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Thief: The Dark Project

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About The Game

Thief: The Dark Project is a first-person action/adventure game. Your character will stalk through the silent corridors of a sleeping city and ambush its unsuspecting guards. Eavesdrop on your foes as they coordinate their man-hunt in real-time digital audio. Infiltrate and explore mission areas, from sewers to an abandoned cathedral ... even plunder the Lost City of the Ancients! Prowl in the shadows, scale sheer walls, leap over chasms, and dive beneath the rushing waters of the city's aqueducts. Unlike other First Person Shooters this game is all about stealth.

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Thief: The Dark Project

Thief: The Dark Project Review

By Monica Bair |

For years now, long before everyone else realized that people were eventually going to get tired of running around and killing monsters over and over, Looking Glass has been looking for new ways to take the first person shooter genre forward. In Ultima Underworld, a game that foreshadowed titles like Trespasser, Arena and Everquest , the company took a remarkably smooth 3D fighting engine and added complex (for the time) elements of conversation trees and magic. In System Shock, the company once again created a first person engine designed to add an element of realism to the era's severely limited shooters. The end result was phenomenal and is widely recognized as one of the best games of its time. Now the company finally has the tools and the technology to realize one of its long-term development dreams. In Thief: The Dark Project, you get a glimpse of what the future of gaming is really all about the exploration and manipulation of a believable virtual world.

From the get go, Thief is unlike any game you've ever played. You are Garrett, a thief who has learned the tricks of motion invisible from a mysterious group of silent Watchers. After leaving the group to pursue your own interests (like stealing) you've managed to make a steady living by procuring special items from various nobles and selling them to Cutty, your fence. As the game begins, Cutty has let it be known that he would pay dearly for a certain scepter owned by a local nobleman. The price he's offering is right, so you gather your tools and head out to work.

Once you've taken control of the game, it seems to play like any other first person shooter. You basically move through levels, trying to avoid detection while you gather the objects that are crucial (or at least profitable) to your quest. With the completion of each mission, the story unfolds and you'll find yourself in more and more mysterious circumstances. While the first few missions can be a little confusing, by the end of the game, the story really starts coming together and will have you on the end of your seat hoping for success just so you can find out what happens next.

The main difference between Thief and other games of the genre is the fact that your character isn't built for combat, he's built for stealth. If you run straight ahead into a large group of guards and start swinging, you're going to get killed in about two seconds. This one small but all-encompassing shift is what makes Thief as challenging and as fun as it is. Unlike most titles where the standard operating procedure is to kill everything that moves and then try to figure out the way to get to the next level, in Thief you want to figure out where you're going as soon as possible and then get there without arousing any attention at all. The way to do this is by making sure you can't be seen or heard. Fortunately, The Dark Project gives you a few tools to make sure that doesn't happen.

Let's start with remaining unseen, in the end it's a lot more important. Every light source in Thief not only illuminates, but also leaves varying grades of shadow in the areas in doesn't cover. At the bottom of your main view screen there's a small bubble that varies in color at any given moment from bright yellow to black. This bubble is a meter of how well you can be seen where you're standing. When you're in deep shadow, standing still with your sword put away, the meter is black indicating that even if a guard looks directly at you, he won't see you. If you're running across a well-lit courtyard with your steel unsheathed, it's going to be bright yellow (and you're going to be dead soon). By learning to judge the variations between the two extremes, you'll be able to determine just how much you can get away with when trying to sneak past someone. If you're seen in a shadowy area, a guard will most likely chase you for a little while and then decide that he was just seeing things (presuming of course than you had enough sense to hide when he spotted you). If you're seen outright, the guard will probably single an alarm, scream for his friends, and do all sorts of other things that make thievery very difficult. Which brings us to the importance of sound in the game.

In addition to being able to see illuminated objects in a cone in front of them, guards can also hear sounds within a certain radius. If they hear a noise that's out of the ordinary, they'll immediately go on the alert and start trying to identify the source of the sound. After a while (if you stay quiet and hidden) they'll decide it was just the wind and go back to their post. Still, if you're trying to slip up behind someone or cross an area where you'll be seen if they turn around, it behooves you to be as quiet as possible. Different surfaces that you may walk across make different sounds as you traverse them. For example, walking across a grassy lawn or a carpet makes almost no noise (you are a thief after all). On the other hand, if you decide to run across a grate or a tile floor, your clattering will be heard by anyone even remotely close. A successful thief will quickly learn that walking is the best way to stay hidden and to run only in emergencies. You'll also learn that tile floors should only be crossed when there's no one around to hear you. A lot of Thief is spent waiting in the shadows while an opportunity to move presents itself. Fortunately, patrolling guards make quite a bit of noise (singing, whistling, clomping around and the like) and so it's usually pretty easy to figure out where they are at any given moment.

Even if you manage to stay hidden and quiet, you're still going to have moments of conflict. Since you're usually up against heavily armored guards who are quite skilled at combat, you'll need to make use of different tools to make sure that that conflict is in your favor when it comes. At the beginning of the game you'll have access to your sword, which is a loud, bright weapon that leaves a mess when you hit someone with it, a bow that can be used to shoot different types of arrows, and a blackjack which can be used to knock someone out if you can sneak up on them from behind. Each of these tools has its purpose and place and so you need to practice with all of them until you feel pretty secure. As the game wears on you'll get access to new tools, most of which are designed to keep you out of trouble, that you'll also need to master. Examples include the water arrow, which can be used to extinguish pesky torches and to throw holy water on undead foes, the moss arrow, which will scatter moss over a hard floor so that you can walk across it silently and the rope arrow which will allow you to shoot a rope into a wall so that you can scale to new heights. The game is full of all kinds of cool gadgets like these, and like any good James Bond film, half the fun of getting to new missions is discovering which gizmos you'll be able to play with next.

Other than some pretty serious video card compatibility problems (three out of the four machines we had in the office would never run the game no matter which patches we downloaded) Thief is nearly flawless in its execution. The game's AI, its brilliant look and feel, and its challenging levels all work together to make a play experience that every thinking gamer will enjoy. We were sad to see that no multiplayer option was included though. It would have really cool to have a group of thieves each entering an area at difference points trying to grab a treasure before all the others could. Still, as a single player game Thief is pretty hard to beat.

In the end, Thief is one of the most exciting first-person games to come out in years. Rather than seeking to out do the competition in what's been done before, Looking Glass has given us a chance to play a different type of character in a world that is very realistic indeed. We're already waiting with baited breath to see what this dynamite development team can put together in the sequel.

-- Trent C. Ward

Thief: The Dark Project Cheats

This can only be done in the training level on EXPERT MODE. Right after sword fighting the human opponent, quickly run over to the table with the three items and grab the key. Turn around and run into area the opponent came from and should be going back to. Once your in there, go to the end of it and you'll find a door, use the key and your in.

NOTE: If you pick up the sleeping bag thing in the upper right corner of the basketball court, you can read some crazy notes but then you won't be able to get rid of it and your stuck, also, there is no way back out of the basketball court.

Submitted by Jameson Fitzpatrick and Allan Mackey

This is a correction of a cheat currently listed on the site. There is a cheat that tells you that after you beat the guard in the training level, you can access a basketball court. This is true, but in order to access the court you must:

1. beat the guard
2. go over to the table
3. drink the potion and eat the apple
4. take the key and open the door
5. go through the door and turn around
6. follow the guard
7. enter the basketball court

Only by following these steps will you be able to access the basketball court. Some idiot posted a cheat similar to this one but it doesn't work.

Corrected by Alex the self-stylized Thief DP nerd and perfectionist

Thief: The Dark Project Game Walkthrough

                        Thief: The Dark Project (v1.33)

                FAQ v4.7 by The Brigadier (

                                  May 8, 1999

"Ye shall not rob from the house I have built, or commit any theft or 
unrighteousness, lest ye be struck down and driven into the earth forthwith, and 
the land of the heathen consume you."
     -- The Book of the Stone

"The paths of thief and god are worn as one in the earth."

