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Transylvania is a graphical text-based adventure written and illustrated by Antonio Antiochia.

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Transylvania Game Walkthrough

          By Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah

Hi there. *waves hello*

This is a short walkthrough for the PC game Transylvania. Transylvania was
released in 1985 by Polarware, but seeing as the game is now abandonware I
can legally publish a link to it right here.

Download it, unzip it to the A:/ (must be run off a floppy), then run the
novel.bat file. Easy.

Anyways, Transylvania is a... I guess you could call it a survival horror
game. It's a text-based game, so you enter commands to perform actions, and it
can be frustrating in that if you don't word the command exactly right, the
game won't understand what you want to do. It has graphics too *gasp* but
being of quite a significant age, they're not exactly state of the art, but
they're okay. This game is appealing regardless.


There's no story given to you, but seeing as you're in Transylvania, guess
what it's got to do with. Yup, vampires. The blood-sucking fiends from beyond
the grave (sorry Pyke, I stole your line) have kidnapped Princess Sabrina, and
 it's your job to get her back. Of course, it's the middle of the night, and
you will soon find a note "Sabrina dies at dawn!" So you're racing the clock,
as well as everything you'll encounter on your way to find her.

Tips for playing the game

-> If you see a werewolf or a vampire before you've got the necessary items
to kill them, keep moving, or they will kill you.

-> It's a good idea to tour around and get a feel for the place, because
sometimes you'll get picked up by a giant eagle and dropped in some random
part of the forest, and it's up to you to keep going from your new location.

-> While this game is linear, there are places to explore that aren't really
necessary to visit. I'll try to cover just how you know what to do at
different points of the game, rather than just "go here, go there, pick up

-> It can be hard knowing exactly what commands to put in. I think I've
spelled it out pretty clearly, like, if I say "head north", then you can put
in commands like 'north', 'go north', 'walk north', and things of the sort.
If I say "take the pistol", you can type 'pick up pistol', 'take pistol',
things like that. Got it?

On with the walkthrough!

Okay, so you've run the novel.bat file as per my instructions in the header.
Input your name, and then the name of your next of kin. (I always laugh when
that line comes up.) And you're dumped on a path leading north, with an odd-
looking stump in front of you.

Look at the stump, and you'll see that there's some writing on it that you
can't read, because it's covered in sentiment. Oh well. Walk off, the only way
you can, which is north. On the next screen, ignore the cave on the right, cos
you can't get in, and head west, into the dark part of the forest. There you
will see the note I mentioned, on the ground, so read it. "Sabrina dies at
dawn!" Well, seeing as we read my story section, we already knew that.

Now, you can kinda explore here, if you want. The game doesn't actually tell
you how to start your quest. So from this screen, you can really head whatever
way you wish, but I'll just get on with the story and say head north. Head
north past the log cabin, and on the next screen is a old horse-drawn wagon.
If you get in the wagon, you'll see a nice wooden coffin. You can't open the
coffin though, it's nailed shut. Opening it sounds like a good idea. So let's
find something to open it with.

Keep heading north, past the cemetery, until you get to the dismal part of the
forest and can go no further. Then head east, to find a nice big old house.
There's a path leading around the north side of the house, so take it. Behind
the house, there's a pot of some sort, and a set of doors leading...
somewhere... so open the doors and go down the stairs.

Well, now you just can't see a thing. Great. So you're left with your sense of
touch to navigate. Feel the floor (slimy, YUK), then the wall. When you touch
the wall, something metallic will fall to the ground. Feel the floor again,
and you'll find it was a metal bar that fell, so take it.

Could we use this metal bar to say, open the coffin back in that horse-drawn

Before we head back that way, go up the stairs, head south to the front of the
house, then enter the house. Lots of werewolves around here, so keep moving.
You can ignore the bread if you want, it serves no purpose, and head up the
stairs. Hmmm... flintlock pistol on the floor? We can use that to kill that
pesky werewolf, once we find some bullets for it. So pick it up, and head down
and out of the house.

How to get back to the horse-drawn wagon? From the front of the house, go west
twice, then south until you find it. (Note that those directions aren't the
opposite of the ones you used to get to the house, the whole place is in some
sort of weird loop.) Okay, found the wagon? Get in it. There's a trick here,
to manage your inventory. Drop the pistol in the wagon, then use the bar to
open the coffin. (Just 'open coffin' will suffice.)

What's in the coffin? Well, a dead body (duh), a trio of ravenous mice, and a
silver bullet. (Bullet? Ammo for the pistol!) But first, take the mice. If you
don't take them with your first action here, they'll escape, and then you're
screwed, for the whole game. That's why I said drop the pistol, so you've got
room to pick them up.

