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The Sims: Unleashed

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About The Game

This expansion of the popular The Sims franchise introduces a plethora of pets to the game. Take pets home, train them, play with them and keep them happy. Unleashed also offers forty new residential and community lots, five careers--Animal Care, Culinary, Circus, Fashion and Eduction--with fifty jobs and 125 new objects.

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The Sims: Unleashed

The Sims: Unleashed Review

By Monica Bair |

There's a classic scene in The Simpsons where Reverend Lovejoy is out walking his dog and they stop on Ned Flanders' lawn. "C'mon boy, this is the spot right here," the Reverend tells his dog. "Good boy. Do your dirty sinful business. Don't stop the music," he says as the dog does his business all over Neddie's lawn.

The reason I bring that up is because it neatly encapsulates my experience with Sims Unleashed. I felt like a whole lot of Reverend Lovejoy's dogs came and did their dirty business all over my lawn.

Yes, The Sims Unleashed brings pets into the world of The Sims, but it does so in such a stubbornly rigid fashion that the end result is a bit disappointing. There are good things with this expansion pack, and there are bad things, and when added together they come up on the plus side, but in the end you can't help but wonder, why isn't there more? How many more expansions that dole out one tiny little slice of suburban life can there be? Sim Grammar School? Sim Honeymoon? Sim Workplace? Sim In-Laws? Sim Traffic Court? Sim Grocery Store? At what point do we just give up on the incrementalism and move on to The Sims 2?

Of Cats and Dogs
First, the good.

Not surprisingly, Sims Unleashed is packed with pets and that really is the theme of this expansion. Generally pets come in two classes. One class might as well be objects, since they don't really do anything and are more like decorations than living things to interact with. These are the turtles, iguanas, goldfish, and parrots that pretty much stay in place. You'll have to feed them and clean them occasionally, and with the parrots you can go over and 'talk' to them (which works like a mirror, improving your personality score), but all in all, they're boring and static.

Far more involved and entertaining are the cats and dogs. These two species of pets are handled nearly identically (the main difference being that cats can hunt vermin), and in terms of interactivity and involvement with your family, they're probably halfway between babies and kids.

What's nice is that each cat or dog is considered a member of your family and has their own portrait, their own personality, and their own set of relationships with all the other people in your family, be they cat or dog or human. They will even form relationships with people outside of your family, of any of the three species. It's really funny to see the cat or dog first turn up on your family screen, and to click through and find out their personalities and skills and all the rest of it. The bad news is that they do count as a full member of the family, and you still can't have more than eight people per lot, including cats and dogs -- but that's okay, that's about all one lot and one player can handle at a time anyway.

The flip side is that dogs and cats are completely independent. Unlike children, whom you can control and tell to study or go to school or otherwise treat as pretty much any other adult, you as the player can't really directly tell dogs or cats to do anything except "go there" -- and that's presumably to avoid congestion in narrow halls and the like. For the most part, cats and dogs have a mind of their own and go about and do their own thing. And that's actually a great design decision, because half the fun of pets is that they're fairly unpredictable and you're forced to clean up after them a lot, whereas if you actually had control of them, and you yourself had to make them go to the bathroom, and eat, and climb on a scratching post to fight boredom, well, you'd be pretty bored yourself -- particularly since pets never go to work or school and are pretty much always at home getting into things, being the lazy unemployed scalawags that they are.

Anyway, each cat or dog also has their own personality and skills too, which is a clever touch. Some pets are sociable, some are active, some are smart, some are dumb, and this affects their behavior: it's easier to train smart animals to do tricks, whereas sociable creatures need much more attention, and are more friendly with strangers. And unlike people, whose personalities you can dictate when you first create them, with cats and dogs it's kind of buyer beware. You can't make a pet at the family creation screen. Instead, in order to add a cat or dog to your family, you have to do downtown to the Pet Adoption Agency, and there you can choose to adopt a new pet.

There are about ten or twelve different graphics of cat and dog representing the different breeds (most of the popular ones seem to be represented: bulldogs, cocker spaniels, Persians, etc.), although you'll quickly notice that all the animals are roughly the same size and use roughly the same character model...they all seem to be youthful-looking adult specimens, albeit on the smallish side. After you choose a pet, you'll pick its gender and then name it, and then you go home. Only after you've adopted it do you find out what its personality is like, so if you're stuck with a stupid dog and you were hoping to win all the pet show contests with your amazing tricks, you're out $400 and there's nothing you can do...except shower the poor thing with love, you heartless brute!

