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The designers have made a great game by creating an experience that is entertaining and challenging.
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Toonstruck Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

The last couple of years have been rough for adventure games. Apart from a select few (Full Throttle, The Beast Within, The Riddle of Master Lu), adventure games have seemed like nothing more than a showcase for the latest technology in full-motion video or the newest Myst-like virtual world. Virgin's Toonstruck seemed likely to follow suit, overly-hyped for both its technical prowess and ingenious premise. Surprisingly, the game falls a little short on both of these promises - the animation, while admirable, isn't mind-blowing, and the story is mildly amusing at best. But what's great about Toonstruck is that neither of these drawbacks matters in the slightest; the designers have made a great game by creating an experience that is entertaining and challenging but doesn't become too frustrating or too easy.

Here's the premise, for those who haven't heard it a million times already. You control Drew Blanc (hardy har har), disgruntled animator of The Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show, a cartoon so vapidly sweet it makes The Care Bears look like Fritz the Cat. Through a "freak accident" (actually he just falls asleep), Blanc is sucked into the cartoon world, which is split into three territories: the happy Cutopia, the wacky Zanydu, and the evil Malevolands. Count Nefarious, overlord of the Malevolands, has created a machine called the "Malevolator," and has begun wreaking havoc on Cutopia, destroying the landscape and transforming the cheerful denizens into sinister shadows of their former selves. In order to get home, Drew must help King Hugh, the happy-faced ruler of Cutopia, build a Cutifier to change things back to how they were before.

And that's pretty much the first half of the game, in which you must find the various pieces needed to build the Cutifier. This scavenger hunt makes for some great traditional puzzle solving. At every point in the first chapter, it's clear exactly what you need to be doing. Not that Toonstruck is easy: it isn't. But the challenge comes from figuring out how to do something, and not what you need to be doing, which is an extremely refreshing change from the almost total lack of logic common in most contemporary adventure games.

It also helps that the game is funny. Drawing its humor mostly from pop-culture references, there are dogs who talk like Ross Perot and bodybuilders who talk like the "Pump-You-Up" guys from Saturday Night Live. There are some bits of original humor, such as a sinister wolf that speaks almost entirely in malapropisms ("Stick around a memento, fellas, I got a little flavor to ask you"). It's all really cute and amusing, but it's not until the end of the first half that the game gets truly hilarious. I don't want to spoil anything, but the intermission is the first time I've laughed out loud while playing a computer game in a long, long time.

The second half of Toonstruck follows a somewhat more traditional path - stuck in Nefarious' castle, you must escape and find your way home. At this point, however, the traditional adventure game conventions work. Toonstruck is such a well-crafted game it's hard not to enjoy yourself. The voice work is excellent and the story is amusing enough to get you through the slow parts. In the end, though, it's the puzzles that make the game so great, and finishing Toonstruck only made me wish there was a sequel looming on the horizon.

Toonstruck Game Walkthrough


          .---.             .-.  .              .         
              |              (   )_|_             |             
                | .-.  .-. .--. `-.  |  .--..  . .-.|.-.             
                 |(   )(   )|  |(   ) |  |   |  |(   |-.'              
                 ' `-'  `-' '  `-`-'  `-''   `--`-`-''  `-             
PC 1996

Version:        1.0     released on 08th September 2006
Author:         odino <ebayer20(at)lycos(dot)com>
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		             TABLE OF CONTENTS

01.) Introduction                                       |  G0100  | 
02.) Overview & Controls                                |  G0200  |
03.) Speed Walkthrough                                  |  G0300  |
     Act 1                                              |  G0310  |
     Act 2                                              |  G0320  |
04.) Full Walkthrough                                   |  G0400  |
     Act 1                                              |  G0410  |
      Cutifier Ingredients                              |  G0420  |
       Sugar                                            |  G0421  |
       Cloak                                            |  G0422  |
       Stars                                            |  G0423  |
       Sole                                             |  G0424  |
       Bells                                            |  G0425  |
       Spit                                             |  G0426  |
       Pins                                             |  G0427  |
       Nuts                                             |  G0428  |
       Chain                                            |  G0429  |
       Arrow                                            |  G042A  |
       Pepper                                           |  G042B  |
       Roll                                             |  G042C  |
     Act 2                                              |  G0430  |
05.) Items                                              |  G0500  |
06.) FAQs                                               |  G0600  |
07.) Review                                             |  G0700  |
08.) Credits & Thanks                                   |  G0800  |


Version History:

- 1.0	Initial release. (30th July 2005)

        Format update and more empty sections added for future use. (07th
        September 2006)

01.)                         INTRODUCTION		G0100

Welcome... to ToonStruck for the PC, a great adventure game by Burst Studios
released in 1996.

