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Taking its cue from the previous game, Tomb Raider II sees Croft becoming embroiled in a brand new globe-trotting hunt for treasure.
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Tomb Raider II

Tomb Raider II Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

It was only a year ago that Eidos Interactive released Tomb Raider, a game that had such innovative flare that it defined its publisher as a formidable force in the gaming industry. With its cavernous 3D environments and charismatic protagonist - a hip English jet-setter named Lara Croft - Tomb Raider pioneered new territory in gaming. But can Tomb Raider II, which seldom strays from the original formula, stand up to the new generation of action games on the shelf? Definitely.

Taking its cue from the previous game, Tomb Raider II sees Croft becoming embroiled in a brand new globe-trotting hunt for treasure. Again, levels are lushly appointed with colorful textures, taking you on a visual voyage from the waterways of Venice to eerie subterranean catacombs, this time in search of the Dagger of Xian, a relic that supposedly bestows great power upon its bearer.

Once again, plot has little bearing on the Tomb Raider experience. Most of Lara's activities still consist of finding a key to open a door to find another key, with a lot of puzzle solving in between. For example, in one level a switch is thrown and a door opens in another part of the level. When the door is finally reached, it's shut. Solution: Drive a speedboat up to the door as soon as the switch is thrown. There are also a host of "timed" traps, where Lara will find herself having to charge desperately through a labyrinth of encroaching spikes and collapsing floors when she least expects it. It's the process of finding the key, of getting to that particular door that just opened, that makes Tomb Raider II a truly engaging adventure.

Complaints about the original, such as the tedium of levels and Lara's sometimes erratic control, have definitely been addressed in the sequel. Basic moves such as running leaps and grabs are slightly easier to perform with the new and improved heroine. Most importantly, this helps the levels stay interesting. From the very beginning, each trap or physical obstacle poses an extreme challenge, forcing you to control Lara with the utmost adeptness. More often than not, getting Ms. Croft from one ledge to another requires that two or more specific moves are executed in series. Performing a Hail-Mary leap only to cling successfully to a far-away wall; figuring out how to execute that perfect double-gainer back flip to get around a seemingly impassable trap: These kind of activities become the most rewarding part of playing the game.

Apart from being larger, the levels in Tomb Raider II are also more geographically interesting. Lara is exaggeratedly dwarfed in her surroundings, scaling the enormous walls of a gangster hideout's vestibule during one adventure, swinging from balcony to balcony in a surrealistically proportioned opera house during another. When dropped into these extremely spacious environments, Lara becomes a sort of modern Alice in Wonderland with you ultimately acting as guide. Featuring 18 massive levels, it's probably safe to say that Tomb Raider II represents more of an adventure than Alice ever had.

Tomb Raider was all about looks, and Tomb Raider II continues that trend. When running the game with a 3Dfx card, it's often tempting to simply sit back and take in the view. Combining breathtaking landscapes, fluid, Disney-like character animation, and (most importantly) a nicely balanced procession of obstacles, traps, and puzzles, Tomb Raider II is an excellent continuation to the Lara Croft saga.

Tomb Raider II Game Walkthrough

    /Ż| Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthough by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)  |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|
  _/  |_  ____   _____ŻŻ|__   _______ ____  |ŻŻ| __|ŻŻ/___________ Ż| |Ż| |Ż
  _  __/  _  /     ) __   _  __ __   |ŻŻ|/ __ (/ __ _  __  | | | |   
   |  | (  {_} )        _   |  | // __ |  / /_/ |  ___/|  | / | | | |
   |  |  ____/|__|_|  /___  /  |__|  (____  }______ |___  }__|   _| |_| |_
   |  |              )/    )/              )/        )/    )/      |_________|
    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. GENERAL INFO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GNRL
  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) The Great Wall ............................................... WK01
       02) Venice ....................................................... WK02
       03) Bartoli's Hideout ............................................ WK03
       04) Opera House .................................................. WK04
       05) Offshore Rig ................................................. WK05
       06) Diving Area .................................................. WK06
       07) 40 Fathoms ................................................... WK07
       08) Wreck of the Maria Doria ..................................... WK08
       09) Living Quarters .............................................. WK09
       10) The Deck ..................................................... WK10
       11) Tibetan Foothills ............................................ WK11
       12) Barkhang Monestary ........................................... WK12
       13) Catacombs of the Talion ...................................... WK13
       14) Ice Palace ................................................... WK14
       15) Temple of Xian ............................................... WK15
       16) Floating Islands ............................................. WK16
       17) The Dragon's Lair ............................................ WK17
       18) Home Sweet Home .............................................. WK18

   IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Secrets .......................................................... SCRT
       Enemies .......................................................... ENMS
       Cheats ........................................................... CHTS

    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                     _____         |  |         _____
    L2 BUTTON -->   /____/        |  |        /____   <-- R2 BUTTON
    L1 BUTTON -->  /____/ _______|  |_______/ /____  <-- R1 BUTTON
                  /  _    ________|__|________/    _  
                 / _| |_                         _ /_ _  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
    PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                /            ____        ____            
               /            /      __  /                
                        / ____/ /   ____/ /         /
                       /  ______/    ______/         /
                 _____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG_____/
                            (L3)          (R3)

 Button information is based off the default configurations, which can be
 changed in the menu's "Controller" option. Tomb Raider II is _NOT_ compatible
 with analog sticks, and will act like the controller is disconnected if it's
 turned on -- sorry!
 ___________ ______________________ __________________________________________
| MANEUVER  | BUTTON COMBINATION   | OTHER INFO                               |
| Action    | X                    | Move blocks, take items, flip levers...  |
| Backflip  | Down + Square        | Press O-button to roll in midair         |
| Camera    | L1 + Direction       | Use third-person camera to survey area   |
| Dismount  | Square               | Backflip off when on a ladder/trellis    |
| Draw      | Triangle             | Un/holsters currently selected weapon    |
| Handstand | R1 + Square          | Can only be used when hanging from ledge |
| Jump      | Square (+ Direction) | X-button: catch ledges, weaken jump arc  |
| Movement  | D-pad                | Controls Lara like a marionette          |
| Roll      | Circle               | Can be combined with any jump type       |
| Run       | Up                   | Faster movement but much less safe       |
| Shimmy    | Left/Right + X       | Can only be used when hanging from ledge |
| Shoot     | Drawn Weapon + X     | Fires at nearest locked-on target        |
| Sideflip  | Left/Right + Square  | Handy for evasive maneuvers              |
| Sidestep  | R2 + Left/Right      | Move laterally to get better positioning |
| Slow Walk | R1 + Direction       | While doing, can't fall off ledges!      |
| Swan Dive | R1 + Up + Square     | Dive off high ledges in style            |
| Swim      | Square               | Quick movement via breaststroke          |
| Turbo     | Up + Square          | In a speedboat/red snowmobile only       |
| Use Flare | L2 Button            | Provides light if flares are available   |
| Vault Up  | Up + Square          | Pull up onto a ledge automatically       |

 Lara can do a lot, but there are some features she can't do:

 • Sprint (extra-strength running)
 • Turning corners while shimmying
 • Draw normal weapons in waist-deep/underwater, or while hanging from ledges

 This walkthrough uses terminology for certain actions/things:

 • Clubthug (a gunless enemy, armed only with a bat/club)
 • Flatfoot jump (a standing jump in a certain direction)
 • Softdrop (jumping backwards off a ledge, hanging, then dropping down safely)
 • Jump-n'-grab (jumping to a ledge and grabbing its ledge)
 • Backflip roll-n'-grab (during backflip, roll in midair to catch ladder aft)

II. GENERAL INFO                                                         [GNRL]
 # DISCS: 1
 MEMCARD: 1 Block
 RELEASE: 1997 [US/EU], 1998 [JP] 
 RANKING: Teen [13+]

 This is a collection of general tips that'll help the player. If a reader has
 a good one, send it in and I'll put it here.

