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Toy Story 3: The Video Game

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About The Game

Embracing the adored and inspired fun of the Toy Story franchise, Toy Story 3: The Video Game features a story mode that follows the Toy Story 3 film adventures in which Buzz, Woody and friends grapple with their uncertain future as Andy prepares to depart for college. Help the toy gang ensure no toy gets left behind!

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Toy Story 3: The Video Game

Toy Story 3: The Video Game Review

By Monica Bair |

I wish I'd had the Toy Story 3 game when I was a kid. Back then I hardly had any good cooperative games to play with my siblings, and playing games with my parents usually amounted to me taking it easy on them so they wouldn't quit.

But what makes Toy Story 3 even more special than its fun cooperative story is that it actually makes creative use of its license. Movie tie-ins have a reputation for being awful, but developer Avalanche Software has found a good way to use the Toy Story name without just creating another rehash of the movie's plot. Instead TS3 has both a decent, story-driven game that touches upon some highlights from the film, as well as an inventive open world game called Toy Box mode.

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The story mode is still fun and worthwhile, but Toy Box is really the selling point for the game. It's essentially an open world quest-driven game where you play as the Sheriff of a toy town, using Woody, Buzz, or Jessie. And since it doesn't follow the movie's plot, the entire world is based around the idea of how the toys perceive their environment when they're being played with. The result is a mode that still has all the familiar faces that you'd expect from the film franchise, but that introduces a host of gameplay elements that fall well outside what a simple follow-the-film game would allow.

The quests in Toy Box are a little simple for most adults (though still fun), but what they're really good at is introducing the various ways you can interact with the world. Each new mechanic, instead of being told through a standard tutorial, is introduced in a quirky quest, making learning a whole lot more fun than usual. And even when the quests were far too easy I still found myself becoming addicted, as TS3's quest lines are structured in such a way that you'll finish one only to open up several more, making it easy to get into that "just one more" mentality.

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But while Toy Box can be a really guided experience if that's how you want to play it, what I appreciate is how it really tries to put something in there for everyone. Kids, or people who just don't care about doing quests, can spend time decorating and customizing their town or citizens – right down to where they want buildings to be. Additionally, players also get the ability to do a host of other fun things like go on races, do trick courses with toy cars, or even just enlarge and shrink things in the world with piles of goo. The Toy Box always has something for players to do on a whim, encouraging kids and adults alike to just, well, play. After all, when we were kids our playtime wasn't always structured, right? Toy Box really gives you a chance to just let your imagination take you to silly places.

It's worth mentioning, though, that the PC version of TS3 has far fewer options in the Toy Box mode than the other versions. You can still customize the look of the buildings and of your citizens, but now when you customize one you customize them all. The result is that there's a lot less to do in town, and fewer ways to just play around. Furthermore, the PC version also has very little customization as far as the graphics go, making it a pretty mediocre looking game even if you have an awesome system.

I don't even have kids, but if I did TS3 is a game I wouldn't mind playing with them. The story mode is fun, and allows two players to play split-screen. Sadly, unlike the PS3/360 versions of TS3, this version does not let players play together in Toy Box Mode. As I've stated previously, Toy Box mode is still fun even by yourself, but a large part of the appeal for me was that it could be played with a friend. I understand technical limitations and what have you, but this was pretty disappointing to learn that this feature wasn't brought over.

Toy Story 3: The Video Game Game Walkthrough


                   Toy Story 3 Video Game Guide/Walkthrough
                                 Version 1.0
                     Last Modified: Friday, June 25, 2010

This guide has been written by Jason Kline aka Scrapdaddy.

Copyright 2010 Jason Kline.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                  (Search tag)

(1)  Introduction                                                     (x01)
(2)  Controls                                                         (x02)
(3)  Story Mode Walkthrough                                           (x03)
	a. Level 1 Train Rescue / Loco Motives                        (x03a)
	b. Level 2 Andy's House / Hold the Phone                      (x03b)
	c. Level 3 Buzz Video Game / To Infinity and Beyond           (x03c)
	d. Level 4 Sunnyside Daycare / Fair Play                      (x03d)
	e. Level 5 Bonnie's House / Witch Way Out                     (x03e)
	f. Level 6 Prison Break / Hide and Sneak                      (x03f)
	g. Level 7 Junkyard / Trash Thrash                            (x03g)
	h. Level 8 Haunted Bakery / Muffin to Fear                    (x03h)
(4)  Toy Box Mode Walkthrough                                         (x04)
(5)  Achievement Guide                                                (x05)
(6)  Gold Star Mission Guide                                          (x06)
(7)  Pict-O-Matic Mission Guide                                       (x07)
(8)  Toy Box Collectibles Check List                                  (x08)
(9)  Miscellaneous                                                    (x09)
(10) Credits                                                          (x10)
(11) Contact Me                                                       (x11)
(12) Revisions                                                        (x12)

Introduction                                                          (x01)

Welcome to my Toy Story 3 Guide and Walkthrough for the Xbox 360. This guide
is written with the idea of getting you through the game as easily as possible
while obtaining all the achievements at the same time. I've wrote it for the
360 version of the game but other than differences relating to controls, the
core game play should be mostly the same on other systems. You can use the
search tags listed to the right of each section of the Table of Contents in
your web browser's find menu (ctrl+F for PC) to jump to that specific section.

This is one of the better movie tie-in games I've played to date which is why
I wanted to write my first guide for it. The controls are simple and intuitive
and really bring to mind the Sly Cooper games from PS2. The game is split up
into 2 parts, first is a fairly linear story mode and the other (the Toy Box)
is like a sandbox game where you run around and complete various missions and
search for capsules to upgrade your people and town, etc.. This is a great game
for kids and adults. There is nothing too terribly hard but I'll try to be as
in-depth as possible.

Step 1 - Play through story mode FIRST. You'll need all the collectibles from
story mode to open up items and events in the Toy Box mode. The locations
of all story mode collectibles are spelled out within the Story Mode
Walkthrough below. In addition to grabbing the collectibles you'll also want
to do "No Toy Left Behind", "Space Ranger Elite", "True Carny", and "Sneaky
Sneaky" on their respective levels. This portion of the game will take 4 - 6
hours depending on skill.

Step 2 - Now you can work on the "Toy Box" mode. The big focus here is finding
all the prize capsules, completing the missions, and doing the tasks to earn
gold stars. This is time consuming and some of it will depend on how lucky you
are in finding the capsules and completed the tasks for the stars. If you use
my detailed Toy Box walkthrough below, you will collect everything. Expect to
be running around for 8 to 10 hours here. Please note to SAVE often as the
game does NOT auto save after missions or collecting an item. If there is
anything you don't want to repeat, be sure to save right after it.

Step 3 - Cleanup anything you may have missed. And if you haven't already done
it then now is a good time to do Mapnipulator.

