The Tomorrow War




The Tomorrow War

Developer:CrioLand Genre:Simulation Release Date: Download Games Free Now!

About The Game

The 27th Century. There is peace on Earth. Mankind has discovered ways to travel outside of the solar system and planets thousands of light-years away have been colonized. The United Earth Empire is at a cross-roads as an old enemy decides the galaxy has room for only one Empire.

300 years ago one of the human colonies turned to Zoroastrianism, an ancient human religion. They formed a new nation called Konkordia and then increased the population through cloning their people. Konkordia has already conquered more than 30 planets and has become a powerful star nation. While The United Earth Empire has signed peace with Konkordia there was always tension in the relations between the two states.

Along with the graduates of the military-space academy players witness different stages of the conflict between United Earth Empire and Konkordia. Gamers participate in local operations and in huge space battles, meet alien races and fight against unofficial military organizations and of course take part in the final battle.

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The Tomorrow War

The Tomorrow War Review

By Trang Ngo

The space sim genre needs all of the love it can get - especially with the state of today's industry - so having to put the smack down on a game like this is pretty painful for me. I can tell the game is really trying hard to be something fantastic, and maybe for the Russian side of the market, that's how things have actually turned out. For us Americans however, I'd recommend taking the money you might spend on this game, and instead blowing it on an awesome discount joystick (if you don't have one already) and copies of Freespace 2 and the Independence War series. I guarantee you'll have a superior experience.

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