The speed walkthrough for this game is complete. It is currently the fastest
way to complete Toonstruck and misses out on a lot of fun and sometimes also
logic. I strongly suggest you talk to everybody and try many things to get the
most out of this wacky and very enjoyable adventure. Full walkthrough coming
soon I hope, but it will take a while to explore the entire game many times.

Do NOT ask me for technical support please. If you spot any guide errors or
have general suggestions feel free to e-mail me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                         OVERVIEW & CONTROLS           G0200

F1      =       Options
F5      =       Save, Quit
F6      =       Load, Quit

Talking to people will usually start out with the ice cube and the hand icon.
The cube will melt with less general conversation available until it has
become a puddle of water. Specific topics will appear if applicable and have
their own icon. The hand icon stops the conversation. You can skip sentences
with the ESC button.

Walk to a location with the left mouse button and quickly press the right
mouse button to get there in an instant, this might not work each time,

03.)                         SPEED WALKTHROUGH             G0300

How to avoid being captured:

Quickly hide somewhere in the vicinity. In the bakery, hide in the backroom.
In the bowling alley, hide behind the swing doors and in the costume
shop, hide in the dressing room.

How to escape from the prison in Act 1:

Walk around the cell until you build up a static charge and then touch the
keypad. Repeat this until the jail sentence has gone down to 0. As for your
items, look at the picture of a safe and finish the sliding puzzle. This safe
also contains a portable hole in this safe which can be used on the potholes
in the town centers to travel between thee towns much quicker. However, don't
get caught simply for obtaining the portable hole as the sliding puzzle is not
much fun to solve.

                             Act 1                         G0310

At the start, walk into the room at the bottom right. Talk to the Bricabrac.
Exit the room and enter the room at the top left. Talk to the footman about
Bricabrac. Stop the conversation and return to the lab. Talk to Bricabrac
about his glasses.

Go outside and talk to the guards. Talk about the guards themselves and they
will do a dance. Ask them again and pick up the key the left guard drops. Go
back inside the castle and unlock the door on the left. Use Flux on the ladder
near the bed to find a voucher. Move the rug. Take the music box. Look at the
drawers on the right and click the left, bottom, right and then top drawer.
Walk through the new opening under the bed. Use Flux on the floorboard and use
it to open the trap door. At the previous room, move the carpet back and pull
the cord. Leave the castle and go all the way to town.

In the tavern, click on the mouse until it runs underneath the hammer. Play
the organ and while the mouse is dancing, and get Flux to hit the hammer. Pick
up the mouse afterwards. Use the phone on the bar. You need to dial colors
which are:
Purple  - Red + Blue
Orange  - Red + Yellow
Green   - Blue + Yellow
Dial Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Orange. Answer all questions
Guard's left fish color         -       Yellow
Guard's right fish color        -       Red
Jim's Gym floor                 -       Red
Jim's Gym sign                  -       Blue
Jim's Fur                       -       Blue
Fish tails                      -       Yellow
Warp's fur                      -       Orange
Woof's collar                   -       Green
Rocky Mountains                 -       Orange
Wacme sign                      -       Red
Plant pots                      -       Purple

Go outside and collect the parcel. Return to the castle and enter the trophy
room. Take the fish trophy on the wall and exchange the watering can with the
tankard. Leave the castle and walk through town and past the bunny until you
arrive at the (s)carcrow. Pick up a corncob. Go to the barn in the background
and fill the watering can with some fertilizer. Go past the scarecrow and
north to the shuttle. Place the stunned mouse in the right hand and use the
fertilizer on the hand holding the mouse. Use the lever inside the shuttle
to get to Zanydu.

Take the right path and enter the Wacme door. You need to enter a door when
the light is on above it. Talk to Woof inside and ask about the boxing glove.
Quickly take the stars. Show the jumping beans to Woof and use the
gift-o-matic on the right. Get all three items (magnet, mallet, glove). Go
all the way back to the barn in Cutopia and use the magnet on the haystack.
Use the churnatron piece on the machine for some butter. Return to Zanydu
and this time take the left path and enter Jim's Gym. Smear the button on
the vault and ask the bodybuilder about the hoops. Use the pumpatron and leave
all the way back to the arcade in town. Talk to the cashier about the 
strength-o-meter and fail miserably. This time use the mallet on the machine
and destroy it. Take the bells lying around, too. Challenge the cashier to a
game of Wacman and win. Go inside the bakery and give the frogs some butter.
Take some dough in return, then play the piano. Go to the barn and fill the
watering can with the gulk. Go left past the scarecrow and use the gulk on
the briar patch to free access to the pepper. Re-fill the watering can with
more gulk back at the barn. Go left past the squirrel and give the wolf the