Hope you had fun with this great game and if you hated it, well maybe the
guide will help make it less painful. Thanks for reading.

Controls                                                              (x02)

Controls are simple enough and taught via onscreen prompts as you play.

The basics are below:

Story Mode
Press "A" to jump
Press "A" and then "A" again for a double jump
Press "B" to drop from a hanging position
Press "X" for a character's special move
	Woody will use his pull string to swing across gaps.
	Buzz will pick up one of the other characters to toss them.
	Jesse will be able to perform pinpoint landings while in air.
Press "Y" to shoulder charge and dash
Press "LB" to switch characters
Press "LT" to target
Press "RT" to fire

Toy Box Mode
Same as Story Mode with a couple of extras actions listed below:

Press "X" to talk to people.
Press "X" to pick things up and carry them.
Press "X" to pick things up then press "RT" or "X" to throw or "B" to drop.
While carrying someone you can also jump and press "RT" or "X" to kick them.

Vehicles / Animals

Press "RT" for gas / speed up
Press "LT" for reverse

Story Mode Walk Through                                               (x03)

Level 1 - Train Rescue / Loco Motives                                 (x03a)

You start the level riding on Bullseye. Right in front of you is a fence, so
press "A" to jump over it and immediately head to your left. Jump up onto the
ledge and ride it up and over the top of the arch and follow the path to your
first collectible (Round-up Card #7). While you are falling align yourself to
land on top of the small rock for your second collectible (Round-up Card #4).

Now weave left and right down the trail and as soon as you get out and start
turning left, Ham will blast a laser and destroy a portion of the cliff side.
Now, before the cliff falls away, dash over to grab the third collectible
(Round-up Card #8). Keep following the trail and grab the Al's Toy Barn token
that's in front of you. These tokens are not required to get 100% of the
collectibles so I'm not going to call them out anymore unless it's to help
with directions.

Jump the upcoming gaps and then one final big leap puts you inside a mine
cave. There is a fork in the road so you are going to want to head left. Jump
the gaps as they come and at the end of this portion you will run into the
fourth collectible (Round-up Card #3). Continue on leaping the gaps as you go
and you will shortly be back outside racing up to the train. Keep following
the trail around and leaping the gaps as they are created and Woody will reach
the train.

Once onboard, move straight ahead and use "Y" to smash the door. A spaceship
will crash thru and you will see Buzz for the first time. He tells you it's
time to save some orphans and fly off. The first orphan is right in front of
you so press "X" and Buzz will fly in and carry them away. Afterwards, the
fifth collectible (Round-up Card #2) will appear directly in front of you so
grab it and move on.

Continue along the train and you will get to a portion that you need to double
jump to get across. Do so and Buzz will grab a spaceship and toss it at the
train. Leap across and you'll see an orphan in a cage. Use "LT" to aim at the
target and "RT" to fire a ball. Then press "X" to release the orphan and
collectible six (Round-up Card #6) will appear.

Now just ahead and to the left is a white rectangular crate, shoulder charge
with "Y" and get collectible seven (Townsperson - Woody). Kill off the alien
by launching a ball at him and then pick him up with "X" and throw him
overboard. Moving forward, 3 more aliens will appear so take them out to and
you'll see orphan number 3. Save him and shoulder charge the door to move on.

Up the ramp will be the eighth collectible (Round-up Card #5). Now when you
leap up you will be on the top of the train. You need to move forward dodging
the hazards by moving left or right and leaping of the yellow and black
barriers. At the end you'll drop down and see three cows and an alien in the
background. Move forward and the alien will get launched into the air. Grab
a cow with "X" and carry it to the launcher and send it sailing. Now toss a
ball at the target and hop on yourself. You'll land directly in front of the
fourth orphan. Rescue her and you'll see that the cow you launched created a
hole with the ninth collectible (Special Card #1) inside. Also, just ahead and
to your left you'll see the tenth collectible (Round-up Card #1).

Now Ham will appear at the end of the train and you need to move from crate to
crate killing the small aliens as you go. At the end there are two crates, one
on each side. Hide behind one, wait for Ham to fire 3 shots then quickly pop
out target him with "LT" and fire a single ball with "RT". Pick off any
remaining aliens and move forward and take out the next four aliens. On the
left you'll rescue orphan number five. Once Buzz flies off, you can use the
toppled crate to reach the top.

Make your way along the wood pieces taking care to not fall in. A short
distance ahead you'll come to your sixth and final orphan. Achievement
Unlocked! (No Toy Left Behind) This levels final collectible number eleven
(Andy's Memorabilia) should now be on the next ledge so hop on over and grab

Continue along the wood planks leaping and dodging as needed and when you come
to the end drop down and get behind a crate. Same as before, move from crate
to crate taking out aliens along the way. Once you reach the end target Ham
again and a single ball will end the level. Achievement Unlocked! (Train

Level 2 - Andy's House / Hold the Phone.                              (x03b)

You'll now be prompted to enter the "Toy Box" mode of the game. Before
continuing along in story mode there are a couple of things that we need
to do. First, just press "Y" and complete the "Destroy the Old Shack" mission.
You'll then be given the mission "Clean up the Town". Follow the compass in
the lower right and smash three more old shacks. They are highlighted with a
green light. Once you are finished with that, find Ham again. He should be
next to the Al's Toy Barn machine. Look for the yellow light. He will give
you the mission "Give the Alien a Hat". Pick up the alien and toss them into
the shop as prompted. Talk to Ham again and he will give you the mission
"Paint any Building in Town". Walk into the light and press "X" to open the
customization screen. Select the "Walls" option and pick whichever option you
like and press "A" to confirm. Talk to Ham one more time and you'll get the
mission "Talk to Stinky Pete".

Just behind Ham you should see Pete in the distance with a green light marker.
He will give you the mission "Mine Some Gold" and a pickaxe. Turn around and
find the nearest gold vein marked with a green light. Run over and press "X"
and you will get some gold and Bullseye will be available for purchase at the
store. Achievement Unlocked! (Welcome to Town)

Head to the store, again this is the Al's Toy Barn Chicken machine, and
purchase Bullseye for $1000. Achievement Unlocked! (First Sale) Now you have
a decision to make: you can jump down to the "TOY BOX" section of the guide
and keep doing various missions, customizing your town and create different
people OR you can now jump back out to the Story Mode. For the purpose of
this guide we are going to go back to story mode. So press the start button,
save your game and exit to game board.

