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About The Game

Hybrid adventure game, playable both on PC and Mac. A British secret agent is sent on board the HMS Titanic on her maiden voyage in 1912 for a top secret mission. He is to receive his instructions from a contact on board the ship and has been ordered not to leave his cabin until then. Finally, on the evening of 14th April, 4 days after leaving Southampton, British agent Penny Pringle, his contact, arrives and orders him to watch a shady German diplomat. While there, he meets up with an old friend, Lady Georgia Lambeth, and helps her get away from her drunken, bankrupt husband Lord Charles Lambeth, uncovers a scandalous secret about one of the ships financers, and discovers that the steel used to construct the ship is not as safe as everyone thought. Then, the Titanic collides with an iceberg and starts to sink rapidly. Will you survive? Will you complete your mission? If you do, you could prevent Hitlers rise to power, World War I, even the Bolshevik Revolution.

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Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Cheats

Georgia's real necklace from Dan Chieffallo (tdn2031@stargate.net)

First of all, you must have the necklace Georgia gave you on the deck. After that when you meet Charles on deck, say yes to visit the smoking room with him. He will tell you Georgia's necklace is fake. Say good bye and visit Sasha's cabin. Talk to the guy and he'll leave. Then shut off the power. Sasha will leave turn on the power and enter. You will find the Doll on his desk, simply much the numbers so they equal the number they are pointing to. Then open the thing up. Take the real ncklace and replace it with the fake. Then take it to the pursor.

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time Game Walkthrough



AUTHOR: Longhorn

E-MAIL: MM02Longhorn@cs.com

Version 1.0

Legal Disclaimer

This document is copyrighted  2002 by Longhorn. Any violation of the United
States of America Copyright Laws on this document will result in swift and
sharp legal action. In laymen’s terms, do not post this on any website
without my written proof and consent. Do not sell this for profit, unless you
plan to give all the proceeds to ME as royalties. Do not give this out free.
Do not copy this and put your name on it. Feel free to print it out and use
it in your own home. As I have already stated, and violation of any of the
aforementioned sentences will result in a lawsuit. Thank you.

Version History

June 5, 2002

Ah, it’s great to be back to work again! No more school to worry about (for a
while). Today I typed ALL of it up. Table of contents, legal, and finished
actual walkthrough, and Final.

Table of Contents

1.) Walkthrough
2.) Characters
3.) Credits
4.) Final

Not very large is it? Well you may think otherwise once you actually start

1.) Walkthrough


Ok, it is April 14, 1942, in London, England. You live in this run-down
apartment ruled by a horrible landlord during the midst of WWII. If you don’t
believe me, open the door! Okay, what do is:

1. Click on Titanic model on your mantel. Click the front and back of it.

2. Click on the memory book and open it.

3. Click on the book on the chair and click the bookmark in it.

4. Go to the bed and click the newspaper.

5. Go to the desk. Click on _everything_ on the desk. When you go through the
postcards, go through _all_ of them. Everything on the desk has significance
with the plot.

After about 5 seconds, the music on the radio will stop, and an air-raid
siren will begin to sound. After about 5 seconds of _that_, your apartment
will blow up, hurling you back to 1912, on that very day.


After changing game discs, you will be in a cabin on the Titanic. The number
of your cabin is C-73. Remember that! Once in the cabin pick up the:

1. Bag (on bed)

2. Watch (on bureau, next to where you are standing)

Now click on the bureau where the watch was. Click on the middle drawer. Read
the note that Georgia left for you. It says:


Now open the door. See that ugly looking guy? That is your steward,
Smethells. Talk to him and say whatever you want. While you are talking to
him, he will you a map of the ship that will be _very_ helpful inyour quest!
He will also show you a note left for you. It says:

APRIL 14, 1912



After you are through talking to Smethells, go exploring! If you ever get
lost, use your map that was given to you. Once you are through exploring, go
meet Penny Pringle (P.P) in the gymnasium. Once you found it, talk to Penny
in there. You can say whatever you want to her. During the conversation, she
will tell you that you need to get into the wireless room. She will also tell
you her cabin number, F-34. After you are through talking with her, you must
hear over to the port side of the ship. If you go around the back, you can
talk to Georgia. She is next to the entrance of the Second Class Stairs. When
you say your first words to her, you MUST say:

"I was detained."  ~or~

"I didn’t know you were onboard."  ~or~

"Who are you?"

