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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

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Command an elite, multinational squad of special operatives against a hidden terrorist foe. In Raven Shield, the third installment to the wildly popular Rainbow Six series, RAINBOW races against time to stop terror and unravel a mystery. In locations around the world, from London to the Caribbean to Rio de Janeiro, lead team RAINBOW in a desperate effort to battle a madman and foil his doomsday plot.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Review

By Monica Bair |

I'll spare you the usual intro. You know, the one where I go at length about how great this series is and how we've all spent lots of time playing it? I'll also skip over the bit where we talk about how much we've been anticipating this game or how we had childish fights to see who would get to review it. I'm not going to bother to do any of that because you've undoubtedly read it all before (or, if you haven't, perhaps not even cared about it in the first place). So let's get right to the review.

(You can check out the game in action alongside our commentary in our full video review.)

For those who don't know, Raven Shield is the latest in the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series. These tactical shooters are a harsh reality to the Quake crowd. Leading an elite hostage rescue (bomb defusing/tango killing/world saving) team through a series of high-risk missions isn't for everyone. One shot can end your life here and, since you can't ever save your game during a mission, this can be quite frustrating to the more twitch-minded player. For the rest of us, it can be a welcome change of pace from the hectic action of games like Serious Sam.

Raven Shield is pretty damn awesome. Not only does it continue the series' tradition of intense realism and the unforgiving consequences of close-quarters combat, it does it better than any of the previous titles in the series. The main changes for the game are largely graphical or mere matters of convenience, but the cumulative effect of the new technologies and design concepts create an experience that's as fun, if not as revolutionary, as the first game in the series.

Though the team has made some headway in the area of story, the actual plot of Raven Shield is still fairly thin and to some extent unnecessary. Since the series was spawned from a novel, it's been somewhat strange that more effort hasn't been made to craft a more meaningful story arc to tie the whole game together. Still, the nature of special operations work tends to work against any personal involvement in characters and situations.

This time around things are a bit better, but I still didn't find myself caring too much about the actual story elements in the game. There's a tighter continuity here in terms of events but you never really feel like a part of the story. Sure, it means something when one of your guys dies or is wounded, but it's never as if there's any personal stake in what's going on.

We do get a few cutscenes to highlight certain missions but even these are too few and too generic to really serve as more than a chance to show off the graphics engine. The one exception to this is the opening cutscene. It breaks from the mindless action montage that opened the previous games and actually sets up a situation that carries through the end of the game. But although the story begins in 1945, there's little sense of discovery or even consequence in what follows.

I found the enemy AI to be quite challenging but not unfairly so. Though there's no equivalent of the sniper mission from Rogue Spear, the enemies here put up quite a fight and will have you scrambling as you get yourself in to and out of danger. The enemies even scramble a bit. I was quite impressed with the handful of enemies that managed to run from an unfair fight and set up ambushes for us farther down the hallway or street.

Things like footsteps or breaking glass can cause enemies to come running, sometimes smartly, sometimes not. (I remember one instance where a terrorist thought it was a good idea to go check out a recent grenade explosion.) Every now and then you'll see enemies do something ridiculous, like standing in a corner with their back to the room, but for the most part, they behave somewhat intelligently.

The friendly AI is pretty good about providing 360-degrees of cover. The tailing member of your squad is frequently checking behind you to ensure that you're not taken out by an enemy to your rear. They're quick on the trigger and call out the targets in a way that's surprisingly helpful, more so at least than in the previous games.

Pathfinding can still be a real pain from time to time but, thankfully, almost all of the collision problems that have plagued the series have been all but eliminated. No longer will you see heads and feet sticking through doors. The odd effect still seems to spill over across strange barriers (like smoke from grenades passing through walls), but it happens so rarely and has so little effect on gameplay that it's hardly worth mentioning.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Cheats

Press the Y (talk)/tilde button and erase the text that says ''say'', enter any of the codes and press enter Third person view - behindview <0 or 1> (0 means off 1 means on) Flight mode - ghost Disable flight walk Full ammunition - fullammo Record demo demorec Stop recording - stopdemo Play demo demoplay God mode for player - god God mode for team - godteam God mode for terrorists - godterro God mode for hostages - godhostage 1 Disable god mode (hostages) - godhostage 2 All the god modes godall Game never ends - toggleunlimitedpractice Walk through entities togglecollision View threat information togglethreatinfo Kill all terrorists - neutralizeterro Disarm all bombs - disarmbombs Deactivate IO devices - deactivateiodevice Rescue all hostages - rescutehostage Disable morality - disablemorality Summon all terrorists - callterro Invisible to terrorists playerinvisible Terrorists surrender on sight - tsurrender Terrorists shoot wildly - tsprayfire Terrorists only fire at you - taimedfire Terrorists all run away - trunaway Terrorists go back to normal tnothreat See all terrorists on map - rendspot Hostage threat information - togglehostagethreat Set hostage position - sethpos <0-5> (0 standing, 1 kneeling, 2 prone, 3 fetal, 4 crouched, 5 random) Reset hostage threat - resetthreat Next hostage animation - hna Previous hostage animation - hpa Animate hostage - hp <0 or 1> (0 for no loop, 1 for looping) Show field of vision - showfov Show weapon direction gundirection Show terrorist/hostage routes - route Show all map routes - routeall Remove all NPCs - killthemall Remove all terrorists - killterro Remove all hostages - killhostage Kill all Rainbow operatives killrainbow Remove opponents - killpawns Game modes - sgi Resets all cheats resetmeall Quit game quit
  • Cheat CodesAt the main menu press ~ to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following:CheatEffectunlock allAccess All LevelscompletemissionMission will end as if it has been successfully completed.nightmareBloody, slow-motion death sequences
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Game Walkthrough

    Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (PC)
    Penthouse Mission Walkthrough
    Document written by PyroFalkon (
    Current version: 2
    Last update: 17 December 2003
    v2 (17 December 2003)
    Now that I've released a full FAQ of Rainbow Six 3 (which should be found on 
    the same site where you got this one), I've copied the mission walkthrough from 
    my full FAQ to here. Note that not a whole lot changed content-wise, except for 
    my recommendation of who to use.
    v1.0b (1 November 2003)
    It's been nearly a year, but unfortunately my site is down for the count. 
    Luckily, has decided to host my FAQs too, so it's all good. A new copyright 
    notice is the only change.
    v1.0a (31 May 2003)
    No new info, but I'm now carrying the guide on my site. Check it out by going
    to the URL listed at the bottom of the document.
    v1 (23 May 2003)
    First release, and I have no idea why this would ever need to be updated, but
    you never know...
    This is a short FAQ that addresses nothing but how to get through the Penthouse
    Mission in Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield. The Penthouse mission is a stealth-only
    mission that prevents you from firing any rounds or even being seen. Many game
    reviewers hate this level because they say it breaks the pace too much, and I
    half-agree. I like the change of pace, but considering this is the ONLY stealth
    mission, it does seem a little silly. My opinion is, either have more than one
    or two, or have none at all.
    But that aside, I'm here to help you out if you're struggling on this one. If
    you follow these steps, you'll complete the mission in roughly 5 to 7 minutes
    or less, and then you can be back on your way to shooting people. And isn't
    THAT what Rainbow Six is all about? ^_^
    I won't reveal the story, but this mission has you taking your Rainbow team
    into a penthouse to bug a phone and a computer. You can't be seen by anyone,
    and you can't shoot anyone. The mission will immediately terminate in either
    case. After you complete both objectives, you have to get out of there to the
    extraction zone on the roof, which is right next to the insertion zone.
    Operation: Shattered Glass
    August 9, 2006 @ 0900
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    |Situation Report|
    John Clark and every guide out there recommend that you only take one operative
    in this mission. One single person will be much harder to spot than a group of
    four, and you won't need to worry about cover because there will be no
    firefight if this is done right.
    I whole-heartedly disagree, but I'll explain why in a moment. Instead, make two
    teams. The Red team will be the team that actually runs around inside the
    building doing the objectives. Green team is going to do literally nothing.
    Again, I'll explain in a moment, just be patient.
    The penthouse is composed of four floors. You must plant a bug on a computer 
    which is on the second floor. You must also plant a bug on one of two phones, 
    which are located on the first floor and the third floor.
    You're not allowed to fire a single round, and you're not allowed to be 
    spotted; you need to be the shadow that walks, or something.
    |Overall Strategy|
    Red team will infiltrate the building and plant the bugs. Green team will... I 
    don't know, play Pokemon or something.
    |Agent Setup|
    Because this is a special mission, the people I suggest for the Red team are 
    very specific.
    RED (Player team):
    Yacoby, Ayana*
    *NOTE: If she's not available, use Woo, Tracy. If neither of them is available, 
    use Maldini, Antonio. If none of your recon specialists are available (backups 
    excluded), use Chavez, Ding. If you're still short on people, find someone with 
    high stealth and high electronics.*
    Lofquist, Annika*
    *NOTE: You can use ANYONE for Green; however, I use Lofquist because there's no 
    other use for her in the campaign... and she's hot.*
    Light armor
    AP Army, silenced
    Heartbeat sensor
    Electronics kit
    Light armor
    AP Army, silenced
    *NOTE: To select no primary weapon, scroll above the submachine guns and select 
    the word "None".*
    *NOTE: Green can carry anything they want to, but for simplicity's sake, this 
    is the equipment I recommend.*
    |Team Strategy|
    Start by walking forward and opening the metal door to the fire escape. There 
    are no enemies here, so you can run down the whole tower of stairs. There is 
    another metal door at the foot of the stairs that actually leads to the 
    penthouse itself. Enter, still running, and open the door at the end of the 
    short hallway. There are still no enemies here, don't worry. Slow down to a 
    normal walking speed. Stick against the right wall until you come to a pair of 
    steps, and PEEK around the left edge. You'll see a pair of double doors made of 
    glass. You can see through them, and yes, so can the tangos on the other side.
    However, of the three guys in the other room, two are engrossed in a soccer 
    game with their backs to you. The third is walking around randomly, so you need 
    to look for him. Unfortunately, you're too far away to use the Heartbeat 
    Sensor. For this little predicament, I actually draw my pistol. I play the 
    single-player game with Auto-Aim (yeah, I know, I'm a wuss), so the crosshairs 
