following code:CheatEffectCtrl+Alt+BGet 100 landmark bondsCtrl+Alt+U1000 upgrades pointsCtrl+Alt+CMake $1,000,000 (Stops working after $10,000,000)Ctrl+Alt+AIncreases your population by 10,000

Tycoon City: New York Game Walkthrough

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Author: Warfreak
Version: 1.0
Date Started: 1/3/09

NOTE: This Guide will Contain Spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

*~~~~~~~~~~~Watch In Awe, Watch In Awe, Aeria Gloris, Aeria Gloris~~~~~~~~~~~*

Warfreak's Top Tip: Use Ctrl+F to quickly navigate this guide.

Table of Contents
 §1 Introduction
    [1.01] Introduction
    [1.02] Version History

 §2 Build New York
    [2.01] Getting Started
    [2.02] Greenwich Village
    [2.03] SoHo and TriBeCa
    [2.04] Little Italy
    [2.05] Chinatown
    [2.06] East Village
    [2.07] Financial District
    [2.08] Liberty Island
    [2.09] Chelsea and the Garment District
    [2.10] Midtown
    [2.11] Central Park
    [2.12] Upper East Side
    [2.13] Upper West Side
    [2.14] Harlem

 §3 Building Lists for Each District
    [3.01] Greenwich Village
    [3.02] SoHo
    [3.03] TriBeCa
    [3.04] Little Italy
    [3.05] Chinatown
    [3.06] East Village
    [3.07] Financial District
    [3.08] Financial District Piers
    [3.09] Liberty Island
    [3.10] Liberty Island Piers
    [3.11] Chelsea & The Garment District
    [3.12] Chelsea / North Chelsea Piers
    [3.13] Midtown
    [3.14] Midtown Piers
    [3.15] Upper East Side
    [3.16] Upper West Side
    [3.17] Harlem

 §4 Building List By Type
    [4.01] Residential
    [4.02] Retail & Services
    [4.03] Food & Drink
    [4.04] Entertainment
    [4.05] Work & Recreation
    [4.06] Culture & Tourism

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Webmaster Information
[D] Copyright Notice

*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, Let the Guide Begin (o.0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
[1.01] Introduction

This guide is for the game Tycoon City: New York. Although I am writing this
3 years after release, which is a considerable amount of time, it is a game
that is entertaining and deserves its own guide. 

This is also my 46th guide, and 2nd guide using the new format, so it will
not be something out of the blue. Even though it is in stark contrast to
other city building games, players of Monopoly Tycoon will feel right as home.
And the ASCII art, it is the best rendition I could do of the Statue of 
Liberty, the best symbol of New York. Stand 1 Meter/3 feet away from the 
monitor and then look. It does look quite like it. 

Data for Upper West Side and Harlem is lacking due to both my save games 
dying on me, and I did not want to restart all the way from Greenwich, so 
I've used the game files to piece together the opps, but I will not have 
anything in terms of descriptions or proper objectives, just brief outlines. 

[1.02] Version History

Version 0.0 [1/3/09]
Getting this ready. 

Version 0.1 [3/3/09]
Offical Start. Completed up to Little Italy.

Version 0.2 [5/3/09]
Completed up to Financial District.

Version 0.3 [10/3/09]
Updates are slow as more resources head towards Total War instead of this. 

Version 0.4 [30/3/09]
I've completed HAWX, which is good, but taken Chinatown Wars, which will drain
more resources. Basically, all my available resources are shifting. More is
being shifted to Chinatown Wars, from this guide, HAWX, and Total War, so it
will be completed faster, and that means I will be able to finish this faster.

Version 0.5 [31/3/09]
Last upgrade for the month, more building lists added. 

Version 0.6 [1/4/09]
The Day of Fools. Update on Chinatown.

Version 0.7 [6/4/09]
Completed the Build New York Scenario, now to complete the stats.

Version 0.8 [7/4/09]
Completed more districts, only Midtown, Upper East and West Side and Harlem 
to go. Chelsea is next.

Version 0.9 [9/4/09]
Completed more districts, only three to go.

Version 1.0 [21/4/09]
Guide complete. Another city simulation game is now complete. 

[2.01] Getting Started

You will need to be able to start off the tutorial first because it will more 
or less teach you the basic that you will need to understand on order to 
actually play this without questioning everything saying how the heck do I do

With that out of the way, the main aim here is to actually move on. This is 
more of a free-play, with your opponents trying to take over your time, but 
the aim is to unlock all the areas/districts, in which there are 14 of, and 
keep building up your empire as you go along. 

In order to build a big empire, you will need to understand the concepts of 
the two main types of income, which is retail and residential. Retail is what
you directly sell in the stores, the more you sell, the more money you make. 
Some stores are unlocked at the beginning, but you will need to unlock more 
stores are you go along in the game, and they will be unlocked per the 
opportunity arises. Stores also have times where they sell more goods. Such 
as a restaurant, in which they will sell more at night than they would during
the daytime, whereas a pet store will not sell as well during the night but 
they will sell pretty well during the day.

The next part is residential. Residential buildings houses all the citizens 
of the city, and these are the guys that will be spending their money on items
that may take their fancy, which means that they will spend their money on 
things they would want to spend their money on. Each day, they will pay rent 
to you, since you are in effect, the landlord of the building, after all, you
paid for the construction cost, and they didn’t. At exactly 12am every day, 
you will get the rent from all the residential buildings in the city that you

The difference between the income flows from retail and residential is that 
residential is more or less, constant once the building is occupied, and you 
get paid in a lump sum, whereas with retail, it puts you are the mercy of the
consumer, and if you don’t build stores to their liking, you won’t be able to
go anywhere. The income from retail is minor, but it will flow in constantly 
during the day as you get the money once a single store makes a sale. You will
understand this once you actually move along. 