"Thief wanted for the theft of the gems of Sarnoth."

"Woe be to him that defies the tree, for he shall be cast out into the world 
through the veils of pain and fire."

Table of Contents
Section 1: Version History
Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This FAQ
   2.1: Best Times
   2.2: Email
   2.3: Experimentation
   2.4: Objectives
   2.5: Recommended Purchases
   2.6: Just What The Heck Is A Taffer Anyway?
   2.7: Personal Note Regarding The Next Release
Section 3: Game Notes
   3.1: Patrols
   3.2: Bloodstains and Bodies
   3.3: Doors
   3.4: Water
   3.5: Hard Surfaces
   3.6: Enemies
      3.6.1: Human Guards
      3.6.2: Spiders
      3.6.3: Zombies
      3.6.4: Burricks
      3.6.5: Fly Swarms
      3.6.6: Hammer Spirits
      3.6.7: Restless Dead
      3.6.8: Craymen
   3.7: Weapons
      3.7.1: Sword
      3.7.2: Blackjack
      3.7.3: Broadhead Arrows
      3.7.4: Water Arrows
      3.7.5: Fire Arrows
      3.7.6: Moss Arrows
      3.7.7: Gas Arrows
      3.7.8: Rope Arrows
      3.7.9: Noisemaker Arrows
      3.7.10: Flash Bombs
      3.7.11: Explosive Mines
      3.7.12: Gas Mines
   3.8: Cheats
Section 4: A Keeper's Training (Training Mission)
   4.1: Introduction
   4.2: Objectives
   4.3: Before The Mission
   4.4: Walkthrough
Section 5: Lord Bafford's Manor (Mission 1)
   5.1: Introduction
   5.2: Objectives on Normal level
   5.3: Objectives on Hard level
   5.4: Objectives on Expert level
   5.5: Simplified Objectives
   5.6: Before The Mission
   5.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
   5.8: Walkthrough
Section 6: Break From Cragscleft Prison (Mission 2)
   6.1: Introduction
   6.2: Objectives on Normal level
   6.3: Objectives on Hard level
   6.4: Objectives on Expert level
   6.5: Simplified Objectives
   6.6: Before The Mission
   6.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
   6.8: Walkthrough
Section 7: Down In The Bonehoard (Mission 3)
   7.1: Introduction
   7.2: Objectives on Normal level
   7.3: Objectives on Hard level
   7.4: Objectives on Expert level
   7.5: Simplified Objectives
   7.6: Before The Mission
   7.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
   7.8: Walkthrough
Section 8: Assassins (Mission 4)
   8.1: Introduction
   8.2: Objectives on Normal and Hard levels
   8.3: Objectives on Expert level
   8.4: Simplified Objectives
   8.5: Before The Mission
   8.6: Notes Regarding This Mission
   8.7: Walkthrough
Section 9: The Sword (Mission 5)
   9.1: Introduction
   9.2: Objectives on Normal and Hard levels
   9.3: Objectives on Expert level
   9.4: Simplified Objectives
   9.5: Before The Mission
   9.6: Notes Regarding This Mission
   9.7: Walkthrough
Section 10: Cutscene - Victoria
Section 11: The Haunted Cathedral (Mission 6)
   11.1: Introduction
   11.2: Objectives on Normal level
   11.3: Objectives on Hard level
   11.4: Objectives on Expert level
   11.5: Simplified Objectives
   11.6: Before The Mission
   11.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
   11.8: Walkthrough
Section 12: Input From Other Thieves
Section 13: Thief Sites on the Internet
Section 14: Thief 2 News
Section 15: Thief FAQ Mailing List
Section 16: Endnotes and Copyright Notice

Section 1: Version History
0.1  -- First attempt at this FAQ. Included only the first mission (Lord
        Bafford's Manor)
0.2  -- Fixed a few spelling and grammatical errors
0.7  -- Added "Input From Other Thieves" section
     -- Included "Before the Mission" and "Introduction" sections, as
        well as others.
     -- Some not-quite-minor-but-not-very-major cosmetic changes made
        (ie: Version history, section numbers, etc.)
1.0  -- Added walkthrough for the Training Mission (A Keeper's Training)
1.1  -- Added walkthrough for Mission 2 (Break From Cragscleft Prison)
1.11 -- Fixed some spelling, grammar, and formatting mistakes
1.2  -- Added Cheats section
1.4  -- Put in monster descriptions & strategies
1.6  -- Put in weapon descriptions and strategies
2.0  -- Added walkthrough for Mission 3 (Down in the Bonehoard)
2.2  -- Fixed some grammar and spelling mistakes, fixed up the
        walkthrough's for the training mission, the first three missions
        (minor changes only), and expanded some entries in the Weapons
2.6  -- Added walkthrough for Mission 4 (Assassins)
2.8  -- Added "Thief Sites on the Internet" section
     -- Expanded the FAQ slightly in a few areas, including a "Notes
        Regarding" section on some missions, and added Fly Swarms to the
        Enemies section
     -- Fixed some spelling, grammer, formatting, and continuity errors
3.0  -- Added "Thief 2 News" section
3.4  -- Added walkthrough for Mission 5 (The Sword)
3.6  -- Added entry for the first cutscene (Victoria)
3.7  -- Minor adjustments, including a "First Appearance" section for
        each monster
4.0  -- Included information on Flash Bombs and Mines, and new monsters,
        as well as updated information on several weapons and monsters.
4.3  -- Did some tweaking here and there, revising and improving
        entries..."Input From Other Thieves" section revised, and a
        "Recommended Purchases" and "What You'll Encounter" section was
        added for each mission; also added the Mailing List section at
        the end; new cheat added to cheats section; added "What The Heck
        Is A Taffer Anyway?" section;
4.7  -- Added walkthrough for Mission 6 (The Haunted Cathedral)

Not all versions have been made available to the public. Only versions 0.1, 1.1, 
2.0, 3.6 and 4.7 have ever been released.

Section 2: Opening Notes Regarding This FAQ
This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough. All input is appreciated, especially regarding 
what you liked, and how I can improve it. Please send comments, suggestions, 
etc., to

This FAQ does NOT cover the entire game at the moment. If I get enough positive 
response, I will try to continue this FAQ so that it does. HOWEVER, I am a 
University student (with finals starting in about 10 days), and have personally 
only finished  the first five missions completely. So you may have a bit of a 
wait ahead of you. :(

This FAQ, unlike others I have seen for this game, is geared towards having you 
complete each mission with the maximum amount of treasure possible, on top of 
completing all of your quests. Each mission is done at the EXPERT level, and all 
statistics are given for that difficulty setting (ie: what you find, where, how 
much, etc.). I have not tried playing these on the lower levels, but I have 
heard there ARE differences. (For example, on Mission 2, "Break From Cragscleft 
Prison", behind the banner you cut down you find some treasure. On the easier 
levels, this is apparently a quick way off the premises.)

This FAQ/Walkthrough is based on the PC version of the game. Does another 
version exist? I don't know. 

2.1: Best Times
For those missions that have been included, I have also included my best time in 
completing that mission. This is for various reasons, but mostly to do with ego. 
:) (Note that my best time for a mission does NOT necessarily reflect this 
walkthrough. For example, my best time for Lord Bafford's Manor was done with 
mostly running, no body hiding, no door closing, etc. Each one WAS finished, 
however, with all possible treasure.)

2.2: Email
My email address is:

I have received a few emails since posting this FAQ, some of them asking for 
help on missions beyond the ones I have included here, or asking if I intend to 
do the FAQ to include later missions. If you've managed to read this far, you 
know that the answers to these questions are already printed in the FAQ. Any 
questions sent to me that are already answered in this FAQ will be ignored.

