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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

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About The Game

Massive Armies will clash. Forests and cities will burn. Tremendous magical forces will level entire castles in the blink of an eye. In these epic quests, four immortal monarchs are locked in a massive campaign to rule the magical land of Darien. Build your legions of armies, hone your magic skills and gather your resources to wage war on an epic field of battle.

Game Feautes:

  • Play as the monarch of one of four unique civilizations, each with its own combat strategies.
  • Command vast armies of skeletal archers, undead footsoldiers, magic-casting wizards and dragon riders.
  • Campaign through 3D environments that include lush forests, marshes, rolling hills swamps.
  • Lay siege to castles and cities filled with wandering monsters and magical life forms.
  • Play free on Cavedog Entertainment's Boneyards, a new online gaming community.

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Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Review

By Monica Bair |

High off their success from Total Annihilation, Cavedog wasted no time in getting back into the game with another real-time strategy game. Even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the original title, they named their new game, set in a fantasy world, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms to tell purchasers that they could expect the same level of excellence from this product as they enjoyed in the company's last release. Unfortunately this just isn't so. While there's no doubt that Kingdoms looks worlds better than Total Annihilation, the developers seem to have forgotten just how important things like unit design, game balance and level concept can be when putting together an RTS.

Kingdoms' storyline is actually pretty damn good. A powerful wizard/inventor, Garacaius, brings together the entire planet by flexing his magical and muscle and using his unequaled powers of leadership. Afterward he settles down to enjoy his efforts and fathers four children, all of whom are pretty remarkable in their own right (personally I'd have thrown back the one with bat ears, but I'm pretty weird about that kind of stuff). After many years, the Empress of the land died in a boating accident. Garacaius was never the same and eventually split rulership of the land, and possession of his magic items, up among his four children. To Elsin, the most normal looking of the lot (and an aspiring engineer of no mean talents) he gave Aramon, the fairest of the four lands and a pendant containing the magical Stone of Darien. To Thirsha, the dark haired huntress he gave the wild woods of Zhon and a bracelet containing Soul of Khandra. To his dark mage-son Lokken, Garacaius gave the volcanic and dangerous land of Taros along with a scepter forged around Angvir's Flame, a mystical stone. Finally, he turned over the island lands of Veruna to his youngest daughter Kirenna and entrusted her with the stone called Macha's Tear. After his land was split, Garacaius returned to his throne (which contained within it the last of the five great artifacts, the Eye of Modron) and hid away from his former responsibilities. Ten years later, he and the stone disappeared mysteriously from the castle.

Okay, there's a little mystery, but so what? You've got four lands and four kings all of whom are particularly well suited to govern their land. As a matter of fact, things do go pretty smoothly for the next 1,527 years. All of the kids are still running their prospective kingdoms, granted immortality by their artifacts and their kingdoms have grown to be even more prosperous since they have come under control of rulers who care only about the needs and demands of that specific region. Unfortunately (and perhaps predictably) it doesn't last. With their father out of the picture, some of the mage-kings (particularly Lokken) have decided that they are no longer satisfied with what land they have been given. As the game begins, the undead armies of Lokken are marching on Aramon. Now comes your part.

If you've played any RTS game, you have a pretty good idea of how Kingdoms works. Before each mission you are given a short cutscene, which looks like it crawled straight off a History channel documentary, that explains which army you will be in control of and what the current political situation is. Once the game gets rolling you collect mana (the game's only resource) from powerstones (which can only be placed on certain areas of the map), build units and then send them out against the enemy army. The entire game is portrayed as if you were hovering over the action from a fixed distance and the critters in the game are big enough to find quickly with your mouse when you need 'em. Furthermore, the entire game looks amazing, with impressively detailed 3D characters moving fluidly over an equally beautiful 2D map. So far, so good. Now let's take a look at why it doesn't work as well as it should.

The first problem I had with the game is its bizarre play structure. Instead of giving you the chance to play as each of the four kingdoms separately, taking your kingdom to victory through a connected series of battles, you play out the entire conflict from all sides at once. At the beginning of each battle, you are dropped in the role of either attacker or aggressor and given a task that pertains to what is happening on the political landscape at that particular time. While I applaud the attempt at something new, as a storytelling device it simply doesn't work. Since you never play as the same country from game to game, you cease to have a vested interest in what happens. While there's no doubt that the game's cutscenes make you want to finish a level and find out what happens next, after a few battles, you'll realize that you don't give a damn about the people that you're in control of. After all, they may be the enemy next time around... Why should I care when Thirsha finds herself in danger towards the end of a battle? She attacked my troops in the last mission. Worse still, since you're switching about so often, it's really hard to become an expert with any of the different sides and their units. After about four hours with this game, I was completely oblivious to who I was playing in a given mission and what their goals were. Each mission I would take a quick look at what units were available to me and where the mana sources were, then I started building without any emotional attachment whatsoever. Which brings me to my next set of problems.

In nearly every RTS that has hit shelves, making the best use out of the resources you have is one of the most important skills to master. In Command & Conquer, for example, if you waste all of your Tiberium on building useless units, you'll be screwed by the end game. The same can be said for Warcraft, Starcraft, and oddly enough, Total Annihilation. In Kingdoms, mana is unlimited. As long as you can get a powerstone on a source area, you can start generating the raw stuff that you need to make units. Once again, while I appreciate the design team trying something new, it just doesn't work in practice. With few exceptions, each mission consists of you building up a big defense and building as many units as you are allowed to (the game has a unit cap, which really bugs me... where's the suspension of disbelief here?) and then marching your huge army against the enemy fortress. This is really fun towards the beginning of the game (you get to see large troop masses right off the bat), but quickly becomes mighty dull after the fifth or sixth time you see it happen. Especially when you consider how similar a lot of your units are.

That's right, I said similar. Although it looks at first glance like Kingdoms has a ridiculous assortment of different units for each side, on closer examination you'll realize that many of them are merely variations on a theme. On the Veruna side, for instance, you have the Warrior and the Berserker. Both of them are hand-to-hand units that serve almost identical purposes. Since resources are unlimited, why on Earth would I ever want to bother building a Warrior (answer: I wouldn't). The same sort of thing can be said for Veruna's Crossbowman and Musketeer, Aramon's Swordsman and Barbarian, Zhon's Beast Handler, Beast Tamer and Beast Lord and Taros' Zombie and Executioner. Many of the so-called 'different units' are just stronger versions of the same unit that render their predecessor obsolete. It would be really cool to see an army constructed of five or six different units, but most of the time you'll see a large mass of foot soldiers, a large mass of archers and some flying creatures acting as support. Once again, after a few plays, this gets really dull and you have a feeling that you've seen it all before. Worse still, you'll find that most of the units don't seem to be play tested all that well, with defensive units holding a remarkable advantage over unbelievably weak offensive units that crumble after a couple of solid blows. Launching a successful attack becomes more about getting there before an enemy has created a defensive structure than finding weakness in that structure and overcoming them.

Which brings us to unit control. I had all sorts of pathing problems, but that's not the real issue here. The real problem is that hand-to-hand units, when told to move to a particular location, will not attack anything until they get to that location. This means that if you tell a group to move to certain area, you must watch them every step of the way. If you take your eyes off of them for a second and they run into enemy resistance, they'll be hacked to pieces by the enemy area as they shove through. You can almost see their little faces mouthing, "Excuse me please, I just need to get through here." The drudgery of watching every move my troops made often became overwhelming and I would catch myself powering down for the night long before my allotted playtime was up.

