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The Star and the Crescent

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About The Game

On October 6th, 1973, the Jewish state of Israel was attacked by the coordinated forces of Egypt and Syria. The Israelis faced overwhelming numbers, yet against these odds the IDF not only repulsed the Arab onslaught, but took the fight outside their borders and into Egypt and Syria. What could have very well turned into World War III though ended on October 22nd, with Resolution 338 of the UN Security Council, calling for an immediate end of hostilities.

The Star and the Crescent, from developer ProSIM and designer PanClan Game Design, allows gamers to refight key battles of the Yom Kippur War, using an enhanced version of the ATF engine. In addition to the Yom Kippur War, The Star and the Crescent features battles from '56, '67, and January of '73, along with two future hypothetical battles set in 2009.

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The Star and the Crescent

The Star and the Crescent Review

By Trang Ngo

When a PC game is not a PC game? When it's a jumped up overly complicated board game that has mutated to the PC and now threatens everyones sanity but the most stalwart of strategy war gamers. The Star and the Crescent, Arab/Israeli Armored Combat from 1956 to 2009 is a prime example of exactly this type of game.

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