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About The Game

Before you think that this is an entirely bad game, let me be the first to inform you that it does have its strong points.
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Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

Subject for debate: Just as all those ultraviolent car shooters like Interstate '76 and Carmageddon hit the streets, the discussion of that latest of 21st Century syndromes, "road rage", has become, well, all the rage. It's open season on America's freeways with computer games bringing the biggest keg to the party. Coincidence, or something a bit more insidious?

To add jet fuel to the flames comes the sequel to the semisuccessful PlayStation console car killer, a game that'll encourage living out real-world violent tendencies more towards the game's designers than towards the jerk who just cut you off (right before he gave you the finger).

As far as plot goes, this title prefers to take the Seinfeld approach to story development and be pretty much about nothing, save the fact that essentially it's kill or be killed, which has always been my personal favorite. In the original PSX game, the venue for your carnage took place in LA. You and several other contestants were confined to a futuristic arena where the sole goal was to take out every other vehicle with your own armed-to-the-teeth motorized machine of mayhem. It was victory through attrition; the last one standing was crowned the winner and promised glory, riches, a T3 connection, and whatever else his heart could possibly desire.

But the times, they are a-changin', and where once there stood a proud City of Angels, there stands only a rotting corpse of a metropolis (yes, I know, not much has changed since 1998, but I digress). The duel-to-the-death contest has gone global, taking you to such international hot spots as Paris, Hong Kong, and an abandoned Soviet missile silo.

After choosing one of 12 deviant cars, you drive it from your raised chase-car perspective through mostly uninspired arenas, picking up health, napalm, and other assorted weapons of mass destruction in hopes of being the last one standing. Racing around the area, you try to pick off the other contestants before they take you out of the game. As a nice little sadistic sidelight: Scattered throughout are the poorly rendered unprotected groupie, skateboarder, and other assorted out-of-place pedestrians that you can run over (well you don't really run them over, it's more like you push them for a few hundred feet before they disappear from the screen).

But before you think that this is an entirely bad game, let me be the first to inform you that it does have its strong points. For those equipped with a 3Dfx card, this game is monumentally better than its PlayStation sibling, with realistic flames and translucent smoke. However, even on the highest resolution, there just aren't enough interesting things to look at (and what is there isn't all that impressive) to make you boot it up to show off your computer's processing power to your friends.

Gameplay isn't too shabby. It can be quite entertaining living out your road rage vicariously through this title, blasting baddies before they blast you. The excellent, hard-driving sound track makes the gameplay even that much more intense. However, controlling your automotive arsenal is as infuriating as being stuck behind a senior citizen going 35 in a 55 with his blinker on. You'd think you were turning mammoth 18-wheeler trucks as opposed to hot rods, considering how unwieldy these things are.

But where this game really shines is not in single player, but when you go head-to-head with your friends, the way wanton slaughter was intended to be carried out. Here, the game actually becomes more than a distracting diversion and almost approaches being moderately entertaining, at least for the first hour. Like I alluded to earlier, the arenas are a bit on the uninspired side and tend to be pretty monotonous after awhile.

Call me spoiled, but after playing so many really good action shooters like Quake II, Jedi Knight, Duke Nukem, or even Carmageddon, games like this aren't nearly as entertaining as they may have been just a few years back. While at times an engaging ride, especially in multiplayer mode, this game just doesn't have the horsepower to keep up with the best.

Twisted Metal 2 Cheats

Just type in “GLORIOUS” (caps are not sensitive) during the game (not pause), and it is insantly activated. D=Down, U=Up, R=Right, L=Left [Cheat]-----------[Effect] DIVINE------------God mode ALLUCANEAT--------Invulnerability DOUBLEDOWN--------Weapons are More Powerful HOLYSMOKES--------Unlimited Ammo SLAMFEST----------Ramming Does More Damagge GIMMEMORE---------More Weapons 2HOT--------------Napalms are Homing CUSUCKA-----------Super Powerful Machine Guns FRAMERATE---------View the framerate. D, U, R, L, U, U, D, D-----Weapons for Health. L, R, U-----------Fire Freeze R, L, D-----------Drop Mine. R, L, U-----------Fire Napalm. U, U, R-----------Activate Shield. U, U, L-----------Jump. L, R, D, [Fire]---Attack from the back. R, D, L, U--------Cloak for a short time. U, D, U, U, SPACE-Minion’s Special.
  • Play-as CheatsPlay as Minion: Type ''GLORIOUSBIGBOY'' at the character selection screen. Play as Sweet Tooth: Type ''GLORIOUSICECREAM'' at the character selection screen.
  • Multiplayer CheatsAt the multiplayer mode level selection screen, type "dasbak" to enable cheat mode. Then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat.CheatEffectsleuthOther player viewjmswampJet Moto Suicide Swamp bonus leveltmburbsTwisted Metal Cyburbia bonus leveltmroofTwisted Metal Rooftops bonus level
  • Twisted Metal 2 Game Walkthrough

