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About The Game

Real-time management/strategy game from the same stable as the successful game, Theme Park. You are placed in charge of a hospital and must keep it running by allocating resources appropriately. You are responsible in areas such as personnel, building expansion and research and development. If successful you'll be hired by a larger hospital and in this way you progress through the game and face new and more complex challenges.

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Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital Review

By Monica Bair |

Basically, Theme Hospital places you in the position of creating a fully-fledged care center, filled with pharmacies, disgruntled nurses, doctors with bad attitudes, and competition from other hospitals. If you've played Theme Park, you'll immediately know what fun you're in for. If not, it's recommended that beginners give heed to reading the manual. It's by no means a heavily technical game requiring a career in medicine, but gamers will want to see how to built, buy, and compete in a productive and efficient way, and that takes a little learning. The interface is set up by means of several menus from which you purchase every little detail in the damn hospital. You need to buy everything from plants and chairs to receptions desks, doctors, etc., In the long run, however, the game is deep and well thought out. The game's biggest dilemma is housed in the usually versatile PSX controller. In the case of Theme Hospital, it's clunky and often times annoying, and the game doesn't support any kind of mouse, which forces players to use thr controller.

Theme Hospital Cheats

For you to type in these cheats, you need for the fax to come up. To make it come up you'll need to click on a small box that comes up in the left hand side of the screen and usally has a question mark on it. Once you've typed in 24328 you will be able to type in these cheats:

7827-This will enable you to go to a secret level after you've won that one. Shift+C-Get $2000 Ctrl+C-All research complete. Ctrl+M-Skip to the end of the month. Ctrl+Y-Skip to the end of the year. Ctrl+E-Makes one emergency. Shift+1-Extra patient. Shift+I-Change patients illness. F11-Lose level. F12-Win level. Ctrl+Shift+C-All items.

Theme Hospital Game Walkthrough

 (NN  (NN
 (NN_.(NN  NN) 4NN     (NN  NN) (NN 4NN 
  4NN)(NN  NN)  "NNNF  (NN  NN) (NN  "NNNF
_   ..  .__.    ___  .___.  _ ______  ._   ..
N   () JN""NL  NF"4N (F""N) N ""4F""  N4)  ()
N___J)(F    4) NL_   ()  J) N   ()   (F`N  ()
N"""4)()    ()  `"NL (NNNF  N   ()   NL_N) ()
N   ()`N_  _N`(L. .N ()     N   ()  (F"""N ()
N   ()  4NNF   "NNF` ()     N   ()  N    ()(NNN)

Walkthrough/FAQ #02
by Alex Jones (alexj2002)
e-mail :

Game : Theme Hospital
Format : PC
Publisher / Developer : EA/Bullfrog
Game Type : Simulation

Version 1.0
January 6th, 2004


1. Copyright/Distribution
2. Staff
3. Rooms 
4. Conditions
5. Furniture
6. Emergency!
7. Epedemic
8. VIP
9. FAQ/Frequently Asked Questions
10. Cheat Codes
11. Version History
12. Credits

|                            |
| 1. Copyright/Distibution   |

Thanks for picking up this guide!

This guide is licensed under the Creative Commons Licence - "Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License England & Wales". To view a copy of
this license, visit 
or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, 
California 94305, USA. This allows non-commercial reproduction of this guide,
provided it is correctly accredited to the author, Alex Jones, and you don not
alter, transform, or build upon this work.


|                            |
| 2. Staff		     |

Nothing will happen in the hospital, unless you employ some staff. There
are four basic types of staff in Theme Hospital. They are doctor, nurse,
caretaker and receptionist. Each is fairly essential to give any chance of a
successful hospital.

In a stereotypical fashion all Doctors on the game are male, and they're 
essential to curing patients as they run the GP's Office. It's always best
to hire one with a higher attention-to-detail as they make less mistakes
and therefore result in less deaths. Also look out for skill levels.
They mainly diagnose and perform things like surgery and other clinics. 
They also may have a few different qualifications: 
Pyschiatrist,Researcher,Surgeon. Of course the higher the level of 
qualification the higher the cost to hire. See which rooms need which 
qualifications below. There is also three diffrent levels of experience:

Junior - Who come with no qualifications, and must be trained but are cheap to 

Doctor - Normal Doctor

Consultant - Can train other Doctors new skills, but cannot get new 
qualifications themselves.