There's plenty of other smaller problems with Kingdoms (like the lukewarm soundtrack), but I think I've hit all the high points. And the fact is, Kingdoms isn't really all that bad. The real disappointment is that a startup company, who seemed to have such a good grasp on what makes real-time strategy games work well, would take such a good looking game and ruin it with amateur's mistakes. If you've gotten plenty bored with Starcraft and are looking for a new strategy title to gobble up your summer days, you'll probably find some distraction with Kingdoms. If your money's tight though, and you can only afford to buy the very best, you'll probably want to save up for the next big thing.

-- Trent C. Ward

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Cheats

Begin a game in skirmish or multiplayer mode. Press [Enter] to display the message box. Press [Plus] and enter one of the following codes and press [Enter]. Enter the code again to deactivate.

  • atm -- maximizes your mana
  • bigbrother -- CPU cycles through units
  • clock -- In -- game clock
  • f2menu -- Display menu
  • fogcolor [1-256] -- Alternate fog color
  • lightrange [1-20] -- Change render lighting
  • logo [1-9] -- Alternate race color
  • lotsablood -- More blood
  • makeposter -- Screen shot
  • nameunit [unit] -- Rename indicated unit
  • nowisee -- shows full map
  • quit -- Exit to Windows
  • rollingfog -- Toggle rolling fog effects*
  • selectunits -- Deselect selected units
  • vidmode -- Change screen resolution
  • wackyfog -- Toggle wavy fog effects*
  • wackywater -- Toggle wavy water effects*
  • cdstart -- Start/Stop Music
  • combustion -- Enemies Die
  • dither -- Dithering Instead of Line of Sight
  • doubleshot -- Weapons do Double Damage
  • halfshot -- Weapons do Half Damage
  • ilose -- Instant Loss
  • infrared -- Fog of War On/Off
  • iwin -- Instant Win
  • kill 0-4 -- Kill Player #
  • lushee -- Limited Resource Increase
  • meteor -- Random Meteor Shower
  • nanolathing -- Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled
  • noenergy -- No Energy
  • nometal -- No Metal
  • radar -- 100% Radar Coverage
  • shareradar -- Share Radar Info
  • shootall -- Units Target All Enemies
  • sing -- Units Sing when Given Orders
  • tilt -- Maximum Men and Material
  • view 0-4 -- View Player# Metal and Energy
  • zipper - Faster Unit Building

* -- Codes marked with * require a 3D accelerator card

Total Annihilation: Kingdoms Game Walkthrough

Written by: Mike McGuire
Copyright Cavedog Entertainment 1999
Version 0.25

I would just like to thank my friend, Chuck, for telling me about Total
Annihilation Kingdoms thus introducing me to its awesomeness. I would also like
to thank my bro, Rob, for finding and buying this game for me. With that said,
lets jump into the FAQ.

---------------------------------Table of Contents-----------------------------

I. Introduction
II. Version Updates
III. Basic TA: K Knowledge
IV. Unit Description
V. Basic Battle Strategies
VI. Walkthrough
VII. Credits
VIII. Legal Stuff

-------------------------------I. Introduction---------------------------------

Total Annihilation Kingdoms, TA: K for short, will introduce you to the land of
Darien, where 4 immortal monarch siblings clash for power. There is Elsin, the
ruler of the human kingdom of Aramon. Thirsha, ruler of Zhon, the jungle
continent. Lokken, king of barren land of Taros. And Kirrena, queen of the
seafaring Veruna. Each sibling has the power to conjure their own unique
armies, whether it be human, undead, or animal. Each army has its own strengths
and weaknesses that you must utilize and exploit in order to conquer your
enemies. You will lead your armies in massive battles.  You will decide who
rules the land of Darien and the people who live there. You will read and enjoy
this FAQ. (Just kidding, but really, you will)

---------------------------II. Version Updates---------------------------------

Version 0.25

-Basic TA: K Knowledge
-Unit Descriptions
-Battle Strategies
-Walkthrough Missions 1-12

--------------------------III. Basic TA: K Knowledge---------------------------

-The world of Darien is run by one main power source, mana. Mana is a magical
force that the monarchs and other building units can use to create soldiers and
other things.

-Mana is abundant in sacred stones. Sacred stones are always surrounded by some
Stonehenge type rocks and looks like a circular plate in the ground.

-Build lodestones on top of sacred stones in order to harvest mana from it.

-Some Sacred stones are bigger than others. Naturally, if you place a lodestone
on a big sacred stone, it will collect more mana than if it were placed on a
little sacred stone.

-Some units have their own "mana bar" that they use to do magical attacks and
other things of the sort. All the monarchs have mana bars. When you do a
magical attack, some of the mana is used. The stronger the attack, the more
mana is used, naturally.

-If you run out of mana, which you can see in the bottom right of the screen,
you will not be able to build anything. Technically you can start building
something, but it will build incredibly slow and will take you forever to
finish it.

-You want to build lodestones on as many sacred stones as possible so that you
can build many things at once. So explore the land around you and try to find
as many sacred stones as possible. Note: If you have it so you can see
unexplored terrain, you can see sacred stones. Use this to your advantage.

-When you build a lodestone on a sacred stone, you also increase the maximum
amount of mana you can hold. Some units do this too, such as the Aramon's

-Different units have a different range of vision. By range of vision I mean
how close an enemy unit has to be in order for it to appear on your mini map.

-In this guide I will be using the terms strength, defense, and speed. Strength
is how much a unit takes out per attack, defense is how many hits it takes to
kill a unit, and speed is, of course, how fast a unit moves.

-Only units like archers, magical units like monarchs, and other flying units
can attack flying units. Some defense units like the stronghold can hit flying
units, but they are typically not good at it.

-If a unit gets a certain number of kills, or destroys an enemy builder (such
as a Barracks, Cabal, etc) it will get promoted. When a unit gets promoted it
gets new armor, thus allowing it to take more hits, and it gets stronger. There
are three levels a unit can be promoted to. Black Badge, Silver Badge, and Gold
Badge. You can see if a unit has a badge by looking at their picture when
selected. Also, if a unit that uses magic gets a badge, the amount of magic
each move costs will be reduced.

-Always be active, whether you are attacking your enemy or building units,
never sit around doing nothing, for your opponent will take advantage of that
and make it so you have no chance in winning.

-Don't build all of one unit. No matter how powerful that unit is, there will
always be another unit that can take it down in a second. Always have an army
full of diverse units.

-Remember to build lots of defensive structures around your base. Defensive
structures (strongholds, death totems, etc) are the best at killing units, and
will help keep enemies out of your base.

-If you press the tab button, a large map pops up showing you the entire level.
This is good for seeing how large an oncoming enemy group is, if a unit on the
mini map is a defensive or building unit, etc. Note: Defensive units on the TAB
map look like little towers, stationary builder units look like crowns, and
soldier units look like little dots.

-All units such as Mage Builders, Dark Masons, etc can assist in building. But
what units they can assist building depends. The rule is if the builder unit
can build it, then he can assist in building it. I.E a Mage Builder can help
build a Stronghold, but can't help build a Gold Dragon. Monarchs can assist in
building anything.

-To move to a different part of the map quicker, just right click the area you
want to see on the mini map.

-If you have allies, help them out when they are in need. If you notice that
there is a large fight going on that your ally is losing, send some units to
help them out. Your allies help you out in the long run, as they are constantly
pumping out units and attacking an enemy.

-If you are building a long string of walls, hold down the shift key and drag
to form a line of walls. When you release the left mouse button, the unit
building the wall will build the exact amount of walls you created while
holding shift. Very helpful since it takes a long time if you build walls one
at a time.

-When an enemy appears on your mini map at the top right corner of the screen,
you can have your units attack that unit if you click one of your units, than
move the cursor on the enemy units. Two swords will appear, and click again to
send your selected units off to attack the enemy.

-Most units, when not getting attacked, while regain health over time. Remember
this because it will come in handy at many points in the game.