    Twisted Metal 2 Character Profiles/Endings FAQ:
    VERSION 1.00
    -Created, Edited and Compiled by: Psychochronic of (Brettdude in Gamefaqs)
    Another form of Psychochronic Literature!
    Last Update: September 27, 2006
    Notes before reading this document:
    1) This document is NOT a tier list or a movelist. It's a brief 
    description of every characters Biographies and Endings 
    for Twisted Metal 2 for PlayStation and PC so don't expect 
    anything answered such as "Which character is top-tier?", 
    "How do you do defeat the bosses?" or anything specific 
    on certain moves, maps or weapons. If this is not the infor-
    mation you are looking for, please close this text now.
    2a) This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and 
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    To kinda repeat point #2a, this guide cannot be referenced,
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    Gamefaqs). Plagarizing is a crime and is punishable by law.
    3) This document is better read on Notepad with the Font 
    set on "Times New Roman" on Regular setting, Size "10" 
    and the screen resolution set on 1024x768. Use the Find 
    feature (Ctrl + F) to find whatever term you're looking for 
    easy mobility. 
    Table of Contents:
    1) Version Changes
    2) Characters
        *Each character having the following:
        ^Vehicle Attributes
        -Mr. Slam
        -Outlaw 2
        -Mr. Grimm
        -Sweet Tooth
    3) Contact
    4) Credits
    Version Changes:
    1.00 - September 27, 2006:
    Compilated on September 21, 2006 around 12:17am EST and
    finished on September 27, 2006 around 5:27pm. Decided to
    do one of the greatest game of all time and the sequel of
    a FAQ I already did.
    1) Roadkill "Marcus Kane":
    I know the truth you freak! You site back in you living room
    with your little video game console and play, play, play! But
    I know what's happening, I can see you! They think I'm crazy
    but you'll find out I'm the only one who's sane!
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 2/5
    Special Weapon: 3/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Calypso: The driver of Roadkill, a man named Marcus 
    Kane, stepped out of his car and came face to face with 
    me, the creator of Twisted Metal.
    Roadkill: They all call me crazy. They all say I'm insane, 
    but I'm not. I know this isn't real. None of it is. I know it's 
    all a dream. Please, Calypso, help me.
    Calypso: Ah, Marcus, I always knew you would be the 
    one to figure it out.  I will grant your wish, but please feel 
    free to come back and visit us anytime, for the rest of your 
    friends will be here for quite a while.
    (The scene goes black for a moment and Marcus' eyes 
    flutter open to reveal the face of a doctor accompanied 
    by three nurses.)
    Nurse: Doctor, he's awake!
    Doctor: Good God, son, you're alive!  Why, you were in 
    a twenty-five car pileup on the freeway.  It's a wonder
    you've come back to us at all. The rest are still in comas.
    (Looks around and sees other drivers laying on surrounding 
    hospital beds.)
    Roadkill: These people, they all look so familiar. I've seen 
    them before...fought them before. But where?  Ah, I can't 
    Child: Daddy, Daddy!
    Roadkill: Oh my God, my family! You're here! I'm Back! 
    Everything's going to be all right! I promise! 
    (The faint image of Calypso appears on the screen and 
    2) Twister "Amanda Watts":
    They say there's a place you can only get to by driving 
    a certain speed. It's a place where time and space explode 
    into another world. That's my goal. I want to find that place.
    When I win Twisted Metal, Calypso's giving me the road
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Ultra Tight
    Armor: 1/5
    Special Weapon: 4/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Calypso: Amanda Watts raced across the rooftops of New 
    York on the way to meet me, the one person who could make 
    her ultimate wish come true. 'I need more speed,' she told me.  
    'I want to go faster than anyone ever has. As my prize give 
    me the ability to drive at the speed of light.' With a wave of 
    my arms I called upon my powers and granted Amanda Watts 
    her ultimate wish.  Moving faster than any person or object 
    ever had, she broke through the barrier and found herself 
    travelling through time. Amanda Watts, the world's first time 
    traveller, had gotten her wish. She was on top of the world.  
    But no one stays on top forever.
    (The car stops and Amanda notices the fuel gauge on empty.  