To start off with, you should always invest in retail. Retail is important, 
and when you build stores, you will find that there is a Sphere of Influence, 
which basically means the area which the store can serve. The bigger, the 
more potential customers. There are several colours which will determine how 
well the store will do. When you decide to place the store down on the land, 
there are colours that will emanate from the residential buildings. This will 
determine how much they want the services that the store provides. Green is 
good, yellow is medium, and red is bad. Obviously, you want to place stores 
that have at least yellow.

Problem is, it all depends on the type of good provided. The more expensive 
it is, the less people would want the services. Obviously, you won’t have 
green from car dealerships since they generally sell expensive items, and 
not every person can afford it. 

Also, in Build New York mode, you will get Landmark Bonds by breaking certain

5  Landmark Bonds for having a population over 5000
10 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 10000
15 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 15000
20 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 20000
25 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 25000
30 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 30000
35 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 35000
40 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 40000
45 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 45000
50 Landmark Bonds for having a population over 50000
10 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $1 Million
15 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $2.5 Million
20 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $5 Million
25 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $7.5 Million
30 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $10 Million
35 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $15 Million
40 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $20 Million
45 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $25 Million
50 Landmark Bonds for having an Empire Value over $30 Million

[2.02] Greenwich Village

Now, as a note, each section will be divided into the opportunities that you
will have, as well as the landmarks that are unlocked for construction. This 
only applies to the Build New York challenge, it does not apply to the 
Sandbox mode at all. 

Let us start at Greenwich Village, which is in reality a upper class 
residential district, appears to be the hive of students instead. This is 
represented by the amount of challenges that you will receive from the 
students that occupy the student apartments in this district.  It appears that
the students are from New York University, given that that is the largest 
university in the area. 

There are only two landmarks on this level, there is the Greenwich Church and 
then Greenwich Courthouse Library (which is now the Jefferson Market Library). 

Landmark – Greenwich Church
“Greenwich Church is a breath taking attractive building, with a long history
 and fond memories held by Greenwich Villagers. The smooth arches set against
 the verdant backdrop of Greenwich stand out and make the church a sight not
 to be missed."

Height = 52 Metres
Cost = 5 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Greenwich Courthouse Library
“The Greenwich Courthouse Library is famous for its charming clock tower and
 bell, and for its resemblance to a fairytale castle in the midst of the

Height = 62 Metres
Cost = 15 Landmark Bonds

Now, you may be wondering by now what Landmark Bonds are. These are basically
points that are given for the successful completion of opportunities and 
select prize opportunities. These will be needed to build the famous landmarks
that are found in New York, and these will provide money from the people who 
visit the landmarks. 

Opportunity – Student Needs
“Build and develop new businesses intended for the student population in
 Greenwich Village.”

1) Raise student happiness to 55% by building and upgrading business they 
2) Build student accommodation in Greenwich Village and attract 500 students.

Reward = 5 Landmark Bonds

Now, this is the first opportunity that you are facing. What you need to do 
is to build stores that they will frequent, so you are looking at fast food 
restaurants, food stores, cell phone stores, internet cafes, coffee bars and 
cheap clothing stores. Place this near the student’s apartments that already 
exist and this will get you some business.  This is the first order of 
business. Next, you need to upgrade them. You should have learnt how to do 
that in the tutorial, so I am not going to go over it because it will result 
in some horrible ASCII art. 

The next part of the objective is to boost student numbers. The easiest way 
is to build a Student Apartment and wait for it to completely fill up. There 
are already 3 with 125 students inside, and with your fourth, you will have 
exactly 500 students when it is completely filled, provided that the city 
doesn’t build any more. This is your first challenge done. 

Opportunity – Nightlife King
“Become the king of night life in Greenwich Village by creating a hive of
 buzz and activity.”

1) Raise the rating of Entertainment Shows in Greenwich Village to 70% by 
   building different shows
2) Build Entertainment Clubs in Greenwich Village and achieve a rating of 70%
3) Achieve a rating of 70% for your restaurants in Greenwich Village. 

Reward = 5 Landmark Bonds and New Buildings

Now, you will have access to entertainment shows and restaurants in the city. 
You should place a Comedy Club and upgrade it, placing it near the Student 
Apartments for maximum revenue. Other than that, you will need to build some 
entertainment shows, so the Small Theatre is rather handy, as it provides a 
lot of income, has a lot of visitors, but the problem is size, so you might 
need a new area for it. That should be easy.

Restaurants are only active during the night, so you will need to build a few 
to make some decent money. Students love the Tex-Mex restaurant, but near the 
water, you are looking at the French and Italian restaurants, and maybe the 
Family and Chinese restaurant as well. Those are quite popular, so upgrade 
those, and wait for the objective to be complete and the money to roll in. 
I find that Italian restaurants are quite good money earners if you put them 
in the right place, so a capacity upgrade may be in order.

Opportunity – Washington Square Park
“Develop Washington Square Park by making it more attractive and generating 
 more appeal for the locals in Greenwich Village.”

1) Upgrade Washington Square Park and achieve a park rating of 70%

Reward = 5 Landmark Bonds

This is rather simple, but you need a fair amount of Upgrade Credits for this.
You need to basically raise the three bars of the bar to 100% via the upgrade 
screen, and that should take care of it. There isn’t much else you can do 
besides that but to sit and wait it out. 

Opportunity – Halloween Parade
“Scare yourself silly with the Ghouls and Goblins in Greenwich Village by 
 helping to organise the annual Halloween Parade. 

1) to trigger the Halloween Parade, you must develop the area surrounding the
   route by 2PM October. The route is highlighted on the minimap.
2) Achieve a District Happiness rating of 80% for the locals in Greenwich 
3) Wait until October 2PM when the crowds will begin to form for the Halloween
   Parade. The Parade will then begin at 8PM.

