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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol

Developer:Iocaine Studios Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

Taking place in the future, mankind has mastered a scavenged alien technology that allows them to travel great distances along flat highways in space called Hyperchannels. In a far off sector of the galaxy is a vast network of ancient Hyperchannels that bridge whole star systems. These systems contain valuable resources and puzzling mysteries regarding the race that built the Hyperchannel network. Large corporate conglomerates quickly moved into this sector and rapidly colonized the areas with key resources. Several decades later, the prospering corporations collapsed abruptly, leaving the sector in chaos. This is where the game begins.
Three Factions emerge from the chaos, each vying for dominance in the sector. The Drake Republic seeks to establish a democratic order and give control entirely to the citizens. The Intercorporation Military Force (IMF) maintains their original role from the corporation era as security enforcement, but in the wake of chaos, they seek to establish marshal law first. The last of the major factions are The Syndicate, largely composed of underground organizations that promoted piracy and controlled the sector's black market. The Syndicate’s ultimate intentions are unclear and seem to only crave power and control.
The player takes on the role as a mercenary and chooses one of the factions to work for throughout the course of the faction war.

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ThreadSpace: Hyperbol

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol Review

By Trang Ngo

ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is certainly a unique game that successfully combines several genres successfully. While the game has a learning curve due to its distinctive mechanics, once you learn the game and the counters for each of the game's weapons, ThreadSpace: Hyperbol is quite enjoyable. The play between throwing out weapons and items and countering those weapons is interesting, and the ability to customize your emphasis results in a lot of different viable strategies to employ. The online environment is nice, and purchasing tweaks to your ship is a neat feature to have without a subscription fee. I greatly appreciate that more experienced players don't get better equipment, as all of the upgrades just move stat ratings around. There are so many different paths to choose that each game and each enemy you encounter will require a diverse outlook. ThreadSpace: Hyperbol certainly provides enough entertainment for the price. Ultimately, the quaintness of the game will appeal to a smaller audience, but those people who would like to play something unusual will find good value in ThreadSpace: Hyperbol.

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