 • SAVE OFTEN. This is probably the #1 best tip ever. If Lara gets in a bind
   later, just reset; if some weird noise is coming from an adjacent room,
   this is a way to prepare for it. The usual downside to saving is that if
   one gets in a bind with no way out, that ruins the game! Not so in this
   case. Unlike TR games that followed, Lara can reload the entire level should
   something go terribly awry, and there aren't many places where that's even
   possible. Learning when to save is the fast track to success, and usually
   helps conserve items, medipacks in particular.

 • CONSERVE AMMO. Do you really need to shoot birds with grenade launchers?
   How about pumping uzi rounds into a spider? There are plenty of weapons
   that pack a punch but wasting them on generic baddies, such as clubthugs
   who have no ranged weapon, is just dumb. Case in point: during the last
   two levels (not counting Home Sweet Home) there are enemies that will need
   grenade/uzi/M16 rounds to be dealt with quickly. Using the infinite-ammo
   pistols works well almost all the time, especially when used in conjunction
   with the first tip -- a lot easier to know what's coming!

 • SURVEY THE AREA. Using the look-around button (L1) often provides clues on
   where to go, and is helpful in spotting places one might not see. Consider
   this a must when searching for the dragon artifacts hidden on most levels.
   And although it's fairly obvious, don't waste flares unless Lara's in a
   dark place -- there are a few pitch-black rooms/caverns towards the end of
   the game.

 • SEARCH OUT SECRETS. On all levels but the last two, there are artifacts of
   three types: silver, gold, jade. The order they appear differs from area to
   area, and they aren't useful on their own, but when the set is completed,
   Lara is rewarded with extra ammunition (or a gun, if she doesn't have it).
   Sometimes these require a little work but it's always helpful to have lots
   of ammunition, particularly towards the end of the game when grenades help
   a lot.

 • Spike pits and glass shards pop up quite a lot in this game, and while
   they provide instant death if Lara falls on them from above, she can walk
   through them (with R1) harmlessly if they're on her level. Running through
   them or jumping out of them still damages however, but the latter is really
___________________________________________________/ III. WALKTHROUGH - WLKT |_
01) THE GREAT WALL                                                       [WK01]
 NOTE: Numbers on the map represent secrets' location (and recommended order)

      __ _|Ż|_ _ _ _____                            _________________________
     |  |START| | |     | Numbers (#s) denote the  |                         |
     |  |     | )    A  | order secrets're gotten  | A: Connected Passage    |
     |   ____/  | |_____|          _____           | B: The Great Wall       |
     |________/ | |__   |_________|     |          | C: Guardhouse           |
         |1       |  A   ___ B ___   C  |____      | D: Boobytrapped Pool    |
          ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|_____|         |________  |     | E: Boulder Trap         |
                  |    J|_________|______ _| |_    | F: Spikewall Trap       |
                  | 3IŻŻ            _   _|     |   | G: Spikewall Trap (x3)  |
                  |_____     H     |_ G _|  D  |   | H: Rolling Razorwheels  |
                        |__________|_ 2 _|_   _|   | I: Zipline              |
                                   __| |___| |___  | J: Exit Door            |
                                  |   F     E    | |_________________________|
TIGER CAVE                         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 Our gal starts the level by sliding into a cavern from a helicopter rope. She
 seems to have packed light -- her inventory only has one of each medipack,
 two Flares, and two Shotgun shells! No enemies are here yet, so quickly run
 to the small pool nearby and find a pull-up point against the wall. Snipe a
 tiger who's gotten loose below, then do a flatfoot diagonal jump from the
 ledge to the pillar, then around the corner. This should bring Lara to the
 "left" wall from where she entered the level. Climb up again, turn around,
 do a jump to the overhang. The SILVER DRAGON [1/3] on another overhang above
 the ledges below. By now, if you look around (L1 Button), the way upwards
 should be clear: there's an opening atop the climbing course we're doing.
 At the top, do a running jump over the slanted rock and land right by the
 entrance! There's nothing inside, although one corner has a grate that will
 immediately cave-in if Lara stands there -- do so.

 The pool Lara falls into has some steps on one edge and a lever in a far
 corner. Do a running jump-n'-grab to pull up there, operating the device to
 unlock the door.

 Exit onto the great wall and kill the three carrion birds who attack (one
 from behind after awhile). Part of the great wall has fallen away and now
 leads downwards to a vacant pool. Dive into it and find the crawlspace with
 the GUARDHOUSE KEY within. This unleashes a tiger above somehow -- scramble
 to high ground against the wall and kill it from there. Coincidentally, that
 high ground is also the way back up! Unlock the guardhouse with the new key.

 Kill the tarantulas and find the RUSTY KEY up the ladder, which unlocks the
 old door below. Beyond, smoke smore more spiders and pick up the SHOTGUN
 SHELLS and LARGE MEDIPACK by the pathetic corpse. A pushable block disguises
 a doorway leading to a slide. This drops Lara off by a boobytrapped pool:
 razor-sharp discs will fly out of the walls and try to cut her up if she
 takes the obvious way through. Instead of wading, look for a crack along the
 long wall and grab on, shimmying over the bulk of the traps.

 Climb up the passage beyond and save! The floor here crumbles and plummets
 Lara into spikes if she lollygags, so quickly enter the cavern beyond (this
 shuts the door). Boulders will roll in from the "left" so run to the "right,"
 where the only entrance is. Jump over the spikes at the bottom to land in a
 hole with...more spikes! These ones are on walls and encroaching quickly, so
 climb into the sidepassage to evade 'em. This safe spot is a good place to

 Quickly run along, jumping over the scythe traps and crumbling floor, until
 landing back in a room with spiked walls trying to make a Lara sandwich. Pick
 up the JADE DRAGON [2/3] quickly and run through the series of spikewalls,
 until sliding into a hole with a final one. Do a quick roll and find the old
 flooring that falls away, putting Lara in a safe passage once again. Save!

