The Tower of Druaga




The Tower of Druaga

Developer:Namco Genre:Action Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

PC classic adaptation of the arcade game. The Tower of Druaga is an maze action game from Japanese developer Namco (then known as Namcot). Played from a top-down overhead view, players take control of Prince Gilgamesh on his quest to rescue his love, Ki, from the vicious Druaga. Using his sword and shield to attack and defend, Gilgamesh faces off with plenty of monsters, including everyone's favorite slimes, and tracks down hidden chests for items and keys. As he climbs the tower floor by floor, players have to employ the use of special items to solve puzzles and overcome Druaga's minions, such as potions, jet boots, and a pick ax.

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The Tower of Druaga Review

By Trang Ngo

The Tower of Druaga is, to me, woefully boring and pointless to play. It's slow-paced and not much fun even on the surface, and digging deeper than that just boggles the mind -- its extreme over-complication, with its tons of hidden collectible treasures and the associated random requirements for finding them, is just not what you want in an arcade maze game. I'm sure the title has its fans here, and Japan still seems to love it after all these years -- there it's been the recipient of several sequels and even inspired a recent anime series. But if you do choose to spend five bucks to begin scaling this tower, well, good luck with that.

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