When you are in the pot, click left and right until the pot falls over. Take 
the book. Use the dough on the roast spit and take the spit with you. Throw
the corncob into the fire to get popcorn. Exit the cave and go north to the
town square. Take the hunk of meat. Enter the prison and take the ink pad. In
your inventory, use the music box on the ink pad and chop the costume voucher.
Enter the costume shop in Cutopia and hand the voucher to the lady. Pick the
Harlequin one. Afterwards hand her the book to get another. Give the costume
to the scarecrow for the cloak. Now go to the town center in Malevoland. Enter
the robot shop and give the book to the robot. Pick up the plunger. Go to
Zanydu. Take the right path and look at the clock:
Left lever	- Minute pointer + 5 minutes; Hour pointer - 1 hour.
Right lever	- Hour pointer + current minute pointer number.
There are several ways to fix the clock. Simply leave the minute pointer on
the '1' and then press the right lever until it is 5.05 o'clock. Now use the
left lever until both pointers line up for 6.00 o'clock sharp and the guard
will leave. Enter the toilet on the left path and use the plunger on the bowl.
Dump the red fish into it, then flush to stop the green fish. It might take
several tries. Leave this place and walk up the middle path. Dunk the hunk of
meat into the gunk in the watering can and feed it to the vulture. Take the
arrow sign, the loose feather and leave Zanydu. Back at the barn, give the
feather to Marge for some glue. Go towards the castle and on the way give the
popcorn to Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun. In the castle, use the spit on the hole in
the cabinet. Take the fluffed cat. Glue the piano keys and the candy floss.
Stick both onto the fluffed cat as well as the jumping beans. Place this at
the doorsteps at the squirrel's house and wait for it to leave. Get Flux to
pick up the nuts at the top. Go to the town center in Malevoland, wear the
cloak to get inside the bowling alley. When the bowling ball comes up, quickly
glue it so the bear is taken care of. Now chuck Flux down the lane. Go to the
castle and enter the room on the right of the laboratory. Place all the
objects on the cutifier:

Spice              -              Sugar
Dagger             -              Cloak
Stripes 	   -              Stars
Heart              -              Sole
Whistles	   -              Bells
Polish             -              Spit
Needles            -              Pins
Bolts              -              Nuts
Ball               -              Chain
Bow                -              Arrow
Salt               -              Pepper
Rock               -              Roll

                             Act 2                         G0320

You start out in the prison cell. Talk to snout and stop the conversation. 
Wait for him to snort and life up the mat. Wait for him again and take the mat
itself. Use the mat on yourself to get rid of the guard. Pick up the key and
insert it into the keyhole of the cell. Go north through the hallway. Press
the button to open the air circulation shaft. Climb inside and use the fly
costume to get to the top. Open the medicine cabinet and take out the
chloroform wipes. Fill the watering can with water from the sink. Now close
the sink plug and open the sink taps to make a mess. Return down the air shaft
and leave the dungeon.

Click on the clown's head to start a puzzle. Simply follow the same pattern as
the clown and you will open the door. Inside, wait for the clown to powder his
nose and take it. Quickly use a wipe to clean the nose. Take the pin, the
balloon and fill it with the tank. Also fill the glove if you want. Return to
the climate control room, use the pin on the controls and switch it to cold.
Go up the air vent and attempt to leave the bathroom. After the scene, go down
the stairs to the 2nd floor and lift the gargoyle to find a crystal. Press the
horn on the gargoyle but go up to the 3rd floor. Go through the bathroom and
down the vent. Switch the temperature to hot and immediately back to normal,
take the pin and quickly walk up the stairs to the fish tank. Take the 
treasure chest before the fish it back in the tank. Open it to find a key.
Go to the 2nd floor and lift the right gargoyle to find another crystal. 

Walk right into the room and look at the odd books. Pull out the books in the
following order. Blue I - Red I - Red III - Blue II - Blue III - Red IV - Red
II - Blue IV. Walk through the new passage and play the music box. Use the
monitor and then attach the magnet on the metal plate on the ceiling. Move the
armor onto the raised tiles until the gate opens. Back in the previous room,
take the gauntlet and walk up the stairs. Open the hopping crate with the pin.
Climb into the crate. You objective is to get to the right hand side and grab
some TNT. Each time you move wait for a second to see if one of the henchmen
has noticed something. This might be delayed as they are involved in a card
game so don't rush things. Drew will automatically grab the TNT and return to
the left. Leave the corridor and go back to the first floor. Enter the kitchen
on the left. Pour the watering can over the robochef and grab a turkey from
the pile. Stick a TNT bar into the turkey. Open the stove door and place the
turkey into the oven. Quickly store the turkey in the dumbwaiter and watch the
scene. Go up to the rec room on the 2nd room and take the pool cue.