You'll find yourself on the "Game Board". First thing to do is move all the
way to the left and find the dice and press "A" to roll them. Then find the
yellow boat right beside and press "A" again and it will dip into the water.
Now up top, you will see a red and a black checker token. Press "A" and they
will flip. Now, heading to the right you will see a canon, so once again press
"A" and it shoots a stopper. Below that is a fish so click on it to open and
close its mouth. At the top right you'll see a treasure chest so click on it
to open it. And finally, on the far right is a chess knight. Click on it and
it will rock around. Achievement Unlocked! (Mapnipulator)

Now find "Andy's House" on the Map and press "A" to start the level. As soon
as you start, run straight ahead under the bed to find the first collectible
(Townsperson - Jesse). As you come out from under the bed, you will see Jesse
and Buzz right in front of you. Run past them and jump inside the orange trash
can with a teepee on it for the second collectible (Round-up Card #12). 

Now head to the right and you will see a red box that you can push out of the
way to reveal the third collectible (Round-up Card #9). Jump onto the boxes
right in front of you and double jump to the desk. Cross the desk and double
jump to the boxes along wall and you will see a long vertical box that has a
"?" on top of it that teaches you the "ground pound" move. Try it out now and
the box you are standing on opens to reveal the fourth collectible (Round-up
Card #15). You can either run all the way back around to get to the top again
or simple wall jump back up. To wall jump, press "A" to jump towards a wall
and then when you touch it press "X" to bounce the other way and just repeat
to reach the top.

Now run along the window sill being careful to not get knocked off by the
blinds and you'll reach the top of the bed. Cross the bed and leap to the
box with the "?" on top. Again, perform the ground pound for the fifth
collectible (Round-up Card #14). Climb back up to the top and leave Woody
there looking at the dresser past the door. Switch to Buzz by pressing "LB"
and head to the area you left Woody by wall jumping up to him. Grab Woody
with "X", aim and toss him to the dresser by pressing "RT". The drawers will
open and reveal the sixth collectible (Round-up Card #18). Just switch to
Woody and drop down to get it.

Run back across the room and climb to the top of the computer desk again. Now
change back to Buzz, run over to the desk and grab Woody again. This time you
are going to toss him to the shelf that has the soccer ball on it. Switch to
Woody and while standing on the middle of the shelf you should be prompted to
press "X" to perform your special move. Do so, and you will swing up to the
top shelf so you can grab the cell phone. Press "X" to pick it up and you'll
have a cut scene.

You are now in the basement so the first thing you'll want to do is head
straight toward the bottom of the stairs. As you get close you should see
four electrical outlets. To the left of those is a dark brown vent that you
can break through with "Y". Head on in and grab the seventh collectible
(Special Card #3).

Now jump all the way to the top of the stairs and up to the top of the box that
you find there for the eighth collectible (Andy's Memorabilia). Hop on top of
the stair rail and you will slide all the way down to the bottom landing on
the ironing board. Right by the iron is the ninth collectible (Round-up Card
#13). Hop down to the ground and head slightly past the stairs to the red box
that has an Al's Toy Store coin on it. Jump on it and then jump toward the
wall and Woody will hand from it. Shimmy to the left and jump the gap and then
press up and jump to the one above you twice. Shimmy to the right, jump the
gap and then up to the top of the shelf.

The first army guy is sitting there so grab him will "X", aim for the phone
that's in the middle of the room and toss him with "RT". Guide him between
the laundry by moving left or right to change direction, pressing up to speed
up and down to slow down. Once you see your shadow completely on the shelf
press "B" to land near the phone. Now jump on top of the blue container right
by you and head to the top of the refrigerator for the tenth collectible
(Round-up Card #10).

Look to your left and you'll see a small shelf with a window beside it. Jump
down and grab the red handle with "X" and then slide the door to the left. Run
inside the opening and grab the eleventh collectible (Round-up Card #17). Now
grab the second army guy hanging there and toss him toward the red belt
hanging in front of you. You'll want to press up to speed past the belt,
head left to miss the lawn chair and then press back to slow down and finally
press "B" to land on the shelf like before.

Now continue along the shelf and do a big double jump to the tool bench below.
You'll land with a thud and knock some boxes over. Drop back down to the ground
and head back towards where you left Buzz and Jesse. There should be a red
laundry basket that you can push over to the laundry machine. Do so and climb
on top for the third army guy. Now do NOT throw him to the phone yet because
we are going to send him on a secret mission. Pick him up and look for an
orange pumpkin on top of a stack of boxes. Right beside the pumpkin is the
twelfth collectible (Round-up Card #16) so give him a toss and guide him to
land on it. If you push up the whole way you should have no problem getting
him over there. He'll automatically teleport back to you. Now pick him up
again and look towards the phone. You are going to need to throw him to the
right of the blanket and then curve him into the shelf. Almost done, just need
one more.

You now need to switch to Jesse and climb up to the tool bench on the boxes
that Woody knocked down earlier. Straight ahead are 3 red darts that you will
hop on. Jump and press "X" in the air to land on the first one. Then double
jump straight up and press "X" at the top of your jump to land on the top one
(or you can zigzag to the middle dart first and then the top one if you like).
From the top dart jump left to the small shelf and follow it around to the
end. Jump to the red bracket and press "X" to land on it. Repeat one more
time for the second bracket and finally leap to the shelf. Before grabbing the
final army guy, push aside the bottles of cleaner for the thirteenth
collectible (Round-up Card #11). This will unlock a prize at Al's Toy Barn
on the game board, the "Saddle-Up Race" for play in the Toy Box mode. Now
grab the army guy and you need to thread him through the green inner tube.
Give him a toss and first slow down until you are the right height and then
speed up thru the tube and onto the shelf. Achievement Unlocked! (Off the

Level 3 - Buzz Video Game / To Infinity and Beyond                    (x03c)

First if you are going for all the achievements then a story based one is
coming up. You need to make it all the way to Zurg's Base without dying. You
can take hits, just don't die or fall of a ledge. If you do die don't worry
about it as you can just replay the level over and over until you have it

Now, let's move on to the mission. Move your crayon to the purple globe and
press "A". After the cut scene you'll be flying as Buzz through a canyon. Fly
through the canyon avoiding walls and blasting asteroids with "RT". Eventually
you'll come to a relatively open area with a ton of asteroids in it. Stay in
the middle and just blast everything you can. The first collectible (Star
Command Card #8) will be right in front of you at the end. Continue on and
grab the health power-up if you need it.

Next you will be introduced to the "wall" obstacles. To get by these just
press "A" and move left or right to quickly roll out of the way. You can also
use it to go up and down but I always had time to just move up and down so I
didn't really use it much for that. Work your way thru, avoiding walls and
blasting asteroids and you'll come to another health power-up. You'll come to
another relatively open area with asteroids although this time you will also
have walls to avoid. At the end is the second collectible (Star Command Card
#4) and it will be right in the middle again.

You'll have another dodge the walls section and then fly past some large green
crystals. Now be ready for this next collectible. As you are dodging the next
group of walls it will come right around the corner of one of the walls and
you'll barely have enough time to react. If you are quick you'll nab the third
collectible (Star Command Card #1).

