Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch




Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch

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About The Game

Multiplayer fiends, of course, will have a field day and should remain satisfied until someone comes along with a nifty mod (like the "NATO" patch) or the sequel hits the shelves.
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch Review

By Daniel Lampkin |

There is no doubt that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six was, quite simply, a blast to play one time through. But then the fun faded, not only because there was a limited number of missions to play, but because the weapon types seemed to be lacking, the artificial intelligence was odd (to say the least), and multiplayer games became stale after a few goes. Despite a number of user-created mods and the ability to change the game mechanics to your liking, Rainbow Six still felt like a game with a limited life span.

Red Storm Entertainment's answer, for now, is Eagle Watch, a brand-new mission pack for Rainbow Six. First and foremost, the mission pack contains a new five-mission campaign that takes place in various famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the Taj Mahal. The missions run from moderate to hard in difficulty and do not differ from the mission structure in Rainbow Six. There is little variety or randomness to the missions (no need to pack heartbeat sensors on these trips - they are already "planted" on each of the missions), and you won't have to do any planning either - default mission plans are already included.

The missions also include four new operatives to employ, as well as three new weapons (the H&K G36K and G3A3 assault rifles and the .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol) and two new training levels. A nice small touch is the inclusion of a "full watch" feature, which allows you to plan and execute a mission without actually having to control any of the operatives.

The big plus in the mission pack is the inclusion of six new types of multiplayer games, including assassin (each team escorts its general while trying to kill off the other teams' generals), scatter (you begin the game scattered throughout the map), scatter assassin, team terrorist hunt (your team must kill more than half the terrorists on the map to win), scatter team terrorist hunt, and save the base (each team must defuse a bomb in the other bases). Like Rainbow Six you'll need someone acting as a server online, or you can get on the MSN Gaming Zone or Mplayer to find a game.

These new multiplayer games add the variety that Rainbow Six sorely needed. Scatter is the best and most challenging mode and is recommended for those interested in cooperative play. Terrorist hunt is a fast-paced race-against-time-style shooting match to see who can kill the majority of the terrorists (or each other) first. Quake aficionados will prefer save the base, a variation on capture the flag or team fortress, which requires you to enter your enemies' bases while defending your own. And assassin can be fun but surprisingly difficult, since it is normally quite easy to kill people in Rainbow Six.

For the most part, the multiplayer modes work, and there don't seem to be too many problems with crashing servers, though of course the connection speed matters a great deal. Unfortunately, that is about all Eagle Watch has to offer. Eagle Watch adds absolutely nothing else to the Rainbow Six mix except a little more of the same, more or less. None of the major complaints with Rainbow Six were fixed (such as moronic AI and superaccurate terrorists), and those interested in the single-player game will be left with very little to cheer about. Multiplayer fiends, of course, will have a field day and should remain satisfied until someone comes along with a nifty mod (like the "NATO" patch) or the sequel hits the shelves.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch Cheats

Press ENTER to bring up the Console Window. Enter the following codes in to turn on the corresponding cheat.CheatEffectbignogginBig Head ModemeganogginMega Head Mode1-900Big Chests when BreathingclodhopperBig Hands and FeetstumpyStumpy Modelsturnpunchkick2D ModelssilentbutdeadlyFart ModefastactionresponceteamFart ModeNO BRAINERDisable AIavatargodGod ModeteamgodTeam God Mode5fingerdiscountRefill ItemsexploreTurn Off Victory Conditions
  • Debug commandsEnable the ''Activate debug keys'' code and press [F10] to enter debug mode. Press one of the following keys to activate the corresponding debug function. Effect Key Screenshot [F2] Enemy view [F6] Suicide [F7] or [F8] Return to normal view [F9] Exit debug mode [F10] Level skip [F12] Adjust lighting [ or } Toggle AI A Third person views V or B Change screen resolution [Keypad 1] or [Keypad 3]
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mission Pack: Eagle Watch Game Walkthrough

