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About The Game

Those who enter the Tropix oasis have 11 exciting minigames from which to choose - you can swing through the jungle, hone your skills at coconut bowling, or do a little mental exercise in fun word games. Escape to a tropical getaway as you challenge your reflexes in mind in games that include puzzles, adventures, card games, word games and Sudoku. Then take the Sand Dollars you earn and visit the Tropix Trading Post, where you can purchase fun and zany items for your pet.

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Tropix Review

By Harmony Cochrane

For the family looking for a break that everyone will want to be a part of without breaking the bank, there's no better option than Tropix. It delivers quick fun at a fantastic value, is easy to get lost in, and is appropriate for all ages.

You and your primate pal begin your adventure on Outset Island. Although your journey begins on a small speck of land surrounded by the sea, this is merely the first stop of five destinations that include Mystic Island and Sunset Lagoon. In order to move to the next island, though, you must satisfy your monkey's desire for food, comfort and fun on each one. But, in order to do that, you've got to go shopping and the Tropix Trading Post only takes Sand Dollars. Featuring Sombreros, Beach Balls, Tiki Torches and more, each Tropix location contains unique products to help you meet your monkey's needs. Once you've purchased an item, place it on the beach, sit back, and watch as the monkey and his friends explore and play. One download able to deliver eleven variations on the most popular games today is a heck of a deal. This one's got my vote.

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