Continue bobbing, weaving and blasting and eventually you'll get a cut scene
and Buzz will land. Just run straight ahead and things will be crashing and
exploding all around you but you won't get hit so don't worry about it. There
will be a slight right and then a leap over a gap followed by a huge explosion
that will throw you into the air. After you land, run straight ahead toward
the rock ramp and leap to the next ledge. This ledge will break off so keep
moving ahead and go past the big crack on your right. A large asteroid will
now be filling the sky so just keep running ahead and brace for impact. Don't
worry about dying because this part is scripted and you will end up on a
floating platform.

Directly behind you on another platform is a health power-up if you need it.
Now turn back around and jump to the next platform. Try not to land to far
away from the ledge because the whole thing will shatter on impact and send
pieces flying. You can now hop from piece to piece to get across. As you make
your way along you'll across a couple of more big pieces that will splinter
so be careful. You will get a message that tells you to press "A" and then
"A" again to hover. Use this to get to the ledge that has the "?" on it. Look
on the ground and it will show you some fault lines. Be sure you are not
standing on one of the lines and do a "ground pound" to shatter the platform.
This will send pieces flying that you can hover to on the way to the next
large platform.

Same thing, watch for fault lines and pound away. Hover across to the two new
platforms and over to the huge area that has 3 Al's Toy Barn coins right in
front.  You'll see 3 blue crystal clusters coming out of the ground. From a
distance, pull "LT" to lock on to the one that is shaking and the press and
hold "RT" to concentrate your laser fire until is explodes. This will create
an air geyser and a Zurg Bot will teleport in. You can fight the robots if you
want but if you are trying not to die you might not want to risk it. Either
way, the next thing to do is jump into the geyser and it will shoot you out
to the next section that shatters on impact. Scramble and get on safe footing.

Now, head to the left platform and then jump across the next couple of
platforms. Be sure to stop along the way to explode the blue crystal cluster
off to the left. Continue on unto you get to the platform near the next health
power-up and destroy the floating mine from a distance. You do need to be
close enough for it to open though. Next look left and destroy another crystal
cluster. Now hop to the big platform and perform yet another "pound and
shatter" move, taking care to stand somewhere safe first.

Hover to the small platform and shoot the mine, jump to the next platform and
shoot that mine. Now hop to the next platform and it will splinter. In front
of you is the next collectible floating on a small platform that's too far
to hover to. Instead shoot the blue crystal to the right and quickly jump to
the platform that shoots across. Then quickly hop to the fourth collectible
(Special Card #4) and back onto either the first or second platform while they
pass. If you are going for the "don't die" achievement, you may want to skip
this card and come back for it later.

If you skip it, you still need to destroy the blue crystal cluster on the
right because ultimately the two platforms that are created by the explosion
end up as part of the path you'll be taking. Whatever you decide to do, the
next step is to head along the path to the left to the next huge platform
again marked with 3 coins in front.

Shoot the vibrating crystal cluster and this will break out two small pieces
into the air and also two little probes will appear. Kill the probes and jump
their shockwaves. Now head to the floating platforms, jump on top of one and
"ground pound" it back into place. Now Zurg Bots will teleport in. If you're
fast you can just double jump up to the second floating platform and then
pound that one back into place. Then, dash over and jump into the geyser and
fly away without fighting. Or you can go around destroying all the robots as
they teleport in and then pound the last piece into place. Your call, but
again if you are going for the "don't die" achievement you might not want
to risk the fight.

Now, you land again and it shatters the platform. Find safe ground and look
out in front of you at the final batch of floating platforms and mines. In the
middle of this are you should see the next card. Hop on to the large platform
and ride it around, then leap off to the fifth collectible (Star Command Card

Pan the camera to the right and you'll see the next card through some purple
mist. Hop and hover along the platforms and ride them to the sixth collectible
(Star Command Card #7).

Finally we are heading to the final huge platform. Hop back to the platform
you just came from and if you haven't figured it out by now all these
platforms are floating around in small independent circles. Just wait for
the platform you are on to make its way around and leap to the final group
of platforms. Ride this around to once again find three coins at you final

On this last huge platform are more crystal clusters and four small probes.
Kill the probes and jump the shockwaves before continuing. After breaking the
vibrating crystal, things get crazy. Five chunks float up and you need to
pound them all back in before continuing. At the same time a group of Zurg
Bots teleport in and start attacking. Destroy them all or double jump to the
next platform and pound it back into place. Now for the next three platforms
you'll need to first jump into the geyser and then float to the tops of them.
Kill anything that gets in your way and if things get messy, you can always
destroy one of the other crystal clusters to create an explosion that will
take out anything close by. This includes you so keep your distance if you
do that. After getting the fifth platform into the ground, a larger Zurg Bot
will teleport in and the small ones will keep coming. Just kiss them all
goodbye while you run away and hop into the air geyser to safety.

When you land, a single cannon turret will open which you can easily target
and shoot. The famous floor opening scene will take place and you'll drop
into Zurg's Base. Whew! If you managed to do all of this without dying then
congratulations and Achievement Unlocked! (Space Range Elite) Again, if you
missed out on the achievement you can always replay the level again. Now
that you are familiar with it, the second run through will be easier.

Once inside the base, head through the door directly in front of you. Now
follow the vent shaft around and avoid the spikes. After the second set of
spikes you'll come to a small opening on the left that is glowing red. Head
in there and shoulder charge (press "Y") to break open the vent and land in
the room below. Target and blast the crystal to open the red barrier then
drop down the hole. Move thru the shaft, leap over the electricity and finally
use a ground pound to smash thru the vent at the end.

Head to the right avoided the electricity and you'll come to a huge drill.
Move to the right past the drill and you'll see the seventh collectible
(Townsperson Buzz) floating up in the air. A couple of wall jumps and it's
yours. You need to be in the middle of the wall for the jump, not all the way
back or in the front. This might take some attempts to adjust your alignment
but it will be yours in the end. You've come too far to not get it now.

Go back to the middle of the drill and when the small ledge comes along
the bottom grab onto it. Now you need to slowly keep shimmying to the right
and you will gradually work your way up the drill. Just be sure to not get
to close to the electricity on the sides and you'll be fine. Once at the top,
leap and pull yourself up and grab the eighth collectible (Star Command Card
#5). Head to the right avoiding the electricity and then double jump and land
in between the two electric "walls" to drop down to the next section.

Follow the shaft around avoiding more electricity and the grab the health
power-up at the end if you need it and bust thru the grate on the ground.
Immediately turn towards the screen and start running from the spikes until
the door slams closed. Now jump to the green platform on the left, the second
yellow platform in the middle, the next blue platform on the left and finally
to the end. Press "Y" to dash thru the vent grates ahead and dash again to
avoid the closing spikes.