If you say any of the other phrases, she will get angry at you, delaying your
meeting with her. After the end of your chat, she will give you her necklace.
Keep in mind: THIS NECKLACE IS FAKE! She doesn’t realize that they aren’t
the real ones. You can right this wrong later in the game.

Once you are through chatting with Georgia, head to the "port" (left) side of
the ship. At the end, near the bridge, is a man dressed in a black suit, with
gold buttons and a hat. That is Third Officer Morrow. When you talk to him
first, say these words:

"The sea appears calm."

"You seem a little worried about something."

"Could you elaborate?"

"You don’t much care for bureaucrats?"

"They say war is unthinkable in this modern age."

"What war was that?"

"No wonder moonless nights make you jumpy."

"Now, may I visit the wireless room?"

Since you had that conversation with him, he will grant you access to the
wireless room. Once in there, look at the pile of messages on the right of
the desk. Go through them until you reach on that is a bunch of scrambled
letters. Put that one in your bag. Leave the wireless room.

Once out the door of the wireless room, head astern (towards the stern) a
couple of steps. A man will say, "C’mere". Go up to where he is, on the
raised area of the second smokestack. Talk to him. His name is Max
Seidelmann. He is from Philadelphia, PA. Talk with him. Whatever you do,
DON’T say:

"You sound like a cardsharp to me."

This phrase will get him angry, delaying your char with him. Agree to go with
him to the Parisian Cafe. He says there is a man there named Zeitel. Yes, the
same Zeitel Miss Pringle talked about! You will be magically transported to
the Cafe. Say whatever you want to Zeitel, as nothing you say can make him
leave. Once you are through talking with them, Max will ask if you want to go
to the Smoking Room with him. You can say yes or no, either one will leave
you in the Cafe. Once Max has left, click on the table Zeitel and Willie were
sitting on. It seems the Colonel has left his pipe! Put it in your bag.

If you chose to go up to the Smoking Room, you will meet Max and he will
introduce you to Buick Riveria, a French card player. You can play a few
hands of Blackjack with him. If you chose NOT to go to the Smoking Room, head
back to your cabin, and open your trunk.


1. Click on the key in your bag.

2. When the bag is one the gray panel, next to the life preserver, bring it
up to the screen, right on the trunk.

3. This will open the trunk.

Once you open the trunk, click on one of the bottom two drawers on the left
side of it. It contains a cryptograph. Flip the switch at the bottom to
"decode". Also make sure you click on the green and red wires at the top.
They will bring themselves up to the top of it. Now bring out your telegram
with the weird letters. Bring it to the bottom left side of the screen, so
you can read it while typing. Enter the WHOLE message. Including the numbers,
and "AM". The message will say:


Go down to the second stairs on F Deck. But instead of going to Penny’s
cabin, turn right at the hallway next to it. Go down all of the stairs until
you reach the turbine room. Go through it until you reach the Control Room.
Talk to the man, saying this:

"Perhaps I can solve that problem for you."

"I’ll help."


1. Turn all 3 red knobs all the way to the left.

2. Push the middle lever up GENTLY until the needle goes into the green zone.

After you fix it, the man will grant you access to the engine room. Go
through the engine room and go to boiler room 3. In it will be a man. Talk to
him. His name is Vlad. Say this:

"What do you want?"

"What are your troubles?"

"Can’t you get it yourself?"

"What is your friend’s name?"

Now go down the ladder next to where he was standing. Open the small door
next to coal chute 4. It contains the Rubyiat. Pick it up and move it to coal
chute 5. If you don’t, Vlad will shoot you, thus ending your game.