    She gets out of her car and looks up to see a Tyrannosarus
    Rex raise its foot and drop it on her.)
    Calypso: Millions of years later the only trace of Amanda 
    Watts and her Twisted Metal victory would be the fossilized 
    helmet on display in the Nation Museum of History. To the 
    world of science, a helmet so old became an issue of world-
    wide debate, a great mystery. But to me it was simply a cruel 
    reminder of a woman obsessed with pushing the limits. I am 
    Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
    3) Axel:
    For 20 years, I've been stuck in this hellish competitionl
    hiding and waiting for the day when I would be brave
    enough to fight back. If I win, I'm confronting the man
    who did this to me. I promise you, I won't be a freak
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 3/5
    Special Weapon: 3/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Calypso: Axel stood before me and asked me for the one 
    prize he wanted more than  anything: the strength to face 
    his father who had bound him in this hellish contraption 
    over thirty years ago.
    (Scene changes to a barn house somewhere in the country.  
    Axel is present and he opens the barn doors to reveal his 
    Axel's Father: Why have you come back? I thought I'd 
    gotten rid of you.
    Axel: Father, please, release me.
    Axels Father: You were always too slow...too damn stupid, 
    and you still are. It's going to take ten more years on the 
    wheels to set you right.  You need to be taught a lesson.
    Axel: No, father, I've learned my lesson.  Let me show you 
    what I've learned.  
    (Axel screams in agony as he pulls his arms from the con-
    traption. Blood drips from his stumps while circuitry hangs 
    Axel: I am a free man...and you are no longer my father.
    Calypso: Axel disappeared into the Kansas field.  To this 
    day he has yet to be seen. I am Calypso and I thank you 
    for playing Twisted Metal.
    4) Mr. Slam "Simon Whittlebone":
    A man's dreams are all that he has, and they tried to take
    mine from me! When they fired me from my job as an 
    architect, they crushed my vision. They took me tower!
    Well no more! When I win this contest, Simon Whittle-
    bone is fighting back!
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor: 4/5
    Special Weapon: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Calypso: I piloted my zeppelin above the streets of New 
    York prepared to honor the victor with any prize he 
    requested. His name was Simon Whittlebone, a disgruntled 
    man fired from his job as an architect for wanting to build a 
    tower that stretched to the heavens. Greetings Simon Whittle-
    bone. I raise my glass to the one competitor who's made it 
    all the way.
    Mr. Slam: Please, Calypso. Help me to build my tower. Help 
    me to build my dream.
    Calypso: With a wave of my arms the building of Whittlebone 
    Tower had begun. Using his bulldozer, Whittlebone built 
    into the night, the progress he made was remarkable. Within 
    days, his tower was higher than any skyscraper ever created 
    and for a brief moment he was satisfied. But then, his small 
    mind, as small minds tend to do, became overwhelmed with 
    the possibility of losing his status. What if someone else 
    someday built a taller and greater building. Whittlebone 
    became enraged at the thought.
    Mr. Slam: I am the greatest.  Do you hear me world? You 
    people are all tiny ants to me now. No one will ever be as 
    high or as great as me! Damnit, I am Simon Whittlebone!  
    I am God!
    (Simon loses his balances and falls from the top of his tower 
    miles to the ground below.)
    Calypso: To this day you can still see the crash in the street 
    made by the crashing body of Simon Whittlebone. I let it 
    serve as a reminder that everyone has a chance at winning 
    my contest. Even fools. I am Calypso and I thank you for
    playing Twisted Metal.
    5) Shadow "Mortimer":
    What he took from them can never be forgiven or replaced.
    What they have hired me to do is their only hope, they are
    in the back right now and resting quite peacefully, but I
    promise, they will have their revenge.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 2/5
    Special Weapon: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Calypso: High above the rooftops of New York, Mortimer 
    pushed his car to the limit.  It had been a long, deadly fight 
    and he was tired.  Soon he would retire into the depths for 
    a long day's sleep. But for now he had a mission to complete.  