-I'm pretty sure you cannot get a badge with a monarch. I once killed like, 200
units with Elsin and he still didn't receive a badge.

-Press F1 to bring up a menu that allows you to save and do other stuff. Saving
will be crucial, as many missions will take numerous tries and some of them
will be too long to finish in one sitting.

-Always protect your monarch. They are very good fighters, but they won't be
able to take down a whole army of enemies. If your monarch dies, you lose.

That's about it. That is the basic knowledge you need to know in order to build
an army in TAK. Pretty simple, huh? But you probably won't win without some
good battle strategies, so I'll get more in-depth later on in the FAQ.

-----------------------------IV. Unit Descriptions----------------------------

One of the great things about TA:K is the vast and diverse units each race has.
Here you will learn general information about units, what they specialize in,
and how frequently you should use them. I will split this section into 4
groups, 1 for each race. I'll start with the Aramon.


Cost to build: None
Created by: None

The king of Aramon, he can build basic structures, and he is the only one who
can build gates. His meteor skill is especially deadly, so use it often. His
other attacks are lightning and the very effective earthen wave. He will regain
mana overtime, and can take a lot of hits. Elsin can also bring dead units back
to life. But remember, if he dies, you lose.

Cost to build: 280 mana
Created by: Elsin, Mage builders

As mentioned above, build lodestones on sacred stones in order to harvest mana.
This lodestone typically collects around 10-20 mana per second.

Cost to build: 75 mana
Created by: Elsin, Mage Builders

Your basic wall. It will keep your enemies out, and can take quite a bit of
damage before crumbling. You can make many of them very quickly.

Cost to build: 200 mana
Created by: Elsin

Lets units come in and out. You can manually open and close it, thus allowing
allies in while keeping enemies out. The gate can take some hits, but not as
much as a wall can.

Watch Tower
Cost to build: 2751 mana
Created by: Elsin, Mage Builders

Two archers sit upon a small tower shooting arrows at enemies in range. Very
useful at the beginning of a battle, but becomes obsolete once you become
eligible to build a Stronghold. Can take a fair amount of damage, but takes a
long time to build. Can hit flying units.

Cost to build: 1995 mana
Created by: Elsin, Mage Builders

The barracks is your Level 1 soldier builder. It can train Swordsman, Archers,
Horseman, Catapults, and Mage Builders. Like the watch tower, its units are
very effective at the beginning of the game, but become weak compared to units
you can build later.

Spy Hawk
Cost to build: 266 mana
Created by: Barracks

A Spy Hawk moves very fast and has a gigantic range of view, meaning it can
show units on the mini map from very far away. Great for finding additional
sacred stones to build lode stones onto.

Cost to build: 285 mana
Created by: Barracks

Your general soldier. Moves fairly quickly, and is of mediocre power. Can take
only a couple of hits before dieing.

Cost to build: 325 mana
Created by: Barracks

A very useful unit; can hit enemies from a fairly good distance. Can hit flying
units, thus making it a must have for any army. Usually dies with only one hit,
some time 2 if it is hit by another arrow.

Cost to build: 665 mana
Created by: Barracks

One of the fastest units for the Aramon. He carries a mace that can kill most
enemies fairly quickly. Like the Swordsman, he cannot hit flying units. The
horseman can take a few more hits than the swordsman can before dieing.

Cost to build: 751 mana
Created by: Barracks

The catapult launches medium sized rocks a good distance. It is okay at hitting
units, but its specialty is destroying buildings. Also good at destroying

Mage Builder
Cost to build: 443 mana
Created by: Barracks, Keep

The Level 1 builder for the Aramon. He can create walls, lodestones, War
Galleries, Watch Towers, Strongholds, Trebuchet, Barracks, and Keeps. The mage
builder attack is very weak; he throws little hammers at enemies. Can hit
flying enemies.

War Gallery
Cost to build: 2319 mana
Created by: Mage Builder

The only boat the Aramon can build. It has 3 guns on each side, and 1 in the
front. The War Gallery can also carry 10-20 units across the sea it is in. The
bigger the unit is, the less the War Gallery can carry. I.E a War Gallery
filled with archers will be able to carry more units than one filled with

Cost to build: 7528 mana
Created by: Mage Builder

A step up from the watch tower, the stronghold is a giant tower with a large
gun sticking out. A single soldier at the top swivels the gun around 360
degrees to fire at enemies. Sometimes the enemy gets away before the gun can
swivel around, but when the stronghold hits an enemy, it usually dies in 1-2
hits. The stronghold has a very large range. It can also hit flying units,
although they usually get away before the gun can get a shot off.

Cost to build: 11194 mana
Created by: Mage Builder

One of the Aramon's best units, the trebuchet is a gigantic, stationary
catapult. It has huge range of fire, and is meant to destroy buildings. The
trebuchet is must have for storming a large enemy base, and you will use it
often. The trebuchet can swivel 360 degrees like the stronghold.

Cost to build: 9204 mana
Created by: Mage Builder

The Level 2 soldier creator, the Keep takes a long time to build, but is well
worth the wait. It can train Barbarians, Mage Archers, Knights, Titans,
Cannoneers, Assassins, Mage Builders, and Acolytes.

Cost to build: 695 mana
Created by: Keep

The barbarian is considerably stronger than its counterpart, the swordsman, and
get take quite a few hits. The only problem is that barbarians are very slow,
and can lag behind your archers if you're not careful.

Mage Archer
Cost to build: 977 mana
Created by: Keep

A little bit stronger than the archer, and take maybe 1 more hit. The best
thing about the mage archer is its special abilities. The mage archer has 2
special arrows. The tracking arrow and the paralyze arrow. The tracking arrow,
of course, homes in one the designated enemy. The paralyze arrow freezes the
target for a little while.

Cost to build: 1142
Created by: Keep

My favorite Aramon soldier unit, this guy is a big step above from the
horseman. Although they are the same speed, the knight is more powerful and can
take more hits than the horseman can. The knight also looks just plain cool.

Cost to build: 1334 mana
Created by: Keep

The titan is a giant, double hammer bearing soldier that is the most powerful
of all the Aramon units. The only problem is he is deathly slow, thus I don't
use him very often.

Cost to build: 2009 mana
Created by: Keep

The cannoneer is the catapult's counterpart. It moves about the same speed as a
catapult, nut is much more powerful. If you don't have a trebuchet handy to
take out buildings, than the cannoneer is your next best choice.

Cost to build: 2509
Created by: Keep

These units are cool, but sometimes hard to use. They can cloak for long
periods of time, as long as their mana bar still has some juice in it. But if
they touch or attack an enemy soldier, the cloak wears off and they are open to
attack. Then good part is they kill almost all soldier units in one hit, the
bad part is they themselves only take 1 hit to get killed. Again, assassins are
very hard to use, and if you are not proficient at using them, don't waste your
time on them.

Cost to build: 5917 mana
Created by: Keep

The acolyte is the Aramon's high priest. He can build the very useful Divine
Lodestone, and the ever so cool Gold Dragon. The acolyte also has a few neat
attacks. He has earthquake (don't mix this up with Elsin's earthen wave), the
very useful Hail Shower which can wipe out many units at once, and finally
Turn-to-stone. This move, obviously, turns enemies to stone. I often find that
it screws up and doesn't work, so save your mana power up for hail storm.

Divine Lodestone
Cost to build: 8564 mana
Created by: Acolyte

The Level 2 version of the lodestone, the Divine Lodestone collects around 30-
40 mana per second. Once you get an Acolyte, it would be wise to destroy your
other regular lodestones and replace them with Divine Lodestones.