Different Qualifications are needed in each room. Ensure you have enough
doctors to cover every room, then while a room isn't being used you can rest
them, swap them around etc. depending on their tiredness.

Doctors Are Required In:

GP's Office (Any Doctor)
General Diagnosis (Any Doctor)
Cardiogram (Any Doctor)
Scanner (Any Doctor)
Ultrascan (Any Doctor)
Blood Machine (Any Doctor)
X-Ray (Any Doctor)
Psychiatric (Pyschiatrist)
Operating Theater (2 Surgeons)
Inflation (Any Doctor)
DNA Fixer (Researcher)
Hair Restoration (Any Doctor)
Slack Tongue Clinic (Any Doctor)
Electrolysis (Any Doctor)
Jelly Vat (Any Doctor)
Decontamination (Any Doctor)
Research Department (Resercher)

Remember Doctors with Qualifications can also do Normal Doctors jobs as 
well if needed.
This time only Women are available to take the role of the nurse. These will
be needed to cure quite a few diseases you will come across at an early 
stage. As with doctors a higher attention-to-detail and skill level will make
them better and in turn make your hospital better. Rest them when required
and keep them happy for better results. There are no extra qualifications a
nurse can have.

Nurses are required in

Fracture Clinic
Not essential really, but you should have a few. They help keep the place tidy,
 water the plants and repair equpiment. Hire enough to cover the amount of 
space in your hospital. You should have no less than two even in small 
hospitals. As usual go for high attention-to-detail for better service. 
I recommend you change the settings to give 1 caretaker full priority for one 
task, another with full priority for another task and so on. Obviously if you 
have no plants, you don't need someone to water them :)
The MOST essential part to any hospital. Without her no-one would come to your
hospital. Make sure you hire someone with high stats (as usual) and read the 
bios to find someone who sounds nice. Not really much to do with them, they 
don't even need a rest at the staff room. Each receptionist needs a desk to 
stand behind (see Furniture)

|                            |
| 3. Rooms		     |

There are a total of 23 rooms in Theme Hospital, each with their own purpose.
Read below for a description of what each one's for, and who you need to work 

>GP's Office<

The most important room in the hospital - all patients will pass 
through here. Used for basic diagnosis. Requires 1 Doctor.

>General Diagnosis<

A more advanced diagnosis room. If the GP's Office can diagnose
something the patient is sent here


Machine used for diagnosis. Quite effective. It requires maintenance by a
handyman and a doctor.


The Scanner can diagnose almost every disease in the game. Requires
maintenance and a doctor.


An expensive machine but one which is very effective at diagnosing
diseases and also costs the patient a lot. Requires maintenance and
a doctor

>Blood Machine<

Takes blood samples for diagnosis. Has a wide range of diseases
it can diagnose. Expensive to buy. Requires maintenance and a


X-Rays the patient as part of the diagnosis procudure. Costs the
patient a lot but takes a lot of room in the hospital. Requires
maintenance and a doctor.


A curing room. Here people can be cured of some conditions by being
talked out of it. More Skeletons and Bookcases help speed things up.
It requires 1 doctor qualified to work as a psychiatrist.


Another curing room. Medicine is distributed to patients by a nurse.


Both a Diagnosis room, where a nurse monitors a patient and a place
for people who are having/have had surgery to stay. Requires a Nurse.

>Operating Theater<

People go here to have surgery. Requires two Doctors qualified as


Place where Bloaty Head is cured. Quite funny to watch as it is burst
and then re-inflated. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance.

>DNA Fixer<

For Alien DNA. Requires a Doctor.

>Hair Restoration<

For Baldness. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance.

>Slack Tongue Clinic<

For, you guessed it, Slack Tongue. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance. 