 In the cavern with rolling razorwheels, pick up the SMALL MEDIPACK and blaze
 through to the other end with a zipline. Kill all spiders here (I counted 5)
 and save. It's possible to descend into the canyon! Look for a drop-down
 point to a moss-covered platform, then shimmy across the crack to a pull-up
 spot. Beyond is FLARES, and a ladder that leads up (to zipline) and down (to
 cavern bottom). The lower way is dark so be careful.

 There will be two skeletons beneath there. Approach them to hear something
 wicked this way come -- it's a t-rex, man! I suggest retreating to the
 passage with the ladder and shooting from there since it can't fight back.
 When it finally dies, collect the Gold Dragon [3/3] from the cave, hopefully
 receiving extra items as well: a GRENADE LAUNCHER (6 rounds) & SMALL MEDIPACK!
 The Grenade Launcher should be saved for a rainy day, particularly the game's
 final levels...don't waste it on scrubs! Q

 Quickly run back to the ladder passage because another t-rex will be on the
 prowl and this one can enter the gold dragon niche! Climb the ladder back up
 to its apex and jump down near the zipline; this time, take it across to the
 opposite side (1-way). Destroy the tiger family

 Beyond the zipline area is a small cave with modern equipment around. Approach
 the door to leave. No more dark underground pits to walk in this time!

02) VENICE                                                               [WK02]
              EXIT           |  G  |
               | |           |     |_ ___ ___
              _|J|_______|ŻŻŻŻŻ   Ż3 |   | I |
             |             |ŻŻ||ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|     |
             |_| |ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻ| |  ||       | |ŻŻŻ
               |F    |   | |__| ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  |                           ________
               |E|___|___|      |Ż   Ż|ŻŻ                           | LEGEND |
                    | |         |_____|  | A: Boathouse                      |
               |ŻŻŻŻ D|____              | B: 3F Building                    |
               |    |      |             | C: Skybridge Switch               |
               |____| | |  |             | D: Boat Lock                      |
                    |      |             | E: Gondolas                       |
        N            ŻŻŻŻ| |             | F: Footbridge                     |
        |            |Ż|_| |  |ŻŻŻŻŻ|    | G: "H" Switch                     |
        |            |2 ___|  |  A _|    | H: Iron Key                       |
        |            | |1|____|_  |C|    | I: Exit Gate                      |
 W------+------E     |____ CANAL  | |    | J: Sunken Shipmines               |
        |                 |   |ŻŻŻ| |    |___________________________________|
        |                 |_   B__| |
        |                   | |  ___|
        S            _____|Ż   Ż|  
                    |START      |
                     ŻŻŻŻŻ|_____|                              BOATHOUSE RAID
 From the starting blind alley, continue to a small area underneath a balcony,
 which has a sniper up top. A doberman attacks en route, and another when Lara
 tries to use the adjacent alley to get a bead on the elevated attacker. Near
 the canal, a club-swinging henchman attacks...didn't he ever hear the maxim
 "Never bring a club to a gunfight"? Either way, he drops a SMALL MEDIPACK.
 Swim underneath the wooden gate across the canal to find a boat (ignore for
 now) and a button that opens a door somewhere.

 Back on dry land, enter the building the club-wielding thug emerged from
 and take the FLARES. The button here opens the 2F trapdoor, and up a level,
 that button opens the 3F trapdoor. On the roof, a larger building adjoins --
 Lara can shoot out the window for a makeshift entrance. There will be a 3rd
 doberman in the building interior, and the already-broken window leads to the
 sniper's balcony. Pry the BOATHOUSE KEY from his cold fingers and flip the
 skybridge switch accessible from the doberman building, opening a wooden door
 over the canal accessible by the red awnings.

 To get there, shoot out the window in the building connected to the skybridge
 (it's the only one unbroken), jumping from the sill to the awning. The lever
 in the newly-opened door pulls back the wooden gate sitting half-sunken in
 the canal. Once Lara re-enters the boathouse and uses the new key, it'll be
 possible to use the craft in the canal, too. Make sure to kill the new moron
 who appears; he drops AUTOMATIC PISTOLS a.k.a. Uzis. Drive the boat through
 the canal entrance now, and light a flare to see an alcove that contains the
 first secret [1/3], the SILVER DRAGON and FLARES. [The ladder here leads down
 to two rats and into a lower canal area; this is just to get the secret a
 different way since the boat won't be able to go back after a point.]

 Drive the boat until it falls over a dropoff, then disembark and swim down
 to the next secret [2/3], the GOLD DRAGON. Keep driving until Lara finds a
 locked canal gate and a ladder. There are sunken UZI CLIPS (x2) here, and
 they're easy to find with a flare in hand. Anyway, back to the gate dock.

 Break into the window and kill the thug/rats who appear; the man drops AUTO
 PISTOL AMMO, plus there are SHOTGUN SHELLS near the locked door. Get back in
 the boat and drive it forward into the lock, then exit and swim back to the
 building. Use the switch inside to flood the lock, raising the boat's height
 to clear the ledge -- it's accessible via the ladder outside. To open the
 far gate, there is a sunken wall lever within this enclosed portion.

 Once out in the fresh air, hang a left to Point "E", where Lara can bust
 through a bunch of gondolas like a James Bond stuntman. There will be a thug
 near the docked speedboat, so get on dry land and snipe him from afar (he
 won't reciprocate) and take his two M16 CLIPS. The door he was guarding is
 locked and north of there are some visible landmines blocking the level exit.
 We'll have to go around!

 Dock the boat by where the gondolas were and do a flatfoot jump-n'-grab to
 the red awning across the water. From here Lara can get access to a higher
 footbridge with a club-wielding henchman and a doberman, the former dropping
 a LARGE MEDIPACK. A third man will tote some guns around the corner, and he
 leaves the useful STEEL KEY to unlock the door nearby. There's a lever inside
 that raises a side-canal's gate, but one more is needed. Be prepared for a 3rd
 henchman upstairs who drops two sets of AUTO PISTOL AMMO.

 This time, return to the entrance and hang a right down the thus-unused canal.
 A pistol thug can be seen on the dock right near the corner, so eliminate him
 'fore he causes any harm (it's easiest to do this by swimming to it rather
 than jumping out of the boat, in my opinion). This sucker drops two packs of

 Continue straight ahead, turning "right" to find another dock with 2 gondolas
 attached. This is point "G" on the map. The door is locked but if Lara steps
 foot on it, a clubthug emerges. Kill some rats inside and pull the lever to
 unlock a door at a dock elsewhere. Outside, see the nearest bridge overhead?
 Lara can climb up here, shoot the window, and get the JADE DRAGON [3/3], plus
 the reward of 4x AUTO PISTOL AMMO if that completes the set. There's metal
 mesh preventing further access through the canal, so use the boat and go
 back the way we came.