Gold Dragon
Cost to build: 43944 mana
Created by: Acolyte

Each race has its own dragon, and the Gold Dragon belongs to the Aramon. The
Gold Dragon has very cool attacks, such as Fire Breath, Fire Ball, and
Earthquake. Earthquake often takes a long time for the Gold Dragon to perform,
so only use it when there are large numbers of enemy soldiers in a small space.
The Gold Dragon can take a huge number of hits. The only problem is that it
takes a long time, and I mean a long time, to make the Gold Dragon. If you have
a single Acolyte making it, it will take around 20-30 minutes before the dragon
is complete. Thus you should have Elsin, and a number of other Acolytes helping
build it. Note: The Gold Dragon's Earthquake is not like the Acolytes
Earthquake. The Gold Dragon's Earthquake is more like Elsin's Earthen Wave.

Here is the Building Chart for the Aramon

                 Buildings    Barracks
                      Mage Builder    Units
                 Buildings      Keep
                          Acolyte    Units
                    Divine Lodestone
                    Gold Dragon


Cost to build: None
Created by: None

Thirsha is the monarch for the Zhon. She has an ability no other monarch has,
and that is she can fly. This can come in very handy. She can build sacred
fires, lodestones, death totems, and beast handlers. Her 3 magical moves are
Lightning, Lightning Ball, and Wind Wave.

Sacred Fire
Cost to build: 214 mana
Created by: Thirsha, Beast Handler

An interesting object, the sacred fire will slowly heal any nearby Zhon units
that are hurt. You can build a lot of these quickly.

Cost to build: 492
Created by: Thirsha, Beast Handler

Build the lodestone on a sacred stone in order to harvest mana. This lodestone
typically collects around 10-20 mana per second.

Death Totem
Cost to build: 5582 mana
Created by: Thirsha

This is undoubtedly the Zhon's best unit. The death totem kills enemies very
quickly and with precise accuracy. These are the Zhon's only defensive

Beast Handler
Cost to build: 1685 mana
Created by: Thirsha

The Level 1 builder for the Zhon, the Beast Handler creates basic Zhon units.
He can create Goblins, Sacred Fires, Bats, Hunters, Trolls, Lodestones, and
Beast Tamers.

Cost to build: 173 mana
Created by: Beast Handler

A very weak unit, the Goblin attacks with a tiny little axe. They are really
more of a scout unit than an attack unit, as they die in a couple of hits from
even the weakest enemies.

Cost to build: 292
Created by: Beast Handler

Zhon spy unit. Moves very fast, and has a large range of sight.

Cost to build: 311
Created by: Beast Handler

The hunter is the equivalent to an archer. He can hit air units, but is also
very effective against ground units. The hunter has good strength, good speed,
and good rate of fire.

Cost to build: 354
Created by: Beast Handler

Trolls are very powerful units and can still be useful even when your opponent
is pumping out Level 2 units. They can kill most level 1 units in a few hits,
they have good defense, and are deadly when there is a bunch of them.

Beast Tamer
Cost to build: 3540 mana
Created by: Beast Handler

The beats tamer is the Level 2 builder for the Zhon. He can create Krakens,
Griffons, Basilisks, Harpies, and Beast Lords.

Cost to build: 768 mana
Created by: Beast Tamer

The Zhon's only water unit, the Kraken is very quick and powerful. The kraken
can destroy most ships in 4-6 hits, but they can get killed by 2-4 hits. But
since the kraken is faster than the typical ship, he can swim in, hit the ship,
and runaway before the ship can turn and fire.

Cost to build: 859 mana
Created by: Beast Tamer

The Griffon is one of the Zhon's flying units. A rifer sits on top of the
griffon and fires arrow at enemies. The griffon is not to powerful, but it
rarely misses. Plus there is always a quick escape route since it can fly.

Cost to build: 1789 mana
Created by: Beast Tamer

The basilisk is a massive lizard than can turn enemies in to stone. This is
very fun to do, and is very effective. The basilisk usually doesn't miss, and
it only takes one shot to take down an enemy.

Cost to build: 2562 mana
Created by: Beast Tamer

The Harpy is another flying unit. But the harpy does not attack conventionally.
The harpy attacks by shooting a ball of energy at an enemy. If the ball
connects, the enemy immediately turns traitor, and joins your team.

Beast Lord
Cost to build: 5887 mana
Created by: Beast Tamer

The Beast Lord is the Zhon's Level 3 builder. He can build Rocs, Wisps, Jungle
Orcs, Stone Giants, Drakes, and Shamans. Not only can the Beast Lord build, but
he is not to shabby attacking and can take a fair number of hits.

Cost to build: 819 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

This is the Zhon's transportation unit, and it is the best in the game. The Roc
is a massive bird that can carry quite a few units. The best aspects of the Roc
are it can fly, and it is quick.

Cost to build: 1300 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

This little bugger is like the Kraken in that it is quick, it is somewhat
powerful, but can die after a few hits. It is a flying unit, so only archer can
kill it. I find that he sometimes spazs out when trying to attack, so watch for

Jungle Orc
Cost to build: 1397 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

These big brutes are one, if not the, strongest units the Zhon have. He can
kill enemies in 1-3 punches, and can take a beating. It is common sense though,
that the Jungle Orc is pretty slow.

Stone Golem
Cost to build: 2951 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

These guys are like catapults on steroids. They are very powerful, have great
range, awesome accuracy, and since they are made of rock, they can take tons of
hits. These are one of the Zhon's best units.

Cost to build: 3004 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

This is the best flying unit besides Thirsha and the dragons. The drake is
fast, powerful, and has mediocre defense. These guys will be very useful to you
while playing as the Zhon.

Cost to build: 6899 mana
Created by: Beast Lord

The Level 4 builder for the Zhon, the Shaman is like the acolyte. He doesn't
have any magical moves, but he builds Divine Lodestones and Ancient Dragons.
They also look pretty neat =).

Divine Lodestone
Cost to build: 6556 mana
Created by: Shaman

The Level 2 version of the lodestone, the Divine Lodestone collects around 30-
40 mana per second. Once you get a Shaman, it would be wise to destroy your
other regular lodestones and replace them with Divine Lodestones.

Ancient Dragon
Cost to build: 47144 mana
Created by: Shaman

The Zhon's dragon, the Ancient Dragon is huge. He is not too shabby with the
magic either. He has Fire Breath, Lighting Ball, and Shock Ring. Like the Gold
Dragon have multiple Shamans and Thirsha assisting in building him for it will
take too long if you have just one shaman.

Here is the building chart for the Zhon.

                 Buildings    Beast Handler
                          Units      Beast Tamer
   Beast Lord    Units
                               Shaman    Units
                            Divine Lodestone
                            Ancient Dragon


Cost to build: None
Created by: None

The Veruna's monarch, Kirenna can build Walls, Lodestones, Gates, Guard Towers,
Enclaves, and Sea Forts. She has 3 magical moves, Water Ball, Water Burst, and
Water Blast. She is the only monarch that can swim.

Cost to build: 89 mana
Created by: Kirenna, Priestess

Basic wall structure, remember to hold shift when building a wall to make a
long string of walls.

Cost to build: 304 mana
Created by: Kirenna, Priestess, Flagship

Place on sacred stones to collect mana. Collects around 10-20 mana per second.

Cost to build: 399 mana
Created by: Kirenna

Only Kirenna can build gates. You have to open and close them manually. A must
have to let troops out when you build a perimeter of walls.

Guard Tower
Cost to build: 2598 mana
Created by: Kirenna

Much like the Aramon's watch tower, the Guard tower is a short tower with 2
archers on top. Very accurate.

Cost to build: 2116 mana
Created by: Kirenna, Priestess, Flagship

The Veruna's Level 1 soldier builder, the enclave can train Parrots, Warriors,
Crossbowmen, Catapults, and Priestesses.