You'll come to a room with 4 turrets on the wall and two Zurg Bots will
teleport in. Destroy everything then hover to the right platform avoiding
the red barrier. Three more robots teleport in so take them out and look
to the left platform. Just left of that and right below the red barrier is
another crystal so destroy it and jump to the left platform. Turn 180 and
look at the platform you just came from. To the left of it and below the red
barrier is another crystal so destroy that one to and the barrier goes with

Drop off the ledge to the left and you should land right beside the ninth
collectible (Star Command Card #6). Turn around and head toward the coins
then smash thru the vent and you'll drop into yet another shaft. Follow it
around avoiding the electricity and smash thru the grate in the ground again.
Move to the left and you'll come to another drill device. This one is a little
trickier but still handled the same way as the last. At the opening, jump up
and grab the ledge and quickly start moving to the right. Once you are high
enough, ride the drill to the left to the next opening and quickly start
moving right again and keep going until you reach the top and can leap to

On top of the drill is the tenth collectible (Star Command Card #2). Head to
the left and leap into the gap between the two electricity nets to drop into
another shaft. By now you know the drill so just follow it around and grab the
health power-up if you need to then drop thru the grate again.

Immediately start running toward the screen to avoid the spikes but this time
you'll need to dodge left, then right and finally jump over the last barrier
to make it to the safety zone. Leap across the colored platforms like last
time and you'll be in a room with turrets on the walls and Zurg Bots
everywhere. Take out the wall turrets and the large Zurg Bots then focus on
the smaller ones. Or do whatever works for you. The floor will open and you
will drop thru a series of electrical barriers on your way to the bottom.

Now we finally get to face Zurg himself. He will rise from the center of the
room just like in Toy Story 2. Shoot the crystal underneath his platform by
locking on with "LT" and shooting by holding down "RT". This will disrupt his
shield and cause him to drop. Now train your laser on him until he falls
back. Zurg Bots teleport in so take them out as quick as you can. Zurg will
now rise out of the floor a second time while even more Zurg Bots teleport
in. Shoot the crystal again and drop the shield then shoot Zurg himself and
he'll fall back a second time. Now it goes crazy with more robots and Zurg
comes back the third and final time. Just focus on dropping his shield again,
taking out whoever is in your way and grabbing health power-ups as you need
them. Once the shield is gone start blasting Zurg and he will be toast.
Achievement Unlocked! (Defeat Zurg)

Level 4 - Sunnyside Daycare / Fair Play                               (x03d)

Let's move our crayon to the daycare and press "A" to start. Right off the
bat switch to Jesse turn to the left and you should see a coin capsule thru
the arch. Jump up to it and run straight ahead along the tops of the bookcases
until you get to what looks like some storage bins stacked upside down on top
of the blue cabinets. If you look right behind those storage bins you'll find
the first collectible (Star Command Card #14).

Hop back on top of the bins and double jump to the overhead light nearby. Turn
right and double jump to the next light. Now go left along the light toward
the middle of the room and you'll see some butterflies. Leap and press "X" in
the air to land on the first then jump and press "X" again to land on the
second butterfly and then jump to the light. Turn right and double jump to the
next right and then head left to the end of this light. You'll see two more
butterflies, so leap to the first and press "X" to stick the landing. Double
jump and press "X" to land on the next butterfly to the right and finally
leap toward the second collectible (Special Card # 2) to grab it and quickly
press "X" again to land back on a butterfly.

Now from your butterfly perch, leap back to the closest light and look slightly
left and you will see two more butterflies. Jump onto the first, then the
second and then onto the light right in front of you. You should now be able
to jump onto the roof of the green house you started in. In the back corner
of the roof is the third collectible (Star Command Card #13).

Switch to Woody and jump out the same way we did with Jesse but stop on the
first ledge (it's an animal tank with a red snake in it). Now switch to Buzz,
grab Woody move to the edge that is the farthest from the green house and toss
him up onto the green roof where Jesse is. Switch back to Woody and head
toward the wall with the balloons on it. To the left you should see three
golden hooks, so run down the roof slope toward then and make a big double
jump toward the first hook. Now while in mid air press "X" and swing from
hook to hook using "X" after each release to get your fourth collectible
(Townsperson - Daycare).

You'll now be on the ground so turn 180 degrees and head back to the green
house. Stand at the bottom of the ramp looking up and you should see a brown
stool just around the right hand side. Head over to it and jump on top for
the fifth collectible (Zurg Piece - Head).

Now head back to the bottom of the ramp but this time face away from it and
you should see the back of a large tropical patterned chair. Pan the camera
left and you'll see a purple octopus. On the same shelf but in the opposite
corner is the sixth collectible (Zurg Piece - Body).

Hop off the shelf and pan left and you should see some kid's artwork on an
easel just past the big chair. Head to it and then around the side and into
the middle of the easel where you can jump to reach the seventh collectible
(Zurg Piece - Gun).

Now pan your camera around until you see Ham. Run towards and then past him
and you should see a coat rack with Rex on top. Next to the coat rack is a
sink. Wall jump between the two and make your way to Rex who's on the shelf
above the coat rack. Facing Rex, turn 180 degrees and press "X" to swing to
the hook and reach the top of the cabinets and the eighth collectible (Star
Command Card #15). Go back to Rex.

Now switch to Buzz and move him to Rex, pick up Woody and throw him across
the big gap to the shelf opposite the hook we just used. Switch back to Woody
and straight ahead is a box and a purple shelf with the ninth collectible
(Star Command Card #9) on top. Turn left and walk off the edge. You should
land on the floor by a robot and a green desk. Right under the green desk
is the tenth collectible (Zurg Piece - Cape). Achievement Unlocked! (We
Can Rebuild Him) This also unlocks the UFO gun for purchase in the Toy Box

Run back toward the green house we started at along the right hand wall.
Along the way you'll see a small gap that you can wall jump on to reach the
top of the cabinets that had the storage bins I referred to way back in the
first card from this level. Take Woody up the bins and onto that first
overhead light again. Now straight ahead are 2 golden hooks. Swing across
to the light at the end and take notice of the silver chain running off one
of the light corners. Switch to Buzz and climb up the same gap that we  just
did with Woody except instead of going to the bins head the opposite direction
(towards the green house) and stop on a blue bookcase. Pan left and you should
see another blue bookcase across the aisle that a nice double jump will get
you to the top of. Now carefully hop on the low part of the chain right in
front of you and you should "warp" to it and it will take you to the light
Woody is on. Pick Woody up and toss him into the open vent straight ahead and
then switch to Woody for the eleventh collectible (Star Command Card # 11).

