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About The Game

Fifth game in Activison's popular skateboarding franchise. You've been chosen by Tony Hawk to take on Bam Margera as your teams go globetrotting on an insane road trip: the World Destruction Tour. THUG 2 grinds in with a hilarious story mode, an unprecendented level of customization, and more moves than the Skate Gods could dream of. Make the world your own skate park, as you spray your custom tag, slap stickers, and even create new skate lines as you wreak havoc. Now you can play as yourself, your teammates, or over 20 special guest skaters. When you're ready to go old school, check out Classic Mode with all-time favorite goals like S-K-A-T-E, Secret Tape, and High Score against a 2-minute timer. Grab your board, an arsenal of spray-paint... jump into the tour van and get ready to wreak havoc across the globe.

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Tony Hawk's Underground 2

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Review

By Monica Bair |

After an onslaught of extreme games that came and went and Activision's curious pursuit of the most eccentric regions of extreme sports, such as wakeboarding, the world is left with one -- and thankfully, the best -- of them all, the Tony Hawk series. Going into its sixth iteration, Neversoft's Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is the culmination of six years or refinement, experiment, and expansion from a series that rewrote the way action videogames are played. Not to mention making Activision, Neversoft, and Tony Hawk himself very rich and very popular in the process.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 finds itself in a weird position. On the one hand, the game is a refinement and an expansion from last year's well-received Tony Hawk's Underground. Neversoft has added new moves, created larger levels, and wrote a new storyline peppered with celebrities and punctuated with humor. It's also brought back Classic mode, i.e. the two-minute timer, for fans of the original four games. On the other hand, it's hard not to see Tony Hawk's Underground 2 as Neversoft's hurl-everything-you-can-in-a-last-ditch-effort in the hope to create something new. The effort, while recognized, is an example of a series that in many ways has perhaps run out of steam and good ideas, and fans of the series are likely to respond with a mixed reaction of disappointment and excitement, while grumpily trudging to the store to buy it anyway.

Story Vs. Classic
What Tony Hawk's Underground 2 has going for it is multi-fold. On the one hand, you've got the cleanest, silkiest mechanics of any skateboarding game that ever was. It's still just as fast and responsive and the gameplay just as addicting as ever. That said, having switched from the PS2 site to the Xbox site this past spring, I came to the sharp realization that many others have already reached some time ago -- while this game works pretty well on the Xbox controller, and is a strain on the GameCube and PC, it's designed perfectly to play on the PlayStation 2's Dual Shock controller. The placement of the face buttons, the ease of the four shoulder buttons, and the general ergonomic shape of the controller will assuredly bring the greatest joy to the PS2 owner. PC owners who've mastered the art of keyboard and mouuse-controlled Tony Hawk may disagree, but it's still arguable. It'll also bring the greatest joy to PS2 and PC owners for other reasons, too, but I'll get to the online bit later.

Total THUG 2 Coverage Even the Birdman knows you've got to see this game in action in our video review, and if you're going to rent or buy the game, you'll most certainly need to read Insider's Head-to-Head comparison. Where else will you find an in-depth breakdown of all the differences between the versions? No where. So just click below and be happy.

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    On the other hand, you have the Story mode, which turns out to be a real mix for long-time fans of the series. While I mostly enjoyed the story, other long-time players in our office vehemently dislike it, and when handed the controller, they went straight to Classic Mode. This re-introduction of pure, goal-based levels incorporates all of the levels from the Story mode and a handful of levels from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-3 in a different order. So, you'll get to nab the Secret Tape, spell out Combo, collect the letters SKATE and attempt to earn the easy, medium, and hard point totals. You also have the choice to go really old school in Classic (and Story) Mode by going into Options and turning off Manual, Revert, Walking and 180 Spin Taps. It's clear the older levels weren't built for the new moves and vice versa, so there is some incongruence, but this option was at least well-thought out.

    THUG 2 offers a storyline that's less endearing than last year's game, with less emphasis on you, the newbie star. Instead it focuses on how much terror and damage you can cause to your opponent team and the eight different regions you'll visit in your "World Destruction Tour." Though luckily, you'll be able to play as you the noob, and a smaller selection of pros this year, as well as two special guests per level. You'll visit eight different regions, from Boston and New Orleans in the US, to Barcelona, Spain, Bondi Beach, Australia, Berlin, Germany, and more, in a story that's akin to a loose connection of skits than a real narrative. If you enjoy MTV's Jackass series, and the eat-this-bitch approach to humor, you'll enjoy Bam Margera's heavy spotlight in the game, which features his obnoxious, snarling humor at its best and worst.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Cheats

Head to the options area, then to the Cheat Codes area and type in the cheats.CheatEffectoldskoolUnlock Natas KaupasSelloutUnlock Nigel Beaverhausen4-wheelerUnlock PaulielikepaulieInfinite SpecialstraightedgeInfinite Rail/Lip balance
Perform the required action to unlock either the movie or the hidden character.UnlockableHow to UnlockComplete Boston Story ModeBen FranklinComplete Barcelona Story ModeBull FighterComplete Berlin in Story ModeGraffiti TaggerComplete classic mode on sickJesse JamesComplete Story on EasyShrekComplete Story on EasySpace Monkey 1Complete Story on EasyPhil MargeraComplete Story on EasyGeeky KidComplete New Orleans in StoryJesterComplete classic mode on SickNatas KaupasComplete Story on SickNigelComplete Story on NormalPaulieComplete Story on EasyPedestrian Group AComplete Story on NormalPedestrian Group BComplete Story on SickPedestrian Group CComplete Classic Mode on NormalPedestrian Group DComplete Classic Mode on SickPedestrian Group EComplete Story with 100%Pedestrian Group FComplete Story on NormalThe HandComplete Story on NormalLost Soul 1Complete Story on NormalSea CaptainComplete Classic Mode with 100%Pedestrian Group GComplete Story on EasyPhil MargeraComplete StoryPro Skater LevelComplete Skatopia in StoryRyan ShecklerComplete Australia in story modeShrimp VendorComplete classic mode on NormalSteve-OComplete story mode on NormalThe HandComplete Story on SickCall of Duty SoldierComplete Story on SickNigel BeaverhausenComplete classic mode on NormalOriginal Tony HawkComplete Story modeWorld Destruction Tour MovieComplete all gaps on all 15 levelsCheat Codes MovieComplete classic modePro Bails 1 MovieComplete Story with 100%Pro Bails 2 MovieComplete Classic Mode with 100%Neversoft Skates Movie