Cost to build: 251 mana
Created by: Enclave

The Veruna's spy unit. Just like the Aramon's Spy Hawk and the Zhon's bat.

Cost to build: 265 mana
Created by: Enclave

The warrior is your basic fighter. He isn't very powerful and dies pretty
quickly, but will help you out at the beginning of a battle.

Cost to build: 300 mana
Created by: Enclave

The crossbowman is an okay unit. He is the only soldier than can hit flying
targets early in the battle, but it takes him a long time to reload and fire

Cost to build: 667 mana
Created by: Enclave

A must have to destroy buildings; the catapult is exactly like the Aramon's
catapult. Don't use these guys for defense as they are not the best at hitting

Cost to build: 505 mana
Created by: Enclave

The Builder unit for the Veruna, the Priestess can build walls, lodestones,
guard towers, mortar, bastion, enclave, sea fort, and citadel.

Cost to build: 5546 mana
Created by: Priestess

The mortar is a long range attack unit. It does not have as great a range of
fire as the Aramon's trebuchet, and it takes an ungodly amount of time to
reload and fire again. Still, it is good for taking out buildings.

Cost to build: 7255 mana
Created by: Priestess

The bastion is the Veruna's equivalent of the Aramon's stronghold. It can
revolve 360 degrees, and can pack a punch. This will be your main defensive

Cost to build: 8192 mana
Created by: Priestess

The Citadel is the Veruna's level 2 soldier builder. It can train Berserkers,
Musketeers, Crusaders, Amazon Knights, Dirigible, Priestess, and Priest of

Cost to build: 682 mana
Created by: Citadel

The berserker is my favorite Verunan unit. He is very fast, and wields dual
axes or swords. They have good strength, but die quickly. Very good for little
battles with enemy units, not so good when defensive structures come in to

Cost to build: 745 mana
Created by: Citadel

The musketeer is the Level 2 unit that can hit flying units. They have good
strength, but like the mortar and crossbowman take a long time to reload and
fire again.

Cost to build: 1069 mana
Created by: Citadel

The crusader is a very good unit. They have good speed, good defense, and good
strength. If you want a strong, solid army, these guys will be your main units.

Amazon Knight
Cost to build: 1136 mana
Created by: Citadel

The Amazon Knight is a good choice if you want to kill some flying units. They
ride horses, so they are very fast, and they have a strong attack. They attack
by throwing spears at their enemies.

Cost to build: 1611 mana
Created by: Citadel

The dirigible is a neat unit. It is a big, slow blimp. But what makes it neat
is that it can attack buildings by dropping rocks on top of them, and can
attack units by shooting arrows at them.

Priest of Lihr
Cost to build: 5292 mana
Created by: Citadel

The Priest of Lihr can build 3 different things. The Pillar of Light, Divine
Lodestone, and the Sea Dragon. The Priest of Lihr can also walk on top of
water, and has a fairly good attack.

Sea Fort
Cost to build: 2340 mana
Created by: Kirenna, Priestess, Flagship

The Sea Fort builds the awesome Verunan ships. It can create Skiffs, Harpoon
Ships, Transport Ships, Man of Wars, Trebuchet Ships, and Flagships.

Cost to build: 384 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The skiff is a scouting unit. It is quick, has bad defense, and a weak attack.
Can carry around 3-4 units

Harpoon Ship
Cost to build: 1711 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The Harpoon ship fires, what else, but harpoons. It is good at hitting all
units, whether they fly, walk, or swim. Use these to protect your ships from
flying units. Can carry around 10-14 units

Transport Ship
Cost to build: 2333 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The transport ship can carry around 25-30 units. It can take a fair amount of
hits and can also attack enemies.

Man of War
Cost to build: 2656 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The Man of War has a crap load of guns on it, and can take down ships within a
few seconds. Also good at destroying enemy units and buildings near the
shoreline. Can carry around 18-20 units.

Trebuchet Ship
Cost to build: 5843 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The Trebuchet ship is a ship with a trebuchet on it. Who'd a guessed it? It
does not have as long a range as the Aramon's ground trebuchet, but is still

Cost to build: 1237 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

The flagship can build a few things such as lodestones, floating towers,
enclaves, and sea forts.

Floating Tower
Cost to build: 3608 mana
Created by: Sea Fort

A floating tower is a very useful defensive unit. It is a small tower with a
large harpoon launcher on top of it. Good at killing ships and flying units.

Pillar of Light
Cost to build: 3008 mana
Created by: Priest of Lihr

The Pillar of Light is a stronger version of the Zhon's sacred fire. If any
Verunan units stand near the pillar of light they will slowly get healed.

Divine Lodestone
Cost to build: 7655 mana
Created by: Priest of Lihr

The Level 2 version of the lodestone, the Divine Lodestone collects around 30-
40 mana per second. Once you get a Priest if Lihr, it would be wise to destroy
your other regular lodestones and replace them with Divine Lodestones.

Sea Dragon
Cost to build: 49287 mana
Created by: Priest of Lihr

Veruna's dragon is very cool. His repertoire of moves is Fire Breath, Water
Ball, and Tsunami. Like the other dragons, have multiple people assist in
building him to speed things up.

Here is the Veruna's building chart

               Enclave           Sea Fort
                /                 /     
               /                 /       
        Priestess    Units      Ships    Flagship
 Buildings      Citadel                     Buildings
            Units      Priest of Lihr
                            Sea Dragon
                            Divine Lodestone
                            Pillar of Light


Cost to build: None
Created by: None

The Taros' monarch, Lokken has great magical attributes. He gets mana back very
fast and has very good fire attacks. His attacks are Fire Ball, Guided Fire
Ball, and Fire Wave. Lokken can create many units at the very beginning of the
game. He can build walls, lodestones, gates, caged demons, cabals, abysses, and

Cost to build: 109 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

Basic wall structure. The Taros' wall is the strongest of the 3 races that have
walls. Use them for good protection.

Cost to build: 299 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

One of the cooler looking Lodestones, it collects around 10-20 mana per second
like all the others.

Cost to build: 421 mana
Created by: Lokken

Gate unit. You have to open and close it manually.

Caged Demon
Cost to build: 2695 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

The caged demon is the basic defense unit. It shoots fire a good range that
takes out medium damage. Be warned, the caged demon can be killed pretty easy,
so don't rely solely on these guys.

Cost to build: 1688 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

This unit builder is the most inexpensive, thus it builds the simplest Taros
units. The Cabal trains zombies, gargoyles, executioners, black knights, ghost
ships, and dark masons.

Cost to build: 156 mana
Created by: Cabal

The zombie has a weak attack, bad defense, and bad speed. An army of these
won't be very effective, so don't use them too much. They to build about 1 per
6 seconds so it wouldn't be o hard to build an entire army out of them.

Cost to build: 185 mana
Created by: Cabal

The Gargoyle is the Taros' spying unit. Like all the others, moves fast, has
good range.

Cost to build: 296 mana
Created by: Cabal

These guys, despite being very inexpensive, are very well rounded units. They
have good defense and strength. Not to shabby for a Level 1 unit.

Black Knight
Cost to build: 722 mana
Created by: Cabal

The black knight is a mounted archer. It can take a fair amount of hits and has
an okay attack. Since they are on a horse they move pretty fast too.

Ghost Ship
Cost to build: 804 mana
Created by: Cabal

The Ghost ship is one of the Taros' water crossing ground units. It shoots blue
balls of fire at enemies, which is of medium strength. Only archers can hit
them, so that is a bonus too.

Dark Mason
Cost to build: 615 mana
Created by: Cabal, Abyss, Temple

The Dark Mason is the Taros' only building unit besides Lokken. The Dark Mason
cannot attack, but can build walls, lodestones, caged demons, mage towers,
cabals, abysses, and temples.