 Near where the thug was walking on an isolated dock, take the perpendicular
 canal to the door opened a second ago (Point "H"). Inside, take the IRON KEY
 and find Lara locked in. The walls are notched and can be used as ladders,
 one corner of which leads to the 2F. Backflip off and neutralize the clubthug
 and doberman; a SMALL MEDIPACK is left in the aftermath. A switch opens the
 exit door, also unleashing another t-shirted hencher on the isolated dock
 below. Further down the canal, at Point "I", is a moron who will take potshots
 at Lara if she's in the boat and when swimming inside. He leaves AUTO PISTOL
 AMMO behind, and the button he guarded opens the level exit gate (behind the
 sunken landmines). Ignore the button for now, though.

 Now, go back to the first part of the upper canals where the three gondolas
 were deep-sixed, and use the Steel Key on the door the thug was guarding.
 Inside, a henchman drops a SMALL MEDIPACK, while the tiny lever raises the 2nd
 alley gate -- this completes the shortcut. To get rid of the landmines, save
 and drive one of the boats towards them, then bail at the last second to
 survive. One of the motorboats won't, but there's a replacement right nearby!

 The exit should be cleared of landmines and the canal shortcut opened by this
 point. At "Point I" on the map, there's a button that opens the exit gate but
 gives a timer in the form of bell tolls. Lara must make it through before it
 stops, and the rest is self-explanitory. There are a few ways to do this:

 #1) The hardest: Ignore the Jade Dragon ramp and take the long way around to
     the exit. Actually, this way is impossible -- there's absolutely no way
     to make it there in 13 tolls (seconds). Even by going at breakneck speed
     the whole way, Lara's liable to come up short due to the canal angles.

 #2) The quickest: The ramp that led up to the Jade Dragon can be used as a
     workaround for the lower canal that has metal mesh blocking progress.
     From here, simply take the shortcut opened and reach the exit in time.
     It's easiest done if the boat is aligned and its back-end is touching
     the ramp Lara exits on foot -- this way she can hop in immediately when
     the bell peals start. [NOTE: To get up the ramp, more power is needed,
     so use forward + X-button]

 #3) The easiest: If Lara swims underneath the gate, the tolls (laughably)
     will not start. Take a scenic cruise to the finish line.

03) BARTOLI'S HIDEOUT                                                    [WK03]
      N        _________ _______________
      |       |______  _|       ______  |        |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|
      |       |     G   |D|ŻŻŻŻ|    | | |        | A: Canal                   |
 W----+----E  | |   H   |  ŻŻ 1|    | | |        | B: Mansion Foyer           |
      |       | |       |ŻŻ|  Ż| B     A|        | C: Canal-door Switch       |
      |       |F ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻE  |_  |    | | |        | D: Canal Door              |
      S      _|    Ż  |Ż|______|    | | |        | E: Fireplace               |
         ___| |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|H|C2         | | |        | F: Firepipe Trap           |
        | EXIT|       | |ŻŻŻŻŻŻ  |ŻŻ  | |        | G: Ballroom                |
        | ŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻ|Ż   Ż|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ| |ŻŻ|_|-START  | H: Connected Path (Tunnel) |
        |  3  |        I         | |             | I: Library                 |
        |_____|_   _|_   _|__   _|_|_______      | J: Detonator               |
        |___  |     |_|_  |         _   _  |     |____________________________|
        | |_|       |     |      | |  J  | |
        |   J |_____|_|Ż|_|______| |_____|_|           THROUGH THE MANSION
         ŻŻŻŻŻ                                         ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 The final Venician boat level! The canal here is L-shaped and leads nowhere,
 so dock near the locked door and kill some disease-carrying rats. More of
 these pests plus a clubthug can be found upstairs a bit, dropping a LARGE
 MEDIPACK all the while. Kill some rats and find the wall switch, opening the
 door near the dock. A clubthug will rush to Lara, but can be neutralized with
 little fear of damage...and he drops a SMALL MEDIPACK!

 Inside the foyer, there will be a gunman on the balcony and at ground-level.
 Run underneath the 2F walkway to avoid the upper thug's sights, then kill the
 lower for SHOTGUN SHELLS. Once the sniper above is dead, it's time to loot
 his corpse. There is a slanted wooden block that will give access to the
 (only) wooden balcony. From here, push the block with flower insignia until
 a straight-ahead running jump can land near the corpse -- AUTO PISTOL AMMO!

 Before continuing, go downstairs and break the windows with the two dobermans
 behind. In one corner, there's FLARES, a SMALL MEDIPACK, and AUTO PISTOL AMMO
 to score. Back in the mansion, there's a dark hallway with three statues that
 drop swords. Unfortunately, this Tomb Raider doesn't allow crawling; just
 go through when they alternate the drops. At the end is a switch that opens a
 wooden door, canal-side.

 Back up on the balcony (where sniper was), the wall there is notched and can
 allow Lara to reach an outer balcony. Kill the gunman across the way, then
 jump-n'-catch the red awning. Shimmy all the way across and pull up, holding
 the jump button to immediately backflip onto the next balcony. Jump to the
 next red awning and align with the lower canal door opened previously. A
 normal jump doesn't work here, but Lara can fall into the opening by holding
 X/Action button, which makes her less aerodynamic and lessens the jump arc.
 It can be hard so save first.

 Further inside, nix the two dobermans and the masked pistol thug who appears
 in the adjacent room. Smash the balcony window, kill another fool there for
 two UZI CLIPS, and steel into the other room's window. Two clubthugs and a
 dog will do a lame pincer attack, coming in through the previously-locked
 double doors and the balcony, so take 'em out fast (protip: backflip shoot).
 No reward for this slaughter... Push the fireplace's block to find a secret
 passage beyond with a single rat. To get the secret [1/3] here, locate the
 switch in the empty room with a chandelier, opening a balcony path overlooking
 the canal. The gunman killer earlier will have dropped SHOTGUN SHELLS, plus
 there's a SILVER DRAGON to take! Anyway, back to the fireplace passage. Save
 before sliding down the ramp.

 Two lateral bladetraps spring during the descent, so try your best to jump
 over 'em...or jump into the water below and avoid the hassle. The fire pipe
 trap here here is shut off by standing on the wooden block before the first,
 and it's on a timer naturally. Flatfoot jumps can clear it easily. Catch on
 fire? Dive into the water and retry.

 The door at the end opens up into a ballroom with doberans and a pistol guy,
 although he'll be too busy dancing from Lara's barrage to return fire. The
 block nearest the lowest chandelier can be used to climb onto the expensive
 fixture, which then can be used to reach the 2F ledge with a switch -- this
 lowers a trapdoor behind the fireplace. Jump to the 2nd chandalier and the
 2nd switch -- this shows a passage behind the Mona Lisa knockoff high up on
 the wall. From the 2nd chandalier, the 3rd (and highest) can be scaled to
 the lofty rafters area. Kill some rats and shimmy the middle support girder
 until Lara can pull up. (Save and) do a flatfoot jump to the wooden platform
 near the brick-laid corner of the room. Try to get up and a clubthug emerges,
 dropping a SMALL MEDIPACK upon death. The final switch is on the other side
 of the support girder and reverses the heights of the chandeliers, making
 getting down easier.