2.3: Experimentation
Occasionally, I will note an area where some more experimentation could be done. 
In some cases, circumstances did not permit further experimentation (for one 
reason or another), and some experiments were thought of in hindsight, long 
after I was past the point of no return for that area. If anyone cares to 
experiment in the noted areas, I would be interested in hearing the results.

EXAMPLE: In Lord Bafford's Manor, I used to take out a certain guard as a 
precaution against a future endeavor. However, I was not sure that this was 
actually necessary, and had not tried to complete the mission without doing so. 
Upon replaying the mission, I left that guard alone, and found it was 
unnecesarry to take him out, and was able to make the walkthrough for that 
mission that much better.

2.4: Objectives
Although each mission shows the objectives for Normal, Hard, and Expert levels, 
the walkthrough itself covers ONLY the Expert level.

The Simplified Objectives contain the mission objectives as viewed from within 
the mission. They are less verbose, and more to the point than the wordy 
objectives given before the mission begins. Although the only ones shown are 
from the Expert level, you should be able to pick out which ones apply to your 
game if you are playing on Normal or Hard instead.

2.5: Recommended Purchases
At the end of each "Before The Mission" section, I've listed the equipment that 
I personally use and/or recommend to complete that mission. In most cases, these 
purchases will NOT eat up all of your funds. Use whatever you have left over as 
you see fit.

Note that my recommended purchases are not always what is NECESSARY to complete 
the mission. In some cases, it will make the mission easier for you, in others 
it may simply be that there is NOTHING to buy to help you, but what I've 
recommended is the best you can do.

2.6: Just What The Heck Is A Taffer Anyway?
A question I'd like an answer to: What EXACTLY is a taffer? Or taffing? I saw 
the answer once online, but cannot find it now. Based on the usage in the game, 
the word cannot simply mean "Thief".

2.7: Personal Notes Regarding The Next Release
To those waiting for more of this FAQ. I am currently playing Mission 7, "The 
Lost City". Unfortunately (why is there ALWAYS an "unfortunately"?) I am 
attending summer school, and my class starts May 10. I am not saying I will have 
NO time to work on this, but not as much as I'd like. I'll picking away at it 
here and there as best I can. :(

There are several mission walkthroughs that need revising in this FAQ, for 
various reasons. These are noted in the "Notes Regarding This Mission" section 
for the relevant missions. This notes are for my benefit, to remind ME to do 
them later. I've decided that I am going to finish the remaining levels in the 
game, and THEN go back and redo the old missions. I make you all wait long 
enough as it is for the next mission, you shouldn't have to wait longer while I 
work on the previous ones!

Section 3: Game Notes

3.1: Patrols
Some areas have guards (of one sort or another) moving around in them, and 
sometimes moving from one area to another. This makes it difficult to say for 
sure when a certain task you may be told to perform should be done, as it is 
unlikely that you will arrive at the area at the exact same time during the 
mission that I did. In these areas, it's a good idea to save your game. (This 
will be noted at the proper areas.)

3.2: Bloodstains and Bodies
According to the manual, leaving bodies out in the open where they can be seen, 
or not cleaning up telltale bloodstains (by shooting a Water Arrow at them) is 
inviting discovery. While there are certain points in the game where just 
leaving your victims where they fall may be all right (and, in some cases, 
unavoidable), for the most part, you should tidy up after yourself. After 
telling you to take out someone, this FAQ is going to assume that you have the 
prudence to hide your handiwork.

3.3: Doors
This FAQ also assumes that you will know enough to try to open doors before 
walking through them, and to close them behind you. (An open door can also be a 
telltale sign to patrols that something is amiss...namely, you.)

3.4: Water
Water is loud when you splash around in it. This occurs when you try to swim 
quickly, or jump into the water. Try not to do it too often. Swim slowly (using 
your WALK key). Also note that, while you can swim carrying someone you have to 
rescue (ie: Basso in Mission Two), you cannot dump bodies in the water to "hide" 
them. They drown, and that counts towards you killing someone.

3.5: Hard Surfaces
Hard surfaces include any sort of surface that makes a very loud or noticeable 
noise when you're walking on it. Things like tile, metal, and even wood can fall 
into this category. While Moss Arrows will allow you to walk over the covered 
area silently, you never really have enough of them to go wantonly shooting them 
everywhere you want to walk.

SNEAKING is the key. You have two movements available to you...walking, and 
running. What SNEAKING is is walking when you are CROUCHED. You make less noise 
(although it is sometimes still very audible). You can minimize this even 
further, however, by using the stop-and-go method. Move forward a SHORT 
distance, and stop. You will probably have made no noise whatsoever. Now, move 
forward another short distance, and stop. Keep this up until you get to quieter 
ground, and you should be able to get through just about any terrain silently.

3.6: Enemies
You face off against a number of different types of enemies. Here's some basic 
information on the ones I've encountered so far. Note that the names I've given 
to some of them are NOT necessarily official. They are just what I've called 
them when I've had no official name to give them.

3.6.1: Human Guards
First Appearance: Training Mission or Mission One (Lord Bafford's Manor)

This includes your standard guard (such as in Lord Bafford's Manor), Hammerites, 
etc. These guys fall easily to your blackjack attacks, so long as 1) you hit 
their head area, and 2) they aren't expecting it. If they are looking around 
searching for you, you can sometimes manage to club them, but sometimes it 
doesn't work. In these circumstances, aim is the most important factor (go for 
the head!), and light plays a close second. The more of you that can be seen 
(ie: check your light-indicator), the harder it is to successfully put the 
guards to sleep.

Most of the time, these guys are armed with some sort of hand-to-hand weapon (a 
sword or hammer). Occasionally, one will have a bow instead (and don't think 
that they can only fire Broadheads at you!). The guys in red, however, are 
Priests and spell casters. Also, there is one type that doesn't seem to fight at 
all, he just calls for help. He is the one in gray.

Sometimes, these guys have a key, purse, or other item on their belt that you 
can either lift off (ie: pick their pocket), or grab after you've knocked them 
out. I prefer the pickpocket method.

NOTE: One time, I knocked out a guard, and because another was coming, picked up 
the body and ran BEFORE getting the purse off him. After dropping the body, 
however, the purse was gone. :(

3.6.2: Spiders
First Appearance: Mission One (Lord Bafford's Manor)

Spiders are small and annoying, and that's about it. They can bite you for a bit 
of damage, but not much. They die easily too...a single Broadhead Arrow does the 
trick usually (I haven't tried to kill them with a sword yet).

3.6.3: Zombies
First Appearance: Mission Two (Break from Cragscleft Prison)

I hate Zombies. Don't ask why, I don't really have a rational explanation. But 
when I'm playing the game, and Zombies start getting involved, my interest level 
tends to drop dramatically. (I also can't play the game after dark when playing 
a Zombie level. Yeah, I know...I'm a wimp.)

"Sleeping" Zombies are pretty much indistinguishable from corpses, until you get 
close enough to one to awaken it. When you do, it makes a noise, and you have a 
brief amount of time (variable, sometimes maybe as much as 2 seconds) to react 
before it stands up and moves to attack. (Throughout this FAQ, a corpse that can 
"become" a Zombie is referred to as a Corpse-Zombie.)

Once awake, you can't kill them by conventional means. Hacking them with your 
sword will make them drop, only to stand right back up again. Arrows are a 
little better, as when you cause them to drop with arrows, the don't always 
stand up again unless you are close enough to "awaken" them. However, Zombies 
are very SLOW. You can run circles around them. If you run away from them, they 
will pursue, but not for long. (This will become evident when you do Mission 3, 
"Down in the Bonehoard".)

Note that ANY human corpse can be a Zombie, not just the gray, decaying ones. I 
believe that mission 3 ("Down in the Bonehoard") even has a headless Zombie, so 
don't ever assume that a corpse is just a corpse!