                          Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch
                                      Version 1.1
                                Created by idyoticwyzard
                             Copyright (c)2005 idyoticwyzard
    Table of Contents
    1. Legal Intro
       1.1 Version History
    2. Gameplay Tactics
       2.1 Characters
       2.2 Equipment
    3. The Missions
       3.1 Little Wing
       3.2 Sapphire Rising
       3.3 Lion's Den
       3.4 Red Lightning
       3.5 Eagle Watch
    4. Closing
    1. Legalities
    This guide should only be available at the following sites:
    If you see this guide on another site, or would like to use this on your own
    site, or would like to contact me anyway, here is my info:
    AIM: idyoticwyzard
    Eric Fung/idyoticwyzard copyrights this document, so if you steal it *shakes
    fist* then screw you.
    1.1 Version History
    Version 1.1 (09/30/05): Edited and reworded all missions.
    Version 1.0 (09/22/05): Covers the five single player missions.
    2. Gameplay Tactics
    --The HQ plans are trash. 
    --The AI EASILY gets shot, so in general, leave the computer only to move from
      point to point and to watch open areas with only a few guards.
    --Along the same lines, don't totally rely on the AI to watch your back. So a
      team with more than 2 people is unnecessary; most of the time, the last few
      members hardly get to shoot anyone anyway.
    --When rescuing hostages, the team you control should be the first into the
      room (after flashbangs, if needed).
    --Use the map extensively to track terrorists.
    2.1 Characters
    Leaders: Chavez (stealth team), Bogart, Price, Walther, Noronha
    Assault/Sniping Team: Every other member in the Assault category
    Stealth: Every Recon member
    2.2 Equipment
    For these missions, there is no standard issue kit, so I will detail each
    team's equipment before each mission walkthrough. Heartbeat Sensors (HB Sensor)
    are set up around almost all the maps, so it is not necessary to carry one.
    3. The Missions
    -EXT = extraction zone
    -INS = insertion zone
    -Note: Mission plans are designed for Elite missions. However, they work just
           as well on Veteran and even Recruit. Just the number of tangos are
           different. Overprepared is better than underprepared.
    3.1 Little Wing
    -A mix of long range fire and small rooms. One assault and one stealth team.
    HK MP5SD
    .45 Mark-SD
    HB Sensor
    Blue Team: Head up the stairs right next to you. Check the HB Sensor for the
               tango nearby: flashbang and shoot him. Also make sure there isn't a
               guy in the next room on your floor. Round the corner and slowly walk
               to the stairs while constantly watching the balcony above. There is
               sometimes a guy up there; if not, he is in the room just beyond the
               top of the stairs. Enter that room with the giant window and hold
               for Bravo here. Snipe the patrol on the walkway that leads to the
               shuttle. Look a little left (at your 11 o'clock) to the area lit by
               a reddish light. You may see a guard walk through here, or you might
               not. You'll get him soon enough. Bravo, exit the room and follow the
               balcony east. You need to clear the rooms along the way, so check
               the HB sensor again. First kill the patrol I mentioned before. Then
               flash the adjacent room and take out the guard here. Continue north
               and kill the guard by the ladder. Now head to the top of the shuttle
               while shuffling along the walkway roof to minimize noise. Wait for
               Delta here. On Delta, advance forward and shoot the guards through
               the window. Head to EXT.
    Red Team: Take the south path to EXT, where a guard usually hangs out. Continue
              into the north hallway a bit; if the guard is not in EXT, he is in
              the room north of EXT. With these two rooms empty, head back into the
              hallway extending east from EXT. Hold for Alpha here and watch for 
              two tangos to enter your sights. Alpha, HB check the closest room
              (the one with the ramp) for one tango. As he patrols away from you,
              enter via the door in the hallway and shoot him in the back. Don't go
              much farther past the door; instead, continue east to the corner of
              the hallway and look to the second floor. You will hear and then see
              a guard patrolling around, and you can easily kill him from here.
              With him down, continue down the hallway and kill everyone along the
              way, including the guy outside just north of this hallway. Once you
              reach the big room at the end, clear it but don't go in too far. Head
              back to INS via the way you came. Go upstairs and clear the second
              floor of the ramp room, checking first with the HB Sensor. Hold for
              Charlie in this room. Charlie, go east and kill the last two guards
              in the eastern rooms. Hold for Delta by the shuttle walkway. Delta,
              throw a flash down the hall, and let it detonate before killing the