Reward = 30 Landmark Bonds

This is the last major opportunity in Greenwich Village. You need to develop 
the road besides the route which is highlighted on the minimap, so just put 
in some businesses or some houses there to fill the void. Most of the time 
the city would have done most of the work for you. This is quite easy to 

District happiness is basically the rating for all your businesses or rather, 
everything you own, such as parks and businesses. Give these the highest 
rating you possibly can, and this will make you get the 80% you are looking 
for.  Finally, you need to wait. Often, you will have this finished by the 
month of June, giving you plenty of time to develop the area as well as making
money. Beware, as people gather for the parade, you will find that profit for 
the night will drop as customers are watching the parade. Keep that in mind.

Prize Opportunity – Lions in the Park
“Bring some adventure to Hudson Park by building some Lion Statues.”

1) Upgrade Hudson Park with any two upgrades listed under APPEAL.
2) Upgrade Hudson Park with any two upgrades listed under CUSTOMER SATIFICATION.
3) Upgrade the park with two Lion Statues.”

Reward = 2 New Upgrades

This is an extremely easy task to decorate the park to what you want. You only
need to follow the instructions, there isn’t any need for me to tell you 
exactly what to do. The two new staff upgrades are rather nice though. 

Prize Opportunity – Sexy Profit
“Run a lingerie store and make a sexy profit.”

1) Find and Click on a Female Musician Citizen Type
2) Make a profit of $500 from a lingerie store in Greenwich Village

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This is quite easy. All you need to do is to find the citizen in question. 
The female musician is normally found in the waterside area, to the left of 
Washington Square Park, where the city has developed a residential area. This 
area is the most common area for them, not where  all the students are. 

The Lingerie store will take time to make the required amount of money 
however. This is because it has rather low appeal to all the citizens of 
Greenwich Village and that will mean not a lot of customers, but it will make 
$70 per sale, so it doesn’t take that long. This is the first that will give 
you upgrade credits, and the other districts will give more as well. 

[2.03] SoHo and TriBeCa

SoHo is less of a residential district than it is a shopping district. It is 
a great place to put expensive stores that you don’t have access to in 
Greenwich Village and place them on the border. Their stores will sell more, 
and residential buildings here are generally the apartments, and they go for 
a lot of money in rent.

TriBeCa is one of the few districts that can house the Headquarters for your 
company. This is explained later on in the game, so I’ll avoid talking about 
it here unnecessarily. This is an extremely small district, only the piers 
will be smaller than this area. However, this is another place for expensive 
stores as it borders SoHo as well as the Financial District, which is 
extremely wealthy and packed with tourists.  

Prize Opportunity – Sassy Heels
“They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but shoes come a close second 
 for Fashion Queen."

1) Find and select a Fashion Queen type citizen.
2) Fashion Queens love shoes more than life itself. Build two show stores in 
   any district to keep them happy. 
3) Raise Fashion Queen’s regard for your shoe stores to 55%

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

The Shoe Store is going to be one to the stores that are the cornerstone of 
your empire. They consistently make a lot of money, around $4000 a day, which
is pretty damn good and it is more or less constant. Now, to find a Fashion 
Queen, head to the SoHo district and they should be there. Look around because
they are more common in SoHo than any other district, including TriBeCa. 

Now, you can build shoe stores. You will definitely need one in SoHo for the 
third objective, but you can place the second anywhere else, but SoHo is 
definitely the place to put them. Place them, decorate and upgrade them, and 
wait for the Fashion Queens to come along and spend their money at your store,
and provided that you have upgraded the stores well, you will be able to nail 
the third objective in a matter of seconds. 

Prize Opportunity – Shaping TriBeCa
“Help shape the people type in TriBeCa by building either tenements or 

1) Build two different apartment tenements in TriBeCa and help shape the types
   of citizens that you want to live in the district.

Reward = 100 Upgrade Credits

This is an expensive opportunity since the apartment complexes are rather 
expensive, but you want to build the luxury apartments, and the high rises. 
These provide a lot of people, useful for retail stores and more money in 
rent, particularly the luxury apartments. A detailed analysis is provided 
later on in this guide. 

Prize Opportunity – A Novel Idea
“Take advantage of the release of a major new novel by acclaimed TCNY author 
 James P. Loveheart.”

1) Build a book store in TriBeCa
2) Place a book table upgrade on the book store to begin selling Loveheart’s 
   new book “Gun in my pocket, Aces in my hand.”
3) Make $500 profit from selling enough copies of James P. Loveheart’s new 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This is one that goes in well with the previous prize opportunity where you 
have the new apartments. Put the book store either near there or near the 
SoHo border to attract customers. This is then upgraded with the book table, 
and then the rest of the challenge is completely up to the game to get the 
customers to purchase the book. 

Prize Opportunity – Department Report
“TriBeCa is renowned for cool people shopping for cool things. A department 
 store is needed to meet the shopping bug.”

1) Build a department store in TriBeCa and fulfil the mass “shopping” desire 
   that the locals have. 

Reward = 100 Upgrade Credits

This is a rather simple opportunity, though the department store may cost a 
lot. Place this near the apartments that you built as well since this is the 
ideal location to attract the locals as well as the best place to make some 

Prize Opportunity - After the Movies
"Movie lovers in SoHo love to watch films and then spnd the night discussing 
 them. Loews is one of the best cineplex threatres around. The two go hand in

1) Find and select a female art student
2) Build an Loews complex in SoHo
3) Raise the Female Art Students regard for Loews to 60%
4) Build any type of bar in SoHo that falls within the Sphere of Influence

Reward = 2 Superhero Character Upgrades

This isn't a hard one either. What you have to do is to find a female arts 
student, which is easily found in Greenwich Village. Now, you need to build 
a Loews complex in SoHo so the plan is to build it near the border with 
Greenwich Village and near the student apartments. This is because the next 
objective is related to it.