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Game Walkthrough


	       Version 0.5

             Craig Schwartz
             Brian Schwartz



 1. About This FAQ
  1.1 General
  1.2 Permissions
  1.3 Version History
  1.4 Contact
  1.5 Credits

 2. Controls

 3. Story Mode Goals

  3.1 Training

  3.2 Boston
   3.2.1 You
   3.2.2 Pro
   3.2.3 Guest
   3.2.4 Secret

  3.3 Barcelona
   3.3.1 You
   3.3.2 Pro
   3.3.3 Guest
   3.3.4 Secret

  3.4 Berlin
   3.4.1 You
   3.4.2 Pro
   3.4.3 Guest
   3.4.4 Secret

  3.5 Australia
   3.5.1 You
   3.5.2 Pro
   3.5.3 Guest
   3.5.4 Secret
   3.5.5 Special

  3.6 New Orleans
   3.6.1 You
   3.6.2 Pro
   3.6.3 Guest
   3.6.4 Secret
   3.6.5 Special

  3.7 Skatopia
   3.7.1 You
   3.7.2 Pro
   3.7.3 Guest
   3.7.4 Secret
   3.7.5 Special

  3.8 Pro Skater Level Stuff

 4. Classic Mode

***NOTE: There are no Stat Points up yet***

  4.1 Barcelona
   4.1.1 Goals
   4.1.2 Stat Points

  4.2 Australia
   4.2.1 Goals
   4.2.2 Stat Points

  4.3 Skatopia
   4.3.1 Goals
   4.3.2 Stat Points

  4.4 Berlin
   4.4.1 Goals
   4.4.2 Stat Points

  4.5 Airport
   4.5.1 Goals
   4.5.2 Stat Points

  4.6 School
   4.6.1 Goals
   4.6.2 Stat Points

  4.7 Downhill Jam
   4.7.1 Goals
   4.7.2 Stat Points

  4.8 New Orleans
   4.8.1 Goals
   4.8.2 Stat Points

  4.9 Training
   4.9.1 Goals
   4.9.2 Stat Points

  4.10 Boston
   4.10.1 Goals
   4.10.2 Stat Points

  4.11 Canada
   4.11.1 Goals
   4.11.2 Stat Points

  4.12 Philadelphia
   4.12.1 Goals
   4.12.2 Stat Points

  4.13 Los Angeles
   4.13.1 Goals
   4.13.2 Stat Points

  4.14 The Triangle
   4.14.1 Goals
   4.14.2 Stat Points

***NOTE: Gaps aren't up yet***

 5. Gaps

  5.1 Training
  5.2 Boston
  5.3 Barcelona
  5.4 Berlin
  5.5 Australia
  5.6 New Orleans
  5.7 Skatopia
  5.8 Airport
  5.9 School
  5.10 Downhill Jam
  5.11 Canada
  5.12 Philadelphia
  5.13 Los Angeles
  5.14 The Triangle
  5.15 Pro Skater

 6. General Playing Tips (more useful than it sounds)





1. About this FAQ


1.1 General

   This FAQ was written by Brian and Craig Schwartz, and
begun on October 12, 2004. If anything seems unclear in
our descriptions, please email us and ask for a clearer

1.2 Permissions

The following sites have permission to display this FAQ:

 GameFAQs - 


 Supercheats -

All others must request permission via email.

If you plan to use this FAQ to write your own, that is fine,
just please don't copy and paste our text. Write your own
descriptions. You can pull small details if you would like,
if they are factual in nature. If you would like to copy whole
portions, keep them intact - don't alter our words. Also
give visible credit for the appropriate pieces.

All trademarks including names and logos are property of their
respective copyright holders.

1.3 Version History

1.0 - Finished Classic mode goals.

0.7 - Added skater locations for all story levels, edited
some goals for clarity and ease, added point values for
normal and sick modes. Added Pro Skater stuff, and added
Classic mode goals through Training.

0.5 - The first writing. Includes this about, basic controls,
and story goals.

1.4 Contact

Brian Schwartz:
 email -

Craig Schwartz:
 email -

1.5 Credits

Brokaliv, for basic controls.


2. Controls


***Buttons given in PS2/GameCube/XBOX/PC format***
***PC directions are ASDW***

Crouch for Speed - Hold the X/A/A/Keypad 2  Button

Ollie - Press and release the X/A/A/Keypad 2 Button

Grab Trick - In the air, press a direction + Circle/X/B/6 Button

Flip Trick - In the air, press a direction + Square/B/X/4 Button

Grind/Lip - Triangle/Y/Y/8

Spine - R2/R/L+R/7+8

Revert - R2/R/L or R/7

Acid Drop - R2/R/L+R/7+9

Natas Spin - R1+Triangle/R+Y/7+8 or 9+8

Get off the Board - R1+R2/Z/Black/1 or 3

Grab on - R1/R/R/9

Focus - R3/L/White/0


3. Story Mode Goals


3.1 Training

The pros here tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.
No explanation needed. This is also a good time to build stats.

Check the "Your Options" -> "view stats" menu to see what you
can do to improve each stat.

Head down the ramp and find Rodney Mullen to the left.
He will give you basic goals.

Now head over to Bob Burnquist in the large halfpipe for vert goals.

Outside the ramp you will find Chad Muska.

Chad is next seen on the other side of the entrance ramp by the blue QP.

Mike Vallely is by the closed garage door.

Chad Muska is now in the center of the new room between the large funboxes.

Erik Koston is in the open after you grind Chad's rail.

Mike Vallely is next to the concrete pool.

Head into the other room again and you will find Chad in front of the
steep wavy ramp.

He then reappears where Erik was a while ago.

///The spots for the "Tag the Place Up" goal:

  1. The first is above the thingy in the water pool.

  2 - 4 are on the opposite wall, just look across it.

  5. At the end of the wall there is a yellow tube with rails.
   Climb it, and the spot is at the top.


Bam Margera is inside the largest funbox, there is an opening on one side.

Bob Burnquist is now next to the water pool.

Bam is now on the other side of the room by the garage door.

Talk to him again in the same place.

Now go see Tony at the starting point, up the large ramp in the first room.

3.2 Boston				


*Statehouse* - left of starting point, it is a boundary of the level.
 It has a gate, fence, and grassy lawn.

*Central Statue* - the horse statue in the courtyard at the center of
 the level.

*Construction area* - opposite the level from the Ben Statehouse.
 Assumed position is in the street.

*Hospital* - from the construction area facing the Statehouse, turn right
 and head down the street. The hospital has two volcano ramps in front of it.


*Pro* - From the construction site, face the central statue and turn right.
 The pro is in front of a small building on the left side of the street.

*Guest (Franklin)* - At the door of the Statehouse.

*Secret (Jesse James)* - In front of Jeers, 
 which is next to the Statehouse.

3.2.1 You

Find the Special Guest

  From the start, head forward past the yellow railing. Turn around and head
   down the ramp and enter the door to find Jesse James.

Find Ben Franklin

  From Jesse, get off the board and jump the fence to the left. Go to the QPs
   on either side of the building. This is the Statehouse.
   Go up the QP against the building and spine transfer into the window. 
   You will see Ben in the hallway. Follow him through the door.

Mark Your Territory

  Spat Tag locations:

   1. Wall of the Statehouse premises, the right wall if you are
      facing the building from the street.

   2. From the hospital entrance facing the building, skate up the QP on the
      left and transfer to the roof. The tag is on the back wall. Hard to miss.

   3. Outside the construction site facing the center statue, turn left,
      down the street. At the bend in the street, look left and the tag
      is on the blue wall.

   4. From the Central Statue, facing the Statehouse, turn right and it is
      across the street just to the left of the scaffolding.

   5. From the construction site, enter the site and turn left. Walk to the
      very end and find the spray spot on the wall of a blue vent thing.

Hospital Duty

  Start at the hospital. Walk up to the gurney and steal it. Head straight
   between the volcano ramps and down the alley. Turn right before the street
   and go under the scaffolding if possible. Take a left at the intersection
   and head to the end of the street. Be on the far side of the street, the
   Statehouse side, to avoid the medic. Tony is at the end of the road next
   to the ramp.

Arcade Machine High Score

  Starting from the Statehouse facing the street, turn right and head down
   the street. The machine is just before the end of the street on the right
   side. You need 7,500 points on easy mode; 10,000 on normal.

Dance, Sucka

  From the Statehouse facing the street, cross the street and turn right.
   The boombox is on the brick sidewalk a short way down. On each beat,
   the trick name will flash. If you perform the actual trick during
   this time it should work. Experiment.

Decapitate the Statues

  The statues you need to decapitate are the two in front of the Statehouse,
   which you can lip on to decapitate or climb on foot. The third is the
   central statue, which you should just climb, and kick the head.

Combo on the RV ramp

  After the ramp is activated by Jesse's car jump goal, the ramp will be
   driving around the courtyard. Jump onto it and perform a combo of 2,000
   points in easy mode; 5,000 on normal.