    He met with me, the creator of Twisted Metal. Mortimer, any 
    prize you request is yours.
    Shadow: I am not here for a prize, Calypso. It is I who have 
    a gift for you.
    Calypso:  A gift for me? Let me see it!
    (Mortimer opens the doors and dozens of spirits rush out 
    and surround Calypso.)
    Calypso: It was a trap, my fate had been sealed.
    Shadow: These are the souls of the people who have died 
    in your contest. The poor  men and women who were simply 
    walking the streets of the world when your Twisted Metal 
    competitors ran them down.  They've hired me to take revenge 
    on you.
    Calypso: Within seconds the souls of the dead had carried 
    me away.  Some say they dropped me in the busy streets of 
    New York. Others think I'm still being carried on the night's 
    (The scene changes to a frightened child aboard a plane 
    and the camera pans out to show Calypso on the wing 
    with a devilish smile.)
    Calypso: Only one man knows the truth...and that man is 
    me.  I am Calypso!  And I thank you for playing Twisted 
    6) Hammerhead "Mike & Stu":
    A Twisted Metal poem by Mike & Stu:
    "The Clouds are the place we want to be...far above where
    we can see...down women's shirts."
    THE END.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor: 3/5
    Special Weapon: 3/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Calypso: Hammerhead raced across the rooftops of New 
    York. Inside, Mike and Stu, the drivers of the truck, were 
    Mike: Wohoo! We're here, man. We made it bro!  Beaches, 
    babes, farm animals! Hawaii is in our grasp bro! Yes!
    Calypso: What can I do for you gentlemen?
    Mike: We won the game, right? So, you gotta give us our 
    prize. Um, well we want--
    Stu: No, no, dude. Say demand.   
    Mike: Okay, okay, okay. We demand that you give us the 
    ability to fly.
    Calypso: Certainly.
    (Lightning crashes as Calypso casts the spell.)
    Stu: That's so cool.
    Calypso:  Congratulations. I have granted your wish. Have 
    a great time in the friendly skies.
    Stu: Let's go.
    (Both run forward and jump off of the edge of the building 
    with an excited scream of excitement.)
    Mike: Hey man, this can't be right.
    (Rather than flying, both men fall horrendously to the 
    ground with screams of horror. Their bodies hit the cement 
    and people gather around in surprise as blood flows freely.)
    Calypso: Good thing these first class tickets are refundable. 
    I am Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
    7) Outlaw 2 "Capt. Jamie Roberts":
    Last year, Calypso banished my brother; sent him spiralling
    off into who knows where. He broke my heart and disgraced
    my family. This year, me and the rest of the LAPD got a
    little surprise for the burnt faced freak.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 2/5
    Special Weapon: 3/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Calypso: Captain Roberts stepped out of the car and stood 
    before me.
    Outlaw 2: Last year my brother won your contest and you 
    tricked him. You twisted his words and sent him spiraling 
    into outer space. Now is my chance to save him. I am the 
    winner and as my prize, I demand that you let me see my 
    Calypso: I will be glad to grant your wish my dear. I will let 
    you see your brother!
    Outlaw 2: No, wait!  What I meant to say was--
    (Calypso grants her wish the scene changes to outer space.  
    Outlaw 2 appears floating next to her brother in the first 
    Calypso: But it was too late, her wish had been granted.
    Outlaw: Hey, Sis! I'm over here!
    Outlaw 2: Oh my God, Buzz, I found you! I can't believe it, 
    I found you!
    Outlaw: Guess Calypso tricked you too, hus Sis? Now we're 
    both stuck out here.
    Outlaw 2: I don't think so.  I've made some modifications to 
    my patrol car; I planned on Calypso's little trick.
    (She presses a button and boosters appear on the back of 
    the car as it begins to rocket towards the earth.)
    Outlaw 2: These rocket boosters will carry us back. Next 
    year, we'll enter Twisted Metal again and get our ultimate 
    revenge on that burnt-faced freak.
    8) Warthog "Capt. Rogers":
    They used to call me Old Iron Guts. Now thy just call me
    old. Well, I may be old, 105 to be exact. But I can still
    show these punks a thing or two about combat. When
    I win this contest, I'll fulfill the one missions that has
    eluded man since the dawn of time.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Sluggish