Cost to build: 5687 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

The Abyss builds Level 2 Taros units. The Abyss can build skeleton archers,
iron beaks, fire demons, weather witches, and dark masons.

Skeleton Archer
Cost to build: 677 mana
Created by: Abyss

The skeleton archer is another arrow shooting unit. It has worse defense and
speed than the Black Knight, but has better strength. Builds very quickly.

Iron Beak
Cost to build: 1863 mana
Created by: Abyss

The Iron Beak is a flying unit. It has a pretty powerful attack, it drops big
stones. This is good for both units and buildings. It also has pretty good

Fire Demon
Cost to build: 1189 mana
Created by: Abyss

The Fire Demon is a great unit. It is like a catapult, but can shoot farther,
more rapidly, has better speed, and better defense. You should use this unit

Weather Witch
Cost to build: 1403 mana
Created by: Abyss

You love to have the Weather Witch on your side. They can wipe out whole armies
with one single magic move, the Ice Storm. The also have Tornado and Lightning
for their other two moves, but Ice Storm is the best by far.

Mage Tower
Cost to build: 7951 mana
Created by: Dark Mason

The mage tower is the most powerful Taros defensive unit. Much stronger and
more resilient than the caged demon, you should have these be the grunt of your

Cost to build: 8251 mana
Created by: Lokken, Dark Mason

The temple creates the most powerful Tarosian units. They can create lich, fire
spouts, blade demons, fire mages, mind mages, sky knights, dark masons, and
dark priests.

Cost to build: 744 mana
Created by: Temple

The lich is a unique unit. It has an attack that shoots out a wave of fire that
can hit any unit that is near him. Another nice feature to the Lich is that it
can cross water.

Fire Spout
Cost to build: 944 mana
Created by: Temple

The fire spout is a big bug that shoots out fire, sounds somewhat generic, but
the fire spout has the very useful ability to cloak itself. Good for sneak

Blade Demon
Cost to build: 1644 mana
Created by: Temple

Blade Demons are awesome. They are fast, very strong, and can take a ton of
hits. These guys should probably be the majority of your army. They look pretty
neat too :)

Fire Mage
Cost to build: 2308 mana
Created by: Temple

The Fire Mage is a lot like the weather witch. He has three attacks, Death
Breath, Fire Swirl, and Fire Storm. Why is the fire mage like the weather
witch? Because Fire Storm can wipe out an entire army, much like Ice Storm can.

Mind Mage
Cost to build: 2947 mana
Created by: Temple

The mind mage is the Taros' unit that can convert enemy units. Much like the
Zhon's harpy, the mind mage can make either a single soldier switch sides, or a
big group by using his Area Mind Control. Can be very useful, but can sometimes
get killed before he can get his attack off.

Sky Knight
Cost to build: 3221 mana
Created by: Temple

The sky knight is one of my favorite units in the whole game. He is very
strong, pretty fast, and only archers and other units of the sort can hit him.
Extremely good when it gets a gold badge.

Dark Priest
Cost to build: 6552 mana
Created by: Temple

The Dark Priest can build only two things, divine lodestones and the black
dragon, so its equivalent is the Acolyte, Priest of Lihr, and the Zhon's
Shaman. He has three magical attacks, Lightning, Ball Lightning, and Fire Bomb.

Divine Lodestone
Cost to build: 7399 mana
Created by: Dark Priest

The Divine Lodestone is like all the other Divine Lodestones, it collects about
30-40 mana per second.

Black Dragon
Cost to build: 44587 mana
Created by: Dark Priest

My favorite dragon, the black dragon looks really neat, is by far the fastest
unit in the game, and has great magical moves. His moves are Fire Breath, Fire
Ball, and Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire is especially good, as it has can hit tons
of units at once. Like all the other dragons, have other Dark Priests and
Lokken help build it to speed things up.

Here is the Taros' Building Chart

                    /         Temple
                   /            /   
              Cabal           Units  
             /                      Dark Masons
    Dark Mason     Units    Abyss              
          /                 /                Dark Priest
      Dark Priest       Units    Dark Masons
                                 Dark Priest

---------------------------V. Basic Battle Strategies-------------------------

This is where you can find out the basic strategies necessary for you to be
successful at TA:K. Like Unit Descriptions, I will be dividing I will be
dividing the basic battle strategies into 4 different parts, 1 for each
monarch. Let's start with the Aramon.


-The Aramon in my opinion is the most well rounded race. Elsin is the most
powerful of all the monarchs, so put him to good use. His meteor skill is
awesome. If you are having trouble with enemies attacking you, put him at the
front lines and he will take care of things.

-Elsin can also bring dead enemies back to life. You can bring your own dead
soldiers back to life, or you can revive an enemy's soldiers too. When you
revive the enemy soldier, he will be on your side. By doing this you can get
all the units your opponents have. This is extremely useful.

-At the beginning of each battle, have Elsin create a barracks. Then have the
barracks build a spy hawk. Use the spy hawk to scope out any nearby lodestones,
and where your enemies and allies are.

-Horsemen are very good units, but they move too fast for your archers to keep
up with them so you should have a group of 3-5 horsemen that attack any ground
enemy they find. Once you see an enemy that the horsemen can't attack, have
them retreat to your base.

-Always build some defensive units or leave some units behind to protect your
lodestones. Don't just leave them all alone, for eventually an enemy will come
by and destroy it.

-Strongholds are very good defensive units. Build these were enemies come most
often, and they will single-handedly stop any enemy from getting through. They
are deadly in groups of about 3.

-If you build walls all around your base, make sure you have multiple gates so
when you want units to leave they won't get cramped up.

-At the very beginning of battles, 3-4 swordsmen and 5-6 archers is a deadly
party. Have this group scour the countryside killing any enemy they find. Once
you get better units they can become obsolete, but again, this group is
invaluable at the beginning.

-Make sure to have catapults/cannoneers in your army if you are planning to
storm a base. Catapults have along range of attack and can kill defensive units
easily. Once the catapults destroy enemy defense units, and then have your
soldiers storm the base.

-If there is any water in the level, have a mage builder build a couple of war
galleries in the body of water. With just a few ships you can control the body
of water. You can also use them to carry large numbers of units across the

-Trebuchet's are one of the Aramon's best units. Use them to destroy enemy
soldiers, defensive units, and building units. With their long range of attack
a few trebuchets can wipe out an entire enemy base.

-Knights, as I mentioned, are my favorite units of the Aramon. They are fast,
strong, and you should use them like I told you to use horsemen previously.
Accept this time; you should move a group of mage archers into the general area
that your knights will be attacking. If a unit appears that the knights can't
hit, have them retreat to the group of archers. The enemy unit will usually
follow, thus allowing your archers to kill it.

-Assassins are very useful to take out enemy soldiers. Have him stand in an
area that enemy units typically pass through. Cloak him, and then when some
units walk by, uncloak and kill one of them and retreat. Cloak again, and
repeat. A single assassin can wipe out large groups of soldiers. Just make sure
you uncloak him before he attacks, because if you don't he will automatically
become uncloaked when he attacks, and you won't be able to cloak him again for
a little while.

-If you start to get hit by an enemy long range unit, such as a fire demon,
look for an enemy unit on your mini map that is standing still, then use a
trebuchet to kill him.

-If things get heated at a battlefront and you soldiers are probably all going
to die, send Elsin in and have him use Earthen Wave. This will wipe out almost
all of the enemy units if used properly, and will allow you to rebuild your
defenses again.

-The acolyte has a very useful move called hailstorm. This too can wipe out a
large number of units at once.

-Try to build a keep soon after you build a barracks. The keep has much better
units, and if built early enough will give you the upper hand on your enemy.

