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About The Game

Create your own soccer team in this in-depth management simulator from EA Canada.
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Total Club Manager 2005 Game Walkthrough


FIFA Total Club Mannager: 2005
Platform: PS2

Version 1.0

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Copyright 2006 Paul Cross (Crossyboyo)
Table of contents:
Version History
About the game
Decisions, Decisions

(A) Operation: Clean Up
1: I'd Have Got Away With It If It Weren't For Those Pesky Kids!
2: Dad's Army

(B) Take The Long Road And Walk It...
1: Club Facilities
2: Backroom Staff
3: Buying Players
4: Contracts
5: Youth Team
6: Training
7: Career
8: Maintaining Success

Contact info 
Legal stuff

Version History

Uploaded on 28/01/2006: Purchased the game, after about 2 weeks of playing 
I realised very quickly the mistakes I had made.  Realised again 2 seasons 
in the steps I could have taken to vastly improve my team.  Too late to start 
again,but am happy to help people learn from my mistakes.



My name is Paul Cross and this is the first FAQ I have written so be gentle!
Long time user of Gamefaqs, but there are so many people out there better at
this type of stuff than me.  23 years old (24/05/1982), living in 
Bournemouth, UK.  


About The Game

Total Club Manager, is , fairly obviously, a management game which allows you 
to take control of a club and mould it to your heart's content.  Hopefully, 
with successfull results...


Decisions, Decisions

If we stick for now with the English Game, you essentially have 2 options.

(A)  Take control of one of the elite teams (Arsenal, Chelsea etc.) & clean
up from day one

(B)  Take control of a Division 2 Club and work your way up

As I'm sure you appreciate, the approach to take with both of these is very 
different, especially when you feature in the +25,000,000 bonus the game
allows you at the beginning.


(A) Operation Clean:Up

Choosing this mode allows you to ignore the majority of the in-depth options 
in the game.  The backroom staff will be in place, the stadium will be a 
vision of modern architecture and your Youth Team an irrelevance.  You will
be focusing solely on bringing in the best players for that run at the 
Premiership / Champions' League Title.

If you are looking at sustained success (you can play up to 25 seasons) you
will need to have a blend of young talent and the more mature & elite 
players in your side.  If you can find players that can combine the 2, then 
even better.  Players are rated by the Potential Level (this is an indicator
of how good they are when happy and settled) and Rating (a 1-5 mark that 
shows how quickly they learn new skills).  A potential of 12.0 or above is
considered v.good and a star rating of at least 4 is essential.  

(1) I'd Have Got Away With It If It Weren't For Those Pesky Kids!

Here's some players to look out for:

GK: 100

Iker Cassilas.  The 2nd best keeper in the game, young with a 5-Star 
Rating.  This player will hold down your GK spot for the next 10 years...

V. Valdes: A top 10 goal-keeper, with a 4 star rating and only 5.5m.  Great

LB: Gael Clichy.  A useful left-back, who is extremely strong for a player of
his age.  The 4 Star Rating and reasonable cost are bonuses.

RB: Seitardis. Fantastic player for an incredible price.

Vanden Borne. 16 years of age, 4 star rating and all for under 1m?  Gotta be

CB: John Terry.  To be honest, no young talent leaps out at this position, but
you rarely go wrong with a player of Terry's stature.

Philip Senderos. Not great, but young and great value.
Gerald Pique. Low rating (3) a concern, but at only 17, worth a punt.

LM: Arjen Robben.  Not cheap at 12m, but young and supremely talented.

CM:  Diego. 19 years old, already skilled and at 19, can only get better. A
bargain at only 2.25m.

Xabi Alonso. 12m gets you a young player, with a great rating, not yet in
his prime (22).

AM: Kaka. 29m but you're getting what you pay for.
R. Van Der Vaart. Not quite Kaka, but much better value (5.5m)

ST: Wayne Rooney: Perfection

ST: C. Martins. 19 years old a great striker and at 10m reasonable value.