Right, some inventory juggling here. In case you didn't know, there's a
limited space in which you can hold things. And that big heavy bar took up a
LOT of space. So drop it, then pick up both the pistol and the bullet. Load
the pistol, and now, when the werewolf appears, you can shoot that nasty
bugger! Once you've turned him into dust, drop the pistol, you won't be
needing it anymore.

So you've got a trio of ravenous mice. In case you hadn't worked it out, this
game goes, find a particular item to start (the bar), use that item, take the
next item, use that item somewhere else, etc. The trick is knowing where to
use each item. That's what I'm here for! ^_^ So you need to find somewhere to
use the mice. Like, a cat...? From the wagon, head north twice and then south
twice. This won't leave you back at the wagon, oddly enough, it'll put you
outside a small clay hut. And in that hut is... one very pissed off cat.

There's a broom against the wall, and acid on the table, We only need the
acid, but that cat won't let us take it, should we try to pick it up. So...
what've we got the mice for? You can drop them here, or feed them to the cat,
either way, they'll jump out of your hands and run off, and the cat will run
after them. Yay. Take the acid and move out.

The game is also odd in that it doesn't tell you exactly what to do. Games of
this era were tough, you could literally play for hours, just muddling your
way through. But if you know the solution, or you've got the solution in front
of you (ahem) then you know exactly where to go. And right about now, you've
got a date with a vampire.

Before you meet the vampire, might be a good idea to know how to kill him, eh?
 Living vampires are never fun. So, back to the log cabin you passed right at
the start. From the hut, it would be: north, north, west, south, south.

Once in the cabin, it doesn't look like there's a lot there. But examine the
moose on the wall, and move its antlers... and you're in a new secret room!
(Whoa!) There's a cloak on the floor, and search it to find a lockpick. Pocket
it, then take the cloak and put it on.

Here's the tricky bit, and something the game gives you no clue to know how to
do. Sing "Some Enchanted Evening", and a wizard appears out of nowhere,
singing the tune with you! o.O Funniest scene EVAR! He gives you a cross, and
disappears again. Well, that was strange, but now we've got a cross to defend
against the vampire.

Now to meet the vampire. From outside the cabin, head north and east to get to
a big old castle. Keep going north to get inside. Once inside, there's a
random chance of meeting the vampire - if you meet him, just show him the
cross and say byebyes. Back to the game... in the east room from the entry
hall, take the flypaper. Then head back to the main entry hall, and north
until you get to the vast chamber. Head down the stairs there, and keep going
down. There you will find a treasure coffer... open it to find a ring! Take
the ring - you couldn't take the ring while the vampire was alive, that's why
you needed to take him out.

Now, what to do, what to do.... hmmm. In your inventory you should have: a
long wizards cloak which you are wearing, a shiny ring, a lockpick, a piece of
flypaper, and a bottle of weak acid. We don't have any use for any of those
yet, except maybe one... the weak acid. Think back to something that had
writing that you couldn't read, something covered with sentiment... maybe you
could use the acid to clear the sentiment? It's worth a shot, ain't it?

In case you weren't sure, your destination is the stump, right at the start of
the game. So head up all the stairs, and south out of the castle. Then head
west to the wagon, south to the cabin, south to the dark forest with the note,
east to the cave, and south once more. Empty the acid on the stump, and it
sizzles, revealing the writing. So read the stump now. It says "Knock here."
Wha...? Knock on the stump... and you enter a large dark cave. (This game just
gets weirder and weirder...)

There's a book on the floor, some flies in the corner, and a door in the far
wall. First off, read the book. Don't try to take it, cos you can't, so just
read it. "Magic Elixirs - Most types deal with the removal of spells cast on
people. To use an Elixir, simply wave the container to energize the
ingredients, and pour contents on the subject. To complete the spell, clap
your hands."

I wrote that down for a good reason. You're gonna need to remember it.
Anyways, on to the rest of the stuff in the cave. Catch the flies, using the
flypaper you picked up in the castle, then open the door and head north
through it.

Now you're in a small cave, with a crystal ball. Look into the crystal ball,
and take note of what you see. A small orange flame burning unnaturally. A
statue. A figure clad in wizard's cloak approaches the statue, wearing a shiny
gold ring with a white flame. He waves his hand, and the statues goes ablaze
with fire! Now, does any of this mean anything to you? If you've accidentally
taken a few wrong turns along the way so far (and I bet you have...) you might
have run into a statue. Now we know what to do at the statue, right? We've got
the cloak, and the ring, so let's do it.