 From the 3rd chandelier (now lowest), do a running jump-n'-grab to the
 painting's niche. Inside is a LIBRARY KEY! Now, return to the 1st switch's
 ledge and shoot the window. The ledge there shows the exposed back of the
 chimney, from which Lara can safely enter the pool of water behind the
 fireplace (rather than jumping through the fire -- dumb idea!). This tunnel
 leads to a dry spot with a keyhole begging for that new item we just got.
 Before that, there's a secret to get [2/3]! The watery passage before the
 door has a lever that opens into the adjacent one. Swim into the sunken
 corner to find the equally-flooded basement, with two pairs of GRENADE ROUNDS
 to snatch up and a GOLD DRAGON nearby. The switch right by the artifact will
 open a surfacing point right above near the fireplace.

 Anyway, back to the library room that should be opened with the Library Key.
 A clubthug appears almost immediately but should be easy pickins from so far
 away. The room he emerged from has shelves that can be used as ladders, and
 by the rat squeaks we know something's up there. Climb up there, kill the
 vermin and pull the switch to open a door in the main hall. A gunman will
 have emerged so eliminate quickly. The library room he was in has tall
 shelves, and they can be climbed to the very top where a breakable window
 is found. Slide down the awning backwards, then backflip onto the balcony,
 then jump to the wooden awning below. Make it to the wall from there that
 overlooks the boathouse. Before jumping there, it's possible to jump onto the
 boathouse roof from that brick wall. Near the corner, jump over the next
 brick wall and find an UZI!

 The man inside has AUTO PISTOL AMMO and a DETONATOR KEY on the table. Jump
 back in the canal and surface near the small wooden door, which will be
 opened by another gunman at that time -- he drops a LARGE MEDIPACK. Back in
 the main room of the library, the other double door has a lever to operate.
 Enter the room and be prepared to kill two gunmen who blow in through the
 window. They drop UZI CLIPS and SHOTGUN SHELLS.

 The wooden side door leads out into a canal again. Check the nearest corner
 for a rat, and pull up onto the brick ledging to find a detonator. Ignore it
 for now and climb onto the higher brick wall that is parallel with the canal
 here. Storm into the room via the window to find the third secret [3/], the
 Jade Dragon, plus four packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS if that completes a trifecta.
 To end this level, first use the Detonator Key on the detonator -- the small
 plunger box you usually see in Roadrunner cartoons. This blows up the house
 with the Jade Dragon in it, leaving behind a gaping hole in the exterior and
 entrance inside. A sniper will open fire immediately after the event, so dive
 into the water to evade most of his shots. The destroyed house is basically a
 small climbing course now to the top floor, the 3F room which now has roof
 access. From there, simply follow the brick path around the corner and to a
 dark ramp. Level...EXIT!

04) OPERA HOUSE                                                          [WK04]
            N                        |F| |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|
            |                  |ŻŻŻŻŻ  | | A: Ladder                    |
            |                 _|   E   | | B: Collapsable Roof (Entr.)  |
            |                |  _______| | C: Glass-Fragment Room       |
    W ------+------ E        |     |___  | D: Feeble Roof Tiles         |
            |           _____|  D  |   | | E: Operahouse Roof           |
            |          |  _  |_______| | | F: Roof Trapdoor Switch      |
            |          |  A|_ B|___| C | | G: Entrance to Operahouse    |
            S           Ż|___   _______| |______________________________|
                            START                                    EN ROUTE
 Our gal starts on a ledge high above the canal, near a crate swinging from a
 rope (this can damage her so avoid). Directly below will be a guard walking
 the beat. I suggest jumping to the ledge along the wall nearby and sniping
 him, then diving below and getting his AUTO PISTOL AMMO. One end of the canal
 leads to a ladder and a pull-up spot by a switch -- this will collapse part
 of a trapdoor roof nearby. Climb the ladder to its highest point, jump over
 the canal to the white platform, jump back to the starting platform, and from
 there, do a running jump back over the canal to land in the newly-opened roof
 portion. Whew!

 There's a clubthug inside near an ORNATE KEY, and a second that comes from
 the door atop the stair (he drops a SMALL MEDIPACK). The path here leads back
 to the ladder/switch area. Return to the starting platform like before and
 jump to the flat roof space agains the wall (where I suggested you snipe the
 patrolman below before). There is another flat roof ledge diagonal and below,
 so jump or slide down to it. Using the camera, jumping over the roof leads
 right to glass fragments, a.k.a. makeshift spikes. To bust in safely, use the
 long sloped roof, catch the ledge, the drop down to the breakable window.
 Glass spikes don't hurt if Lara slowly walks through, mind you. Take the
 ladder up to an alcove where the Ornate Key can be used; this leads to another

 This leads to "D" on the map, some rafters with feeble roof tiles that will
 collapse when stood on. Naturally Lara falls to her death if a misstep is
 taken, but by looking at the course, it's possible to get across in two
 running jumps. The climable path in one corner leads to an outlook point.
 Snipe the first gunman, then hang down from that ledge to trigger a clubthug
 and two dobermans who can also meet the same fate without injury. One guy's
 dropped AUTO PISTOL AMMO and the other a LARGE MEDIPACK. There's are two more
 gunmen on the roof's opposite side but have to be dealt with close-up; one has
 SHOTGUN SHELLS, the other a SMALL MEDIPACK. Quite a haul!

 There are three paths here: two are in corner alcoves, a third is near a
 corner but has glass shards that prevent immediate access. First let's hit
 up the alcove with a swinging crate. The jump is precipitous but the concept
 is simple: align Lara with the box' path, do a running jump, and turn toward
 the safe part of the ledge in midair. Damage can be avoided entirely! In the
 dark corner, the button lowers part of a trapdoor on the roof, unleashing a
 clubthug and gunman. It's possible to conserve ammo here by using pistols, if
 you really want. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS and FLARES from a corpse before
 dropping down into the operahouse.

 The drop-down point leads to two switches, but the only working one opens a
 gate with a stair below. Jump down and find the switch in a nook, closing
 the upper booth's gate and simultaneously giving access to another. With that
 done, it might be wise to spring the boulder trap at the stairtop. To do so,
 simply go as far down the stairwell as possible to hear rolling SFX, then hug
 the wall with the button to avoid being squished. From there, climb back up
 the booth ladder and enter the new alcove (the gate is a makeshift ladder)
 overlooking the operahouse's seating.