You need to raise the rating, which requires upgrading of the Loews complex, 
and by placing it near the Greenwich Village border, it will attract more 
arts students, and it has a better opportunity to complete the objective in 
a short period of time. 

Finally, a bar. Just place it within the Sphere of Influence, which is pretty 
large in SoHo somewhere, probably a cheap bar to attract the students while 
you are at it. And that’s it. 

Prize Opportunity – Alarming Desire
“Security is high on the agenda in SoHo with the mix of the rich and the not
 so rich. Build some Alarm Centres to earn some sleep for nervous people.”

1) Build 4 Alarm Centres across any districts. 
2) Make the people of New York feel even safer by developing your Alarm Centre
   business and building a Headquarters

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Points

This is an interesting one. You need to build 4 alarm centres anywhere in New
York, or rather, wherever you can, and you should build them near the 
residential areas, in order to make as much money. After you have built the 
number required for the HQ building, you can build the HQ in TriBeCa given 
that is the only accessible place right now for the HQ. 

[2.04] Little Italy

Little Italy is the place where the heritage of the city of New York starts 
to show. A unique place to be, it is often seen as the home of mobsters and 
the mafia, a setting no longer as accurate. In this game, it is a place of 
misunderstood and reckless youth, a place struggling to stay on its feet. 

Landmark – Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
“Old Saint Patrick’s Church was formally a cathedral until the newer Saint 
 Patrick’s Cathedral took on that status, shortly after being gutted by fire 
 and reconstructed.”

Height = 37 Metres
Cost = 10 Landmark Bonds

Opportunity – Celebrity Chef
“Make your mark on Little Italy by developing a chain of Italian restaurants.”

1) Build an Italian Restaurant in Little Italy
2) Achieve a business rating of 60% for your Italian Restaurant in Little 

The first part of the opportunity is rather easy. All you need to do is to 
build an Italian Restaurant in Little Italy. This is a smart move, and you 
should be more of these restaurants in Little Italy because there is a huge 
demand for it. You should consider having at least 3 around Little Italy. It 
is needed for this mission and the next. The 60% rating is rather easy to 
get, you have a lot of customers, so just upgrade away.

Opportunity – Celebrity Chef II
“Compete directly with “La Bella Signora” with your own exclusive Italian 

1) Develop your Italian Restaurant business by building a further two 
   anywhere in the city
2) Raise the AVERAGE rating of your Italian Restaurants to 75% and then build
   a Headquarters
3) Build an Exclusive Italian Restaurant in Little Italy
4) Upgrade the Exclusive Italian Restaurant with the Antonio Carravaggio 
   standee upgrade

Reward = 40 Landmark Bonds

This isn’t all that hard. If you built the extra restaurants that I told you 
before, you will have the opportunity to get rid of the first objective. Now 
the second is done when you upgrade all the current restaurants that you 
have. That will make sure that you have the necessary rating, and then build 
your headquarters in TriBeCa again, which is the only place you have access 
right now. 

Now, you need to build the exclusive Italian restaurant, and whilst it may be 
a little more expensive, it is a decent investment since it will make a lot 
of money. It is a decent reward to place in other areas as well. 

Opportunity – In God We Trust
“Work with the local community in Little Italy by providing education and 
 social activity for the teen generation.”

1) Build businesses for teenagers in Little Italy and achieve a business 
   rating of 60%
2) Achieve a happiness rating of 75% for the teenagers in Little Italy by 
   upgrading businesses that directly appeal to them

Reward = 10 Landmark Bonds

This is one where you basically play help the community. You will need to 
build some sporting activities, such as a basketball court, boxing gym and 
a gym itself. The BB court doesn’t give any money however, so just keep that 
in mind. A school will do nicely as well, since the School is for teenagers, 
but again, you don’t get any money out of that, though you have the warm 
fuzzy feeling that you are education more mindless consumers. 

You need to upgrade all your businesses in the area, to achieve the business 
rating overall of 60% as well as the 75% rating for the activities for the 
teenagers. Just keep that in mind. 

Prize Opportunity – Saint Patrick’s Church
“St Patrick’s Church in Little Italy is one of the main landmarks of the 
 districts and the locals need it to meet their social religious needs.”

1) Build the Saint Patrick’s Church landmark in Little Italy

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This doesn't really need explaining does it? It is self explanatory.

Prize Opportunity – Roosevelt Park
“The re-development of the North and South side of Roosevelt Park has been 

1) Redevelop both sides of the Roosevelt Parks by upgrading them. Get their 
   combined average rating to 60%

Reward = Herb Garden Unlock

This is an easy mission, you just need to upgrade both parks and have their 
average business rating to hit about 60%, which isn’t all that hard at the 
end of the day. 

Prize Opportunity – The Big Dog
“Sometimes you have to be bold in business. You need to show your competitors 
 that you’re there and that you won’t be pushed around. This is old-fashioned 
 business, Little Italy style.”

1) Find and select an Importer citizen type
2) Show other business people you’re around by buying a BAR owned by a 
   competitor in Little Italy
3) Now really show them who’s the Big Dog by demolishing the BAR you bought 
   and send out a clear message

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

A simple mission, all you need is about $50,000 to purchase a bar, which 
should be easily found in Little Italy, and then demolish the building to 
show a message that wasting money won’t be tolerated. Look for one owned 
by Balthazar Buck. His businesses always seem to make little money. 

[2.05] Chinatown

Chinatown in Manhattan is one of the largest in the western hemisphere, that 
means, in most nations bar that in Asia, for the obvious reasons. It is the 
home to Chinese immigrants and culture, and in this game, it does so and is 
portrayed as such. It is an important place because it serves as one of the 
best residential districts and one of the best retail araes around.

Landmark – The United States Courthouse
“The United States Courthouse is where villians and wrongdoers of New York 
 are brought to be tried, when the good men and women of New York’s finest 
 inevitably bring them in.”