    jump whenever the guy comes into view. That will help you figure when he leaves 
    as well; once he walks off to the left, you can proceed. Walk to the set of 
    stairs on your left, and go up the stairs until your gun is in line with the 
    edge of the wall on your right.
    Now, don't whip out your Heartbeat Sensor here. There is only one guard who is 
    patrolling this area in a clockwise pattern that you need to avoid, but there 
    might be as many as three blips on your sensor due to various people running 
    around. Just wait there, peeking to the left. The guard will never see you, 
    because he'll walk past your position, and you'll see his back as he moves.
    Once he passes you, go forward to the next corner. He's taken a turn down the 
    hallway that you want to go to, so wait. Make sure you're WAY behind the 
    corner, because he's going to come back toward you. Take out your Heartbeat 
    Sensor here; he'll be the only one who will probably show up, but even if he's 
    not, it won't be too hard to figure out which blip is his. Wait until he goes 
    off to your right, then hurry down the hallway he just came from (DO NOT RUN, 
    he might hear you).
    To the right in that hallway is a set of glass double doors like what you saw 
    downstairs. Go in, and you'll find a desk with a laptop. MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE 
    THE DOOR BEHIND YOU. If for some reason you get delayed and the guard sees the 
    open door, he WILL come and investigate. Get behind the desk and hold down the 
    space bar to start planting the bug on the computer. The electronics kit will 
    operate by itself, and the bug will be complete in 7 to 8 seconds.
    Now you have a choice. If you want to be aggressive, you can immediately exit 
    the room (SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU again), and run to the right for the stairs.
    If you were as smooth as James Bond planting the bug, then the guard will 
    probably still be out of position. However, if you got delayed for whatever 
    reason, then you may want to wait for the guard to complete another lap before 
    exiting the office. Should you choose to wait, hang out near the statue on the 
    left facing the doors from the inside. (If you're by the right statue, he can 
    see you.) Use the Heartbeat Sensor to watch him, and when he starts to head 
    back toward the center of the building, go on to the stairs on the right.
    Whether or not you were aggressive getting there, climb the short flight of 
    steps and stick against the right wall. Wait once you get to the corner.
    There's another single guard here, but he's patrolling counter-clockwise. You 
    can pick him up on the Heartbeat Sensor once he circles along the nearest hall, 
    but you don't have to bother with it. Just peek around the left corner and wait 
    to see him cross the hallway from left to right.
    Once he passes to the right, head forward and turn left, heading down the 
    direction he came from. Along the left wall is a door; enter it, and close it 
    behind you. You're now in the master bedroom, which has a phone on the far 
    wall. Simply walk up to the phone and hold the space bar to plant a bug on the 
    Green has the sole objective of walking ten feet from the insertion zone to the 
    extraction zone. See, the game will merely check that SOMEONE is in the 
    extraction zone once you're done; it won't care whether the agent there is 
    actually the one who was inside.
    Now, obviously this objective takes about one second, so if you want them to do 
    something while Red is doing its thing, have them run laps around the roof. Or, 
    if you want to give them some exercise, have them run up and down the tower of 
    stairs that Red used to enter the building. Use your imagination! Basically, 
    their activity doesn't matter as long as 1) they don't get anywhere near an 
    enemy, and 2) they end in the extraction zone, hopefully by the time Red is 
    This document is copyright 2003 for J. "PyroFalkon" Habib. If you plan to use
    any of it as part of another FAQ, you need my permission first. However, if you
    plan to post it on a website or e-mail it to someone or whatnot, you may do so
    without my permission AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ALTERED IN ANY WAY. I'd like you to
    drop me an e-mail so I know where you're going to take it, but I will not
    require you to do so. You may download it or print it at your leisure.
    The most updated version will always be found at these sites:
    Other sites may have up-to-date versions, but check GameFAQs or first.
    If any information is incorrect, or you wish to submit something, please e-mail
    me. My address is found on the bottom of the FAQ. Credit will be given where
    it's due.
    If you submit something to me, I will credit you by the name you signed in the
    message body or by the name attached to your e-mail. I will also post your
    e-mail address unless you specifically tell me not to.
    If you wish to be e-mailed when this FAQ is updated, send your request to me.
    If you have a junk mail protector on your e-mail program, make sure you put my
    e-mail address on the safe list, or my messages may not get through.
    Good luck in Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, and may this mission go so smoothly
    that it impresses James Bond AND Solid Snake.

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