3.2.2 Pro

Combo the Four Benches

  From the Statehouse facing the center statue, go forward and go past
   the right side of the subway entrance. The benches are directly in front
   of you. Simply grind across the first two, jump, and grind the last two.

Ye Olde Cannon Grind

  The cannons are on the construction site side of the central courtyard.
   Just grind on the barrel of either one.

Skitch a Seaworthy Vehicle

  Somewhere on the roads circling the statue, you will find a boat shaped
   vehicle. Get behind it and press up. You should grab on. Maintain balance
   for 20 seconds.

Salute the General

  At the central statue, spine transfer over the statue and perform a
   benihana (Downleft + grab).

Great Balls of Fire

  From the central statue, look toward the construction area and to the right.
   You will see a burning trash can. Ollie over it to ignite your board,
   and while lit, perform a 5,000 point combo in easy mode; 15,000 on normal.

Slap the Signs

  Sticker slap the no skating signs. Locations:

   1. At the Statehouse on the left side of the lawn (facing the building),
      grind the fence toward the sign and jump from the grind and perform
      a sticker slap.

   2. From the Statehouse facing the street, turn left and head down the
      street. Past the bank, you will see a ledge curved around the corner.
      Go up the ramp and grind the inside railing and jump over to sticker
      slap the sign on the wall.

   3. From the construction site, face the site and turn left. Grind the
      blue rail towards the wall with the next sign on it.

   4. From the central statue, face the hospital and go across the street.
      The sign is hung on the scaffolding.

Tag a Big Billboard

  From the construction site, enter the site and turn right. At the far wall,
   there is a yellow tube with rails. Climb it. When you get to the top, you
   will fall. Hold up and right to land on the wood scaffold. Run and jump
   across to climb the next one. Turn left and paint the billboard.

Finest Rails in Boston

  From the Statehouse facing the street, head left and just past the bank.
   There is a weird metal sculpture with two points on it. Grind it from the
   back. Now head past the Statehouse and grind the flashing rail in front of
   Jeers. Turn left and there is a flashing rail going up the stairs of the

3.2.3 Guest (Franklin)

All About the Benjamins

  From the Statehouse facing the street, turn left, and go to the bank.  On
   the left wall under the overhang is a QP, go up it and transfer right into
   the bank.

Combo on the High Seas

  From the construction site, go through the site and spine over the QP to
   board the ship. Do a 3,000 point combo in easy mode, 10,000 points on 

Skate the Liberty Trail

  Starting at the Statehouse, go up to the front door, most easily on foot.
   Perform a Pop Shove-It down the stairs. Continue forward down the street
   on the left and vert transfer over the flashing mural. Now spine onto the
   ship behind the construction site. On foot, climb to the upper level and
   climb the mast. At the top, jump off and acid drop.

Team Challenge

  Somewhere on the sidewalk around the courtyard, there is a rollerblader.
   An easy trick is that you can just stand very close to him and jump and
   kickflip. This must be done with you, the pro, and Ben Franklin.

3.2.4 Secret (Jesse James)

Grind the Blockers

  From the hospital, face the street. Turn left. Under the overhang of the
   building, there is a vent shooting visible air upward. Grind around the
   vent to knock the markers off. You can also run them over.

Jump the Cars

  On the streets surrounding the central courtyard, find some cars. Jump over
   them cleanly either front to back or side to side, not at an angle, for the
   gap to count.

**Note: This goal is required to unlock the ramp for the
  "Combo on the RV Ramp" goal.

Scooter vs. Wheelchair

  Starting at the hospital facing the street, turn right and head up the
   stairs to find Paulie, the kid in the wheelchair. Talk to him and he
   will race you. Go down the street toward the Statehouse and turn left
   at the intersection. Drive over the stairs at the corner. Now continue
   down the street and touch the QP ramp next to the mural past the
   scaffolding. Return to the hospital and drive under the canopy. Finally,
   head back up the stairs to the starting point. He is faster as skill
   level increases. You have to touch the flashing object for them to count.

Spine Transfer Tour

  First, start at the Statehouse and face the street. There is a subway
   entrance. Spine over it. Quickly head to the hospital and spine either
   volcano ramp. Finally, enter the construction site and spine onto the boat.

3.3 Barcelona	


*Bridge* - A very visible bridge connecting the main half and the second
 half of the level.

*Barcelona Building* - A blue building with a Barcelona Sants sign on it.

*Art Museum* - A large glass building with a sign that says Museum of
 Modern Art in Spanish.

*Gardens* - In the back of the level on the opposite side of the buildings
 from the bridge, there is a dragon fountain and lots of plants.
 Starting location is in front of the fountain.


*Pro* - Across the street from the bridge.

*Guest (Bull Fighter)* - From the gardens, facing the street, turn left.
  he's near the end of the road

*Secret (Steve-O)* - From the garden go out to the street and look left.
  he's by the smoke stack.

3.3.1 You

Free the Bull Fighter

  Pick up some tomatoes in front of the bridge. There is a guy in a bull suit
   standing next to a crate of them. Follow the alley past the art museum and
   turn right. You will see a man throwing tomatoes at a bull in a cage.
   Throw one of yours at it. Watch the amusing video.

Find the Special Guest

  From the gardens go across the street, on your left there will be a door with
   a sign above it that says "Plaza Paralela".  Go in the door, and your done.

Hit 5 Peds with Tomatoes

  Get some tomatoes in front of the bridge. Throw them at 5 different
   pedestrians around town.

Spine the Guell Planters

  From the front of the garden, turn right and head to the end of the brick
   wall and turn right and enter the garden. Spine over the planter in front
   of you. Now head to the other side of the garden and spine over the two
   planters there.

Help Peg Leg

  Go onto the bridge. Grind the right rail of the bridge landing. Jump to
   the netting and grind it past the boat. Then just fall into the water.

**Note: This goal is necessary to unlock the bridge.

Mark Your Territory

  Spat Tag Locations:

   1. On top of the Barcelona Building. Use the ramps near the street to get
    up to the mesh canopy. Make sure to jump over the center so you don't fall.
    Jump to the building above the sign. The tag is in the center.

   2. At the gardens facing the street, turn left and head to the end of
    the brick wall. Turn into the gardes the tag is on the wall on your right.

   3. On a front wall of the art museum to the right of the windows.

   4. From the gardens, head across the street and down an alley. On a wall
    to your right as you approach a building is the next tag.

   5. From the gardens, facing the street, turn right and around a slight
    curve you wil see the tag up on a blush brick building. Go past it to
    a building with darker blue plastic over it and double jump against
    the wall from the dumpsters up to the ledge. Jump across to the next
    building and grab the ledge. Shimmy over to the right and paint while

Take out the Trash

  Grind or Natas Spin any four of the trash cans at these locations:

   Either end of the Barcelona Building.
   The path between the gardens and the Barcelona Building.
   In front of the bridge by the tomato guy.
   Two are across the bridge and to the left, in front of the building.

Arcade Machine High Score

  The machine is in front of the barcelona building at the corner nearest
   the water. You need 15,000 points on easy mode; 30,000 on normal.

3.3.2 Pro

Combo the Sants Benches

  The benches are on the raised platform in front of the barcelona buildings.
   These benches have no backrests. You can just hold the grind button across
   them. No jumping between them required.

Catapult 720 Grab

  From the bridge, enter the old brick building with a blue banner above it.
   As you are catapulted from it, hold left or right and perform a grab trick.
   Only spin 720 degrees. Hold the grab until just before you land.

Tag the Big Billboard

  From the gardens, go out to the street and turn left. Before the subway,
   turn right, and there are two smokestacks. Climb the ladder on one. Jump
   from the smokestack onto the skybridge roof. Turn right and climb the
   ladder inside the yellow tower. Jump to the billboard and paint it.