 To bait a gunman's spawn, hang from the edge and quickly pull up for sniping
 privileges; he drops a SMALL MEDIPACK. The door on the opposite side of the
 balcony opens when approached, unleashing another gunman and his faithful
 dog companion. The dog drops KIBBLE...just kidding. The 1st gunman appeared
 from a stairwell on one side, so go that way, burying two more dobermans in
 the meantime. There is a defunct elevator here but can't be used yet. There
 is a drop-down point near the guy who came out of the double-doors, which
 lowers onto the 3F of the operahouse.

 ...and like before, hanging from the ledge baits some enemies into spawning,
 being a gunman on 3F, and 2 dobermans and a clubthug on the ground floor. I
 managed to kill all from 4F but not without some effort. The clugthug drops
 a LARGE MEDIPACK and the 3F gunman, 2x AUTO PISTOL AMMO. If you're wondering
 how to get to the second and third floors from the ground floor, there are
 various pieces of walkway that are used for the climbing course. It's simple
 so I'm not going to go in-depth on it. The 3F has a keyhole (can't use) and
 elevator shaft access, that contains rats, a gunman, and a doberman. They
 leave nothing but the dead-end path leads to a dressing room past a breakable

 Here, a switch opens a slope to an air duct. The fan at the bottom will make
 mincemeat of Lara so jump at the last second and find another ORNATE KEY. To
 leave, climb up the brick platform until a gray slope leads into a fan-less
 duct. At the crossroads, there are deadly fans in every direction...but all
 is not as it seems! Do a running jump straight ahead, Lara hits the ceiling,
 and will stop before being sliced up. Do a standing jump from as far back as
 possible to clear the fan, then repeat it to reach the top. Turn around and
 jump to the dark passage above, finding the secret [1/3], a JADE DRAGON.
 A flatfoot jump gets back down, and the switch behind the movable block
 opens back into the dressing room.

 To exit the dressing room, push the lower crate into the open space, then
 break a window and push the other on top of it. This has to be done in the
 middle, though, so the small wooden step on the floor can be used to scale
 it. A clubthug has appeared up, now, and if you like saving ammo like me,
 just shoot it with pistols, then drop onto the crates until it leaves. Back
 on the 3F balcony, use the Ornate Key to open a passage back to the stairwell
 near the upper booth. No need to go this way now, but later...

 NOTE: Watch out for ceiling sandbags. They kill Lara if they hit her!

 Get down to 1F and a gunman will attack from the stage. There's another
 boulder boobytrap down here but it's easy to avoid if you know where it
 comes from (hint: dark, unenterable slanted door). He drops UZI CLIPS when
 dead, and upon taking them, a doberman and gunman spawn. Exit stage right to
 a switch that opens a glass-spiked passage at stage left. Save and kill the
 two clubthugs congregatin' there first -- one drops a LARGE MEDIPACK -- then
 pull up into the glassy walkway. Once up there, do a standing jump to the
 wall crack, shimmying to the alcove with a switch, lowering a plank back on
 the main walkway. After a few jumps, the brick wall has an alcove that lets
 Lara reach the tip-top platforms with swinging sandbags. Timed jumping will
 get across to the next switch which opens a trapdoor on the stage proper.
 Slide down and jump as the last second to fall right into the pit!
 ...filled with water, natch. Light a flare and start exploring the passage
 behind where Lara dropped in. There will be a small duct that leads to the
 next secret [2/3], a SILVER DRAGON. Near this duct's entrance is waist-deep
 water by a switch, which opens a door on F3 of the opera seats. Return to the
 stage entry point and go the opposite way, surfacing near the exit ladder w/
 a RELAY BOX at its feet; this is used to power the elevator. Remember where
 it is? It's on the top (4F) floor in that small side-stairway! Place the box
 in the slot to lower the elevator, revealing a ladder upwards...climb it!

 This should be near the roof with the last secret [3/3], the GOLD DRAGON,
 right in front of Lara in some glass shards. Walk to it and obtain 4x UZI
 CLIPS, plus UZIS if you didn't get them before. The switch in an alcove opens
 a 4F door, while more UZI CLIPS are near the exit. Return to the elevator
 and call it back up with the switch, then press the switch again and hop in.
 Be ready to kill two thugs at the very bottom, both leaving SHOTGUN SHELLS.
 Pull the switch to raise the elevator, then hop in the flooded underside for
 a swim. There is a CIRCUIT BOARD to collect here, which can be obtained by
 taking a bunch of lefts when the path presents itself. When obtained, swim
 back to the elevator area and pull the lever underneath the _other_ shaft,
 opening a door and letting Lara climb back to 3F (as we've done before).

 The circuit board is used in the booth on 5F, so we'll have to go back to it.
 Use the Ornate Key on the 3F door if not done already, and push the hallway
 switch to give access back to 5F. Place the circuit board, flip the lever,
 and raise the stage backdrop. A gunman appears down there now, but can be
 killed from afar (like usual); he drops SHOTGUN SHELLS. Upon entering the
 door the backdrop covered, two clubthugs and their mutt appear. Again, if
 you prefer to conserve ammo, flip into the pool and take them out with jumps
 from the shallows. One drops a SMALL MEDIPACK; the others, just gallons of
 blood! Mwahahaha...

 There's a ton of crates here, but only one moves; it's easy to tell which one
 because it's lighter-colored than the others. The path behind has a switch
 which will lower the backdrop again, giving access to the small hallway Lara
 can enter from the top of the boxes. The clubthug who appears onstage leaves
 nothing, so snipe him and take the higher walkway to a small chamber. There
 is an upper alcove that leads to a switch, opening a door near the swinging
 sandbag. To evade the moving menace, (save first and) jump to the slanted
 portion near the 'bag; if done right, Lara will slide down out of harm's way
 and can time her run through that way. [Ignore the clubthug below as he has
 nothing of interest.]

 In the storage warehouse beyond, time a jump to the wall on the "right" which
 is stacked with a bunch of crates. There's a double-pistol-wieldin' henchman
 with some dogs down there, and he's HARD -- consider using uzis or a grenade
 to take him out. When his dogs are also dead, kill the cowardly henchman who
 hid the entire time. All in all, a king's treasury worth of items: a SMALL
 MEDIPACK, UZI CLIPS, and three packs of GRENADES. To get out of this hellhole,
 climb the boxes and find the button on the wall near where Lara entered the
 room. Pressing it opens the exit door in one corner, although our gal will
 have to murder a final gunman (who has UZI CLIPS) before being able to get
 away scot-free!

 Now, a brief reprieve from water levels...?