Height = 64 Metres
Cost = 5 Landmark Bonds

Opportunity – Chinatown Blues
“People love a bargain in Chinatown! Build your own dynasty of low-cost retail
 and serious businesses.”

1) Build 20 “bargain” businesses in Chinatown

Reward = 5 Landmark Bonds

What you need to do is basically build 20 businesses that are unique to 
Chinatown inside Chinatown, so you will be focusing on the discount stores, 
as well as any store with the name Chinese in front of it, bar the restaurant.
You will be focusing on grocery stores as well as take out stores, these will 
be a good source of income.

If you want to have more stores, look towards the discount clothing stores, 
they are effective if placed near the population buildings, and these can 
make a good amount of money. The best are the fast food and grocery stores; 
these make a killing despite their rather small size. Seeing is rather 

Opportunity – Chinese New Year Parade
“Dance with a Chinese dragon in the Chinese New Year Parade!”

1) Erect buildings along the route of the Chinese New Year Parade. The route 
   is highlighted on the minimap for you. 
2) Wait until February 9:00 AM when crowds will begin to form for the Chinese 
   New Year Parade. The Parade will then begin at 3:00 PM

Reward = 30 Landmark Bonds

Now, if you were lucky, you would have plastered the route with your bargain 
businesses, but if you haven’t, the best or rather, the fastest solution is 
to build in some residential buildings, they take a lot of space, or you can 
move onto the bargain businesses. This isn’t hard, but waiting for the parade 
is rather annoying, especially if you start in the months just after February 
such as March, or May, like I did.

Prize Opportunity – Asian Splendour
“Chinatown is a wondrous  and unique place in New York. Help show that 
 difference with Chinese signs and upgrades across the whole district.”

1) Place lots of Chinese upgrades in Chinatown and show the great heritage 
   and culture of the locals. 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

Now, this isn’t very hard. You should have already a lot of bargain businesses
in Chinatown, so you might as well upgrade then with some Chinese sort 
upgrades, such as a Lucky Cat statue or some Chinese banners. This isn’t 
very hard if you know what you are doing. 

Prize Opportunity – The Duck of Legend
“Build and develop a Chinese takeout.”

1) Build a Peking duck takeout in Chinatown
2) Raise the Sphere of Influence of the Peking Duck takeout to 220m

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This isn’t very hard either. This is one of the restaurants that you want to 
place in the town because of its massive earning ability. If you haven’t done 
this already, do so. Upgrading is also easy if you only focus of the Sphere 
of Influence and nothing else. This is a good investment, and consider 
placing more of such restaurants in Chinatown to make even more money, but 
avoid the point of saturation of the market.

Prize Opportunity – Temple of Lions
“The local community in Chinatown commissions you to build a Buddhist Temple 
 in Chinatown.”

1) Build a Buddhist Temple in Chinatown
2) Build the first of the two Lion statues at the front of the temple
3) Build the second of the two Lion statues at the front of the Buddhist 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

The last two objectives are rather stupid and could be combined into one, but 
oh well. Anyway, the temple actually makes money for you, either in visitor 
fees or “donations”. Anyway, this is actually a good investment in Chinatown, 
you are looking at profits of about $3000 to $4000 a day if you have a decent 
population in the area as well as the right appeal. 

[2.06] East Village

East Village is one of the places with a really large nightlife community, 
as well as a large artistic community, though it is starting to become more 
wealthy with more affluent citizens moving in. In this game, East Village is 
home to a punk culture, the home to students and what the game describes as 
unusual people.

Opportunity – Rock Gig in the Park
“Help the local band put on a Rock Gig in Washington Square Park.”

1) Arrange sponsorship for the Bleecker gig by building a record store and 
   making a profit of $1000 from selling Bleecker CD’s
2) Build a stage upgrade in Washington Square Park so that Bleecker can play 
   their gig
3) Wait until 3PM when the crowd will begin to form for the Rock Gig. The 
   Gig will then begin at 9PM

Reward  = 30 Landmark Bonds

The Rock Gig is one of the more straight forward requests. Getting a profit 
of $1000 from the Record Store isn’t all that hard to be honest, there is a 
high demand for such products in East Village. Placing it on the border with 
Greenwich Village is a good idea in order to attract the students that are 
on the border. 

The Stage in Washington Square Park isn’t all that flashy, with 12 Upgrade 
Points, you get a MASSIVE boost to the park, not that you need it anyway.  
After that, you just need to sit back and wait for the gig and all will 
proceed from there. 

Prize Opportunity – I Love Rock and Roll
“The Punk Rock Club on the border of East Village and Little Italy needs 
saving! The club needs new finance and a new owner to stop the ratings from 

1) Find and select a male punk citizen type
2) Buy the Punk Rock Club in East Village
3) Raise the rating of the Punk Rock Club to 85%

This is one without a prize, it is needed for the Rock Gig opportunity to 
unlock. What you need to do is to find a male punk, and there are plenty on 
the streets of East Village, so look around. Although there aren’t going to 
be that many citizens to start off with, just wait and look on the streets 
and you are bound to find one. 

The next is to purchase the club, which isn’t all that expensive, though you 
want to move it around for a little more coverage. And finally, you need to 
decorate it, since you want the 85% rating. You will need to probably covered
all three bars, and well as extending the Sphere of Influence as best you 
can, to attract more customers and to get the rating higher a lot quicker.

Prize Opportunity – Shaping East Village
“East Village requires some affordable housing for the individual 
 non-conformist locals!”

1) Build 4 economical apartment blocks in East Village. Keep an eye on the 
   capacities and also the rent citizens pay in each.

Reward = Tall Redbrick Apartment 

This isn’t a hard one, all you need is the money to purchase 4, or rather, 
build 4 new apartment blocks, and all shall be ready. Place these near your 
shopping areas, so people can use those facilities rather than to build some 
new ones since that limits the income of your existing and new stores. Note 
that you can build hotels here, but they aren’t considered as the apartment 

There are some high capacity ones so use them since they pay more rent, but 
they do cost a lot more initially. Check capacity, as there may be some empty 
apartment blocks since there isn’t any need for them. There is a level for 
each residential building where any more will have no residents. 