Go back to the engine room. You can use your map now. Go to A-Deck. Find the
A-Deck cabins. Go to A-14, where Sasha’s cabin is located. Knock on the door.
He will answer it. Say:

"I’m looking for a Mr. Barbicon."

"I’m to receive a package from Vlad."

"What will he do in America?"

"What happened to this family?"

"Good Night."

Head back to boiler room 3 and give Vlad the package. Retrieve the book now.
Go to Penny’s cabin and tell her you have the Rubyiat. She will tell you to
leave it with the Purser. But, when you arrive there, the Purser will be
saying, "Thayer...Thayer" You ask him, "What about Mr. Thayer?" He will say
that he needs to find someone to send a telegram. You tell him that you could
help. He will give you the telegram.

Now, it would be best to get Georgia’s cabin visit out of the way now, so
head down to her room (B-70). Talk to her in there, but then Charles, her
husband comes in. The two bicker, and he tells you to leave. Head up to the
smoking room and talk to Charles. You and him will have a couple of drinks
together, and he will tell some secrets. Such as he is in debt with Andrew
Conkling, and also that Georgia’s necklace is fake (told you). He says that
the real one is in Sasha’s cabin for safe-keeping. That is your cue to exit.

Head down to Sasha’s cabin, A-14. Now, in the hallway is a White Star Line
crew member. He says A-Deck was complaining about the lights. He came up
there to fix it, but he left his screwdriver below. He leaves. Now’s your
chance! Open the fuse box and shut off power in cabin A-14! Once you hear a
door slam, turn the power back on. Enter Sasha’s cabin.

Now click on that funny looking Chinese doll. It has a bunch of numbers on
it’s belly. It’s a safe! Here’s the combination:

                        0 1 1 2  5 3 7 4

If done correctly, once you click on the head of the doll, it will come off.
Do this a few more times until there is nothing left. Look inside. It’s the
Lambeth Diamonds! Now you can either put the fake ones inside or you can just
use the map to jump out of the cabin! If you leave nothing inside, Sasha will
shoot you. So, do one of the two!

Now, go to the wireless room to send the message for the lazy Purser!


1. Go to the left and flip the switch to TRANS.

2. Go to the device with the yellow face. Turn the knob to the left until the
dial reaches "200".

3. Turn the last device to "on" position.

Click the wireless device and just type any letter of the alphabet. Now leave
the wireless room.

Head back to C-Deck, and visit the Purser. Tell him you have sent Mr.
Thayer’s telegram. He will leave his post to go tell the Thayer’s. Now take
a look at that book that’s on the desk. Flip to the second page and look at
the 6th one down. It says "Barbicon Galleries". Now exit the Purser’s office.
Don’t go anywhere! Go right back in!

Say to the Purser:

"I need to get into the cargo room."

"Can I find the cufflink for you?"

After that is complete, go down to D-Deck. Click on the chair to the left of
the painting right in front of the Grand Stairs. The chair has the cufflink
in it. Head back to the Purser’s Office. Give him the cufflink. He will leave
his post open this time. Now, grab the nice looking keys off the shelf in

Head down to the Forecastle Deck. The Cargo Bay is right beneath it. When you
get to the entrance of it, the man will stop you, but then let you in because
you have the car keys. Once in, go forward 3 and turn to the right. Open the
door. Turn on the headlights. Look to left about 180Âş. Click on the box that
is being shined on. The painting should be in there. Click and get the hell
out of there.

Go down to F-Deck and tell Penny you have the painting. She will say that
Smethells was looking for you. Head to B-Deck Aft, and talk to him. He will
say that Willie Von Haderlitz wants to fence with you. Ask him directions to
the squash court, and follow them. Once you get to the S.C., fence with
W.V.H. You don’t have to play many. Once you leave, head back up to B-Deck
Aft. Talk to Smethells again. He will give you Willie’s ring.

Head back to Penny’s cabin. Say whatever you want to her. Now head back to
A-Deck and meet Mr. Trask. He’s on the Grand Staircase. Ask him to do a
reading of the ring. After a cool FMV, he will tell you about a girl that
Haderlitz knows. Her name is Claris Limehouse. She is in cabin D-19. Go and
visit her. Talk to her. When she asks you if she can keep it say, "yes". Go
back to Penny’s cabin.