    Special Weapon: 4/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Calypso: His body worn from one hundred years of use, 
    Captain Rogers struggled to stand before me. As his prize 
    he asked to be young again. He wanted a second chance 
    at life. 'Please, Calypso,' he begged, 'give me the body of 
    a twenty year old.'
    (Calypso grants the wish and laughs. A twenty year old 
    body appears on the screen with Warthog's old head.)
    Calypso: Congratulations. You now have the body of a 
    twenty year old. Maybe next year you will win Twisted 
    Metal again and ask for the head of someone the same 
    age. I am Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted 
    9) Mr. Grimm:
    You live off food. I live off souls. Souls like yours to be
    exact. When I win this contest, you and everyone else
    are gonna be my seven course meal. You see, when I
    win, I'm taking destruction and doom to a whole new
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Tight
    Armor: 1/5
    Special Weapon: 5/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Mr. Grimm: I am here for my prize Calypso. I need souls if 
    you must know.  I'm a bit of a junkie, addicted to death. 
    Every moment I am without a soul I get weaker. My job is 
    too hard.  People, they have a tendency not dying fast 
    enough. Please Calypso, accelerate the process, do what-
    ever it takes to make them die faster!
    Calypso: I did just that. Fulfilling my end of the bargain, I 
    the mighty Calypso, caused the world to become a battle 
    ground.  All walks of men engaged in fierce combat. Few 
    could call themselves safe as the death toll rose and the 
    opulation fell dramatically threatening to cut off mankind 
    in one horrific war.  Within weeks the earth was reduced 
    to chaos as the streets began to rise with the bodies of the 
    dead. The souls came pouring in. Mr. Grimm was happy. 
    The world was never the same after Grimm's horrific feast, 
    but no meal can last forever. The human race was obliterated 
    and within time Mr. Grimm was hungry again. 
    Mr. Grimm: Feed me, please, feed me. I need souls.
    Calypso: I am Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted 
    10) Grasshopper "Krista Sparks":
    I thought my dad was dead, but I was wrong. When they
    told me his name, I hit the floor. Could he be really my dad?
    When I win this contest, we're gonna have a family reunion
    he'll never forget for the rest of his life (which ain't gonna be
    too long).
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Tight
    Armor: 1/5
    Special Weapon: 2/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Grasshopper: Daddy? It's me, Krista! I'm back.
    Calypso: Krista. I thought you had died. I the 
    car crash that almost killed me. You're alive!
    (Calypso looks deep into her eyes and sees behind the iris 
    mechanical parts with the words "Property of the LAPD.")
    Calypso: Property of the LAPD?
    Grasshopper: I'm sorry, Father. They rebuilt me after the 
    accident. They knew I could get close enough to you. They 
    want to put a stop to all the violence you cause with your 
    contest. Hold me Daddy. I'm just a machine now, but I'm 
    scared the explosion will hurt.
    (Calypso embraces his daughter with love and she explodes.)
    11) Thumper "Bruce":
    For the last 10 years, I foguht on the streets of LA. Fought
    for my friends, my pride, my own survival. This year, I'm
    hading straight outta South Central and taking on the 
    world. This time, I'm fighting for a hell of a lot more.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 2/5
    Special Weapon: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Calypso: The driver of Thumper stood before me. As his 
    prize for winning Twisted Metal, he asked for his greatest 
    wish. 'I want to rule the world,' he told me. 'I want to be in 
    charge of it all. I want to be king of the earth!' I explained 
    that as winner his ultimate wish would be granted. Your 
    wish is granted driver. But the world had been reduced to 
    rubble during the Twisted Metal contest. There was nothing, 
    no one left to rule over. He was king of the earth, but was 
    all alone and remains alone to this day sitting on his throne 
    screaming out orders to lifeless subjects. I am Calypso and 
    I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
    12) Spectre "Ken":
    I remember back when I was a kid, everyone ignored me.
    In fact, they still do. That has to change, right? I can't be
    a loser forever. In fact, I'm gonna get help from Calypso
    when I win this contest. I know just what to ask him for.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Tight