>Fracture Clinic<

For Fractured Bones. Requires a Nurse and Maintainance.


For Hairyitis. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance.

>Jelly Vat<

For Jellyitis. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance. 


For Radioactivity. Requires a Doctor and Maintainance.

>Staff Room<

Staff Rest Room. Helps keep your staff at their best. Resting your
staff here results in fewer mistakes,demands for pay increases and
keeps them happy.

>Research Department<

Here is where you discover new cures,rooms etc. for your hospital.
It requires at least one researcher, but two or three will help you
research faster.


Self-explanatory. The more drinks machines you have the more of these
your hospital should contain. Make sure you build these or else you'll
see patients going home.


Trains up junior doctors. Having more bookcases and skeletons speeds the
rate at which they are trained. Requires a doctor at consultant level.
|                            |
| 4. Conditions              |

A list of all the conditions you will come across in Theme Hospital

 -Bloaty Head-
 Cause - Sniffing cheese and drinking unpurified rainwater
 Symptoms - Very uncomfortable for the sufferer
 Cure - The swollen head is popped, then reinflated to the correct PSI
        using a clever machine

 Cause - Prolonged exposure to the moon
 Symptoms - Sufferers experience enhanced sense of smell
 Cure - An electrolysis machine removes the hair and seals up the pores

 -King Complex-
 Caused by the spirit of the King entering the patient's mind and taking
 Symptoms - Donning of colourful suede footwear and eating cheeseburgers
 Cure - A Psychiatrist tells the patient how ridiculous he or she looks

 Cause - Being bitten by a radioactive (and invisible) ant
 Symptoms - Patients suffer no discomfort. Indeed, many use the condition
            to play practical jokes on their families
 Cure - A colourful liquid drunk in the Pharmacy soon restores the patient
        to full observability

 -Serious Radiation-
 Cause - Mistaking plutonium isotopes for chewing gum
 Symptoms - Patients with this condition feel very, very unwell
 Cure - The patient must be placed in a Decontamination Shower and
        cleansed properly

 -Slack Tongue-
 Cause - Chronic overdiscussion of soap operas
 Symptoms - Tongue swells to five times its original length
 Cure - The tongue is placed in the Slicer Machine, and removed quickly,
        efficiently and painfully

 -Alien DNA-
 Cause - Face huggers equipped with intelligent alien blood
 Symptoms - Gradual alien metamorphosis and desire to destroy our cities
 Cure - The DNA is mechanically removed, cleaned of alien elements and
        replaced quickly

 -Fractured Bones-
 Cause - Falling off high things onto concrete
 Symptoms - Loud crack and inability to use afflicted limbs
 Cure - The cast is set then removed using a laser-driven removing

 Cause - Telling lies and making up stories to be popular
 Symptoms - Shiny-headedness and embarrassment
 Cure - Hair is seamlessly melded onto the patient's head using a painful

 -Discrete Itching-
 Cause - Tiny insects with sharp teeth
 Symptoms - Scratching, leading to body-part inflammation
 Cure - Patient drinks a pharmaceutical gluey syrup to prevent the skin
        from itching

 Cause - Gelatin-rich diet and too much exercise
 Symptoms - Excessive wobbliness and falling down a lot
 Cure - The patient is immersed in the Jelly Vat in a special room for
        a bit

 -Sleeping Illness-
 Cause - Overactive sleep gland in the roof of the mouth
 Symptoms - Overwhelming desire to crash out everywhere
 Cure - A high dosage of powerful stimulant is administered by a Nurse

 -Pregnancy- (Must be downloaded - See FAQ below)
 Cause - Power cuts in urban areas
 Symptoms - Faddish eating with consequent beer gut.
 Cure - Baby is removed in Operating Theatre, washed and presented to

 Cause - Licking the yogurt from the foil tops of opened pots
 Symptoms - Flesh is rendered see-through and horrible
 Cure - A Pharmacy drink of specially cooled and coloured water cures
        this disease