She will say that Willie was electrocuted in the electric bath. She will also
give you a gas pen. Head down to the Turkish Bath, and enter (after talking
to Morrow and Smethells).

The electric bath is in the door next to the faucet. Go down to the end of
the hallway and it is in the door to the right. Right next to Willie’s dead
body is a piece of paper that says:


This may/is referring to the Scotland Road, which is located on E-Deck. Once
there, look for an axe and a piece of rope on the wall. Click on them. Click
OK. Jack Hacker will show up, giving you another scripture reading that says:


This one refers to the Parisian Cafe. You must head there now. Go to the
table where Zeitel was sitting. In the corner, you’ll see a pack of Old Red
(ancient ruby) cigarettes. Head up to the Smoking Room. Give the cigarettes
to Max. He’ll tell you about Haderlitz being on top of the 4th smokestack.

Head to the Purser’s office. LEAVE ALL VALUABLES (PAINTING, NECKLACE)!!!

Head to the engine room. Before you can get there, you must fix the controls
for that guy again. Once you do that, you can go to the engine room. Now go
up the stairs to your left in there. Vlad is picking a fight. If you can,
beat him up, but you let him beat you, as it is easier. Go forward after the
fight. Climb the ladder. Now this next part may get difficult. It is very
hard to explain, because every time you climb, the boxes are placed in
different places. Try to go right whenever you can.

Once you reach the top, collect the notebook. Zeitel will walk up to you. He
will tell you how important that notebook is to Germany. During the
conversation, the ship will hit the iceberg. Give Zeitel the notebook. He
will shoot you. Don’t worry, he missed.


Now the ship is sinking fast. Answer the door. Penny will give you all of the
things you left with the Purser before your accident. Head down to C-59,
Zeitels cabin. Go in. He will come in, leaving the notebook, and locking the
door. No worries, however. To get out, open up the suitcase on the sofa. It
is a bomb. Don’t worry about disarming it. Click on the key. Click OK. Click
Give Up. Leave the cabin.

Head up to the boat deck. Head over to the Port side. The Gorse-Jones’ will
run into you, asking you if you want to be on their boat.


After the ship sinks, you will be transported back to your smelly, London

This will go into a history lesson, talking about how the mission was a

After that, your apartment will change, with a different painting on the
wall. Your mission was a success.


Good Job!

2. Characters

I may add descriptions of the characters in a later revision.

1. Frank Carlson (you)

2. Smethells

3. Penny Pringle

4. Lady Georgia

5. Charles Lambeth

6. Third Officer Morrow

7. Max Siedelmann

8. Eric Burns

9. Reverend Edgar Troutt

10. Colonel Zeitel

11. Willie Von Haderlitz

12. White Star Crew

13. Vlad

14. Sasha Barbicon

15. Stephanie Burns

16. Andrew Conkling

17. Beatrice Conkling

18. Shayla Hacker

19. Jack Hacker

20. Buick Riveria

21. Leyland Trask

22. The Gorse-Jones’

23. Boiler Room workers

24. The Lift Attendant

25. The Purser

3. Credits

Marcus Kolic - markusrtk@hotmail.com - I used the combination from his.

GameFaqs.com - For putting this FAQ and all my others up.

Longhorn - Me! For writing this FAQ!

4. Final

Wow, this is FAQ # 3 for me! Read all of my reviews too. E-mail me with any
question, comments or anything. My E-Mail address is at the top of the
document. Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped you.

5. Legal

This document is copyrighted by me, Longhorn.

Copyright (c) 2002 by Longhorn (Matt Martin)

And so endeth this chronicle. I shall leave you with a line from the end of
the game, once you’ve won:

"One can only imagine how different it could have been...WOULD have been, if
we had failed..."

Titanic: Adventure Out of Time is a registered copyright of Cyberflix, Inc.
(c) 1996 Cyberflix



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