    Armor: 1/5
    Special Weapon: 4/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Calypso: Ken Master stepped out of his car and stood 
    before me. He had waited his whole life for this meeting, 
    a chance to make his ultimate dream come true.
    Spectre: I'm an actor and I'm really, really good, and I've 
    been struggling, searching for my big break for over six 
    weeks.  Please Calypso, you've got to make me famous.  
    Make it so the entire world know my face.
    Calypso: Your wish is granted.
    Spectre: Hey don't touch the face.
    (Calypso grabs his face and starts to stretch and pull. He 
    continues to do this for a few seconds until the scene 
    shifts to a bird's eye view of the city.)
    Calypso: When Ken first woke up he thought he'd been 
    dreaming, but then he look around and realized he was 
    thousands of feet above New York City and his face felt 
    (The scene changes to a city block with a view of Spectre's 
    face now acting as the sky for everyone to see. People 
    below murmured in surprise and horror.)
    Calypso: The driver of Spectre had gotten his wish. Now 
    the entire world knew Ken's face. And to tell you the truth 
    I rather liked seeing his face everyday. It's a nice face. I 
    do not regret what I did.  I am Calypso, and I thank you 
    for playing Twisted Metal.
    13) Sweet Tooth "Needles Kane":
    -To unlock Sweet Tooth on Playstation, type in Up, L1,
    Triangle, Right on the character slect screen.
    -To unlock Sweet Tooth on PC, type "gloriousicecream"
    on the character select screen.
    My first home was the circus. My second was a state
    institute. My next home will be yours. I will be the man
    who hides under you bed, in your closet, in your mind.
    When I win, you'll never be too far from me.
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Sluggish
    Armor: 4/5
    Special Weapon: 3/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Calypso: Sweet Tooth, winner of the Twisted Metal contest
    was granted an audience with the founder of the competition.
    I have agreed to grant the winner any prize that they've 
    requested that would be no limits on prize, size or in this
    case, even reality. Sweet Tooth told me that he wanted to
    live out his greatest fantasy, to become a bug in a tiny little
    garden out in the country what will be a life of relaxation 
    and love and a life of peace, the final escape of his mad-
    ness. The night sky exploded with lights, and when the 
    light faded...
    (The scene changes to a grassy graden with two ladybugs
    and a scorpion as Sweet Tooth's head is on a larva body.)
    Calypso: ...Sweet Tooth had gotten his wish. For the rest
    of his days, he enjoyed his new life at the garden away
    from all those telling him he was crazy. The other insects
    were not fans of their new neighbor before he had the 
    tendency to kill them. Oh, but Sweet Tooth was happy
    and whenever he got lonely for human companionship,
    or human flesh, all he had to do was look up...
    (Sweet Tooth looks up as he sees a gardener above
    holding a gardening shovel.)
    Calypso: ...and dream of the day he would crawl out of
    the graden and back into the world of mad. I am Calypso,
    and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal.
    14) Minion:
    -To unlock Minion on PlayStation, press L1, Up, Down,
    Left at the character select screen.
    -To unlock Minion on PC, type in "gloriousbigboy" on 
    the character select screen.
    You found me. I don't know how but now you are I are
    linked...we are one...on a mission to find the man who 
    took our life, out power. Together, we shall bring down 
    Vehicle Attributes:
    Handling: Intermediate
    Armor: 5/5
    Special Weapon: 5/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Minion: Calypso you are coming with me!
    Calypso: Minion...its uhh so good to see you again. Surely 
    we can work a deal. 
    Minion: You stole my powers Calypso! 11 years ago stripping 
    me of my birthrights. Now it's time to pay the price.
    (Minion opens a gate to hell. Souls can be seen flying in the 
    Calypso: No! No! No! 
    Calypso: No, no, no you can't minion, its scary down there!
    Minion: Muhahahaha Time to rot in hell with your little sister! 
    (Minion drops calypso into the portal.)   
    Calypso: Noooooooooooo!
    (Portal bursts into flames.)           
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    expect more to come, fighting game or not!
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