I want to point out that if you are not going for the achievements, all you
have to do to continue the story mode is get the qualifying amount on each of
the next three events. You can always just move on and come back to try for
the perfects later if you wish.

Drop out of the vent and head to the robot (Sparks) in the back of the room
near the green desk and talk to him for the Teeny Racer Challenge. Race around
on the car and smash the block piles. You need to break thru all 10 to win
the twelfth collectible (Star Command Card #10) and once you complete the
task it will be right beside him when you are done. The path I took was as
follows: Head straight ahead and you'll see the first pile on the ground in
front of you. Drive thru it and head to the circular tunnel at the end of the
aisle. Go thru the tunnel and break thru pile number two. Make a hard right
and head up the ramp of the green house for pile three. Press "Y" to flip
your car 180 degrees and go back down the ramp. Right in front of you on the
ground is the next fourth pile. Speed straight toward the white-board ramp
and land on the table for pile number five. Turn left and cross the small
blue ramp to the next table for the sixth pile and drop to the floor. Turn
right and straight ahead should be a curved ramp with a block pile up in the
air. Speed toward the left side and you'll be sent up and thru the seventh
pile. When you land, if you are facing the curved ramp, you should see the
eighth pile to the right, so smash it and head thru the tunnel it was in front
of. Straight ahead you should see another white board ramp so speed on up for
the ninth pile. Drop off the ledge and make a U-turn toward the right and you
should see the tenth pile on top of a short red ramp. That's the last one and
you should have plenty of time to spare in case you made a mistake.

Now find the green bug like guy (Twitch) near the ramp by the green house.
Talk to him for the "Horseback Balloon Pop" which is a race around on
Bullseye. Complete the event by popping all forty of the balloons and you'll
unlock the thirteenth collectible (Star Command Card #12). After you've done
it, the card will be right beside him. My path was to go straight ahead for
the first batch of five jumping to reach the last few. Continue along the
ground passing a green chair on your left and you should see to storage bins
that you can jump onto to reach the five on the sink. Head off the sink and
make a left and you should see the next group of five lined up on a jump
between two chairs. Head up the green house ramp and turn left to jump out
the window for the next five. Then, go up the ramp again to jump out the
right side and head toward the next five along the top of the bookcases. Drop
down, turn right and jump on the storage bin and then onto the table to the
left. From here hop across the other two gray storage bins to the green desk
and another five balloons. Turn right, drop down and you should see another
gray storage bin to the left of the palm tree. Use that to get on to the
other table and then slightly left is a gray tub on a chair that you can use
to reach the five on the green bookcase. As you grab these five, be ready to
keep heading straight ahead by hopping onto the next set of gray bins and
finally to the last five balloons on the pink shelf.

And finally head to the rocky brown dude (Chunk) near the big chair for the
"Alley Throw" event. This is the toughest mini game yet and you need to stop
ALL one hundred aliens for the fourteenth collectible (Star Command Card
#16). You are allowed no misses. Only helpful tip I can offer is that you can
hold down the "RT" button for a pseudo rapid fire that will save you from
button mashing over and over again. If you get in a jam, take out the rushers
first (red suits) then make sure no leapers (white suits) are coming at you.
The regular blue guys are the least of your worries because they stop at the
bins before moving to the next one for cover. Good luck! Once you get all one
hundred of them, Achievement Unlocked! (True Carny). Just like the last two
events, your card will be right beside him when you are done.

You are now prompted to go see Lotsa (the pink bear) back in the green house.
So run up the ramp and he'll be there on the left. Talk to him to end the
level. Achievement Unlocked! (Carnival Conqueror)

Level 5 - Bonnie's House / Witch Way Out                              (x03e)

Once again move your crayon over the newly opened area and press "A". Now
wait for the coffee to rise a bit and jump to the pink stool. Wait a bit more
and then get on top of the green chair that pops up on the right. Then jump
to the picture frame, blue framed picture, gray box, white purse and pink
cushion. Wait for the red box to float in front of you, then quickly leap
to it and then onto the next picture frame.

Run past the orange juice and milk carton then leap onto the blue platform.
Jump off to the light and look up near the bulb. You should see the first
collectible (Toys Card #1). From the edge of the platform you are standing on,
you should be prompted to press "X". Do so to swing up and grab the card.
Jump to the picture frame and you'll have a short cut scene.

Jump to the chair that just appeared then to the ledge with the green book.
Head right, then dash (press "Y") through the block pile. Now, wall jump up
the gap, dash at the red book to knock it down then drop down and turn left.
Dash through this block pile to grab the second collectible (Star Command
Card #18) and then head to the right again. Hop on top of the pile of books
and the grab the wall ledge. Shimmy to the right, jump the gap and press "B"
to drop down on the book for the third collectible (Toys Card #5).

Keep heading right with a ground pound, a dash to break the block pile and
then a wall jump up to the top. Run left, dash thru another block pile and
wall jump up to the top again. Wait here for a second and the coffee will
bring you the next platforms to cross. Jump across 2 books and then start
running toward the screen before you get knocked off.  When you can, jump
to the right to avoid the picture frame coming at you.

Now you'll see some moving platforms made out of sponges. Jump on to the
first one and hang there. Wait for it to rotate and come to a stop. When
the next one comes down and stops, jump straight up to grab it.  Now this
sponge is also going to also rotate and come to a stop. When the shoe you are
on stops above this sponge, that's your cue to jump straight up again. Move
to the right side of the shoe and now you are going to be waiting for the
opportunity to jump up to the ruler. When the ruler comes down to the shoe,
hop up to it and shimmy to the right. You want to be sure to line yourself
up with the green bar of soap in the background and when it comes to you and
stops, press "B" to drop down. Ride it to the piece of wood and then drop
down on that.

Run straight ahead and leap to the next bar of soap. Wait for a moment then
leap to the next bar of soap on your left. Drop down to the next one and wait
for the soap on the left to flip. As soon as it does, leap to it and then
leap to the next shelf. Turn left and dash to knock down the blue bag.
Next, you need to leap onto the block pile and then onto the purple shelf
to the left. You should see a helicopter floating there so press "X" to swing
from it and then swing from the next two to land on the fourth collectible
(Toys Card #6). Head back the way you came and now jump up to the next ledge
heading to the right. As soon as you land, you should see the fifth
collectible (Toys Card #4).

Next you want to keep heading to the right, up the blocks and then turn to
the back wall and jump up the wall slats. Follow the paint smear trail that
is on the wall and you'll see it turn to the left. That's where you are going
to. Leap over, shimmy left and leap to the crayons. Jump up the crayons and
quickly move right to the floating book and then straight across to an orange
book. A block pile will appear so dash thru it and grab the sixth collectible
(Toys Card #2). Get back to the floating book as fast as you can and ride it
up, then head to the left.