Weapons that are useful against Zombies include Fire Arrows, Holy Water Arrows 
(your Water Arrows dipped in Holy Water), Flash Bombs, and Explosive Mines. With 
regards to the Fire Arrows, I've noted that, if you shoot the Zombie from 
behind, it takes only one Fire Arrow to destroy it. If they see it coming 
though, it usually takes two.

3.6.4: Burricks
First Appearance: Mission Three (Down in the Bonehoard)

These are big lizards with VERY bad morning breath. Best to avoid them if 
possible. Engaging in melee with them is NOT a good idea, especially if there is 
more than one around...while you cut into one, the other one backs off and 
breathes at you. If you want/need to take them out, your arrows are your best 
bet. How quickly they die seems to depend on where your arrows hit. The average 
seems to be about 5 or so arrows to fell one of these beasts, although I have 
managed to bring one down with only two arrows (once).

Melee CAN be done successfully with Burricks. First of all, it's best if there 
is only one around. Then you can get close enough so that the beast cannot 
breathe on you, and you can hack merrily away at it. (Although they do tend to 
run away once the damage starts to get serious. They whimper too. <g>) The BEST 
way to deal with a lone Burrick is to take it by right up behind 
it and slice downwards with your sword. If you do it right, you've just done a 
backstab, and killed the critter with one blow!

Note that Burricks HATE Zombies, and will attack them in preference to you. If 
you can get Zombies and Burricks engaged in combat together, you can sit back 
and watch as half your problems are taken care of. Since the Zombies cannot be 
killed by the Burricks though, you always know which side will come out the 
victor. (NOTE: A friend of mine told me about this hint...I have not tested it 
myself, so don't hold me to it!)

If you try to use Explosive Mines against Burricks, you should be aware that one 
is NOT enough to kill one!

Another interesting thing about Burricks...apparently, you can use your 
blackjack on them and knock them out!

3.6.5: Fly Swarms
First Appearance: Mission Two (Break from Cragscleft Prison)

These are not really dangerous, just annoying. Fly swarms find a corpse (or 
sometimes a Corpse-Zombie) and hover over it. They don't move, they just swarm 
around the body. Occasionally, you may find a swarm where there is no body, but 
they still don't move. Moving through a swarm subjects yourself to their bites, 
which do not always strike. You take minimal damage from a swarm bite. (Note: 
Sometimes you will find a Zombie with a Fly Swarm surrounding that case, 
the swarm DOES move, but it sticks with the Zombie.)

To disperse a Fly Swarm, shoot a Fire Arrow into it (although personally I feel 
this is a waste of a good Fire Arrow). Note also that you can disperse a Swarm 
from around a Zombie simply by hitting it with a Water Arrow.

3.6.6: Hammer Spirits
First Appearance: Mission Six (The Haunted Cathedral)

These creatures are the undead spirits of Hammerite spellcasters. They look like 
the Hammerite Priests, except that they are transparent. They hurl ghostly 
skulls at you, sometimes as many as three at a time. If you can catch one by 
surprise, I've found the quickest way to dispatch one is to sneak up behind them 
and deliver a downswing swordstroke. After that, a single sidestroke with your 
sword causes them to disappear in a puff of smoke. If you can't take them by 
surprise, however, they are difficult to kill. In one battle, I hit one with 
three downswings, and it still took a couple of sideswings to finish the job. In 
melee, constant side-to-side slashing seems to keep them from casting their 
spells at you.

Flash Bombs and Explosive Mines are also useful against them. While I have not 
tried the Flash Bombs myself, I have seen a Hammer Spirit live through TWO Mine 
explosions. Using Fire Arrows, I have not been able to kill one with less than 
three Arrows. I have not killed one with Holy Water Arrows yet, but they survive 
at least two shots of them. An interesting note is that they do NOT appear to be 
very good shots when they are not at close range.

3.6.7: Restless Dead
First Appearance: Mission Three (Down in the Bonehoard)

These undead are the animated remains of Hammerite Guards, and they retain their 
swordsmanship skills beyond the grave. They are VERY good swordsmen, and they 
are also extremely fast runners...impossible to outrun. As with Hammer Spirits, 
Flash Bombs and Explosive Mines work well with them (especially the Mines). 
Again, I have not tried the Holy Water Arrows or Fire Arrows against them.

3.6.8: Craymen
First Appearance: Mission Six (The Haunted Cathedral)

Picture a humanoid Crayfish. If you catch them by surprise, a single Broadhead 
will fell one of these crustacean monstrosities. Otherwise, it takes about five 
Broadheads. Two Fire Arrows also seem to do the trick against these guys.

Melee with a Crayman can be interesting. They can survive at least two 
downswings, and their claws can be used to parry your attacks.

3.7: Weapons
While your lifestyle usually involves you hiding from foes rather than fighting, 
it is sometimes necessary to make use of some of your weapons...and some have 
more uses than the obvious.

Note that you are more easily seen if you have a weapon drawn than if you are 
empty-handed (except for the blackjack).

3.7.1: Sword
Your basic hack-n-slash weapon. Your sword does either a left cut, a right cut, 
or an overhead smashing blow. To get the smashing blow, you need to hold your 
attack button without releasing it for a short time. While it takes longer to 
deliver, it does more damage than the simple cuts. Also, if your enemy is not 
expecting an attack (ie: he doesn't know you're there), the sword delivers more 
damage than standard (usually killing with one blow).

Your sword is also good for cutting down banners that may hide secret areas 
behind them.

NOTE: After Mission 5 (The Sword), your regular sword is replaced with 
Constantine's Sword. I've noticed that you can have this weapon drawn and still 
remain fully hidden in darkness.

3.7.2: Blackjack
There's not much about the blackjack that isn't obvious. It's got a short reach, 
so you have to be pretty close to use it effectively. Also, hitting a creature 
anywhere but the head with this weapon just tends to draw attention to yourself.

While most other weapons make you more visible, having this one at the ready 
does not affect your visibility.

Two things worth noting about this weapon. First, it IS possible to kill someone 
with it. If they know you're there and are attacking you, a few solid clouts 
with this does send them to The Builder. Also, sometimes non-guards (ie: 
Servants, Prisoners, etc.) are so weak that a single blow from this weapon kills 
them, even if you were just going for a knock-out.

One final word, which should be obvious: Don't try to knock out undead.

3.7.3: Broadhead Arrows
Their use as a weapon is obvious. These weapons (like the sword) do much more 
damage to your enemies when they are not expecting your attack (usually killing 
human enemies with one shot).

You may think these arrows are useless on missions where you can't kill anyone, 
but that's not true. They are great "distractions". Fire one off against a 
nearby wall, and you attract the attention of nearby enemies. And if you're 
hiding in shadows, instead of raising the alarm, they look around for you. Lead 
your enemies into an ambush, and blackjack them. :)

Note that if you fire your Broadhead Arrows into soft surfaces, you can 
sometimes retrieve them!

3.7.4: Water Arrows
Very useful for putting out unwanted torches, and also for cleaning up any 
bloodstains you leave behind. If you find a holy water font, or use a vial of 
holy water, you turn your mundane Water Arrows into Holy Water Arrows...very 
useful against Zombies. When trying to kill Zombies with these, it takes a 
minimum of two arrows to kill one. In groups however, nearby Zombies take 
"splash damage". Note that it only takes one Holy Water Arrow to dispatch a 
Corpse-Zombie (while it's still feigning "death").

As an interesting side note, Water Arrows are ignored by human enemies when 
fired at them. I've fired a water arrow right in the face of a Hammerite, and he 
didn't even flinch!

3.7.5: Fire Arrows
These little babies are devastating. They can kill a Zombie with one shot (and 
he DOESN'T come back to life), although sometimes it takes two. They can be shot 
into a cloud of flies, dispersing them. They are also useful for relighting 
torches, should you decide you need a little more light in your life.