Focus Combos

  Get special. Get focus and perform a combo. Repeat two more times.
   In easy, combos must be 1,000 points; 2,500 on normal.

Rail Rated Challenge

  In front of the Barcelona building, start from the side at the water.
   In one combo, grind across the three chain railings. After the last
   one, jump, and sticker slap the jeep sign. You will be bounced back onto
   the roof. Grind the rail there.

Transfer Over the Guell Entrance

  From the gardens, facing the street, turn right. At the end of the brick
   wall, enter the garden on the right. Get to the top of the garden hill.
   Go to the pink QPs and spine down two levels. At the third QP, turn hard
   left transfer jump across the fountain to the other side.

Acid Drop Off a Tram

  Cross the bridge and enter the door of the tram tower. Jump to a tram
   and hang off the edge. Drop to the ledge and wait until you cross the
   bridge. When the tram starts to turn, jump off the left side and acid
   drop into the bowl on a roof.

Team Challenge

**Note: This requires all four team members.

  From the bridge, stand at the entrance to a small pathway in front of
   the Barcelona Building left of another skater. Wait for the bull here.
   When it arrives, use it as a kicker and manual. Then perform a 5,000
   point combo on easy, 5,000 on normal. For Steve-O, you can repeat
   wheelies (manuals) for these points.

3.3.3 Guest (Bullfighter)

La Perdrera Spiral Rail

  From the bridge, enter the castle and catapult to the roof. Get off the
   board and jump to the next roof. Turn right and grind the highest inside
   ledge all the way to the floor.

Smells Like Bull Dung

  Find a pile of BS. Use it as a kicker and jump and perform any grab trick.

Make Your Own Phoenix (Our personal favorite)

  By the bridge there is a flaming car. Jump over it to ignite your board.
   Turn left and enter the castle. You will get catapulted through a flock
   of birds. The shot of a flaming bird is very cool.

Don't Touch the Ground

  Cross the bridge. Enter the tram tower. Grind either wire. You can either
   immediately drop to the power line wire, or as soon as you are above the
   bridge railings, jump down to them. Grind all the way across the bridge
   without falling.

3.3.4 Secret (Steve O)	

Steve-O Vs. the Bull

  Find the bull and charge him head on. Hit it however you want.

Parc Guell Combo

  Enter the garden area and do a 15,000 point combo in easy mode; 25,000 on
   normal. You should probably use someone else to do this, it's easier to 
   gain points.

Yee Haw! Fan Boost

  Catapult yourself onto a roof. Turn right and spine down two levels.
   Spine back up the other side. There is now a fan in front of you.
   Ollie while riding over it. Press grab to perform a Yee Haw.
   Then Acid Drop when the trick is finished.

Flip Barcelona's Finest

**Note: Easiest done with a different skater.

  Stand on a table in front of the Barcelona Building. Jump off the table
   and flip trick. Now go to the art museum. Grind the ledge in front of
   it and then jump and perform a flip trick off it. Finally, cross the
   bridge and turn left. Find a wavy concrete surface. At the end it is
   a rail. Flip trick over it.

3.4 Berlin	


*Ausfarht Center* - the place right in front of the starting
                    point. It is on a lower level.

*Galerie* - The building with colored windows and grafittied
            walls around it. It has the roller rink inside.
            Starting position is the doors facing the street.

*Berlin Platz* - The very large central building to the right
                 of the start. Assumed starting position is
                 in front facing the street.

*Church* - Lying on a side of the map in front of Berlin Platz,
           it looks very much like an old church. This buiding
           is extremely visible from nearly anywhere on the map.
           Start in front facing the street.

***NOTE*** When I say start from the... I mean face AWAY from the building.
 When I say the left or right SIDE of the building, I mean with respect to
 facing it, eg. left side of the church, or that the Afropick sign is on
 the right side of the Berlin Platz building.


*Pro* - Next to the QP side of the long concrete wall (probably the Berlin
Wall) behind (the stair side) the Ausfarht Center.

*Guest (Graffiti Tagger)* - From in front of the Galerie, cross the street
to the yellow building. He is in the back right corner.

*Secret (Paulie Ryan)* - From the front of the church facing the street,
turn right and head to the next building. He is in the lot in front of it.

3.4.1 You

Inliners Rule

  From the front of Berlin Platz, cross the street and go up
   the stairs to an open area with a checkered floor. On the
   other side is the first sign. Ride up a QP next to it at an
   angle and hold grind past the kicker and onto the sign.
  From the front of the Galerie, cross the street to where a
   bunch of drunks are hobbling around. Pass them, and turn
   left. Ride up the QP and lip on the second sign.

Free the Spirits

  Enter the church by spining over one of the side walls.
   Sticker slap the cracked wall twice.

Find the Special Guest

  From the front of the church, turn right and you will see a
   white building with two yellow steps. Climb the steps and
   enter the double doors in front of you to find Paulie.

Help Wee-Man

  To the left of the church, or across the street from the Ausfarht
   Center, there is a red brick court. At the end of the wall by
   the street, Wee-Man will be standing in front of an aquarium.
   Sticker slap it twice to break it.

Stop Kids from Smoking

  The three cigarette machine locations are:

   1: From Berlin Platz, cross the street and turn left. at the
      end of the staircase, turn right and go up the small ramp.
      Turn left and sticker slap the first machine.

   2: Behind the Galerie building, in front of the DOWNZEKD!
      building, the second machine is on the right side of a
      graffitied wall.

   3. Go down the stairs of the Ausfarht Center and turn left.
      The last machine is against the wall.

Arcade Machine High Score

  The arcade machine is down the stairs of the Ausfarht Center
   and to the left, right next to a cigarette machine. You need
   to beat 25,000 points on easy; 55,000 on normal.

Find the Graffiti Tagger

  From the Galerie, cross the street and pass the drunks. Ride
   up the QP in front of you angled to the right and grind the
   first ledge of the building. Jump left and get off the board
   in the air so you can land on the ledge. You can also get off
   after the QP jump and grab the ledge. Go to the end of the
   ledge and climb the ladder. Go right to find the painter.

Berlin Gets Owned

  This building should be easy to find - behind the Galerie. Grind
   the dark grey concrete wall between the Galerie and Platz
   buildings toward the sign by riding up the QP side at an angle.
   You may have to jump and grind again for speed. Jump late so you
   can grind the yellow rail up to the sign. Jump and hold right
   and then grind to grind across the letters. If you don't hold
   right, you will lip instead, and that is bad.

3.4.2 Pro

Bam Margera is found on the QP side of the concrete wall among a group
of people, between the Galerie and Berlin Platz buildings.

Grind N Barf

  Grind the concrete wall where Bam is found with the special grind
   of Left, Right, Grind. Now do the same for the rail on the back
   side of the Ausfarht Center.

Almighty Combo

  Pull a 15,000 point combo inside the church on easy; 40,000 points on normal.

Learn the Natas Spin

  Find Natas in between two planters in front of the church. Natas Spin
   three posts he shows you.

Hats on Fire

  In the trench in front of the church, find the fire and light your
   board in it. Find three guards, two to the left of the church, and
   one outside the Ausfarht center. Do flip tricks over them.

So Focused, So Clean

  Get special. Press focus, and then perform a clean vert trick. Repeat
   two more times. 2,000 points each on easy; 10,000 on normal.

Tourist Line

  Start in the courtyard left from the church. Grind the back ledge away
   from the church. Around the bend, jump across to the flashing pipe.
   Now grind the barricades past the pipe, now the J shaped stairs. When
   the stairs curve, go up the QP in front of you and grind the ledge left.
   At the end of the ledge, jump and sticker slap the neon sign. Grind back
   on the ledge, jump at the kicker at the end, and acid drop onto the QP.