You'll get to an egg crate and a pink book will come down. Hop onto it and
ride it up into the hamster cage. There is a blue platform in there with you
so use that to double jump to reach the bottom of the tunnel leading up, then
wall jump to the top of the tunnel. Inside this cage is the seventh
collectible (Special Card #6). Drop back down and continue to the right thru
the tunnel. Hop onto the blue back and the walls of the house will break off.
Jump to the green book that rises and then get ready to head to the left
jumping from book to book until you reach the pink bag on the other side.

If you look to the left you will see the eighth collectible (Star Command #17)
on a green bar of soap. This completes the Star Command set so you've unlocked
the "Stunt Park Bowling" event for the Toy Box mode. Jump to the gray box to
avoid the picture frame, then to the milk carton, the gray pan and finally
leap to the card. Head back to the gray pan, then leap to the blue picture
frame. Jump to the pink cushion and then the red box. You'll now be heading
to the right by starting on the plate and then hoping along the books. Move
fast because another picture frame will come from behind you to push you off.
Jump to the piece of wood then hop along the dominoes and out the window.

You'll find yourself on a plate so just hop on the grind rail and head down.
Get ready to jump to the green rail on the right before you fall off and then
press "X" to duck thru the house. Jump across the plates and into the opening.
Drop down, grab the battery and walk it to the machine. This will power the
butterfly lift. Take it to the top and then follow the purple ledge to the
left for the ninth collectible (Toys Card #3). Head back to the lift and out
the door that is in front of it.

Ride the grind rail and jump to the first green rail on the right, then jump
to the green rail on the left. Duck thru the asteroid and ride the rail to
the end. You'll land inside another asteroid so head down and to the left.
Ground pound to break thru and you'll see the tenth collectible (Townsperson
- Blue dog). Achievement Unlocked! (Townspeople Hunter)

Find the grind rail, leap over the pinwheel, press "X" to duck thru the
asteroid, leap over another pinwheel and you'll be back to where you started.
Move straight ahead to the next grind rail and duck thru the asteroid. You'll
land on a breakable platform so find a safe spot and go to it. Hop across the
new platforms to reach the battery. Pick it up and hop on the rail, jump the
pinwheel and jump to the green rail on the right. Now hop back to the rainbow
rail on the left and just jump from it to the blue rail on the left to avoid
the worms the witch shoots at you. Place the battery in a machine and go back
up the lift.

Back out to the rainbow rail but this time you will be jumping to the yellow
rail on the right. Jump to the rail on the left and press "X" to duck through
the star. You'll land on a rainbow, so move the only way you can along the
coins and rainbows. You'll come to a heart and another rail. Jump on and leap
the two pinwheels to land on another heart. Hop across the peppermints, hearts
and buttons to the next battery. Grab it and jump on the rail. Jump the
pinwheel, jump thru the first star, duck thru the next star and jump the
pinwheel to a star. Move to the next rail and then jump to the yellow rail on
the right and you'll jump back to the rainbow rail on your left. Once again,
avoid the worms and ride back to the control center. Place the second battery
and go back up the lift.

You'll be on the rainbow rail a third time and this time you will be jumping
to the right on the purple rail. Then left to the next purple rail and then
to the right purple rail. You'll zigzag under a chair, jump two pinwheels and
come to a stop. Jump to the chair, the book and the edge of the drawer. Shimmy
left, jump the gap and drop down below to the next battery. Grab it and hop on
the rail, then onto the next, jumping pinwheels along the way. Jump to the
right purple rail, then the rainbow rail on the left. Again, avoid the worms
as you work your way down. Place the final battery and the door will open so
go ahead and jump on the next rail.

You are going to duck, jump, jump, duck, jump, jump, duck, jump left, jump
left, jump right, jump right, jump left, jump right, jump left, jump left,
avoid the worms and get back to the yellow rail. Jump the electricity along
the way and leap to the other rails as you wind thru the interior. You'll end
up back outside and the camera angle will change so you are heading toward the
screen. Now you need to jump from rail to rail avoiding more worms. After the
worms the camera will shift again and you will need to bounce back and forth
across the three rails as the break in front of you. At the big explosion you
want to end up on the outside rail and then for the end you need to be on the
inside rail.

Grab the big battery to the right and put it into the machine and all the
equipment will turn on. Jump over the green and red platforms to the center.
Head to the right, move across the walkway and up the ramp. Now cross the
rotating blocks and grab the battery. Carefully walk back with the battery.
You won't be able to run or jump so time the rotation blocks well. Once across,
place this battery in the machine ahead of you. This will activate more

Go back to the center and start to climb up the three platforms. Then you need
to wall jump at the glowing arrows to the reach the top. Move to the right
timing your jumps and you will then need to wall jump to the rotating
platforms above. Head left and leap from platform to platform, step on a
button and wall jump to the top. Ride the next rail, leap thru the 2
electrical fields when they come down and grab the final battery. Toss it
thru the electricity and make your way one at a time. Drop down, place the
battery in the machine, cross the ramp that extends and you are done.
Achievement Unlocked! (Rocket Launcher)

Level 6 - Prison Break / Hide and Sneak                               (x03f)

First if you are going for all the achievements then a story based one is
coming up. You need to make it all the way thru the level without being seen
by any spotlights that causes an alarm to go off. You can be slightly lit up
by the spotlights but overall you want to avoid them as much as possible. If
you set off an alarm don't worry about it as you can just replay the level
over and over until you have it mastered. Also if you do get caught the first
time, go ahead and finish so you can grab all the collectibles and get an
understanding of the level. The second time will be much quicker because you
can focus on just rescuing your friends and not going out of your way to
gather things.

You start the level with just Woody and need to rescue the other toys. Buzz
is now reprogrammed and he is also unavailable to control for this mission but
you can switch to him and get an idea where he's at so you can avoid him while
he patrols.

First head up the pink ramp and move to the "!" and press "X". The mysterious
voice will give you the tasks you need to complete for this mission and then
the side gate will open. Grab the red handle and slide the gate to the right.
Head down the steps and move along the wall around the red light to the red
switch and press it to shut off the light. With Jesse free, run into the run
she's inside and run past her to the window in the back of the room. Make a
right and you find the first collectible (Alien - Prisoner).

Move back to the red box and push it through the opening straight ahead along
the blue carpet until it stops. Jump up and hang on the top ledge for a second
so you can pan the camera around to make sure the coast is clear. Once
everything looks good run to the first table, take another quick look around,
then dash straight ahead to the small brown chair and up on top of the second
table for the second collectible (Toys Card #7).

Looking at Slinky Dog in the distance, pan the camera left to the third table
an you should be able to see the third collectible (Toys Card #9) underneath
it. After the cars go past, you have a brief window to leap out onto the
ground and then run in grab the card and get on top of the table fast to
avoid the cars circling the table.