Prize Opportunity – Skin Deep
“East Village has some very unique locals that prefer to stand out in a crowd 
 as opposed to blending in. Help meet the needs of these like-minded 

1) Build a Tattoo Parlour to keep the freaks of East Village happy!
2) Find and click on a female goth citizen type
3) Get 10 people with a high pain threshold to visit the Tattoo and Piercing 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This is rather interesting, because there is quite a high demand for Tattoo 
Parlours in East Village, and it shouldn’t be hard to keep them happy. The 
female goth is easily found in East Village as well as Greenwich Village, so 
if you are having problems, do not fear, there are plenty of them.

After that little think, all you need to do is to sit and wait for the 
customers to roll in and get their arms pierced by a massive thick needle, 
and they come out handing you money. Crazy isn’t it?

Prize Opportunity – D’Agostino’s
“The D’Agostino’s name is synonymous with quality food. They’re looking to 
 develop a chain throughout the city and are looking to you to lead them!”

1) Build 3 D’Agostino’s stores across Manhattan
2) Continue to develop the groceries stores and build a D’Agostino’s 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

Now, this isn’t hard and is an extremely good investment opportunity. The 
stores are food stores, and placing them near any residential buildings will 
always get a light shade of green at least. Everyone needs food to survive, 
so in high density residential areas, this will be making a lot of money, 
about $4000+ a day at least, as long as you have a decent population. 

Build the stores and then build the Headquarters building in TriBeCa because 
that probably is still the only area you have use to build Headquarters 
until you unlock the Financial District, which is, funnily enough, the next 
district you will unlock. 

[2.07] Financial District

The Financial District is the next area unlocked, and this is the heart of 
the world’s economy. This is where most companies have their buildings, and 
this is the area where there is more residential activity as well as the 
massive activity by commercial firms. As a result, in game, all buildings 
seem unnecessarily tall for that reason. But what can you do?

Landmark – Trinity Church 
“Trinity Church is an Episcopal parish in the Gothic Revivalist style. 
 Founded in 1697, it provides the surrounding area with many worship 
 services and musical performances.”

Height = 63 Metres
Cost = 5 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – City Hall
“Every major American city needs a City Hall, and this is Manhattan’s 
 version. Public taxes go through City Hall, on their way to improving 
 healthcare, policing, fire fighting, roads and so on. Anyone who wants to 
 have their say on the state of affairs can come here to voice their views.”

Height = 30 Metres
Cost = 10 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Custom House
“Custom House is traditionally the place where the Custom services do their 
 good work investigating incoming and outgoing goods traffic in the district 
 amongst their other duties.”

Height = 22 Metres
Cost = 15 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Stock Market
“The Stock Market is a temple of capitalism; public companies can be made 
 and broken here in moments. Modernised from the days of open outcry and 
 trading, now electronic systems are used to keep the exchanges quick and 

Height = 40 Metres
Cost = 20 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Municipal Building
“The Municipal Building is an enormous civic building, with glorious 
 architecture inspired by the great European civilisations. People here 
 work on behalf of Manhattan and the 5 boroughs.”

Height = 100 Metres
Cost = 35 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Park Place Building
“This incredible skyscraper was one of the first in Manhattan, showing 
 future architects how it’s done. The gothic decoration and upholstery is 
 reminiscent of a 15th century cathedral.”

Height = 201 Metres
Cost = 65 Landmark Bonds

Opportunity – Tickertape Parade
“The city is organising a Tickertape Parade in your honour. Build a 
 skyscraper canyon along the route of the parade.”

1) Erect buildings along the route of the Tickertape Parade in the Financial 
   District. The route is highlighted on the minimap for you.
2) Wait until April 9AM when the crowds will begin to form for the Tickertape 
   Parade. The Parade will then begin at 3PM

Reward = 30 Landmark Bonds

This isn’t a hard objective, you’ve already gone through two parades, so you 
know what to do. Build the buildings along the route and move them along. 
Build profitable businesses along the route and then get ready for the 
parade, and when it is time, watch it and move on. 

Prize Opportunity – Bureaucratic Fanatic
“The City Hall Parks could do with a face lift so that the bureaucrats have 
 somewhere nice to eat their lunch.”

1) Develop both of the City Hall parks and raise their rating to 70%
2) Build the City Hall Landmark

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credit

This is one of the easier missions, just decorate both the parks, but the 
problem is the waiting game that is needed in order for you to get the 
customers to walk in, have a higher rating, and walk out. Decorate the park, 
as you will, and then build the landmark, and that’s about it.

Prize Opportunity – Wheeling and Dealing
“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Prove you’re a high flyer 
 by showing your business savvy in the district of money!”

1) Find and select a female stockbroker citizen type
2) Buy 10 businesses across the city and prove to the fat cats that you’re a 
   big player in the Financial District.

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This isn’t all that hard. The female stockbroker is more commonly found in 
the Financial District, and if you cannot, TriBeCa should have some, but the 
Financial District is the way to go. Find her, and then with your money, 
purchase 10 businesses. This isn’t that hard, find ones that have decent 
profit margins and buy them out. Simple. 

Prize Opportunity – Headstrong
“Focus is important in businesses. The big success stories are those who make 
 the big jumps and take the big risks. This opportunity is for big businesses 

1) Take the big jump. Develop enough businesses across the city to build 5 

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This isn’t that hard, you should already have 3 Headquarters in TriBeCa from 
previous challenges, and if you have a fair amount of businesses, as you 
should have, you will be able to build the extra two that you need and finish 

[2.08] Liberty Island

Liberty Island, the home of the infamous Statue of Liberty is an island that 
has very little commercial value besides the tourist landmark and the three 
buildings that you can build there, two of which will actually generate an 
income for you. The rest are parks, and basically, this is a tourist 
attraction that you can’t influence.