**Note: In easy mode, this does not have to be a combo, but in sick mode it
**Note: If you've smashed the cigarette machine in front of the ledge,
  the smoke may obscure your view of the kicker.

Disrupt Communication

  Enter the door at the bottom of the Ausfarht Center. Now turn right a bit
   and then left again to center yourself on the roof. Skate forward and jump
   when you are on the vent. Acid drop onto the opposite roof, then turn
   slightly left. Jump the QP over to the other side, and perform a rocket
   air (up + grab + grab).

Pro Tour Line

  From the Galerie, cross the street past the drunks. Go up the QP and grind
   the first rail to the right. Use the kicker to get up and grind the next
   rail. Go around the corner and kicker again up to the third rail and grind
   again. Jump off before the curve around the building. At the ground,
   wallride the wall on the right and into a grind. Jump the kicker across
   to the DOWNZEKD building. Grind up to the sign and liptrick on it.

3.4.3 Guest (Tagger)

Paint Bomber

  Paint cans are found next to the tagger or in back of the Galerie.
  Painter locations:

   1. From the back of the Galerie, climb the awning of Rasta Blume.
    Jump up to the ledge. Turn left and find the first tagger.
    Throw a can at him.

   2. From outside the Ausfarht Center, turn right and walk down the
    blue pipe. Before the end of the building, stand on it. Face the
    building and jump toward it and grab it. Climb up to the ledge to
    find the second tagger.

   3. The third tagger is on the right wall of the church, w/ respect to
    facing the church from the street.

   4. From Berlin Platz, cross the street and climb up the yellow building
    with the ladder going up the red ledges. He is at the top of the ladder
    to the right.

   5. Climb the Berlin Platz sign from the Afropick side. Go around the
    left to the front of the building above the Berlin Platz sign.
    Can't miss him.

Mark Your Territory


   1. The non-QP side of the concrete wall on the left side of the Galerie

   2. Back wall of the Galerie.

   3. Where you found the painter character - in the corner of the yellow
    building across the street from the Galerie.

   4. Front wall of the church.

   5. From the church, go right, down the street to the end. Turn right,
    and spine up two levels of QPs. Turn left at the top and the last
    SPAT is right there.

Tag the Big Billboard

  Climb the yellow building across the street from the gallerie. Once on
   the third rail, go around to the front portion of the building. Jump
   onto the narrow ledge. Double jump and grab the top of the billboard,
   and paint.

Tagger Skillz

  Inside the church, after having let the spirits out, face the QP in the
   front wall. Go up it for some speed. Coming back down, go across toward
   the smashed wall. Grind the ladder on the floor by doing a quick jump
   and grind for more speed. Don't jump off the ladder. Go up the QP. At
   the peak of your jump, get off the board and grab onto the ladder.
   Climb up it and paint the wall in front of it in several places,
   about one tag-width apart, all the way across it.

3.4.4 Secret (Paulie)

Berlin Tour

  It starts where you get Paulie the first time. It's on the left side
   of the church. Grind the stairs away from the church. After the turn,
   cross the street and go up the ramp. Grind the planter. Go up the QP
   and grind the flashing ledge to the left. Right at the end, there is
   a slight turn. Jump right then to the next flashing ledge, and grind
   it. Fall down the end, and grind the flashing ledge around the fountain.

Wheelin' Combo

  5,000 points on easy; 15,000 on normal.  Ours had some glitch where it
   just didn't accept any combos. Whatever. We got it once. Manuals and hops
   work well.

Skills on Wheels

  Spine up the Afropick side of the Berlin Platz building. You will bail.
   Carefully make your way around to the Berlin Platz side. Turn toward
   the building and go up the QP for speed. Then jump off the ramp. Then
   do a flip and acid drop.

Team Challenge


   Get a 5,000 point combo inside the church on easy; 5,000 on normal.


   On the left side of the church you will find cones. Go up the ramp
   behind them for speed, and manual through them toward the street.
   Continue the manual down the street and turn right down the slope
   through the next set.


   Go to the courtyard to the right of the church. Grind either ledge
    of the circular thingy for ten seconds.

3.5 Australia	


**Crane** - At one end of the "main" street.

**Center Bridge** - the bride with a QP transfer and a Hawk sign hanging
 on it. It's in the middle of the parking lot.

**Tide Pool** - Same side of the map as the crane, a few levels down by
 the beach.

**Lifeguard Shack** - Center of map along the boardwalk.


*Pro* - At the end of main street opposite the crane.

*Guest (Shrimp Vendor)* - Across the street from the bridge.

*Secret (Aboriginee)* - Across the street from the crane, on the red brick.

3.5.1 You

Arcade Machine High Score

  From the Bridge, cross main street. It's right in the center.
   35,000 on easy, 80,000 on normal.

Boardwalk Grind Combo

  From the upper level of the lifeguard shack, go to the end of the level
   on either side. You need to grind all three metal rails along the
   boardwalk and get a certain number of points all in one combo. This
   is easiest done by starting with a trick up on the QP at either end.
   Also, make sure to avoid kickers by the lifeguard shack. 25,000 points
   on easy, 50,000 on normal.

Lipping the Mini

  Start at the upper level of the first aid shack facing the street. Turn
   left. You will see a delapidated half pipe. You must do a certain point
   combo in it that includes a lip trick. 5,000 on easy, 15,000 on normal.

Find the Special Guest

  After you complete "Wake up Sleeping Beauty", go in the hole created to
   the secluded fountain and you will find the aborigine guy.

Drain the Tide Pool

  Starting from the tide pool, grind it's yellow railing such that you
   grind across the generator with the yellow warning sign on it.

Interrupt a Meal or Six

  From the crane, face down the street and you will see a kicker along
   the side of the buildings. Jump up to the awnings. Run or skate through
   the six tables up on this ledge. Easy.

Find the Shrimp Vendor

  From the lower level of the lifeguard shack facing the beach, turn right.
   You should just see him. Follow him through the locker room opening.

Wake up Sleeping Beauty

  From the crane, look across the street to the fire hydrant. Natas Spin
   on it until the video plays.

3.5.2 Pro

Your pro is found at the end of main street opposite the crane in front of
a building QP.

Jumping Without a Parachute

  Starting at the crane, cross the street and follow the buildings on the
   left. Between the last two is a ladder. Climb it. Head right down to the
   end of the ledge. Acid drop into the tide pool below.

Tag the Big Billboard.

  Starting at the crane, cross the street and follow the buildings on the
   left. Between the last two is a ladder. Climb it. Once up it, turn left
   and jump to the ledge sticking out. Run down a short distance, turn left,
   and break through the glass. You are standing above the billboard.
   Hang or hop down and paint it.

Treasure Huntin' Hank

  From the bridge on main street, facing the street, turn left. At the end
   of the street on the right is a white trash can. Natas Spin it. Now go
   to the upper level of the lifeguard shack. On the street side is another
   trash can to spin. Now turn right and go down a ways. Near the end of
   the boardwalk is the last trash can. Natas Spin on it. Now go down to
   the beach. Hank is usually by the lifeguard shack. Find him - he has a
   blue shirt and metal detector. Approaching him will finish the goal.

Focusing on a Clean Double Flip

  Start at the bridge. Face the beach and go down the bridge and left at
   the T. In the parking lot at the bottom, get special. Go up the QP at
   the end of the lot. Now as you approach the cars, hit focus, and do
   a clean 180 double kickflip over both cars.

Kenny's Real Feelings

  From the crane, face the statue in the fountain. Jump up the lip of the
   fountain and Natas Spin the statue's fingers.

Team Challenge

  You, the pro, and the shrimp vendor. Start at the bridge and go to the
   left of the T. You will see a red brick building. Go to the front of it.
   On either side is a kicker. Use it to grind the shingled awning.