05) OFFSHORE RIG                                                         [WK05]
                         |J      |            |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|
                         | |Ż| H |            | A: Lockup / Start           |
    _____              |Ż   Ż|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|__     | B: Plane Hatch Button       |
   |     |             |     GAP|Ż|  EXIT     | C: Pistols                  |
   |  A  |         |ŻŻŻ|_   _|   Ż    |ŻŻ     | D: Red Pass Reader          |
   |   __|_________| |   |D|  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ        | E: Lounge                   |
   |______________   |    _|                  | F: Crew's Quarters          |
   |           |B|   |___|____   _    _       | G: Fireburner Room          |
   |    C      |  _  |   |    | |J|  |H|      | H: Drainage Station         |
  _|  HANGAR   | |_| |       _| | |__| |__    | I: Belowdecks Flooded Room  |
 |  ___________|_  |___|ŻŻ    | | |       |   | J: Connected Passage        |
 | |1              | F     E  | |_    I   |   |_____________________________|
 |___|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|   |  _|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ|   |       |
               |_  | |_|   G  |   |_______|                N
                 | |______   _|                            |
                 |    2     |                          W --+-- E
                  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                               |
 JAILBREAK                                                 S
 Lara starts the new set of levels in the clink, with her weapons confiscated
 and only her flares and ammunition remaining. To start the jailbreak, search
 behind for a pullable crate for a switch passage that opens the exit door.
 It's timed (about 8-9 seconds) so clear the way beforehand. Leaving the cell
 triggers an alarm and two armed thugs' attention. Evade the coppers by
 diving into the hangar and travelling to the other side of the seaplane. The
 underwater fan here has a large suction effect, so Lara must travel on the
 extreme left/right side to avoid it. Having said that, one side has a lever
 that opens a passage on the other, leading to a surfacing point. Search the
 pool here for another lever, opening a trapdoor in the previous passage --
 this allows Lara to get the first secret [1/3], a JADE DRAGON, behind the
 fan. Surface in the hangar for oxygen, then return to the other surfacing
 point and use the passage to reach the hangar's upper walkway.

 Going perpendicular to the seaplane, jump the gap near the security room's
 window and drop down to the other side, where a button opens the plane's
 cargo hatch. Inside, press the button to cut the engine. Backtrack to the
 hatch button's platform and do a running jump to catch the nearest wing,
 which is safe now that the propeller's off. On top of the body, run until a
 trapdoor sends Lara into the cargo room's other side, where some PISTOLS are.

 With this, Lara can now fend for herself against the two brutes, a clubthug
 and gunman, in the hallway near the lockup. Surface there and kill both,
 collecting the LARGE MEDIPACK and YELLOW PASS CARD from their still-warm
 corpses. Watch out for the rolling barrel trap in that hallway; it triggers
 if Lara steps on the metal ramp. This corridor leads to the security room,
 and the double door can be opened by sliding the new card in its reader. A
 button beyond will shut off that dang alarm.

 At the fork, take a "left" and kill the doberman/gunman atop the stair; one
 leaves UZI CLIPS. There's another barrel trap here, avoided by triggering it,
 then rolling to escape easier. The red-pass reader's here but unusable now.
 Backtrack, take the "right" stair to find a pressure-lock door that Lara
 can turn open. A clubthug appears from behind, so quickly eliminate him and
 get a SMALL MEDIPACK. Another thug appears in the adjacent room but is too
 far away to pose a threat, generally -- he leaves a LARGE MEDIPACK.

 Unscrew the door to the lounge where a clubthug is waiting to play (leaves
 a LARGE MEDIPACK). Two packs of AUTO PISTOL AMMO are inside, plus four 
 HARPOONS for a gun we don't have just yet. Luckily, the HARPOON GUN is right
 in the adjacent quarters, farthest bunk from the entrance! Explore around the
 room for more AUTO PISTOL AMMO and AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, plus a button that'll
 lower a (timed) ceiling trapdoor. Once pressed, scramble up to a high bunk
 and do a flatfoot jump into its upper alcove. Slide down backwards and catch
 the ladder at the bottom, else Lara plummets to a painless death. Down in "G"
 (Fire Room), there are two pushable blocks to take from their niche. It
 doesn't take a genius to figure out the solution -- once pulled out, jump off
 one and catch the ladder above the bunson-burneresque fires.

 Once pulled up, a stairway is beyond -- kill the clubthug as he approaches
 and steal the RED PASS CARD. The next ladder leads up into the sunshiney
 outdoors, where a SILVER DRAGON secret [2/3] can be plucked before going
 back down. The passage'll drop Lara back in the surfacing point near the
 hangar. Return to the bifurcation past the security station and go "left"
 this time, to the red keycard's door. [There will be a doberman and gunman,
 plus a barrel boobytrap, if you didn't spring/kill them before.]

 Beyond, there's one gunman and two clubthugs who will attack Lara. Since she
 can get the drop on them, the easiest way is to kill the gunman and jump to
 his platform, then snipe the other two as they laze around. Spoils are SHOTGUN
 SHELLS, FLARES, and a SMALL MEDIPACK. There is a huge gap on one side of the
 room that can't be cleared now, so the exit will involve that movable block.
 Push it from one direction, pull it from the other, then push it again to
 put it on the edge of the catwalk. Do a running jump to it, then flatfoot
 jump into the upper alcove -- voila!

 A shotgunner will be in the far passag beyond, so start taking potshots 'fore
 he notices...he drops SHOTGUN SHELLS, expectedly. The lever in this drainage
 room will drain one gigantic pit to fill the other. Pull it, do a softdrop
 down from the high alcove, and cross the newly-filled pit. Near the machine
 in-between the two, one side has two gray slopes against the wall. There's a
 switch here that opens the trapdoor in the drainage station. Return back
 there and take the slide downwards.

 Lara lands on a high catwalk over a massive room filled with water -- the
 guts of the oilrig, to wit. Although not immediately visible, there are two
 (2) scubadivers swimming below. Snipe as many as possible and explore the
 catwalks, which are either long or small enough to require flatfoot jumps,
 killing the thugs up there. Spoils: SHOTGUN, SHOTGUN SHELLS. The walkways
 allow Lara to go around the room in one direction, so take that way. Near a
 shotgun guy is a windowed alcove that contains a GREEN PASS CARD. Right by
 that alcove's is a support pillar with the final secret [3/3], a GOLD DRAGON,
 at its base -- this is easily visible. If all scubadorks were murdered, jump
 into the water and get it, killing the clubthug who approaches. The reward for
 collecting all secrets is UZIS and two UZI CLIPS. When the room is clear,
 find the ladder in one corner to get back on the catwalks. There's a climbable
 alcove on one side of the room, two platforms away from the green keycard's
 niche. Climb up into it.

 The ladder at the end will drop Lara through a ceiling near the drainage
 station, although a clubthug has setup shop now. Kill him quickly for a SMALL
 MEDIPACK, then use the Green Pass Card on the reader to open the door here.
 Pull the drainage lever to switch the filled pool formation back to normal,
 then exit through the flooded alcove therein. At the end, pull the switch to
 a surfacing point and put this level in the books, yo.