-If you have a group of strongholds that are key to your defense, make sure to
build a Watch Tower nearby so that if a flying unit comes by, the strongholds
will have some back up. The Watch Tower has much better accuracy than the
stronghold when it comes to hitting air units.

-Try to build a Gold Dragon as early as possible. This, like the keep, will
give you a huge advantage over your opponents. Most computer opponents take
about 30-60 minutes before they have a dragon.

-The Gold Dragon has a huge range of view. A great strategy is to build a
trebuchet and have the Gold Dragon rest near the trebuchet. Use your TAB button
map to see which units are unit builders and which units are defensive units.
The select your trebuchet and destroy all of the defensive units and builder
units. This will severely cripple your enemy's defense and soldier production.

-You of course don't want your Gold Dragon to ever die, so when it gets weak,
fly it back to a nearby acolyte. This will greatly speed up the dragon's
recovery rate, but drains a significant amount of mana.


-The great thing about the Zhon is you can have access to all of their units in
a short amount of time. Have Thirsha build beast handlers, and when the first
one is done have him start a beast tamer. Same thing goes for building a beast

-For Thirsha's magical moves, do not waste mana on the Level 2 move, Lightning
Ball. It is not very good and you want to conserve your mana for Wind Wave.

-At your base build plenty of sacred fires so if your units get injured they
can return to base and get healed very quickly.

-The Death Totem is the ultimate defensive structure. If you have these
surrounding your entire base, it will be nearly impenetrable. Also have Death
Totems built in areas where lots of enemies go by. A few of these babies can
permanently stop enemies coming along that path.

-The Zhon are not mean to be stationary. If there is no hope of saving your
main base, fly Thirsha away and start a new one.

-Another good strategy, although it is not always applicable, is to have
multiple large Zhon bases. If you have, lets say, three bases, it will allow
you to build many units, spread your enemies line since there is not just one
base to attack, and it will have them guessing as to which base Thirsha is
located at.

-The Zhon Level 1 units, trolls, hunters, etc are very effective. Just because
you get better units does not mean you should stop making them.

-The Zhon units are meant for mass swarming. Almost all the Zhon units can be
built quickly, thus making the best strategy to make a huge army, and then
destroy your opponent in one swoop. Small groups aren't as effective as it is
for the other races.

-Harpies can be used to injure an entire group of soldiers. Have 2-4 harpies
fly in and have each convert an enemy unit to your side. Then have the harpies
fly away, leaving your newly converted soldiers attacking the enemies. This
will usually not kill the entire group of enemies, but it will weaken them so
your other soldiers or Death Totems can take the rest out easily.

-The Stone Golem is one of the more effective mobile catapults. It can deal
massive damage, while being able to take massive damage. Use Stone Golems to
destroy enemy bases and protect your own.

-Use basilisks often, especially in base protection. They can kill units in one
hit, making them invaluable.

-An effective group of soldiers are jungle orcs with griffons. The jungle orcs
will be able to wipe out any ground unit while the Griffons take out flying
units and ground units. Very effective.

-Try to build an Ancient Dragon as quickly as possible. This will pretty much
ensure your bases defense, while giving your stone golems the range of view
needed to get the preemptive on enemy soldiers.

-You really shouldn't waste your time building krakens. They won't stand much
of a chance against many boats, so it is not really worth it.

-Drakes are a great unit. 15-20 of these guys can literally take out an entire
base, especially if you have a large group of them and they have a badge. Just
kill any archer/defensive unit that can hit them and they will be unstoppable.
If you think they are going to die, have them retreat and build up for another
attack. If you want to have some stone golems assist the Drakes in taking out
defensive units, feel free to place them outside of the enemy's base. They
usually won't attack the stone golems because they will be too occupied with
the drakes.

-Use Rocs to transport a large amount of units. A good strategy is to have an
army attack the front of an enemy's base, while the Roc swoops around to the
back of the base and drops the units it is carrying. Then have the units attack
the back of the base. You will then have the enemy defending two fronts.


-Kirenna is the weakest attack wise of the 4 monarchs. Don't rely on her for
too much back-up. She can undoubtedly hold some enemy units off, but she won't
be able to hold off many units.

-The Veruna's usefulness depends on the level. If there is a ton of water, the
Veruna will be a great race to play as or have as an ally. If there is little
or no water, there usefulness will be reduced significantly. The Veruna can
still be effective on land if you use the right strategies.

-If you want to win as the Veruna, you need to set up defenses fast. Build an
enclave, and then build some priestesses. Have the priestesses build Bastions
and Guard Towers to set up a perimeter around your base. Build some mortars a
little behind the Bastions and the Watch Towers. This should set up your basic
defense, and should hold up against large amounts of enemies.

-Bastions are just as good as strongholds are. Build them along enemy routes to
slow them down. Like setting up a perimeter, build some mortars behind the
bastions to assist in attacking units.

-Warriors and crossbowman together is a pretty good tandem, just like the
Aramon's swordsman and archer duo. Use this group to hunt down enemies at the
beginning of the game.

-Like the Aramon, build a parrot and find nearby lodestones and where your
enemies are located. Have Kirenna go build the lodestones and have her build
some guard towers around it to secure them.

-Once you build a citadel, start creating some berserkers. Use these guys to do
fast, short attacks on the enemy's base. Have about 10-20 of them charge into
the base, destroy some units, and sprint back out. Get them recovered and

-Use Amazon Soldiers as your primary flying unit's killer. They attack quicker
and much more efficiently than a musketeer can. The Amazon soldiers can also
effectively kill ground units, the musketeer can't. Make sue to have these guys
in every army to protect them from flying enemies.

-Dirigibles can also be used effectively, the build quickly, so create 10-15 of
them and have them raid an enemies base. Destroying defensive structures should
be their primary target. Keep them in their until they are all wiped out, and
then send in your army to clean up what's left.

-If there is lots of water, build plenty of sea forts and start pumping out
boats. Build harpoon ships, Man of Wars, and Trebuchet ships. Have the
trebuchet ships pummel any enemy units they can reach, while the Man of War
protects the trebuchet ships from other boats and the harpoon unit protects
them from flying units.

-Another effective strategy is to create a large fleet of ships and load them
up with soldiers. Make sure you include a few priestesses in your fleet, and
remember what ship they are in. Then sail over to wherever your enemy's base is
and unload your units. The ships and units will protect the priestesses while
they build enclaves, citadels, and bastions. Once you've done this you can
constantly pump out units and have them attack the nearby enemy base.
Eventually you will wear them down and defeat them.

-With the Veruna you can also use the strategy the Aramon have of building
trebuchets and a gold dragon, and then use the dragon's large site range to
allow the trebuchet to attack. You can do this to with the Sea Dragon and
mortar. It is not as effective as the Aramon's strategy, but can still be

-Like the Zhon, if you want to storm an enemy's base and kill them in one swoop
you will need a ton of units, as the Veruna's ground units are typically on the
weak side.


-Lokken has some of the best magical moves and units in the game. Lokken can
also build every stationary unit builder the Taros has at the beginning, thus
you can create Level 2 and 3 units very early. Have Lokken build a Cabal, then
an Abyss. While he is building the Abyss have the cabal start pumping out units
and Dark Masons. Once the Abyss, repeat the same process with the Temple.

-The only reason you need Dark Masons is so they can build Mage Towers. Have
them build Mage Towers wherever you deem necessary. They can hold off most
enemies. If you want to build caged demons, go ahead, but I typically don't
since the mage towers are stronger.

-Make lots of executioners. They are much stronger than your any opponent's
level 1 soldier, and can hold them off very well.

-Don't waste your time building skeleton archers. Black Knights are faster,
have better defense, and seem to be stronger. Although skeleton archers build
extremely fast, they die in usually 1 hit so it is not worth it.