Everybody Loves Bigguns

**Note: This is much easier with the aboriginee (secret) in the go-kart.

  Start at the crane, cross the street and head down the grassy slope.
   Cross the brick path until you reach the railing. Turn left. This is
   the first QP of the transfer. Transfer down TWO levels to the QP on
   the lower boardwalk level. Without the aboriginee, it will require
   special and probably some grinding of the logs that lead to the QP.

Balance Up and Over

  Starting at the bridge, go down it on the left side to the parking lot.
   Get special. Head towards the ramp up to the bridge. Manual up the
   entire ramp, across it, and back down the other side. You can use the
   QP at the end of the parking lot for speed.

3.5.3 Guest (Shrimp Vendor)

Shrimp Slap

  From the upper level of the lifeguard shack facing the street, turn
   right and go a short way until you find the shrimp. Pick them up. Now
   go back to the lifeguard tower and walk around the front circle of it.
   Somewhere walking here you will find the first lifeguard. Hit him, then
   head down a level to the beach along the wall. You will find a lifeguard
   here. Now go to the other side and find another walking on the same row.
   Now go down onto the beach itself and there is one on the tide pool side
   and one talking to a woman in the center of the beach.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

  From the road under the bridge facing the beach, head to the building on
   your right. Climb it and get onto the ledge on the side facing the beach.
   Get special here. Now run to the back of the building and enter the space.
   Center yourself, and spine over the QP. At the jump to the other building,
   get focus and then jump. Perform 2 rotisserie's in a row
   (Left + Down + Grab). You can type them in faster than they are performed
   to insure they are done quickly.

Seagull Scatter

  Start in the tide pool. Face the rock wall, and jump up the QP and lip on
   the rock long enough to scare two gulls. When you come down, revert,
   manual, and head left up the pool and grind left to scare another two.
   Jump out of the pool and manual down the path until you can grind up the
   railing to the next level. Manual again until you can grind the next rail
   and scare another two. Maintain your grind until you hit the kicker at
   the end of the rail, which you should use to jump to the lip of the
   lifeguard shack and get another two. When you come back down, manual or
   grind the next rail to get the last two or go up the QP at the end and lip.

  Alternate method (easier):
  Start at the QP at the roof of the building on the end of the level opposite
   the crane. To get there, head left from the lifeguard shack. It looks like
   a hotel. Grind the ledge above the QP for four gulls, then the grind
   continues down the power line across the beach, and around the rock
   above the tide pool. You have 9 now. Manual up the path and grind any
   rail with another gull on it.

Real Men Flip Stairs

  From in front of the bridge with the Hawk sign, get special. Go up the QP
   on the bridge for speed. Then get focus and perform a clean 360 double
   heelflip down the stairs.

3.5.4 Secret (Aboriginee)

Handicap Havoc
  Run over the five handicap signs. Locations:

   1. Main street, between the bridge and the fountain on the side facing
    the beach.

   2. Around the street corner on the side of the level opposite the crane.
    Next to the stairs.

   3. From the parking lot under the bridge facing the beach, head right
    and it's on the left of the road just around the slight curve, in front
    of the building.

   4. From the parking lot under the bridge facing the beach, head left.
    It's at the end of the lot on the right side.

   5. From the lifeguard shack facing the street, head right. It's along
    the boardwalk.

Paradise Combo

  Enter the paradise area where you found the aboriginee. It's entrance is
   by the crane. Grind all of the ledges on the outside in one combo.

Mini Go-Kart Blast Off

  From the parking lot under the bridge, use the QPs to transfer over the
   bridge and do a 540 spin over it.

Help Local Skate Rats

  Grind the crane. Easiest spot is along the tracks.

3.5.5 Special Goals (Beaverhausen)

This is after you have seen the video after Australia, but you are still
in the level. Only two goals.

Piss Off the Construction Workers

  Go to the crane area and get special. Find the 5 contruction workers and
   do beaver blasts (Left + Right + Flip) over them. One is behind the
   fountain. One is on the QP on the other side of the fountain. One is
   next to the crane. One is down the street a bit by the police car.
   The last is at the other end of the street on top of a halfpipe.

Piss Off the Bikini Girls

  Go down to the beach. Climb the second pole from either end of the beach.
   Grind the wire across the beach pasts two and a half posts to complete
   the goal.

Eric Sparrow is now out of the tour.

3.6 New Orleans	


**Center Intersection** - Self explanatory. Manhole in the center.

**Graveyard** - At one end of the level.

**Church** - Opposite the graveyard.

**Riverboat** - Along yet another side of the level.


*Pro* - Standing at one of the corners of the main intersection.

*Guest (Jester)* - From the center intersection, head towards the
 dead end side. Turn right into the bar. He's in front of the drink.

*Secret (Witch Doctor)* - Back of the cemetary, on the largest crypt.

3.6.1 You

Arcade Machine High Score

  From the boat, climb the corner of the red building to your right.
   You will arrive in a burned out space in an upper level. The arcade
   machine is here. 45,000 points on easy; 100,000 on Normal;

Dance, Dance, Dance

  From the center intersection, enter the Royale building, it's in the
   corner between the boat and the church. Turn right and jump the wall.
   Go across and jump into the red rimmed pool. You will see the boombox
   there. If grabs are difficult, use a vent on a building across the
   street for an extra boost.

Riverboat Slapper

  Go to the boat. Jump over the rail and sticker slap the water wheel
   three times. It moves farther away each time.

Find the Jester

  Head around the outside road and find the float. Jump on it.

Mark Your Territory


   1. From the center intersection, head down the street towards the boat.
    Turn left and go over the QP. There is a tag next to the dumpster on
    the right wall.

   2. From center, head down the road away from the boat. Turn right when
    you can. There's a tag on the right wall.

   3. Go to the outside street corner between the boat and the cemetery.
    On the cemetary side, face the building and yuou will see an entrance.
    Go in, to get onto the Green Goddess rooftop. The tag is visible
    immediately on the left.

   4. Go to the church. Head to the right of it and climb the building.
    The tag is on the wall above the ledge on the street side, not the
    church side.

   5. To the left of the cemetary, across the street you will see a parking
    sign. Enter the garage, stop, and jump to get rocketed to the roof.
    You will see it when ou get onto the top.

Water Tower Slap

  From the outside street corner between the boat and cemetary, face the
   center of the map. On the cemetary side of the corner, you will see an
   entrance. Go in and you will find the water tower. Go up one of the QPs
   on the side of the entrance and up to the red ramp. Jump to the tower and
   sticker slap it.

Raise the Dead

  Enter the cemetary. Grind or kick the skulls off each crypt. You have a
   time limit from the first to the last skull knocked off. Watch the awesome
   video where the voodoo witch doctor raises the souls and turns people
   into zombies.

Save Nawlins

**Note** - Do this ONLY after you complete the secret character goal
"Tricycle vs. Zombie". If you save the city first, you will have to
raise the dead to get the zombies back.

  From the center - obviously - spine over the hellmouth into hell.
   Hold grind and you should grind the circle of hell. Jump off.
   Now head to the church and do an airwalk (Downright + Grab) in
   a transfer over the statue. (What happened to Christ Air???)

3.6.2 Pro

Nawlins Street Spine

  From center, enter Boo Yas, the building on the corner between the
   cemetary and the road with no marker. The building you will spine to
   is to your right now. Enter the pool and get special, then spine over
   the street to the next building. Hit the spine button as soon as you
   jump, not at the peak of the jump.

Wallie the Trolley

  Go the the boat side of the level. There is a trolley with napster signs
   on it. Wallride and then wallie off of it. Done.