 -Uncommon Cold-
 Cause - Small particles of snot in the air
 Symptoms - Runny nose, sneezing and discoloured lungs
 Cure - A big swig of uncommon cough medicine made from special ingredients
        in the Pharmacy will cure this

 -Broken Wind-
 Cause - Using a gymnasium treadmill after a meal
 Symptoms - Upsetting the people directly behind the patient
 Cure - A heavy mixture of special watery atoms is drunk rapidly in the

 -Spare Ribs-
 Cause - Sitting on cold stone floors
 Symptoms - Unpleasant feeling of chestiness
 Cure - These must be taken out by two Surgeons, and given to the patient
        in a doggy bag

 -Kidney Beans-
 Cause - Crunching up ice cubes in drinks
 Symptoms - Pain and frequent trips to the toilet
 Cure - Two Surgeons must remove the beans without touching the sides
        of the kidney

 -Broken Heart-
 Cause - Someone richer, younger and thinner than the patient
 Symptoms - Weeping and RSI caused by hours of tearing up holiday photos
 Cure - Two Surgeons open the chest and gently mend the heart whilst
        holding their breath

 -Ruptured Nodules-
 Cause - Bungee jumping in cold weather
 Symptoms - Inability to sit down in comfort
 Cure - Two qualified Surgeons must removed the nodules using steady

 -TV Personalities-
 Cause - Daytime television
 Symptoms - Delusions of being able to present a cookery show
 Cure - A trained Psychiatrist must convince the patient to sell their
        TV and buy a radio

 -Infectious Laughter-
 Cause - Classic situation comedy
 Symptoms - Helpless chortling and repetition of unfunny catchphrases
 Cure - A qualified Psychiatrist must remind the patient how serious
        this condition is

 -Corrugated Ankles-
 Cause - Driving over traffic calming measures in road
 Symptoms - Footwear does not fit snugly
 Cure - A slightly toxic blend of herbs and spices is drunk to straighten
        out the ankles

 -Chronic Nosehair-
 Cause - Sniffing disdainfully at those worse off than the patient
 Symptoms - Nosebeard a badger could make a nest in
 Cure - A disgusting hair-removal potion is taken orally, prepared by
        a Nurse in the Pharmacy

 -3rd Degree Sideburns-
 Cause - Wistful longing for the 1970S
 Symptoms - Big hair, flares, platforms and glitter make-up
 Cure - The Psychiatry staff must, using up-to-date techniques, convince
        the patient that these hairy accoutrements are rubbish

 -Fake Blood-
 Cause - Patient usually subject of practical joke
 Symptoms - Red fluid in veins which evaporates on contact with clothing
 Cure - Psychiatric calming is the only way to deal with this problem

 -Gastric Ejections-
 Cause - Spicy Mexican or Indian food
 Symptoms - Half-digested food is emitted from the patient in random 
 Cure - Drinking a special binding solution prevents anything being ejected

 -The Squits-
 Cause - Eating pizza found under the cooker
 Symptoms - Ugh. Surely you can guess
 Cure - A glutinous mix of stringy pharmaceutical chemicals solidify
        the patients innards

 -Iron Lungs-
 Cause - Inner-city smog mixed with kebab remains
 Symptoms - Ability to breathe fire and shout loudly underwater
 Cure - Two Surgeons operate to remove the cast solid lungs in the Theatre

 -Sweaty Palms-
 Cause - Fear of job interviews
 Symptoms - Handshakes with patient are like grabbing a recently submerged
 Cure - A Psychiatrist must talk the patient out of this made-up disease

 -Heaped Piles-
 Cause - Standing around by water coolers
 Symptoms - Patient feels like he/she is sitting on a bag of marbles
 Cure - A pleasant, yet powerfully acidic drink dissolves the piles from
        the inside

 -Gut Rot-
 Cause - Mrs. O'Malley's Good Time Whisky Cough Mixture
 Symptoms - No cough but no stomach-wall lining either
 Cure - A Nurse can administer a selection of dissolved chemicals to coat
        the tum

 -Golf Stones-
 Cause - Exposure to poison gas inside golf-balls
 Symptoms - Delirium and advanced shame
 Cure -These must be removed by an operation requiring two Surgeons

 -Unexpected Swelling-
 Cause - Anything unexpected
 Symptom - Swelling
 Cure - The swelling can only be reduced by lancing during an operation
        requiring two Surgeons
|                            |
| 5. Furniture	   	     |

Bench - Used to keep patients happy while queuing up for a room. Place lots
outside popular rooms such as GP's Office and some in other parts of the

Plant - Helps keep patients happy, but requires watering by a handyman.