Other players to consider, but initially unavailable:

C. Ronaldo, Carlos Alberto, Nigel De Jong, Adriano, C. Burke.

(2) Dad's Army

Of course, if money is ABSOLUTELY no object and you are only concerned with 
fielding the absolute best team possible from Day One here you go:

POS NAME               AGE    POT. LVL  RATING  COST
GK: Gianluigi Buffon   26     15.0      5       22m
LB: John Arne Risse    23     12.2      3       6m
RB: Cafu               34     12.2      4       750K
CB: Rio Ferdinand      25     13.0      4       11m
CB: Sol Campbell       29     12.6      4       8m
LM: Ryan Giggs         30     14.6      5       14.6m
RM: G. Zambrotta       27     14.4      5       14m
CM: Kaka (AM)          22     13.8      5       29m
CM: Valeron (AM)       29     13.8      5       26m
ST: Djibrill Cisse     23     13.6      5       21m
ST: Christian Vieri    30     13.2      5       16m

CF: A. Del Piero       29     13.2      5       19m
CF: Raul               27     13.2      5       15m

There are better players around, however these are generally unavailable.
If you're feeling lucky, try the following:

ST: R.Van Nistelrooy   28     14.4      5
ST: Thierry Henry      26     14.4      5
ST: Roy Mackaay               14.2      5
ST: Andrei Shevchenko         13.6      5
ST: David Trezeguet           13.6      5
AM: Zinedine Zidane    32     14.2      5
DM: Patrick Viera             13.8      5
LM: Robert Pires              13.6      5


(B)  Take The Long Road And Walk It...

In this mode, you will have to change everything about the club you take over.
You'll start off playing 2 one man and his dog in a a stadium that was
purchased flat-packed from IKEA and a team that would get mistaken for Dad's 
Army.  So, what's to be done?  My first piece of advice?  Take the money.
25,000,000 sounds like a lot of money, but you'll be lucky if a penny of that
goes towards your team.  We need to rebuild the stadium and get the backroom
staff / facilities to Premiership standard before we can build a team to match.

You need to set yourself a plan of action before you go any further.  Are you 
going to wheel and deal in old pro's to ensure you get the best team possible
for the lowest cost?  Or are you going to go with youth?  My personal feeling
is that whilst the first plan will allow you to rocket up the table (and 
achieve the elusive Consecutive Promotions Award) you'll struggle to make 
money on these players and have to pay high wages.  The youth option will 
allow you to achieve long-term success with a settled team for v. cheap 
wages.  This guide is going to focus on the Youth Option.  Feel free to 
experiment with buying old (or as I like to think of it, Redknapping your 
team) By all means e-mail me your thoughts & I'll include those I feel are 

Here's what you need for the Youth Option

(1) Club Facilities

Having the best facilities allows you to build your club in whichever direction
you choose.  For a club that's going to develop players, only the best in 
training facilities will do.  Spending money on this now will allow you to buy
in the best staff and develop the players you have.  I would recommend buying
the following asap:

Club Centre Level 2: 1million  39 Weeks: Hire All Employees
Research Level 2:    800,000   39 Weeks: Learn New Skills 10% Faster
Training Grounds Level 2: 600K 13 Weeks: 10% Fitness Bonus for jogging/traning

(2) Backroom Staff

Hiring the right backroom staff can make a huge difference in this game.  The
more you need to upgrade your players/club, the more important they are.  The
better the staff, the better the club.  Areas to focus on:

Hire the Best Construction Manager going.  Make sure he can save you at least
15% on your Construction Costs.  Anything else is a bonus.  In the first year
alone you'll be spending 25 million on construction. There's 3.75 million
saved straight away.

Buy the best Scouts available and send them on Scouting Tours for the entire
pre-season.  If they don't come out with young players better than already in
your side, then reset.  You can easily pick up 1 million of talent for about 
100K outlay.  Even a Level 3 Scout should be finding 18 year old talent with
a Potential Level of 6.5 and a 4-5 Star Rating.  That's not bad for the level
you are at...

(3) Buying Players

To be honest, the players your Scouts are finding for you should be better 
than anything on the market.  My advice is leave the scouts to it until the 
week prior to your 1st match.  Look at you team & try to determine what gaps
you have.  Sign players to feel these gaps only unless something exceptional
is available.  It is difficult to tell you who to sign as the low-level 
players can sometimes be random.  My general advice is this.  Look for a 
Potential Level of at least 7.0 a Talent Rating of at least 3 
and no older than 22.  As far as defenders go, Zaukini has always done well.
Searching through on a new game, the following players caught my eye:

GK: J. Hart  17  3      7.8       300K
CD: Zaukini  18  3      7.6       400K
LM: Duncheon 18  3      7.2       450K
RM: Pezko    19  3      7.6       250K*
CM: Bolter   20  3      7.6       425K
CM: Penford  19  3      7.4       550K
DM: Wurtz    20  3      7.8       225K*
ST: Peters   16  2      7.6       275K
ST: S. Lee   18  3      7.6       650K
ST: Kim DH   20  3      8.0       500K*
ST: McLeod   19  3      7.6       750K


In all honesty, none of these players are any better than your scouts can find.
If in doubt, unless you speak the language, try to buy British as foreign 
players often lose morale as a result of not speaking English.  The 3 names at
the top of the list represent the best investment.