Head south out of that room, and try to take the book to end up back at the
stump. Now, to find the statue. Head north and west, north three times past
the note, cabin, and wagon, then west at the cemetery. And there's the statue.
So prepare yourself. Look at it, to discover that there is someone trapped
inside. Put the cloak on, if you haven't already, put the ring on, then wave
your hand at the statue. Fire, and brimstone, as green and white flames
surround you! An alien creature appears - you freed him from his prison, he is
indebted to you! He takes your ring, crushes it, and disappears!

An alien... in Transylvania? Stranger things have occurred, I suppose. Once
you've freed the alien, you gotta keep an eye out for his flying saucer. His
little alien friends are coming to pick him up, you see, they're not leaving
him in Transylvania forever. Once you see a shooting star fly across the sky,
you've gotta haul ass back to the clearing where the statue was. I can't
exactly direct you there, it all depends on where you were when the star went
overhead. Anyways, once in the clearing, you'll see a huge flying saucer! Say,
can we enter the saucer and meet our little alien friend again? Try it, and
weird things happen, the saucer disappears, leaving a 30 foot circle of
smoldering brush, and you with a little black box in your inventory.

Shake your head over what just happened, then stop and stocktake. Check you
inventory, you should have a cloak, some flies, a lock pick, the little black
box, and flypaper. We're almost done here, but the game gets even weirder from
here on out. I have no idea how one would work out what to do from here,

Small story time. My folks and my whole family used to play this game when I
was little right, so little it used to give me nightmares, especially the
werewolf. We played it for years, and never ever did any of us manage to
complete it. My stepfather claimed he did, once, but he said he did it when
there was no-one around so he couldn't prove he'd done it. Baha.

Anyways... back from that small detour now. You can drop the lockpick, as you
only needed it to open the door in the cave under the stump. Now, what to do
with some flies? Feed them to something, most likely. In a far far place,
there's a frog, sitting on the shores of the ocean, next to the boat you will
sail away to your freedom in. Do frogs like flies? You bet. So we've gotta
find this frog.

From the statue, head south until you get there. See the frog? Feed it. Oooh,
he liked those flies. And he leaves you with the cryptic comment "say IJNID to
the goblin for me". Well, okay, as soon as we find a goblin, we'll say ijnid
to it. You can drop the flypaper now, it's of no more use. All you have left
now is your cloak.

We're off to find a goblin... the wonderful goblin of Oz... er, yes. From the
lake, head straight east until you get some water dumped on you by a nasty
little goblin. He's twirling a key around his fingers... hmmm. So, do what the
frog said, and say ijnid. Wow, he sure disappeared fast, and he dropped the
key! So take the key.

Now, let's go back to that cemetery. Did you read the tombstone, any other
time you've been through here? Read it... and it says "Here lies YOU", and it
has today's date on it! Of course, substitute the name you entered at the
start for the 'you'. I don't want to die, why does that gravestone say 'here
lies Bec?' Sit and sob for a minute, before realizing that that tombstone isnt
exactly the sturdiest thing ever. I bet you could push it to one side if you
tried, you muscle-bound hero you. So push it, and you'll uncover a grate
behind the tombstone!

With the key you took from the goblin, you can simply just open the grate.
Descend the stairs beneath the grate, to enter a secret chamber with some
Elixir. Take the Elixir, important stuff that is, then head up out of there.

Now. Let's go save this princess. We've got the box, and the Elixir, so let's
go. She's in the castle, right up the top. When you were in the vast chamber
before, you might have tried to go up the stairs then up the ladder, and you
would have been pushed back down. Well, that's where we're going now.

From the cemetery, go south, east, and then north to enter the castle. Head
straight north to get to the vast chamber, then head up the stairs and up the
ladder. You're in a tower chamber, with a bundle of vines in a clump. Bah,
vines suck. So move 'em out of the way, and they reveal a stone sarcophagus!
Eh... we can't open the sarcophagus... this is where the black box from the
aliens comes in. Examine it, and you'll see there's a button on it. Push it
here, and the lid flies off the sarcophagus!

Look who's inside! It's SABRINA!!! But she's totally out of it, she's had some
sort of spell cast on her. Lucky we know how to use Elixirs to break spells,
eh? Remember the book under the stump, and it's directions on how to use

Shake the elixir, and then pour it on Sabrina. Clap your hands... and she's
awake! You've got her back! Now to get out of that place. You can sail away on
the boat, back on the lake where the frog was. So head down, down, and south
out of the castle, and Sabrina (the wide-awake princess) will stay with you
every step of the way. So head west to the patch of forest with the note, then
south to the lake. Get on the boat, and sail away!

Congratulations! You just beat Transylvania!


So that wasn't the best little game ever. It's entertaining, though, and I sure
enjoyed muddling my way through the game to write the guide for it. Hope you
enjoyed reading it!

Feel free to check out some of my other guides:

---  Rebecca Skinner AKA Karpah   ---
---           ---

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