A word about trajectory: When you fire most arrows, you need to take into 
account gravity. That is, once the arrow leaves your bow, it starts to fall, 
losing altitude. You need to aim high if you're aiming at a target that's a long 
way off. This is NOT true with the Fire Arrows. It's like a mini-rocket. Aim, 
fire, and it keeps going IN A STRAIGHT LINE, until it strikes something. Keep 
this in mind when using them.

3.7.6: Moss Arrows
You fire a Moss Arrow at some loud ground (tile, grating,etc.), and it gets 
covered with moss. When you walk on it, you make no more noise. So far, that's 
the only use I've found for them.

3.7.7: Gas Arrows
No information as of yet. (I haven't found any so far.)

3.7.8: Rope Arrows
Very handy items, if you happen to have no way out of your current area, and the 
ceiling overhead is made of wood. Fire one of these, and you have an instant 

It is important to note that these arrows are re-usable. Once you've finished 
with the rope, retrieve the arrow.

3.7.9: Noisemaker Arrows
An arrow that makes a noise as it flies. When it strikes a surface, it emits a 
"cricket" sound for a short while. So far, I've found this completely useless, 
although I have yet to experiment fully with it. (I've been told in some 
instances it is VERY useful.)

These weapons also seem to be retrieveable, like the Rope Arrows.

3.7.10: Flash Bombs
Yes, Flash Bombs. Apparently, these guys are quite useful against undead 
monsters. A Zombie only regenerates half the damage from a Flash Bomb, so two of 
these take him out permanently. They are useful against other types of undead as 

3.7.11: Explosive Mines
These mines are small, and sometimes hard to see when they are lying around 
waiting to be picked up (or set off). These items are also useful against undead 

A note about setting mines: You set a mine just like you "use" most items in call it up in your inventory, and right click. Unfortunately, when 
you set the mine, you tend to "throw" it a distance from yourself. Unless you 
are VERY good at predicting where it will land, your best bet for setting a mine 
precisely is this: Look down until you are looking STRAIGHT down, as far as you 
can, then right click. The mine falls at your feet, and stays there. A word of 
caution: Once you've set a mine, you CAN trigger it yourself. BE CAREFUL! 

3.7.12: Gas Mines
No information as of yet. (I haven't found any so far.)

3.8: Cheats
What? You want to CHEAT?? You want to deprive yourself of the experience of 
playing and winning this game on your own??? WHY?!?!?!

The following cheats are known (note that I have only tried one of them 

To skip the current mission and move on to the next one, press CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-
END. (I have tried this one, and it works.)

To start a new game at a mission other than Lord Bafford's Manor, put the line 
"starting_mission X" in your dark.cfg file, where X is the mission number you 
wish to start at.

For extra money, add the line "cash_bonus" to your dark.cfg file. If set to an 
integer, that value will be added to your loot total for loadout purposes (the 
before-mission screen where you buy equipment is the loadout screen).

This next one isn't really a cheat, per se. In your dark.cfg file, you'll see 
the following lines:

              vismeter_zoom 110 ; zoom vis meter in
              hpbar_zoom 110 ; zoom hp bar in 

Changing the 110 to a 90 shrinks the size of the gem and health shields and 
gives you more visible area on the screen.

Section 4: A Keeper's Training (Training Mission)
My best time on Expert: 2 minutes, 46 seconds
Maximum Possible Treasure: 50

Note: I have played this particular "mission" on all three difficulties, and the 
only difference I know of is the Secret Area: It is only available on the Expert 

4.1: Introduction
"The essence of balance is detachment. To embrace a cause, to grow fond or 
spiteful, is to lose one's balance, after which, no action can be trusted. Our 
burden is not for the dependent of spirit."
     -- Mayar, Third Keeper

I was a kid. No parents, no home. Running messages and picking pockets to keep 
my ribs from meeting my spine. One night I saw a man...folks just passed him by 
like he wasn't there. I thought he must have something valuable, so I snuck up 
on him and made a grab.

"That's not for you."
"Please, sir, I'm hungry. Don't tell the Hammers, I promise..."
"What is your name, boy?"
"You have talent, lad."
"Let go of me, old man!"
"To see a Keeper is not an easy thing. Especially one who does not wish to be 
seen. We have a need for those as gifted as yourself. If you've grown tired of 
how you live, then follow me, and we will show you a different way."
"Leave me alone!"
"As you wish."

I caught up with him just before he vanished into the crowd. It was the 
beginning of a very long education....

4.2: Objectives
Your objectives for this mission do not change based on your difficulty level.

1. Follow the directions of your instructor in order to pass the
   training tests.

NOTE: The in-mission objectives appear identical to the pre-mission objectives. 
There is no simplified version.

4.3: Before The Mission
What You'll Encounter: Human Guard (Swordsman).

You start this mission with nothing but your shadowy clothing, and no 
opportunity to purchase anything.

4.4: Walkthrough
A walkthrough is not really necessary for this mission. Instead, I will point 
out a few things of interest.

1: Dark Room - This is the room where you have to make it to the other side 
without being seen. It is not actually necessary to wait for your instructor to 
stop speaking before beginning this section. If you stand on the bottom step, 
you can successfully jump over the short wall keeping you from entering the 
room. Jump off to the right, where it is darkest.

2: Quiet Room - This is the room where you have to make it to the other side 
without being heard. Again, it is not necessary to wait for your instructor. 
Jump over the barrier, but this time jump to the left (while not actually 
necessary, jumping to the left will keep you from having to turn and backtrack, 
thus allowing you to shave some time off your final clock score). Note that it 
is much more difficult to successfully jump here then in the Dark Room.

When you get near the end of the room, instead of turning right to avoid the 
metal grating, try jumping over it and landing on the stairs. They are carpeted, 
and you should manage this without attracting your trainer's attention.

3: Sparring Room - This is the room with the targets, the dummy, and the 
sparring area. Try to pick up your sword first, then your bow, so that the bow 
is readied automatically. Move down to the targets, and shoot off an arrow. 
Then, turn 180 degrees, draw your sword, and attack the dummy. You will have to 
keep attacking it until you have successfully connected with a left swing, a 
right swing, and an overhead swing. (If you're interested in taking another 
second or two off of your final clock score, try approaching the dummy with an 
overhead swing at the ready.) Once this is done, you will spar with a guard. 
(Note that in this combat, you cannot kill the guard, nor can he injure you.) 
Once you've sparred a bit, you can leave the circle, and pick up the items off 
the table. (Note that, even though your instructor tells you to pick up ALL the 
items, it is not can simply pick up the key alone and proceed 
from there.)

This part was a bit tricky for me, when I was trying to get through with the 
shortest time possible. I would spar for a bit, then go to the table, but the 
items were not there. Go back and spar, check the table again. I suspect this 
was a problem because the instructor was still talking to me about shooting the 
bow or attacking the dummy. I am not entirely sure what criteria need to be met 
before the items appear on the table, but it seems like you have to keep hitting 
the guard until you get his attention (ie: he starts fighting back).

NOTE: Although unnecessary, you CAN get into the target range area. Simply walk 
along the wall which parallels the stairscase, aim yourself at the target area, 
run and jump. You should land in the grassy area with no trouble. In here, you 
can pick up your arrows that you've shot.

Another unnecessary-to-get-to-but-fun-nonetheless area is the balcony. Using a 
running jump, jump onto the window ledge to the right of the table where you 
find your sword and bow. Once there, do another running jump towards the ledge 
you can see out a distance. Hold down your mantle key, and you will pull 
yourself up onto this ledge. Sometimes, you will land on the tree instead of 
completing your jump. Simply jump again from there, and you should have no 

EXPERIMENT AREA: If you don't pick up the healing potion from the table, do you 
still start Lord Bafford's Manor with one? (Answer: Yes!)