Landmark – The Statue of Liberty
“The Statue of Liberty, also known as Liberty Enlightening the World, is an 
 icon of the free world. A centennial gift from France to America, the Statue 
 symbolises the friendship between the two countries, and stands as a 
 welcoming figure to Americans and immigrants.”

Height = 153 Metres
Cost = 120 Landmark Bonds

Opportunity – Liberty Island
“Attract tourists to Manhattan with landmarks and other tourist type 
 activities and unlock Liberty Island in the process.”

1) Build Hotels in East Village and the Financial District to attract 1000 
2) Raise tourist happiness to 65% by upgrading businesses that appeal to 
   them as well
3) Build a Ferry Ticket office on the Financial District pier so that 
   tourists can visit the island

Reward = Liberty Island

Well, you need to basically build a lot of hotels in East Village and the 
Financial District, basically adding more and more tourist attractions. Use 
the information bar on the hotel to see what it is that the tourists desire, 
and build the appropriate buildings that satisfy the need right next to them. 
You need a fair amount of hotels, but the Financial District has it better 
in terms of hotels since it can house more tourists and those in East Village.

After that, build the tourist businesses and upgrade all of them, so that the 
general rating will be able to touch 65%. That should be hard, and finally, 
build the ticket office on the pier. It really doesn’t do anything, neither 
does the one that you can build on the pier on Liberty Island, but do it to 
complete the objective. 

Opportunity – Liberty Island II
“Generate tourism on Liberty Island by building the key island buildings.”

1) Build the Statue of Liberty landmark on Liberty Island
2) Build a Ferry Ticket Office on the Liberty Island pier
3) Build the Liberty Island Museum on Liberty Island
4) Build the Liberty Island Souvenir Shop on Liberty Island

Reward = Liberty Island III

Well, you aren’t going to get a solid reward yet. However, you can start by 
building the Statue, and this is one of the things that you will do 
unconsciously as well because it is there to generate income and you want 
more of that don’t you? Anyway, build the landmark, and then build the Ferry 
Office on the Pier. Again, this won’t generate any income. Finally, build 
the Museum and the Souvenir Shop, they will have some business, though the 
Museum will get more.

You can also build a French Restaurant here, but, unfortunately, there seems 
to be no demand for food at all. And as an interesting note, no one uses the 
ferries, everyone seems to use the subway... 

Opportunity – Liberty Island III
“Modernise the park areas on Liberty Island to enhance the tourist experience 
 when they visit the Statue of Liberty.”

1) Upgrade one of the parks on Liberty Island to achieve a park rating of 80%
2) Attract 1000 visitors to Liberty Island

Reward = 80 Landmark Bonds

Now, the hard part is the park. You need to basically put all the items on 
Customer Satisfaction that you can in the park, and leave it. It will take a 
hell of a long time, but if you have all three bars at 100%, it will get 
there. This is one of the more pain in the ass type missions. By the time 
you have completed the first objective, you will have surpassed the 1000 
visitors requirement by a hell of a lot.

[2.09] Chelsea and the Garment District

Chelsea and the Garment District are bunched into Chelsea itself for some 
reason. The Garment District was once the home to many clothing manufacturers,
before modern times and the mob decided to drive off the once blooming 
industry. Chelsea is one of the more historical areas, though it is also the 
home to many clothing stores nowadays.

Landmark – New York Arena
“The New York Arena is a sporting venue beyond compare with thousands upon 
 thousands of seats, enormous video screens, and resident club, the New 
 York Knicks getting it done. Also hosts various special sporting and 
 musical events through the year.”

Height = 66 Metres
Cost = 35 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Empire Department Store
“A major department store, with many stories, and a range of clothes on 
 offer like no place else. Luckily maps are found all over the store, or you 
 might get lost among the maze of garments and never get out.”

Height = 71 Metres
Cost = 45 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Iron Wedge Building
“The Iron Wedge Building is notable as one of the world’s first skyscraper 
 to be built. Its distinctive shape makes it even more noticeable, never 
 mind its height.”

Height = 96 Metres
Cost = 20 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Times Square South
“These are the Time Square offices of an accounting services corporation. 
 The offices are modern, air-conditioned and attractive, and the great 
 location makes this a very appealing place to work.”

Height = 98 Metres
Cost = 10 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Times Square South West
“Times Square South West hosts an office complex, and a restaurant that 
 brings tourists in droves. The location makes this a prime candidate for 
 advertising billboards to grab the attention of all.”

Height = 150 Metres
Cost = 60 Landmark Bonds

Opportunity – Automobile Empire
“Develop an automobile empire with car showrooms across the city!”

1) Use car showrooms to make $30,000 of fast cash
2) Drive off with $300,000 from all your car showrooms and executive 
3) Now become King of the Road by making $600,000 from your Automobile Empire

Reward = 25 Landmark Bonds

This is quite an easy task, but you need to wait some time because cars are 
luxury goods and they take a hell of a lot of time to sell. The first, you 
need to get the car showroom to makes sales. You need to make five sales 
because each car gives a profit of $6,000, which is quite a lot of profit to 
be playing with. 

After that, you get the Executive Showroom, and that is handy since it gives 
$60,000, yes, $60,000 in profit per sail, but the sales take even longer. 
This again is a test of how patient you are, so I suggest you do this in 
tandem with other opportunities. Finally, when that is done, you get the 
Supercar Showroom, and that generates $120,000 in profit per sale, so you 
don’t have to wait too long since your earlier showrooms are developed. Now, 
you get these showrooms, and they are fast profit machines.

Opportunity – Pier Pressure
“Renovate the Chelsea Piers with sport and activity complexes. Better dig 
 out your golf clubs.”