On the 3rd floor, insert the key in the door and enter the room. Attempt to
grab the sunglasses. Flip the newly found switch, then move the desk chair.
Attempt to take the sunglasses once again. Use the fly costume on the fly trap
and smash the vase with the mallet. Finally, take the sunglasses. Go to the
next floor and combine the gauntlet with the pool cue. Use this to press the
button on the far wall. Enter the next room. Use either the balloon or glove
and pick to imitate Lugnut. After entering Ms Fortune's room, wear the
sunglasses. Talk to her once she's hypnotized and make her walk through the 
doorway. Then make her use the scanner on the right hand side. Enter the
control room and click on the panel with the 4 slots at the right side. Insert
the matching crystals:
Green		Red
Pull the lever nearby and take the warp device. Use the monitor near the door
and select the switches so they are
Down	Up

Up	Down
so that the monitor shows:
Go through the archway and enter the malevolator to complete the game. Enjoy
the rather long ending!

04.)                         FULL WALKTHROUGH              G0400

The full walkthrough to Toonstruck is very lengthy. It will take you through
nearly everything there is to the game, including conversations and optional
things. If you are interested in solving the game only you may want to check
out the speed guide, because the full one literally explored the masterpiece
created by Burst Studios.

                             Act 1                         G0410

                             Cutifier Ingredients          G0420

The cutfier requires 12 ingredients to work:

Spice              -              Sugar
Dagger             -              Cloak
Stripes 	   -              Stars
Heart              -              Sole
Whistles	   -              Bells
Polish             -              Spit
Needles            -              Pins
Bolts              -              Nuts
Ball               -              Chain
Bow                -              Arrow
Salt               -              Pepper
Rock               -              Roll

Now for how to obtain these ingredients in the game.

                             ~~..SUGAR..~~                 G0421

Sugar is very easy to come by. 

                             ~~..STARS..~~                 G0422

                             ~~..SOLE..~~                  G0423

                             ~~..BELLS..~~                 G0424

                             ~~..SPIT..~~                  G0425
                             ~~..PINS..~~                  G0426

                             ~~..NUTS..~~                  G0427

                             ~~..CHAIN..~~                 G0428

                             ~~..ARROW..~~                 G0429

                             ~~..CHAIN..~~                 G042A

                             ~~..PEPPER..~~                G042B

                             ~~..ROLL..~~                  G042C

                             Act 2                         G0430

05.)                         ITEMS                         G0500

All the items in your inventory:

06.)                         FAQs                          G0600

a) What and where are the 12 items required for the cutifier?

Sugar:  You already start out with this in place.
Cloak:  Exchange it for a costume with the (s)carecrow.
Stars:  Ask for a demonstration of the boxing glove at Wacme.
Sole:   Play the flush game in Zanydu and catch the sole (green fish).
Bells:  Destroy the hammer game in the arcade.
Spit:   In the wolf's cave.
Pins:   Get a strike in the bowling alley.
Nuts:   Distract the squirrel and take them.
Chain:  Beat the cashier at Wacman.
Arrow:  Poison the vulture in Zanydu and take the sign.
Pepper: Pour gunk over the briar patch near the squirrel.
Roll:   Stick dough on the roast spit on the fire in the wolf's cave.

b) I can't get this game to run or it doesn't run properly.

Don't ask me. Best way to run this game? Own a 486 33-66Mhz PC with a fast
(4x) CD-ROM drive. Otherwise DosBox is your best bet, the new versions have
speed adjustment options and you can get through every part of the game and
play it like it was meant to be. There are many other problems you may face
I will not discuss such as video problems. If the above two ways don't work
then there isn't much else I can help you with. Installing the game, however,
can be done from Windows.

c) I'm stuck in the pot in the wolf's cave.

See question b).

07.)                         REVIEW                        G0700

Gameplay: 10/10

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 10/10

Overall: 10/10

A true masterpiece of adventure games. It came at a bad time when the industry
was moving into another genre, and perhaps it appeared to childish for most
gamers. Anyone with any interest in adventure games will love this for sure.

08.)                         CREDITS & THANKS              G0800

GameFAQs for hosting this.

Burst Studios for such a great game.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                    (o o)

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