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About The Game

Trino, an evolving alien, must escape the Nanites, an insidious cyborg swarm that have imprisoned him for his powers. Use Trino's powerful triangle trap to defeat the Nanites and break free from their laser prison.
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Trino Cheats

CodeEffectGet through a chapter with one lifeUntouchabledefeat a seekerSpeed Demondefeat a multi-shelled enemyShell ShockTrap 6 enemies in a shadow triangleShadow MasterWhen total score hits 500,000Score 500,000When total score hits 50,000Score 50,000When total score hits 400,000Score 400,000When total score hits 200,000Score 200,000When total score hits 100,000Score 100,000defeat a triangle dodgerPlaying Hard to GetDefeat chapter 1 bossPiece of Crab CakeCollect 500points after level ends (before level stat appears)PersistantKill any boss on first tryPerfectionistdefeat a triangle makerOut triangleddefeat a shelled enemyNowhere to hidedefeat a dartMind ReaderUse the shadow triangleIn the shadowsDefeat chapter 3 bossFried Octopuscatch the sushiFreezerSet Trino freeFreedomDo each of all the combos (2~7) in one levelcomboxcombodefeat a triangle breakerCircuit BreakerDefeat chapter 2 bossCentipede Stomperdefeat a trino avoiderCan't Catch MeKill 10 enemies with one bombBomb Crazydefeat a triangle suckerBait and SwitchUse the bomb onceAwakenedFirst 7 triangle combo7x comboFirst 6 triangle combo6x comboFirst 5 triangle combo5x comboFirst 4 triangle combo4x comboFirst 3 triangle combo3x combodefeat a point eaterCrab CatcherWhen total score hits 10,000Score 10,000First 2 triangle combo2x comboMake one triangleTriangulatorConnect all CP in first levelArtist

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