Radiator - Keeps the hospital warm, which helps keep patients and staff happy.

Drinks Machines - Place around your hospital so people don't get thirsty.
It's also a money raiser.

Fire Extingusher - Supposed to reduce the chances of your machine breaking 
down or blowing up.

Reception Desk - One needed for each receptionist.

Bin - Helps keep your hospital free from litter.

|                            |
| 6. Emergency!	   	     |

From time to time a blue emergerncy light might pop up on the fax machine bar.
When this occurs and you select it a message will come up saying an accident
happened at ****** and * people have **********. It will go on to say that you
do/do not have the resources to handle this. If you don't think you can handle
the emergency turn it down, as these people will count towards your death count
but remember you can still send some of them home if you're running out of time
and still have some to cure. A better doctor or nurse will improve the speed at
which each patient is dealt with. There are usually big cash bonuses on offer
if you successfully deal with an emergency. Kill someone however,and your
reputation will go down.
|                            |
| 7. Epedemic	   	     |

When your hospital is hit by an epedemic, firstly remember what the disease is
and then go around your hospital either moving people with it to the front of
the queue, or if you do not have the resources to tackle it, send people with
the disease home. Shooting rats is supposed to reduce the chances of having an
epedemic but I haven't checked this.
|                            |
| 8. VIP		     |

Occasionaly a message may inform you that a VIP wishes to visit your hospital.
In all but the worst hospitals you should agree as the visit (providing there
are no major problems) should result in a reputation boost and bonus cash. A
few fairly obvious tips to follow while a VIP is visiting are:

1. Keep the hospital warm. Make sure the heat's turned up and there are plenty
of radiators.
2. Make sure there are no dead plants or rubbish around the hospital.
3. Keep the patients (as much as possible) happy with drinks machines etc.
4. Ensure that all machines are in good working order.
5. Cure as many patients as possible.

All of the above are advice you should be following anyway when running the

|                            |
| 9. Frequently   	     |
|         Asked              |	
|           Questions        |

You may ask what's the point of having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 
section to this guide as the whole thing is meant to be a FAQ. However this 
section works on a question and answer basis, you ask it i'll answer it. If 
you have a question about the game e-mail me: Current e-mail address is on my

Q. Why can't I train my doctor to have any more specialist skills anymore?

A. Once a doctor reaches consultant level he will no longer be able to learn
   any new skills.

Q. Where can I download the Pregnancy condition.


|                            |
| 10. Cheats	   	     |

To use the cheats in Theme Hospital you'll need a fax machine message to 
appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click on the box to
go to the fax machine screen. Here on the fax machine keypad type (using
the mouse):


and click the green button to enter Cheat Code Mode. Once in press any of the
following whilst in the main game screen:

	Shift + C: $10,000 (hold down for a lot of money)
	Shift + Control + C: All items

Also a message will come over the announcement system saying "Hospital
adminstrator is cheating!" - It doesn't seem to do anything however.

|                            |
| 11. Version History	     |

Version 1.0 (Released 06/JAN/04)- Staff,Rooms,Conditions, Furniture, Emergency, 
Epedemic,VIP,Cheats sections added and 1st 2 FAQ's added.
|                            |
| 13. Credits                |


ASCII Art - Alex Jones
Condition Despcriptions taken from In-Game
Bullfrog,Theme Hospital and EA/Electronic Arts are Trademarks of Electronic Arts

Thanks to CJayC @ for posting my guides.

All other trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned 
by their respective trademark and copyright holders. 

This Guide Is Copyright Alex Jones 2003-2005. Some rights reserved.

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