06) DIVING AREA                                                          [WK06]
                                        |Ż| |ŻŻŻ|
                                    ____| |_| | |_
                                   |  __ A  |     |
                                   | |  | |_|  B  |
                                  START | |_|     |____
                                        |_________     |
                                                  | C1 |
   | A: Water Propeller               |           |____  |
   | B: Hookloader Room               |           |    | |
   | C: Acid Vat / Slope              |           |  D | |
   | D: Empty Tanker (Blue Pass Card) |           |_   __|
   | E: Helipad-door Opener           |          ___| |__   ___
   | F: Helipad (M16 & Machine Chip)  |   ______|  ____  | |   |_
   | G: Sub Access                    |  |  __  | |    | |_|     |
   | H: Sub Dock                      |  | |  |_  | I  | |_J H | |
   | I: 2nd Machine Chip              |  |_  F  | |____| | |___| |
   | J: To Exit (not pictured)        |    |____|___   __|  ___| |
   |__________________________________|       |_  |_| |__  |     |
                                                |        |_| G 2 |
                                                |   E     _______|

 Up the first landing, there will be a room below filled with water...and a
 gigantic fan that will suction Lara and blend her like Colombian brew. To
 avoid such a fate, do a running jump to the ladder opposite the alcove where
 the fan's "off" switch can be triggered. The underwater switch will open the
 locked door nearby, but don't forget to get the two packs of GRENADE ROUNDS
 behind the fan first!

 The room beyond has a automated hook loading system going on, plus a gaggle
 of goofballs to kill: two gunmen and a doberman nearby, two others on the
 far side who usually retreat to a far room anyway. For now, collect SHOTGUN
 SHELLS and 2x UZI CLIPS from the men. The nearest stairway leads to a surface
 point if Lara falls in the water, so the object is to cross to the other
 side. The hooks will travel over the platforms, and damage Lara if they hit
 her. The easiest way to get over is jumping the railing to the "left" of the
 two platforms, catching its edge when the hook is on the opposite side. Pull
 up on the side of the hook's path and then jump to the other side with nary a
 scratch. The two morons there drop FLARES and a SMALL MEDIPACK.

 Beyond, a wide slope leads to a vat of acid at the bottom. Spot an aperture
 in the flat surface and slide to it, for the SILVER DRAGON [1/3]. Following,
 Lara must slide down the rest of the way and jump to the platform normally
 (catching ledge doesn't work for some reason...fumes?). The jump can be a bit
 hard but eventually Lara'll make it, and can travel to the ladder in the next
 room. Atop the huge shaft, find a vacant room with a hole -- AUTO PISTOL
 AMMO and 2x M16 AMMO are inside. The floor hole has a ramp! Slide down
 backwards and catch the ledge, then drop to the catwalk the gunman is walking
 on and kill him for 2x AUTO PISTOL AMMO. Find the hole in the railing here
 and jump to the obvious alcove with the BLUE PASS CARD inside. From there,
 slide down and enter the only corridor at the tanker's bottom, then take the
 passage back to the lengthy ladder; from there, repeat the ramp bit again
 and use the blue card on the gunman's walkway to exit. Whew!

 The hallway beyond is square, containing a bunch of dogs and one guy with a
 flamethrower. They'll try for a pincer attack on Lara, so the best way is to
 go "right" at the fork to trigger the event, then kill all the dogs before
 the flamethrower-man comes in from the left. It's simpler than it sounds.
 Of the two openable (crankvalve) doors here, one leads downstairs, one up;
 take the former. A clubthug appears at the lower landing, that contains a
 bunch of movable blocks, a circular saw suspended on a hook, and a locked
 room with two visible baddies inside.

 This next part can cut it close in terms of oxygen use: the pool has a small
 entrance that leads to a series of levers. The only problem is a scubadiver
 will be pestering Lara, so it's prudent to take him out first with a harpoon
 gun. Anyway, the first lever opens a door that leads to another lever that
 opens a helipad door, accessible from the other crankvalve door in the square
 room. Surface and go there now, saving before entering. The copter takes off
 but two gunners and a clubthug remain. Collect the LARGE MEDIPACK, AUTO PISTOL
 AMMO, and SHOTGUN SHELLS from the bloody bodies.

 The passage on the other side of the helipad contains some burners, a button,
 and a switch. Use the switch first to shut off the nearest burner and proceed
 to the hallway's trapdoor, leading to an M16! Return to the buttons and wait
 for the trap to reset, then press both switch & button (in that order),
 stealing the MACHINE CHIP at the dead end. Now, back to the previous room w/
 a pool.

 Behind the lone pushable block is a broken circuit board, but Lara's medical
 skills work excellently: place the Machine Chip there to open the nearest
 door! There's a clubthug and flamethrower-man inside, but both can be
 dispatched easily (conserve ammo w/ pistols?) for a SMALL MEDIPACK, plus
 there are 2x HARPOONS near the pool. One of the white consoles here is really
 a hidden door that swings open when Lara nears, leading to a button that will
 open a pool grate. Inside is the JADE DRAGON [2/3]! The other circular hole
 leads to an adjacent room, but two scubadivers will be hot on Lara's trail!
 Stay unpredictable to avoid the harpoons and look to a pull-up spot on the
 "right" upon entering; kill the scubadivers when they approach, then the two
 clubthugs around the rimmed walkway. A button is behind that pull-up spot,
 and opens a door way back in the room we put the Machine Chip in. Watch out
 for a 3rd scubadiver who comes in before heading back.

 The two thugs from the previously-locked room attack when Lara surfaces, and
 drop a SMALL MEDIPACK and UZI CLIPS. There's a switch inside the newly-opened
 room that will move the circular-saw-on-a-hook closer to the opposite side of
 the pool. A mechanical saw prevents access to a keycard, so instead, jump
 behind the two crates to find a spooky secret entrance! OooOoooOo! The button
 within raises a duct on the helipad, so it's back to there now. En route, kill
 the shotgunner (SHOTGUN SHELLS) and some dobermans and a shotgunner in the
 helipad stairwell (UZI CLIPS).

 The helipad has risen upwards and now the central duct/pillar reveals a room
 below. Fall into the room at passage's end and kill the flamethrower-er and
 thug (they don't attack all at once, luckily) for a final MACHINE CHIP. Go
 back to the room with the circular saw, put the second Machine Chip into the
 wall slot, then take the RED PASS CARD without fear of being de-handed. Now,
 go back to the central room where the 2nd Machine Chip was found and use the
 new keycard to enter the special-access door. [NOTE: Whichever door Lara
 exited before will be opened; the others are still closed.] Save?

 Behind the red door is a lower hallway where a shotgunner waits; past him,
 another drop-down point that leads to the submarine dock. The two guys here
 should have been killed earlier, so Lara can rob 'em for a LARGE MEDIPACK &
 SMALL MEDIPACK, plus two packs of HARPOONS in a corner. Down the sloped
 corridor, enter the watery pit near a locked door. Follow the passage --
 in which Lara overhears an interrogation above -- and surface near a room
 with two guards and a beaten person. Enter the room below for the GOLD DRAGON
 [3/3], plus 4x UZI CLIPS if that's the final one.

 To end the level, approach the beaten monk.


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