Spine Transfer Combo

  Enter the Boo Yas building. Turn left, then walk down and turn left past
   the QP. Go up the ramp onto the helipad. Go up the QP and spine it.
   Revert, manual, jump and spine the next, then revert, manual, spine

Tag the Big Billboard

  From the center, enter the building with no sign on it. Josh O'Brien's
   Rooftop. Turn right. Spine over this pool QP. Jump the other side of
   the next pool and get off your board in mid-jump and grab the pipes.
   Climb them up to the billboard. Paint it.

Manhole Manual

  From the cemetary entrance, face the center of the level. Head down the
   street manualing. Manual over all of the small manhole covers all the
   way to the church.

For the Birds

  Enter Boo-YA's. Look left to the far QP. Spine it. Then go up the next
   QP in front of the cemetary. Spine again and hopefully hit three birds
   in midair. If you miss, you can turn around and enter the building through
   the parking garage launcher.

Gas Lamp District

  Along the river, where you see planters with purple rails, grind the
   rails and use the ends as kickers. Use them to hit the gas lamps
   above you. Smash three of them.

Big and Focused

  Get special, then focus, and do a combo. Do tricks very quickly to
  maintain focus. 40,000 points on easy; 100,000 on Normal;

3.6.3 Guest (Jester)

Girls Gone Crazy Parade

  At the end of the graveyard, grab some beads by two girls across from
   the parking sign. Wait for the float to come out. Get on it on foot.
   While on it, hit five girls with beads.

Drop a Hurricane

  From the church, go toward the center and turn left into the bar.
   You will see a VERY tall drink. Double jump up it and acid drop into it.

Team Challenge

  Three members (you, pro, jester) must do any special trick while in
   the church courtyard.

Balcony Breaker

  **Although we have completed this goal, we have not found a reliable
    repeatable strategy for it.**

3.6.4 Secret (Witch Doctor)

Tricycle vs. Zombie

  With the witch doctor, ride through the streets and smash over ten zombies.

Super Trash

  From the center, head toward the boat and turn left halfway down the
   street. Spine over the QP and jump over the dumpster. Perform the grab
   trick over it.

Natas Neversoft

  Spine over the front gate of the cemetary. On the way back down, perform
   a Natas Spin. Hold for 10 seconds.

Sign Spinner

  From the center, head to the boat. Down the street, turn left. Go up the
   QP and grind left. You will go past the Nawlins sign, then around the
   building to another sign. Now go back to the cemetary. The building on
   the right has a grate ramp. Go up it and grind it's railing to hit the
   last sign.

3.6.5 Special

The Equalizer

  From the start, turn right and go into the parking garage. Jump the side
   of the ramp and go up to the helipad. Grab onto the helicopter. When it
   stops, let go and acid drop, then get off the board and grab on again.
   It will move again, when it stops, acid drop again. Go across the pool
   and spine over the helicopter (wow it moved fast!)

3.7 Skatopia	

Skatopia is easiest to navigate on foot.


**House** - The house-like structure at the entrance.

**Roofed Pool** - The concrete pool with a high roof above it in the center
 of the level.

**Barn** - Red barn in the back of the level.

**Schoolbus park** - At the top of the hill, there is a burned out purple
 bus in front of a dirt pool. This pool area is the park.


*Pro (Tony Hawk)* - Porch of the house, up the front stairs.

*Guest (Ryan Sheckler)* - Inside the space through the barn.

*Secret (Big Foot)* - Behind the house.

3.7.1 You

Arcade Machine High Score

  From the back of the house, get off the board and climb the net.
   Enter the mineshaft. The machine is on the left. 50,000 points on easy;
   150,000 on Normal;

Locate the Chainsaw

  From schoolbus park (you can climb the hill's facade), climb to the top
   of the tree between the dog and the mineshaft. Jesse James will attach
   the motor to a board, but bigfoot steals it.

The Legend of Bigfoot

  From the back of the house, climb the net. Bigfoot is to the right.
   Approach him.

Zipline Toss Drop

  Between the roofed pool and the hill, on the hillside, climb the ladder.
   At the top there is a zipline. Grab it. It will throw you up, and acid
   drop at the top.

Launch the Firework

  From the barn, facing the schoolbus park, look right. Note the flaming
   trash heap. Go up the white QP behind it, then jump the pile for a
   boost. Land on the barn roof or the roof next to it. In the air, jump
   off the board. Jump on the barn roof and touch the firework at the top.

Tag the Big Billboard

  From schoolboard park, drop down the front face of the cliff to find the
   billboard. Alternately, climb the hill from the back of the house.
   Paint it.

Mark Your Territory


   1. From the front of the house, face the entrance. There is a tag on
    the back of the giant Skatopia sign.

   2. From the back of the house, climb the front of the cliff.
    Hang off it and hit the tag.

   3. The left wall of the barn.

   4. Go around the right wall of the barn. Around the back is a ladder
    where the blue tarp is. Climb it and the tag is on the wall up here.

   5. From schoolbus park, climb the front ledge. The tag is on the side
    of the shack in front of the mineshaft.

Find Ryan Sheckler

  Go the the barn door. Climb the ladder or double jump into the opening.
   Just get in there. He's in there.

3.7.2 Pro (Tony Hawk)

Tree Top Spin And Bomb

  From schoolbus park, climb the tree up the front ledge. Natas spin the tree.
   Jump off and acid drop.

Mountain Top Manual

  From schoolbus park, face the barn. There is a blue starting line across
   the path downhill. Manual from the line all the way down the hill,
   around two turns. Avoid the car. You have to make it out the front gate.

Lumberjack Combo

  From the left side of the house, you will see a wooden A frame with a
   zipline on it. Grab it and go up the hill. At the top you will be
   standing on the log. Grind it, jump and grind, jump and grind, across
   the three logs.

Spine the Mine

  Starting from schoolbus park facing the outhouse. Spine over it and
   down the mineshaft.

Skatopia Spine Combo

  From schoolbus park, face the roofed pool. Jump the QP at the right side
   of the blue lip. Spine combo through the pool and down the other side.

Downhill Line

  From the schoolbus park, face the blue lipped QP left of the Bigfoot
   painting. Grind that downhill. As soon as the next lip lights up,
   jump right and grind on it. Then jump off and manual. Grind the lit QP,
   jump off, grind the lip of the roofed pool, jump off at the end and
   manual. Wallride into a wallie up the trailor and grind it's roof.
   Then jump and grind the wooden QP lip. Then grind the skatopia sign's

Jump to the Weather Balloon

  Start in the schoolbus park. In the back curve, where a bug zapper
   is hung, face the QP where it says SKATOPIA in green. Face the K
   approximately. Go up it and spine to the small wood QP. Jump the
   ramp and get off the board and grab the balloon's line.

Scrape the Hives


   1. Left side of the roofed pool, between the pool and the cliff.
    Go to the back of the pool (the uphill side). Go up the QP and
    grind the blue rail. Jump and wallride the hive.

   2. Fence on the right side of barn. From the barn, go left around it.
    Grind the pipe. Around the second curve, jump and wallride.

   3. Start at the top of the hill behind the schoolbus (near the flaming
    trash pile). Go up the QP and grind the QP lip (not the fence)
    downhill. Experiment with the timing, but you have to jump and wallride
    before you reach the bottom.

   4. From the left side of the roofed bowl, climb the cliff wall. You will
    see a small funbox on this ledge. Use it in the downhill direction to
    hit the hive. This one is pretty difficult. Use a steep angle to the wall.

   5. Face the barn, and go to the right edge of the map. Head to the back
    corner. Go up the concrete QP with a fence at the top. Grind the fence.
    Jump late and wallride the rock wall.

3.7.3 Guest (Ryan Sheckler)

One Long Electric Wire

  Schoolbus park. Face the bus. Go up the plywood kicker in front of the bus.
   Grind the electric wire. Hold the grind alllll the way down. Easy on easy.
   Very hard on normal and sick.