Beware.  There are some great players which will show as Not For Sale.  
Usually, they'll have a 4-5-Star Rating.  Leave these players be.  Great 
players you can't sign represent nothing but heartache and often end up 
filling up your shortlist for no purpose.  Occassional these great players 
will become available, but very rarely.  Have a search every 2months and snap 
them up if you're lucky enough to find them.

(4) Contracts

The wages of the players you want are generally going to be 5K per week.  22x
5K = 110K per week.  My tip?  Offer huge goal bonuses in return for no 
weekly wage.  30K goal bonus per player (clean sheet bonus for GK) means that
winning 3-0 every game will only cost you 120K.  If you can do this for a 5
year deal then players will cost you practically nothing.  Even better no 
worrying about the wages of your bench.  No play?  No pay. 

(5) Youth Team

The players your scouts are picking up are generally better than anything that
will come through your Youth Team.  But keep an eye on the 12-14 yr olds with 
a Potential Level of 5.0 plus (if you're lucky enough to have them!) Give 
these players tutors and mentors and hopefully they'll reward your patience.

(6) Training

A key part of the game.  Keep your players fit, their long & short passing
together and ensure they can carry out whatever tactics you feel are required.
Pre-Season is vital.  Your fitness must be at 100 by your first game.  If you
can manage 5 for short/long passing, counter-attacks, pressing and build-up 
play you're well on your way.  ALWAYS use Locker-Room once a week, if you've
got the chance squeeze in some individual training and remember Sunday is not
a rest day...

Don't neglect the individual training option (using the shoulder buttons)
ALWAYS "welcome" your new players for an instant morale boost.  If any players
fall-out try to patch things up using "learn to get along with one another".
If one of your foreign players really starts to suffer, "send them home".  Use
your remaining talks to ensure players "give everything in training".

LEVEL or SKILLS?  Personally, I prefer to amend my player's training 
preference wherever possible to improve their skills (pass/head etc).  Not 
only are these learnt quicker, they are also a more tangible benefit.  If you
target the skills that have the lower values, these will be learned quicker.
By clicking on Youth Team, the same processs can be carried out for your 
younger players.

(7) Career

By clicking on career, you can not only check out how great you are doing, but
you can also see what bonuses are available.  You normally have three 
objectives to complete, each of which gives you bonus management points.  If
they seem reachable, go for it.

(8) Maintaining Success

Hopefully, by now you have the facilities, backroom and playing staff to 
embark upon a successful managerial career.  Once you feel financially sound,
try to divert some money into improving your stadium.  After all, what's the 
point of building such a great team if no-one can see it?  Build each corner 
to it's maximum extension, 1 corner at a time.

Finally, don't push too hard!  It's a long road.  It's better to stay in the
division you are in until you can win it comfortably.  Don't bring in loan 
players to boost your quality if you're paying 25K per week, per player to 
do so.  And most of all, have fun.  Oh and the occasional Cup Run doesn't go


There is some people I would like to thanks for making my guide a good 
guide, helping me out on the guide and giving me good tips for the 
game, here they are in no particular order:

CjayC, for creating Gamefaqs and having a great website host my guide, 
thanks CjayC

EA Sports for creating a great management game.  Who'd have thunk it?

To RaChuChu for allowing me to use his Championship Manager 205 guide as a 
template, as well as being a great help generally.  Cheers fella!

Anybody who's emailed me, I read all my emails near daily and reply to 
them all, unless I can't understand them, the more people who email me 
the happier I become, thanks e-mailers

Myself, for writing the guide.  What can I say?


Contact info

If you need to contact me about this guide you can at  If you contribute anything to the guide full credit
shall be given to you.

Don't be shy to email me I don't bite, im a nice guy, although try not 
to email me in foreign languages that I don't understand, I only speak 
English, thanks.

Also you may occasionally see me wandering the message boards, my name 
is Crossyboyo.

Legal stuff

This FAQ cannot be used on any sites other than the ones listed:

If you would like to use this guide on your website you will have to 
ask me first.

Any site that posts this FAQ without permission will have the 
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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
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