-Use Iron Beaks to kill enemy group. Have a few of them fly in and kill any
archers, and then they will be free to pick off the rest of the soldiers. Iron
Beaks can slow be used to kill defensive units that are alone and not near nay
other defensive units.

-Fire Demons will be your best friend. They are the equivalent of the Zhon's
stone giants. What you should do is always have a few Fire Demons in any army.
They can kill enemy soldiers before your army even sees them. You can also use
a large group of fire demons to attack an enemy's base. This is effective sine
the enemy will be forced to send soldiers to go kill the fire demons, since
they can attack from a great distance.

-Weather Witches will be your other best friend. The best way to use them is to
somewhat kamikaze them. Send them into the enemy's base and then have them do
ice storm. The weather witch will probably be killed soon after, but ice storm
will have wiped out a ton of units.

-Ghost Ships can also be useful. Again, like the Iron beaks, have them attack a
group of enemy soldiers, kill the archers off, than kill the rest of the

-If you are going to use Lichs, do not put them in your main army, as their
wave attack will hurt your soldiers too. They work best on solo suicide
missions, hurting any unit that comes in their path. Remember, they can cross
water, so you can use them for sneak attacks.

-You will be using Sky Knights a lot. Like the ghost ship and the iron beak,
just kill the archers of an enemy's group then kill the rest of the soldiers.
Once you get a group of 10-20 sky knights WITH gold badges (it typically takes
about 20 kills to get a gold badge) have them attack an enemy base. They can do
a significant amount of damage. If you use them right, you may even be able to
take out the entire base.

-Use Fire Mages like you use weather witches. Send them on a suicide mission to
destroy a chunk of an enemy base. Send them into the base and perform the spell
Fire Storm. This should do just as much damage as ice storm can. You can also
use this spell to wipe out large groups of units.

-A great strategy is to build a mind mage and a bunch of zombies. Have the
zombies walk in front of the mind mage and stroll around until you find a large
group of enemies. The zombies will take the hits while the Mind Mage performs
area mind control. If you place the spell right, you may be able to convert
more than half of the group of soldiers.

-Fire Spouts can be used for sneak attacks too. Like the Zhon's Roc sneak
attack strategy, have some units attack the front of an enemy base. Then cloak
a group of fire spouts and come around from the back and attack. Thus causing
the enemy to once again fight on two sides.

-Use the Black Dragon to kill many enemy units. Don't worry about sending him
into the heart of a base. He flies so fast that he can get out of the base and
into safety in just a few seconds. A good strategy is to fly in, do Ring of
Fire, and fly back out.

-Use Dark Priests to find and destroy enemy lodestones. Enemies often don't
guard lodestones, thus making it easy to send the fast Dark Priest over, have
him destroy the lodestone, and then move on to the next lodestone. Once you
destroy a lodestone, you could also use the dark priest to build a divine
lodestone on the newly open sacred stone. Your opponent often eventually finds
the Lodestone and destroys it, but it will contribute mana for quite a while.

--------------------------------VI. Walkthrough--------------------------------

Here I will give you tips on how to beat every mission in TA: K. Each mission
has a little cut scene describing the missions. I will not say these for there
are some spoilers in them and they can be long sometimes. Anyways, let's jump
into the walkthrough.

Chapter 1- All Hell Broke Loose
Difficulty- Very Easy
Race- Aramon
Objectives- 1. Go north and find the town of Abiad. 2. Get Emen to the well on
the east side of town. 3. Protect Emen at all costs.

You start of with some around 3 swordsman and 5 archers. Go north straight up
the path, eventually the path will broaden into a stone path. You will
encounter some zombies along the way. Just have all your units attack at once
and the zombie will die in a few hits. Note: Emen is much faster than the
swordsman and archers, so make sure he doesn't go too far ahead. When you get
into the town you will notice some zombies and serfs in blue suits. Kill the
zombies, but the serfs won't attack you so don't waste your time on them. Go
directly east in the town until you find a group of soldiers fighting some
zombies. The well you are looking for will be right around there.
Congratulations, you've completed your first mission.

Chapter 2- Victims, not Victors
Difficulty- Very Easy
Race- Aramon
Objectives- 1. Find and enter the garrison to the north. 2. Keep Emen safe.

This mission is exactly like the 1st mission. You start off with 7 archers, 6
swordsmen, and 2 barbarians. If you look on your map you can clearly see the
garrison and the path leading to it. Follow that northeast. Along the way you
will encounter around 8 zombies and 1 executioner. Executioners are much
stronger than zombies, so take these guys out first when you see them. Keep
following the path northeast until you come to a fork in the path. Go north
from here. You will find a few more zombies and another executioner. Once you
get past them, it is an open path to the garrison.

Chapter 3- Order Overturned
Difficulty- Easy
Race- Aramon
Objectives- 1. Exit the garrison with Joreth and his entourage. 2. Head north
and find the small sand spit with an archer tower. 3. After seeing Joreth, the
ships will approach the shore. 4. Lode Joreth and his band onto the transport
ship. 5. Sail to the northeast

In this mission, you start of with 7 swordsmen, 5 archers, and 4 horsemen. If
you look at your mini map the sand spit will look like a small, white patch
with a yellow dot on it. Select all your troops and lead them out of the
garrison. You will probably notice on your mini map a bunch of red enemy dots
all around the garrison. Don't worry about them; they won't attack you unless
you move towards them. Anyway, find the path leading north and follow it. You
may find some zombies and executioners along the way. Eventually you will reach
a part where the path splits. One path goes west while the other goes north.
You will encounter a large battle here. There will be about 2 executioners and
6-8 zombies. Make sure Joreth doesn't get surrounded, or he might get killed.
Once you defeat them continue going north up the path. If you look at the mini
map you will notice that the path going north will overshoot the sand spit, and
then make a kind of u-turn and lead back to the sand spit. Rather than follow
the path just cut across to the sand spit. By doing this you will save time and
avoid some enemies. When you arrive at the sand spit, you will notice a
transport ship resting at the south side of the beach. Load all your units onto
the ship and sail away to the northeast corner of the map.

Chapter 4- The Wedge
Race- Zhon
Difficulty- Very Easy
Objectives- 1. To the West is a Verunan port. 2. Destroy the ships, town and

Please e-mail me if you find out a way to lose this mission. You start off with
10 drakes. Highlight them all and fly south and destroy a transport ship
carrying 5 soldiers. Then fly to the west and destroy everything in sight. Your
first priority is to kill crossbowman and ships. After that, kill the warriors
and peasants. Look on your mini map to see where some enemies are to attack.
After a while the Victory message will pop up on your screen.

Chapter 5- Black Peace
Race- Taros
Difficulty- Easy
Objectives- 1. Summon a Dark Mason and use it to conjure a lodestone on the
sacred site. 2. Use the Cabal to amass a small attack force. 3. Destroy all
resistance in a nearby town. 4. Feel free to wreak havoc on towns people and

This is your first mission where you can build units. Your first thing to do is
to build a Dark Mason and have him build a lodestone on the sacred site on the
southwest corner of the land you are on. There is also another sacred site just
northeast of your Cabal. Once you have built the lodestones, have your Cabal
build 5-8 Black Knights and 5-8 Executioners. While you are waiting for you
should build some Caged Demons. If you look on your mini map, you should notice
a white strip of sand that connects the land your base is on, to the land where
the Aramon's town is located. Build the Caged Demons here. This will protect
your base since this is the only place soldiers can cross. Once your soldiers
are all ready, send them across the sand strip to the Aramon's town. Have them
kill the swordsmen along the way, and then the Watch Tower that is at the
corner of the town. Look out for a mage builder around the northwest corner of

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