              hostage guards. Escort the hostages to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Control Blue first, then alternate teams as you reach the
                         next go-code. Before Delta, you can pick off the hostage
                         guards one at a time with Blue. If Red has problems at the
                         beginning, hold Blue at INS and take Red to Alpha.
    3.2 Sapphire Rising
    -An easy format but a diffcult execution. HB Sensors are already set up for the
     rest of the maps, so you can carry another secondary item. 3 assault teams.
    HK MP5SD
    .45 Mark-SD
    Blue Team: Hold for Alpha at INS. Alpha, head down the west staircase but stop
               at the top. If you look at your map, you can see about 4 guards (not
               including hostage guards in the west area. #1: a guard that patrols
               up the staircase you are on. #2: the guard that patrols the western
               room. #3: the guard next to the hostage room. #4: a guard at the top
               of the stairs going to the 1st floor. When they are all neutralized,
               you can flash and rush the hostages, or just sidestep left until the
               tangos come into view one at a time. I like the second method better
               because flashbangs don't always seem to work, plus you have to shoot
               three guards all at once instead of one at a time. When the hostages
               are secure, sidestep slowly to the hostages while looking east. This
               lets you kill the balcony guards. When both go down, head onto the
               balcony and shoot any terrorists on the 1st floor, especially the
               two in the tomb/bomb room. Take the hostages to EXT when you are
    Red Team: Hold for Charlie at INS. Charlie, clear the east side of the 2nd
              floor just as Blue did. Green will have cleared out the #1 and #4
              guards for you. Secure the hostages and take them to EXT.
    Green Team: Head north while looking west. There is a patrol on the far side
                who cannot see you yet. Take him down and enter the tiny hallway to
                the north. As you emerge from the west end, you can kill the
                stationary guard far to the south. Continue south and shoot the guy
                patrolling the south part of the roof. Hold for Bravo once he's
                down. Bravo, head down the west stairs to the 1st floor. Wait on
                the stairs for a tango to pass, then shoot him in the head. Now
                clear the entire first floor going clockwise. Beware of tangos in
                the center area as you pass the windows. It's much easier to shoot
                them from behind rather than kill them through the windows. When
                you get to the east staircase, slowly head upstairs. Kill the guard
                that patrols these stairs and also the the one standing at the top.
                Head back down and clear the rest of the 1st floor. Once it has
                been swept, disarm the bomb and head back to EXT via the way you
                came in.
    Order of Operations: Control Green to clear the roof. Alpha, Blue to rescue the
                         first hostages. Bravo, back to Green and disarm the bomb.
                         Then Charlie, Red rescues their hostages.
    3.3 Lion's Den
    -The hardest mission in Rainbow Six history. You need to become good at hiding
     behind walls while still being able to see just the arms and legs of a tango,
     since you'll be doing that for the whole mission. 1 demolition expert and 3
     assault operatives.
    .50 Desert Eagle
    Frag Grenades
    Frag Grenades
    Blue Team: Head downstairs and hold for Bravo in the basement. Bravo, head up
               the ramp and proceed to clear the bell tower. To avoid being shot,
               sidestep SLOWLY until you see the arm or leg of a tango. You can
               then open fire. Since you have an M-16, chances are he'll die from
               those shots. Take your time as you go up the stairs, since some
               tangos hide at the foot of each staircase. When the stairs open up
               into a more spacious area, frag the west guards. When this floor is
               clear, go up to the last area. There is usually one guy at the north
               end of the floor, so don't let him surprise you as you finish
               climbing the stairs. Look west and sidestep right. You can frag the
               guard on your floor to the west, then continue sidestepping right as
               you keep your back to the wall. One guard on the balcony will
               eventually come into your sight. You may need to follow the wall as
               it turns west before you actually spot this sniper. When that one is
               down, you can frag the guy on the south end of this floor. There are
               two more on the balcony right above you (the east balcony). You can
               throw a frag up there to take care of both. Now throw a final frag
               at the stairs to the south. You are trying to kill the last tango on