4: The Basketball Court - This is a secret area. Once you have finished sparring 
with the guard, go to the table and pick up the key. Then, follow the guard out 
(or run past him) before the exit is blocked off. You may need to fire an arrow 
at the guard to slow him down in order to do this. Keep going until you come to 
a door. Unlock it with your key, and you will find the basketball court. Try 
shooting the ball through a basket. As far as I know, you don't get anything for 
doing so, but it's a fun diversion. :)

Also, in the far corner is a bedroll. Pick it up and examine it, and you will 
get to read some of the quotations overheard while the game was being programmed 
("Quotes from the Dark Team during the development of Thief: The Dark Project"). 
Some of it is quite amusing. :)

Note that it is not necessary to get to this area. There are no bonuses that 
affect the game whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

5: Mantle Room - This "room" is outdoors. Once you've done your running jump 
across the gap over the river, you have to pull yourself up (mantle) onto a 
block. In this room, you can manage to get yourself onto the roof. At the end of 
the path you are walking on, instead of falling, jump forward and LAND on the 
red beam which the rope descends from. From here, take a running jump, and 
you'll land on the roof. The only problem is, you can't stay fall 
off in a few seconds. 

There is no reason to do this, other than for your own personal edification. It 
contributes nothing to your game that I know of. Note that the same method can 
be used in the other rope-room (the jump-across-the-gap room) to get on the roof 

6: Final Room - This is the room beyond the red door. After entering, you will 
hear yourself (Garrett) thinking about his (your) plans. Run down to the end of 
the hall, and you will find a table with a golden vase on it. Pick it up. It 
will give you another 50 gold pieces with which to purchase items for the next 
(first) mission.

Game Bug: You are supposed to start the next (first) mission with 300 gold, or 
350 if you picked up the vase. HOWEVER, if you do this little trick, you can 
start with more. Save your game just before the end of the training mission. 
Now, finish the mission, but instead of continuing, reload and finish again. 
Each time you do this, the game apparently adds 300 (or 350, if you grabbed the 
vase) to the total amount you had PREVIOUSLY. So, go in, grab the vase, and you 
start with 350. Reload, go in, grab the vase, and instead of starting with 350, 
you get 350 ADDED to the previous 350...700. Reload again, you start with 1,050. 
Keep doing this as much as you feel like it. (Note that once you have 1,200 or 
more, you can buy everything available for the next mission.)

Section 5: Lord Bafford's Manor (Mission 1)
My best time on expert: 15 minutes, 0 seconds
Maximum Possible Treasure: 1429

5.1: Introduction
"The most promising acolyte left us, not out of the lesser folly of sentiment, 
but the greater folly of anger. His heart was clouded, and his balance was lost, 
but his abilities were unmatched. Even then, we knew to watch him most 
     -- Keeper Annals

I have a simple job planned for this evening. Break into a guarded mansion, 
steal another fat nobleman's priceless trinket, and leave quietly. Lord Bafford 
is out of town, and rumour has it that the captain of his house guard went with 
him, as a bodyguard. The time is ripe for a bit of burglary.

The front gate of Lord Bafford's manor is always guarded, and the main street is 
far too exposed. But Cutty tells me there's a better way in....around to the 
side, more out of the way. One guard, and likely no witnesses to...complicate 

The piece Cutty wants is a scepter...silver, jewels, the usual adornments. It 
should command a high price. Bafford, like most of his kind, probably keeps his 
treasures on the top floor of the place. Close to his heart...and far from his 

No point in waiting. I have Cutty's old sketches of the place, and everyone 
who's going to be asleep inside already is. It's time to begin....

5.2: Objectives: Normal
1. Sneak into Lord Bafford's Manor and case the place. The well house in
   back is your best bet, if you can get the key from the guard --
   blackjacking or pickpocketing him would be quietest.
2. Find Lord Bafford's prized jeweled scepter, and redistribute
   yourself. Try to do it without causing too much commotion.

5.3: Objectives: Hard
1. Sneak into Lord Bafford's Manor and case the place. The well house in
   back is your best bet, if you can get the key from the guard --
   blackjacking or pickpocketing him would be quietest.
2. Find Lord Bafford's prized jeweled scepter, and redistribute
   yourself. Try to do it without causing too much commotion.
3. In addition to pinching the scepter, steal 350 worth of valuables
   while you're in the manor.
4. Don't kill any of the servants; they're harmless.
5. Once you've achieved your other objectives, get out of the manor
   house and back to the city streets.

5.4: Objectives: Expert
1. Sneak into Lord Bafford's Manor and case the place. The well house in
   back is your best bet, if you can get the key from the guard --
   blackjacking or pickpocketing him would be quietest.
2. Find Lord Bafford's prized jeweled scepter, and redistribute
   yourself. Try to do it without causing too much commotion.
3. In addition to pinching the scepter, steal 700 worth of valuables
   while you're in the manor.
4. Don't kill anyone while you do the job. No servants, no guards, no one.
5. Once you've achieved your other objectives, get out of the manor
   house and back to the city streets.

5.5: Simplified Objectives
1. Sneak into Lord Bafford's Manor, ideally by blackjacking or
   pickpocketing the well house guard, for his key and case the place.
2. Steal the jewelled scepter with as little notice as possible.
3. Grab 700 in loot while you're in the manor.
4. Don't kill anyone.
5. Return to the city streets.

5.6: Before The Mission
What You'll Encounter: Human Guards (Swordsmen and Archers), Spiders.

Starting Funds: 300, or 350 if you grabbed the vase at the end of the training 
mission. (Also, see the note at the end of Section 4.3.) If you did not do the 
training mission, your starting funds are 300.

Starting Gear:

 1 Sword
 1 Blackjack
36 Broadhead Arrows
 8 Water Arrows
 1 Healing Potion

Items for Sale:

20 Broadhead Arrows (Cost: 25 each)
 4 Water Arrows (Cost: 50 each)
 2 Healing Potions (Cost: 250 each)

Since it is entirely possible to finish this mission using nothing but your 
blackjack and a Flash Bomb (or your blackjack and four or five Water Arrows), 
you can get away with buying NOTHING. You start with everything you need (except 
Flash Bombs, which you find inside the Manor). Since you can't kill anyone, you 
will not be getting into any fights, so buying Healing Potions is useless, 
unless you plan to submerge yourself for too long under water, or stick around 
when the Spiders are biting you. (Also, you find one almost immediately after 
entering the Manor.) However, if you wish to spend your money (remember, it 
doesn't carry over to the next mission), you may want to spend it on Water 
Arrows, to maximize your chances of hiding in certain areas.

Recommended Purchases: 4 Water Arrows. Total Cost: 200

5.7: Notes Regarding This Mission
While this mission is pretty straightforward, there are some things worth 
mentioning. Most notably, in the beginning section, unless you have a weapon 
bared, everyone seems to ignore you. You can run all the way to where you want 
to go, and not worry about hiding in shadows. This includes the drunk guard 
outside the wellhouse. You can run right up behind him and no one seems to care.

At the top level of the Manor, there are two entrances into a garden area, with 
stairs up to some stone walkways. On this upper level, there are banners hanging 
in the corners. If you follow this walkthrough, then you want to enter the 
garden from the entrance on the OPPOSITE side from where you come into this 
level (ie: you climb the stairs after clubbing a guard, enter the hallway, and 
turn left...on your right is a garden want the other one). Climb 
the stairs, and there should be a banner facing you. Ignore it, turn right 
around, and move to the banner at the far end. Whip out your sword and cut this 
banner down to reveal a secret passage. Follow it to the end, and you will find 
yourself in the room just outside the throne room, with the lone guard standing 
there. From here, you can jump down and club him with your blackjack (a 
difficult procedure). I do NOT recommend this method however, as doing so can 
attract the patrolling guards outside this room, unless you've dealt with them 

5.8: Walkthrough
You start off facing the house you plan to burgle. However, this entrance is 
guarded too well for you to attempt entry. Turn to your right, until you are 
facing down the street, and move ahead. Ignore your first turning to the 
left...continue on ahead. Follow this path for a while. Pass by the, 
just past the lamppost, the street starts to rise. Once you are on the rise, 
turn to your left, and you'll see a little alcove. Hidden inside this alcove are 
some arrows: 12 Broadheads and 4 Water Arrows (you will have to look down or 
back up to see the Water Arrows). [NOTE: You can probably ignore these 
arrows...I find that I get through the entire mission with only using at most 5 
Water Arrows, and none of the Broadheads.]