To the right of this table is a wall that helicopter spotlights are moving
along. Underneath the table along that wall is where the fourth collectible.
(Toy Card #8) is waiting for you. Let the car pass and leap to the ground and
dash over to it. Quickly come out and move to the left. You'll see two
spotlights moving around on the ground. Wait for your opening and dash inside
of the area Ham is being held in. Go past the ramp leading to him and straight
back against the wall is the fifth collectible (Toys Card #11)

Now go up the pink ramp but DO NOT go to Ham yet. You need to turn off the red
light first so head to the right. You'll see a spotlight moving along a shelf.
Your job is to time the first jump to grab the shelf, pull yourself up and
then run across while the light moves around it. So as soon as the light comes
up and starts to move to the right chase after it and you should be fine.
Fall down on the other side and then jump back up to the second shelf. If you
just jump from one shelf to the next you may trigger the light above you so
just play it safe. Now you should have hopped up and be standing on the second
shelf. When the light is all the way down, quickly jump over it to the right,
grab the edge of the shelf and pull yourself up.

Head to the back of the wall and leap up to grab the red window sill above you,
then leap up to the second red sill. Shimmy to the right and jump the gap to
grab the sixth collectible (Toys Card #10). This card set is now complete and
the cow cannon is unlocked in "Toy Box" mode. Now, shimmy back to the left,
jumping the gap again and keep heading left. When the spotlight moves down
leap the next gap and you should see the switch below you. Shimmy to the left
towards it and press "B" to drop down to the shelf. Press the switch and the
jump down to save Ham.

With the spotlights off, head back to the right along the countertops, and
move back towards the second table top where we saw Slinky Dog. Use the yellow
chair to reach the top of the second table and you should see the spotlight
gate that we need to go inside of to save Slinky Dog. Jump down to the ground
and time your entry past the lights. Immediately to the left once your inside
is the seventh collectible (Toy Story 3 Card #2). Go to the box that has the
coin on top of it and then use the hook to reach the top shelf. Follow the
shelf to the left and you should see a butterfly that you can hook onto. DO
NOT hook onto this first one. Instead, double jump towards it and then press
"X" in mid air to hook onto the second butterfly. The reason I skip the first
butterfly is that the camera goes a little weird and it is sometimes hard to
get aligned for the second butterfly and you fall to the ground and thus have
to start the section over. While swinging you then need to hook onto the third
butterfly which will take you to a small shelf. Hop straight up the four red
wall slats and leap to the top of the door on your right. Shimmy across and
leap to the pile of blue book below.

You'll come to four alternating lights. Stop to watch the pattern for awhile
and when you have it figured out make your move. First when the lights go off
you're going want to stop under the third light (the green one). Then, when
the second light turns off, run under it. Now wait for the third and fourth
lights to turn off and run all the way to the right to reach the switch. Turn
it off, turn around and head back to the blue books and over the top of the
door. Drop back down the four wall slats and you are back on the small shelf.
Look down to see Slinky Dog and leap to him for the rescue. Move Woody to the
back corner of the countertop by the vent and leave him there. Switch to Jesse.

Jump to the red box and the hang out for a second to make sure the coast is
clear. You should see Rex's cage in the background so head to the first table.
Make your way between the spotlight gate and you will see three red darts
directly in front of you. Jump and press "X" to make your way up but stop on
the third dart. Pan your camera around and look up to see a spotlight moving
up and down the gap in front of you. Once it starts moving up, quickly get
into the opening and wall jump up the gap. You want to end up on the right
hand side on top. 

Head right, hop down and press the switch. Keep heading to the right, jump the
gap and you should see the eighth collectible (Toy Story 3 Card #1) on a shelf
in front of you. Turn around and jump back to the left but stop on this first
bookcase. Facing Rex, if you turn the camera to the left you'll see an overhead
light. Jump up to it for the ninth collectible (Andy's Memorabilia) and
continue across the light you are on to the other end. Now, double jump
across to the next light to grab the tenth collectible (Special Card #5).

Move back along the lights to the bookcase and now start heading back along
the shelf tops to Rex. When you come to the first light, wait for it to move
down then leap over it. Run to the wall and jump up to grab the ledge. Two
lights are moving in a circular pattern. What you need to do is leap over the
first light as it moves along the bottom toward you, shimmy to the left and
then leap the next light after it drops down. This is probably the trickiest
part so it may take some practice. Don't worry about it though because if you
do get caught you start right at the top shelf in this area. If you are going
for the "don't get seen" achievement and don't get it the first time, you may
want to switch around the order of saving people and come here first. The
reason I suggest that is if you can finish this without being seen the rest
of the level is easier.

Drop down to Rex and press "X" to complete the level. Achievement Unlocked!
(Making a break for it) If you also managed to not get caught in the
spotlights and set off the alarm then you'll get a second Achievement
Unlocked! (Sneaky Sneaky).

Level 7 - Junkyard / Trash Thrash                                     (x03g)

Once again, move your crayon and press "A". You start the level on a conveyor
belt that is forcing you to the left. You need to avoid the boxes that are
moving toward the crusher while keeping the three aliens safe. To do that
pick them up and keep throwing them to the right. I like to keep them all
up in the top right corner because it makes it easier to keep track of them.
After a minute or so, the side door opens up and you need to toss all three
of them inside. Then head to the front of the screen and just keep running
along this side double jumping over the boxes until the conveyor belts stops.

Now let the excitement begin. You need to complete this level quickly and
as a team. There is a lot of switching back and forth and we are going to be
grabbing collectibles while we go so get ready.

Immediately switch to Woody and run toward the screen and press "Y" to smash
through the vent. Head left climb the ledge and use your hook ability on the
handle to land on the top shelf across the gap for the first collectible
(Andy's Memorabilia) Achievement Unlocked! (Memories) This will also power
the wall blocking Buzz so quickly switch to him. Run to the right and bust
thru the fan. Drop down, turn left and drop down again. Push the block out
of the way and quickly get across the platform Woody lowered before it blocks
your path. If it is already up, switch back to Woody and swing on the handle
again to get it lowered. Now back as Buzz, pick up the box on the other side
of the lowered wall and wait for the wall to pop back up. Once it does toss
the box into the hole.

Switch to Jesse and head LEFT. At the end of the vent is the second
collectible (Toy Story 3 Card #11). Now head to the right and bust thru the
fan. Head toward the back and follow the pipes around to the yellow and black
striped edge. Jump toward the red valve using "X" to stick the landing, and
jump toward the screen again to land on some more pipes. Jump on the box that
Buzz threw down and leap to the higher ledge to the right to grab the third
collectible (Toy Story 3 Card #7). Now double jump under the platform that
we left Buzz on to the back of the screen. Again look for the yellow and black

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