               the landing. When this area is clear, escort the hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Go east and guard that opening until Alpha. Alpha, wait until about
              three tangos head downstairs into the House of Lords (eastern part of
              the map). You can see them on your map. Once they stop moving, head
              into the House of Lords and take them down one by one. Use frags if
              you want, since they usually gather at the bottom of the stairs. Go
              upstairs. By now, the whole 2nd floor should be cleared out. As you
              enter the hallway connecting the two balconies, hold here and switch
              to either Green or Gold. You want to check the 1st floor map for
              tangos around EXT. Note their positions so that you can switch back
              to Red and kill them through the windows. Once you are done here,
              head downstairs and go to EXT.
    Green Team: Go north and guard that opening until Bravo. Bravo, head to EXT.
    Gold Team: Go south and guard that opening until Bravo. Bravo, head to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Red Team clears the main halls, then switch to Blue for
                         the bell tower. If Blue runs out of frags, then have the
                         other teams go up the bell tower and use their frags.
    3.4 Red Lightning
    -An easy, spacious hostage rescue map. You just need patience in advancing and
     using walls for cover. 3 assault teams.
    HK MP5SD
    .45 Mark-SD
    Blue Team: Head up the north set of stairs and hold for Alpha in the opening.
               Alpha, continue north and clear the two garden areas. Keep your eye
               on the balcony above for any guards. Now when you enter the second
               garden, watch out for a guard who descends the nearby steps. Shoot
               him first, then the other garden guard. When both are down, hold for
               Delta at the bottom of the stairs. Delta, go halfway up the stairs
               and throw a flash over the rail. Just as it's about to go off, run
               upstairs and shoot all tangos. Escort hostages to EXT.
    Red Team: Let Green get in position first, then take the south stairs into the
              southern gardens. Clear those areas, also watching out for guards on
              the balcony above. Wait for Charlie at the foot of the stairs leading
              to the south hostage room. Charlie, neutralize the nearby tango on
              the 1st floor, then head halfway upstairs and flash the room above.
              Run up and secure the hostages, taking them to EXT.
    Green Team: Head up the south set of stairs and hold for Bravo at the opening.
                Bravo, follow Red's path but continue to the SE corner of the map,
                again watching out for balcony guards. You get to clear the rest of
                the 1st floor going counterclockwise. When you reach the room that
                Blue is in, head out into the garden and clear the central area as
                well. Now hold for Alpha below the east hostage room. Alpha, flash
                the second floor and eliminate all tangos. Escort the hostages back
                to EXT.
    Order of Operations: Straightforward according to the go-codes: Red, Blue, then
                         Green. For the rescue, the teams can go in any order.
    3.5 Eagle Watch
    -A surprisingly linear map. You beat this with one big assault team.
    HK MP5SD
    .45 Mark-SD
    You should clear out the 1st floor in a big S-shape. Head west and clear out
    those offices. Then proceed into the atrium south of INS. In front of the NE
    entrance to the congressional chambers, look at the 2nd floor balcony. There
    should be a patrol on the second floor - kill him first. There's also another
    guard hiding in the SW corner of that room. With that area taken care of, keep
    going south and east as you follow the S-shape. There is a library nearby in
    which you can kill a tango through the hole in the bookcase. Wind your way west
    again and start to make your way to the SW corner of the map. Wait for a guard
    to patrol downstairs, then take him out too. Go to the SW corner now and clear
    those rooms. Continue east down the hallway, clearing side rooms as you go.
    Disarm the bomb when you get to it, then go to the stairs in the SE corner.
    Advance up them slowly, since there is a slight chance that there will be
    patrols looking through the two doorways. Up here, clear the 2nd floor
    clockwise, ending up at the west door to the other chambers. Open the door and
    use it for cover as you take out the patrols on the balcony first, then the
    hostage guards. Finally, kill the stationary balcony guards. If you need to,
    use the north door to approach the last few guards more easily. Once this area
    is clear, escort the hostages out.
    4. Closing
    If you still have problems, use cheats (teamgod and explore) to find out where
    the terrorists really are. If you already know, then you will have to be faster
    at shooting. Of course, you can ask me if you have still any further questions.
    Thanks to Red Storm Entertainment.
    Copyright (c)2005 idyoticwyzard

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