1) Build a skate park,  a golf driving range, climbing wall and a Sports 
   Store on the Chelsea Piers
2) Build further activity based businesses on Chelsea Piers and achieve a 
   rating of 60%
3) Build further sports facilities and achieve a rating of 60%
4) Build further retail and dining businesses and achieve a rating of 60%

Reward = 25 Landmark Bonds

This is quite a time consuming task, so what you do is you need to start on 
the North Chelsea Piers, and not the Chelsea piers itself. This is because 
there is a lot of free room there, and there isn’t any in the Piers, less 
you demolish those useless warehouses that don’t generate any profit. Build 
the four buildings required and upgrade them.

Now, with more buildings, build businesses such as Restaurants, Roller Rinks 
and Bowling Alleys on the piers and upgrade them. This will give the 
buildings that you need, and over time, you will have customers who will 
push the rating above the magical 60%. Remember, once you have completed an 
objective, you cannot “uncomplete” it. 

Prize Opportunity – Empirical Evidence
“The Empire Department Store offers more than you can imagine. It’s gonna be 

1) Build the Empire Department Store landmark in Chelsea

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

Well, this is easy, just build the landmark and be done with it. If you are 
like me, the first thing I so when I get a new district is to build all the 
landmarks that I can with the current landmark bonds that I have on hand.

Prize Opportunity – Ignition
“New Yorkers love to look grand all the time, especially whilst they’re 
 driving across the city. Give the citizens of New York the latest fashion 
 accessory with a cool car showroom!”

1) Build a Car Showroom in any district that allows it to be built

Reward = 100 Global Upgrade Credits

This building, which can be built in Chelsea, Financial District and East 
Village currently, will be needed for the Automobile Empire opportunity that 
you will get after completing this prize opportunity. Build it, upgrade it, 
and move on.

Prize Opportunity – Turn to the Left
“Fashion! Chelsea is renowned as the home of fashion in New York. The locals 
 need to look good!”

1) Find and Select a fashion designer in Chelsea
2) Build any four fashion stores in Chelsea
3) Raise the average rating of the fashion stores you have built to 75%

Reward = 15 Landmark Bonds

Another opportunity that is rather easy to complete. All you need to do find 
a fashion designer, which isn’t all that hard. Then, build 4 fashion stores. 
Remember to make sure that there is appropriate demand for it, or the last 
objective is going to be hard. Build and upgrade, and let time to the work 
for you, since upgrades will generally give you a 99% business rating, over 

Prize Opportunity – Whirling Blades
“Give the tourists and the wealthy a special treat with a helipad on the 
 Chelsea Piers.”

1) Build a helicopter pad on the Chelsea Piers
2) Get 200 people to use the helipad

The helipad is quite pricey, at over $200,000 a pop, but they are well worth 
the cost, making about $10,000 on a good day. Build one on the Chelsea Piers, 
but place it near to the Luxury Apartments and the Hotels, since they are the 
people you are trying to attract. The problem with the 200 Customers is that 
it does take a fair amount of time, since the capacity is 6. But over time, 
it will be done, so let time the work for you. 

[2.10] Midtown

Midtown is the commercial hub of Manhattan, apart from the Financial 
District. This area encompasses the main centre of Manhattan including most 
of Times Square, Rockefeller Centre and Broadway, and is represented in the 
game as such. This also holds many landmarks, including Grand Central 
Station, the United Nations Headquarters and most famously, the Empire State 
Building. Of course, the game cannot house that many landmarks, but I dare 
say that these landmarks coded into the game is synonymous with New York. 

Landmark – The United Nations Headquarters
“The United Nations Headquarters is where the various diplomats gather in 
 Manhattan to formulate plans and agreements in order to bring their states 
 through the 21st Century together safely and amicably."

Height = 99 Metres
Cost = 45 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Motor Tower
“The Motor Tower, one of the tallest and most impressive buildings in the 
 world. Elements of art deco style and motor vehicle design are apparent in 
 the construction of this landmark.”

Height = 257 Metres 
Cost = 130 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Manhattan Train Station
"Manhattan Train Station is the largest railway station in the world, with 
 44 platforms. The architectural design is a revolution, and has influenced 
 practically every hub station and airport since."

Height = 31 Metres
Cost = 15 Landmark Bonds

Landmark = Times Square Film Studio
“The Times Square Film Studio is here, a base for movie making in Manhattan 
 and a focus for the creative energy of screenwriters, actors and directors 
 who want to be part of something big.” 

Height = 104 Metres
Cost = 40 Landmark Bonds

Toys ‘R’ Us Times Square
“Toys ‘R’ Us is a paradise for young children, with enough toys and games to 
 occupy a full day of shopping. Even the furnishing is bright and colourful, 
 and promoting a sense of joy and play.” 

Height = 18 Metres
Cost = 5 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – The Empire State Building
“The Empire State Building is possibly the grandest and most famous landmark 
 of all times and is one of the wonders of the modern world. The luxurious 
 Art deco style is a vivid reminder of the different mood in 1931.” 

Height = 332 Metres
Cost = 150 Landmark Bonds

Landmark - The Public Library
“The Public Library is a resource for New Yorkers who seek knowledge, and a 
 collection of memories and ideas to be treasured for a long time.” 

Height = 20 Metres
Cost = 15 Landmark Bonds

Landmark - Rock Tower
“The Rock tower is the largest tower of the Rock complex, a staggeringly tall 
 skyscraper with commercial and residential areas designated within.” 

Height = 188 Metres
Cost = 70 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Rock Radio
“Rock Radio, a music venue for world-famous acts, part of the Rock Complex. 
 This is a landmark because of its rich history and beautiful dancing girls.” 

Height = 36 Metres
Cost = 5 Landmark Bonds

Landmark – Saint Patrick’s Cathedral
“The current seat of the Roman Catholic 

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