(NOTE: At some point around here, a servant will come walking down the street. 
Hide from him, or don't, or blackjack him if you like. I have never found that 
doing ANYTHING with this particular individual changes the game.)

Continue up the street. Shortly you will find a sewer entrance. Climb down the 
ladder into the sewer. Move forward, and take the first right. When you reach 
the four-way junction, continue straight ahead. There will be a left-hand turn. 
Once you've taken that turn, stop before reaching the next intersection (which 
is just ahead). Turn right, and you'll see a door. Go through it, turn to the 
right. There is a lever in the wall here. Go up to it and pull it. Turn around, 
but before you leave, look down and search the floor. Someone dropped some 
treasure here for you. Pick it up, it's worth 200 to you (Treasure Count: 200). 
Now, leave the way you came.

Once out in the sewer again, turn right and proceed ahead. Now, turn right, and 
follow this tunnel. Climb up this ladder, and exit the sewers.

Turn left once you're out. This is the way you want to go, but be 
careful....there is a patrolling guard in the area as well as the drunken lout 
attempting to sing. (You'll want to start walking here, if you've been running 
up until now.) Sneak behind Sinatra, and filch the key from his belt. Turn 
around, and use the key on this door to unlock it. Go through, and you're in the 
wellhouse. Jump up onto the edge, and then dive in.

Once you surface, turn to face the direction that the water flow is moving you 
in. Move forward (you can still run), until you enter a circular room with water 
dripping down. Turn to your left, nearly 180 degrees, and swim down to the 
opening below. Swim through the tunnel, then surface. You're in a small pool 
with some floating barrels. Turn until you see a chest guarded by some spiders. 
Now, turn again, and climb out of the pool on a side with no spiders on it. Look 
down, then run over to the chest. Open it, get the ring out of it (100, Treasure 
Count: 300), and then get back in the water fast before the spiders start 
attacking. Once in the pool, swim back out the way you came.

[Note: You can kill these spiders without penalty. Broadheads work best, 
although after killing some of them, the others start coming after you, and you 
pretty much have to rely on your sword, which is hard to use against them. 
Alternatively, I've been told that by standing on the sloping side of the area, 
and jumping up and down, you can lure the spiders into drowning themselves. All 
in all, if you're after the best possible time, the run-through-them method is 

Back in the circular room with dripping water, continue following the flow until 
you see a climbable area on your right (quite a ways down the tunnel). It will 
be better lit than the other areas down here. Climb into the room with the 
barrels, and you've entered Lord Bafford's basement. Go through the door. (I'd 
start walking now if I were you.)

Once you open the door, there is a chest partway across the room, almost 
directly ahead. It contains a healing potion. Once you have that, turn left, and 
head towards the exit. Uh oh! Voices! Hug the wall, and listen until the guards 
move away.

After about two seconds, ase yourself out of the exit by moving sideways, and 
sneak forward after the guard ahead (the other guard will not be able to see 
your cross the lighted area). Once you're close enough, use your blackjack 
against his skull. [Note: Since this area is pretty dark, you SHOULD be able to 
leave the body here without anyone noticing it.] Now, move forward, turn right 
up ahead, and follow this passage into the Manor proper.

You should now be walking on carpet. DO NOT TURN TAKE THE PASSAGE TO YOUR 
IMMEDIATE LEFT! It's metal grating there, and you risk being overheard if you 
walk over it. There are several doorways to go through here...head towards the 
one that has a lit torch in it. Once you go through it, turn to your left, and 
move through the exit you see ahead.

EXPERIMENT AREA: DOES anyone overhear you if you walk across the metal grating?

Just inside this corridor is a chest. Inside you'll find two Flash Bombs. Now, 
turn left, and head down this corridor to the stairs, and take the stairs all 
the way to the top.

At the top, you should see an exit. However, in this room, directly across from 
the exit, are two more chests for you. One is flat on the floor, the other 
propped against the wall. Open the propped one to find a stack of coins (5, 
Treasure Count: 305). Ignore the other one, it contains a vase that makes a LOUD 
noise when you drop it. Turn around and exit the room. Then turn right, and move 
forward, past the first hallway on your right, past the room with sleeping 
beauty, and turn at the next right. At the end of this hallway, you can turn 
either left or right. Take the right, and enter the dead end.

Turn to your left, and there's a door to the kitchen here. Enter, and you should 
see some shelves in front of you. On the top one is a golden vase (100, Treasure 
Count: 405). Be careful in here! There is a servant preparing a meal. Leave the 
way you came.

Once you're back out through the door, turn right and follow the corridor all 
the way, and turn right. As before, this should end at a darkened area with a 

SAVE YOUR GAME! This is a patrol area. There is a guard SOMEWHERE behind this 
door, walking his rounds. We want to give to him the gift of slumber.

Open the door. With luck, your timing will be such that he is just ahead of you, 
walking away. (If he's walking towards you, he'll most likely see you and 
attack....I hope you saved your game!) If he's not there, then wait for him. 
You'll see him before he sees you. Once you see him coming around the corner 
ahead, shut the door again. Now, count to about 8, 9, or 10 (depending on how 
fast you count. I count "One 1000, Two 1000, Three 1000..." After about eight, I 
open the door, and he's JUST turning around.). Sneak up behind him and send him 
to dreamland. Now, go forward into the next room, turn left, and take the SECOND 
left you should lead into a carpeted area. Head down to the end of this 
area just BEFORE the doorway. This is where we wait for the next guard. (You may 
want to save here, too.)

If you're feeling daring, you can peer around the corner and watch for him. Be 
careful though...although I've only seen it once, I HAVE seen a servant walking 
around the area. The guard you're waiting for will be coming through the door 
directly across from you. When it opens, jump back, and wait. Listen to his 
footsteps. Once they start receding, you can sneak out, and bruise this guard's 
ego with your blackjack. (Alternatively, instead of relying on your ears, which 
I find is not always accurate, turn around and head back so you're looking out 
of the room from the entrance you came in from. This way, you'll see the guard 
walking away from you, and you can sneak up on him then.)

Okay, I'm a bit turned around here now, and you might be too. So use your 
compass. You want to be in the room where you KO'd the last guard, and you want 
to head west (remember, the red point on your compass always points to the 
north). At the end of this room you should find a set of stairs leading up into 
a small, circular room. Take them. In this room on a bookshelf is another gold 
vase (100, Treasure Count: 505).

Ignore the other set of stairs. Turn around and go out the way you came. Once 
you're back in the other room, you should see two metal doors: one across from 
you, and one in the wall to your left. Go through the left one. In this room, 
turn to your right, and at the end there will be a bench, with a goblet sitting 
on it. Take the goblet. (15, Treasure Count: 520). Leave the room the way you 
came, and now head through the other metal door you noted previously. (You may 
wish to save your game again, to avoid the roaming servant.)

Head to the other exit of this room, but before you reach it, turn to the right 
and examine the items on the shelf...there are two you are interested in. A gold 
plate (50, Treasure Count: 570) and a gold carafe (50, Treasure Count: 620). 
Now, leave through the new exit, and you will find yourself in another large 
room like the patrolled one before.

There is a door in the wall to your left. Go through it, and head down to the 
end. On a table to your left, you will find a stack of coins (12, Treasure 
Count: 632).