Shack Attack

  Start at the blue shack near the house. Manual on the way in and on the way
   out. Manual down the hill like in the downhill manual goal. You can also
   grind. Past the house and left side of the red shack. Make a sharp turn
   and enter the red shack.

Over the House

  Start in schoolbus park. Climb up the front ledge and stand in front where
   you see the house directly in front. Acid drop down and kick off the red
   ramp up the back wall of the house.

Zipline Wire Bomb

  Start in schoolbus park. Head out past the schoolbus to the log beam beneath
   the zipline. Grind the log, then jump and grind the zipline, then jump
   and acid drop.

3.7.4 Secret (Bigfoot)

Skatopia Transfer

  Vert Transfer from either of the QPs on the sides of the Skatopia sign to the

Grow Some Plants

  Find the plants and flip trick over them. Locations:

   1. From the front of the house, turn left. Up the hill, you will see the
    little wood box with a yellow seed sign sticking up from it.

   2. From the barn, facing the barn, turn left, and pass the fullpipe. It's
    right next to the front of the fullpipe. Same look of the plants.

   3. From the barn, face the entrance. Go past the swamp and the tree to find
    the last planter.

A Clear Path

  Start from schoolbus park. Go to the side of the bus by the zipline. Theres a
   narrow path to the left of the yellow lip. Jump down the slope (don't just
   ride down it or you will get excess air.) Manual down it, and ollie as soon
   as you hit the blue of the ramp.

Manual Up a Slope

  From the back of the house on the left side, jump off the orange kicker and
   land in a manual. The board will power you up the steep hill. Done.

3.7.5 Special (Bam, You)

Spin Bomb

  Climb the house. At the roof, climb the spin bomb pole. Grind the circular
   lip around four times.

Rockets Battery

  From the back of the house go right up the hill. You will see the glory

   On easy: Do one Natas Spin on a rocket on top of it.

   Normal and Sick: Natas Spin on four different rockets consecutively.

Fountain O Glory

  From the barn, look left. Big tall firework. Get off the board. Jump
   and grab the fuse. Shimmy to the top and jump onto the top.
   Grind the fuse all the way down.

Box Bombs

  Find the box bombs in front of the barn.

   On easy: Jump on all 8 of them.

   Normal and sick: Hit all 8 in two combos. (Use combo run-out!)

Giant Bomb

  Schoolbus park. Climb the giant bomb with some double jumping.

Evacuate the Dogs

  From the start, quickly turn right and begin to skate down the hill.
   You have to get out the entrance, but hit as many dogs as you can on
   the way out, as they add to your time.

Escape from Skatopia

  Easy mode: From the start, turn right and grind down this QP railing.
   Hold this grind until the end.

  Normal and Sick: You start higher up. Go up the QP and grind. Use any
   path you want to combo down the park and to the sign.

That's it, you've completed story mode!

3.8 Pro Skater Level Stuff

  At first I didn't know there was so much to this level. You start in
   an alien hangar or something. Theres a ship in front of you and a
   giant door behind you.

  If you go up a level and to the left, there's an elevator. At the top,
   an alien scientist tells you to activate the switches. They're on the
   wall below the bridge. To get them, Go back down, and go up the QPs
   and grind on the wire. Jump up quickly to grind on the green wire.
   When you get around to the bridge, they will slope up. Jump off the
   ends and sticker slap the controls. Do the same on the other side.

  It will play a video of the doors opening and the ship flying through
   a portal. If you go back down you can go through the portal to come
   out at some ancient central American temple. A guy in front says not
   to deface the monkey idols. Obviously this is what we are going to

   There are two idols outside the building on the front. Paint them.
    The next two are inside, on the left and right walls. The last is
    up at the very top level behind the giant monkey statue.

   You will now see a portal to hell open. You can either jump in it
    to go to hell, or knock down the monkey's ball.

   To knock it down, just go to the upper level and grind the ledges
    to which the support cables are attached on the left and right of
    the statue. The ball will fall off and make a large hole in the

   In hell, you will see lost souls wandering around. The level is just
    a few circles of hell, and you can only go around it. At one end
    of the starting circle is an imp or something. He will tell you
    to do a lip on the broken ribs on either side of him. Once you do
    that they will fall, and you can grind or skate across them and
    sticker slap the runes on the pillars. That will open the lounge
    area, where you can dance with the devil. Not much of a reward
    for all this work.

   The alien hangar now has a portal to hell, if you go behind where
    the ship was, bust through some glass, and get to the lower level,
    theres a hole in the ground that leads to hell.


4. Classic Mode


Obviously, all starting points are the start of the level. All
"find things" goals are done in a preset order, instead of trying
to tell you where each object is from the starting point.

***BIG NOTE!*** The "Set Restart" option IS YOUR FRIEND. USE IT.
Especially when we say. Usually set it at the hardest location of
a goal, like collecting objects that are hard to reach.

4.1 Barcelona

4.1.1 Goals

Scores and Combo

  Immediately turn right and go down the street a short bit and turn
   left, then go between buildings. Past the brick tower, turn around
   to the left and spine up twice to get to a bowl roof.


  Immediately turn left to the street, go toward the station. Get the
   S in the center. Now go toward the garden and up the QP to the K.
   Follow the level around to the gardens. Jump to get the A. The T
   is by the art building. Grind it's ledge fast and jump to it. The
   E is on the bridge. You can just climb a post to the railing.


  Grind the ledge to the C, jump right and grind the rail for the O
   and around to the M. Manual and then jump and grind the B. Jump
   and manual and jump up the QP into the O. If you don't have the
   speed, grind the lip and then jump.

Collect 5 Tapas

  Turn around and cross the bridge. The first is on an orange rail on
   the left side in front of you. Now grind the rail on the right around
   the corner to the left, and jump to the wire for the second. Fall in
   the water. Now from the restart, go forward and up the red QP thing
   to the left for the third. Next is up the graffitied wall past it.
   The last is on top of the building ledge.

Secret Tape

  Turn around to the bridge. Get off the board halfway across the bridge.
   Get off the board and climb a support post to get the tape.

Manual the Subway

  Go forward a few feet. Turn around and face the subway entrance. Manual
   before you enter and maintain it when you come out.

Grind the World's Longest Bench

  Go forward and around the level to the gardens. Make your way to the top.
   At the top turn around and there is a big wavy bench. Grind from one
   end to the other.

4.2 Australia

4.2.1 Goals

Scores and Combo

  Go up behind you to the street. Turn right and head to the fountain.
   Use any QP for vert if you want and lip, and use the fountain for
   a continuous grind. You can also use the tide pool a few levels down.


  Turn left and go to the building behind the fountain. Climb it. To do
   so, double jump and grab a balcony. Stand on the very right and jump
   up the wall to the left and grab, you should grab the next balcony.
   Up two levels turn left and see the A. Set a restart here! Once you
   have the A, go back to the bridge. Turn around and on the right of the
   red building is a kicker, use it to get to the awning and get off your
   board in midair. Jump through the glass into the bowl. Jump out the
   building to get the S. Now head up to the street and continue in the
   same forward direction to the end of the street. Turn right and see
   the K up a small QP. Now go back to the white building next to the
   bridge. Climb it and inside the roof area is the T. Now go down to the
   beach. Climb a pole and grind the wire towards the E.


  Go straight under the bridge and grind the white rail. It will hit the C.
   Then jump and continue grinds for the O and M. Manual and jump the QP
   and grind left for the B. Then jump right for the O.

Smash 5 Flower Pots

 These are easiest off your board so you don't grind the wrong thing.

  Forward under the bridge and left. It's on the stairs of the brick
   building. Next continue forward and  

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