SAVE YOUR GAME! This is another patrol area, and it could get interesting here. 
Leave this room the way you came in. In large room your in now, you should see 
an exit on your left with some stairs. Take this. Before getting to the top of 
these stairs though, stop. Pull out your bow and extinguish the torch with a 
water arrow. Now, enter the room, hugging the right wall, until you come to the 
opening with the stairs leading up. Wait here. (Be sure you are waiting on the 
RIGHT hand side (as you're facing the staircase)....while I've successfully done 
this on the left hand side, it only worked once.) Eventually, a guard will come 
down the stairs. Consider him blackjack practice.

Once the guard is unconscious, head to the opposite end of the room, between two 
tables, where you'll find a chest. Inside is a bottle of wine (50, Treasure 
Count: 682).

Note: If you're fast enough, you MIGHT be able to knock the guard above out 
without extinguishing the torch first. (I have done so once.)

SAVE YOUR GAME! You may want to start saving your game at regular intervals now, 
if you haven't already. The uppermost floor here is patrolled, in several areas.

Go up the staircase, then turn right and go down the smaller stairs into a 
hallway. Turn left, and go through door at the end into the library.

In here there are a few items of interest, but most can be ignored. The one that 
you are interested in is on a table against the wall, the furthest one from 
where you entered (200, Treasure Count: 882). Now, go through the door opposite 
the one you entered, and be ready for some fancy legerdemain.

SAVE YOUR GAME! In this hallway, there are two guards patrolling. If you see one 
approaching, just wait...he can't see you. As he gets closer, he'll turn and go 
down another corrider. Watch him...when he turns again, that's about the time 
the next guard enters this hallway at the far end. NOW is when you want to move.

Move forward, towards the lighted doorway, and hide in the shadows to one side. 
Now wait. When this guard comes through, remove the key from his belt. Now wait. 
The second guard will come along shortly. Remove the key from HIS belt. Wait 
again. When the next guard (actually the first guard who's key you lifted) comes 
around, club him. After you've hidden the body (be quick about it!) return to 
your hiding spot, and take out the second guard when he returns.

[NOTE: If you want to speed things up a bit, and don't care about picking 
pockets, you can simply club the guards the first time through, then get their 
keys while they're unconscious. But I like to be thorough. :) ]

Okay, time for some more pilfering. Turn back the way you may have 
noted a door in the wall as you came down here. Open it, and step inside. 
Against the left hand wall is a table, upon which sits a bracelet (125, Treasure 
Count: 1007), and four stacks of coins (12, 12, 12, 12, Treasure Count: 1019, 
1031, 1043, 1055). Now, leave this room.

Remember when you watched the first guard approach, then turn? Well, you want to 
go down that corridor now. When you reach the end, turn left, and stop when you 
come to two doorways, one on either side of you. Take the one on the right. This 
is a fairly long trip with a few turns, but no choices. So just continue on down 
until you come to a doorway through which you can see a tile floor. Move into 
that room. Turn to your right, and you should see a key on the wall. Grab it. 
Now look down, and open the chest at your feet. You should find a bottle of wine 
(50, Treasure Count: 1105). There's also a book on the table if you'd like to 
peruse it, but it's not necessary. Leave the way you came, taking that long 
journey back.

At the top, enter the corridor again, but go through the next door into the 
bathing room. Move around the bath (either side, it doesn't matter), and exit 
the room through the door opposite the one you entered. Across from you, you 
should see a small, circular area at the bottom of a few steps, with two doors. 
Enter that area.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Open one of the doors (you will need one of the keys you picked 
from the wandering guards). It doesn't matter which door you open. Sneak inside, 
and look into the next room. There is a lone guard in there. From your position 
here, use water arrows to take out two of the torches. Now, leave the way you 
came, and go through the other door you DIDN'T go through the first time. Take 
out the remaining two torches with two more water arrows. Now that the room is 
in darkness, sneak up behind the guard. The floor is alternatively carpet and 
tile, so he may hear you a couple of times. Just wait until he stops looking for 
you before continuing. Once you're close enough to him, lift the key from his 
belt. You should also be close enough, or just about, to use your blackjack on 
him. Do so. [NOTE: One time, for some reason, I could not get close enough to 
blackjack him. He always heard me and called for help. If that happens to you, 
wait until he's facing off to the side, and throw a flashbomb there. Then you 
can send him off to sleep with your blackjack.]

[NOTE: An alternative method to the above is, instead of using water arrows to 
douse the flames, just throw a flashbomb into the room. Be sure he's looking 
toward you when you do it. While he's disoriented, run up and club him. While 
faster, and uses fewer arrows, you don't get the "honourable mention" of picking 
his pocket.]

With the guard properly dispatched, go through the door he was guarding. To the 
left, on a shelf, is the object of your quest: Lord Bafford's prized jeweled 
scepter. Liberate it.

Go back to the circular room with the two doors, and climb up the steps back 
into the corridor. Turn left, and move forward until you find a door on your 
left. Go through it. Inside, to your right, is a table against the wall. In the 
centre of this table you should find two bottles of wine (50, 50, Treasure 
Count: 1155, 1205). Now leave the room, turn left, and go forward until you find 
the door on your right. Go through it.

In this room, there is a door directly opposite the one you entered. To your 
left, against the wall that contains that door, is a shelving unit with a candle 
on top. Go there, and you will find what is probably the hardest treasure to 
find on this mission: a ring (100, Treasure Count: 1305).

SAVE YOUR GAME! Another patrol area. Sometimes when you open this door, there is 
a guard right outside.

Open the door, and if you don't see the guard, wait until you do. If he is 
moving away from you, sneak up behnd him and club him. If he starts moving 
towards you, close the door. Save your game at that point, and try opening the 
door periodically to see if he's turned around yet. When he does, put him to 

Once the guard is taken care of, move down this hallway. Take the first left 
(stairs flanked by statues). On the table in this room you will find another 
gold vase (100, Treasure Count: 1405). Turn around, and go back down the stairs 
you entered by. Turn left, follow the corridor to the end, then turn right. Walk 
forward until you find the first opening on the left.

SAVE YOUR GAME! There is a guard past this opening that patrols between two 
rooms. Once he's out of sight, enter the room, turn left, and take the stairs 
up. Work your way around the debris to a chest at the far side. Inside you'll 
find a stack of coins (12, Treasure Count: 1417). Go down the stairs, watching 
out for the guard, and exit the way you came in.

SAVE YOUR GAME! Turn left, head down the hallway. Ignore the first opening on 
your left. Go instead to the second one. This is like the previous room, with a 
guard patrolling. When he's out of sight, enter the room, and climb the stairs 
on the right. Up here are some bunkbeds, with a chest for each. You want the far 
chest on your right hand side. It holds another stack of coins (12, Treasure 
Count: 1429). Go down the stairs, watching out for the guard, and exit the way 
you entered.

In the hallway you've just entered, turn left. Move forward, and take the right 
turn. Continue forward until you can turn left, and then do so. Up these stairs, 
turn left, and go down the flight of stairs here. (These are the ones you 
entered the upper level by.) In the darkened room at the bottom, turn left, go 
down the stairs into the large room below, and turn left again.

Enter the first room on your left here. There are two paths to take 
goes back into the manor again, the other leads out. If you can see it, you want 
to head towards a lever in the wall, right next to a torch. Pull the lever, then 
continue on in the same direction. The lever has opened an exit to the street. 
Once you're on the street, you've completed all your tasks. Congratulations!

Section 6: Break from Cragscleft Prison (Mission 2)
My best time on expert: 55 minutes, 55 seconds
Maximum Possible Treasure: 1688

6.1: Introduction
"Before death came, the liars were made to feast upon the hands of the thieves, 
and the thieves were made to ingest the tongues of their liar brothers, and we 
praised the Master Builder for his judgements."
     -- The Hammer Book of Tenets

I went to Cutty's place to deliver the scepter, but Cutty wasn't there. He'd 
been arrested by the  

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