The Sims: Unleashed Cheats

To bring the cheat window press ctrl + shift + c in the game and then type any of the codes below. All these cheats only work on the neighborhood screen (some cheats also work in the vacation and downtown screens though) CheatEffectnessie Brings up the loch ness monster when on the neighborhood, downtown or vacation screenmove_lotsChange lot positions in the neighborhood(press escape to save).show_zones [on|off]Turns zoning outlines around lots on or off.show_filter [0-7]Type 'show_filter [number]' to show lot filters
  • CodesPress ctrl + shift + c in the game and then type any of the codes below:CheatEffectrosebud1000 Simoleonshist_addAdd new family history stat to the current familywrite_destlistWrites the route destination list to AllRoutes.txt when a new route is foundauto_levelArchitecture tools automatically set the level as neededimport [FAM file]Automatically import and load FAM filehouse [house number]Automatically load houseprepare_lotCheck and fix required lot objectswater_toolCreate moat or streamsshrink_text [font_size] [text]Create shrunk_text_#.bmp filesedit_charCreate-a-character modeinterestsDisplay personality and interestsdraw_all_frames on/offDraw all animation frames enabled/disableddraw_originsDraw colored dots at each person's origincore_dumpDump entire memory to core_dump_[date:time].txtdump_happyDump selected person's most recent list of scored interactions to a filedump_mcDump selected person's motive contribution curve to a filedebug_socialEnable debug flag to show outcome choice dialogs for social interactionssim_log endEnd sim loggingcht [filename]Execute "file.cht" file as a list of cheatsdraw_floorable on/offFloorable grid enabled/disabledporntipsguzzardoSay "porntipsguzzardo"xyzzySay "xyzzy"draw_routes on/offSelected person's path displayed/hiddenlog_maskSet event logging maskautonomy [1-100]Set free thinking levelsim_speed [-1000-1000]Set sim speededit_grass [number]Set grass change valuegrow_grass [0-150]Set grass growthlot_size [number]Set lot sizesim_limit [milliseconds]Set maximum milliseconds to allow simulatorbubble_tweak [z offset value]Set z offset for thought bubblesallow_inuseSets whether menu items appear for in use objectssweep on/offTicks enabled/disabledtile_info on/offTile information displayed/hiddenvisitor_controlToggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboardreport_assetsToggle assets reportauto_resetToggle automatic object reset featurecam_modeToggle camera modemusicToggle musicsoundToggle soundsassertForce an assert for testinglog_animationsLog animations in the event log windowmap_edit on/offMap editor enabled/disabledmove_objects onMove any objecttutorial offNo tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loadedbrowser_failsafePrevent web browser crashespreview_anims on/offPreview animations enabled/disabledtile_infoProgrammer statsquitQuit game#importRead in behavior tuning constants from Tuning.txtrebuild_cpRebuilds entire control panel/UCP from scratchrefresh_facesRefresh the BMP_ resources for all people whose IFF files are writablerefresh_texturesRematch dependent textures and regenerate bitmaps for all user charactersrestore_tutRestore tutorialrotation [0-3]Rotate cameraroute_balloons on/offRouting debug balloons enabled/disabledfam_test [opcount]Run series of random operations on unhoused familiessaveSave currently loaded househistorySave family history fileplughSay "plugh"
  • The Sims: Unleashed Game Walkthrough

                |          The Sims : Complete NPC Guide            |
                |Written by : AC Chua (       |
                |Last Update : August 26, 2004                      |
                |Version 2.5                                        |
    >>>>> Version History <<<<<
    Version 1.1  - (May 14, 2002)  First Version.
    Version 1.11 - (May 15, 2002)  Fixed up some minor errors in grammar and word
    Version 1.2  - (May 16, 2002)  Fixed the format of this FAQ for better viewing.
    Version 1.3  - (May 17, 2002)  Added a new Review Section.
    Version 1.4  - (May 18, 2002)  Made some minor corrections with character
    Version 1.5  - (May 19, 2002)  Added more info for the Headless Ghost,
                                   Entertainer, Mime, the Violinist, Janitor Sonya
                                   Claire The Bear, Genie, Drew Carey and Servo.
                                   Added 2 new NPC's (Space Aliens and Evil Clone)
                                   as well as a new section, (Miscellaneous Info).
                                   Edited the title's format.
    Version 1.6  - (May 23, 2002)  Corrected the description for the Pizza Delivery
    Version 1.7  - (May 25, 2002)  Added more new links where my FAQ can be found.
    Version 1.8  - (May 27, 2002)  Added more info for the Cashiers/Shopkeepers,
                                   Evil Clone, and Police Woman.
                                   Added 2 new NPC's, the Clown Catcher, which is
                                   available thru the official Sim website,
                                   ( and SimGhosts.
    Version 1.9  - (June 3, 2002)  Made a correction, removed the Braided Cowgirl
                                   from the list since she's not an NPC. My mistake!
                                   Added a new NPC, Santa Claus. Edited the
                                   description of the fireman to make more sense.
    Version 2.0  - (June 4, 2002)  Made corrections on the descriptions of some
    Version 2.1  - (June 16, 2002) Added some contributor's tips. Check the credits
                                   section for more details.
    Version 2.2  - (June 30, 2002) Made some corrections with the Santa Claus. Added
                                   more info for the caterer, Drew Carey and
                                   Headless Ghost.
    Version 2.3 - (Sept. 30, 2002) Added a new NPC, the DJ.
    Version 2.4 - (Nov.  16, 2002) Added the NPC's from Unleashed
    Version 2.5 - (Aug. 26, 2004)  Added the NPC's from Superstar and Makin' Magic,
                                   as well as Unleashed characters who were missing,
    >>>>> Table Of Contents <<<<<
    1.    Introduction
    2.    Contact
    3.    Review
    4.    NPC's
                 a. The Sims
                 b. The Sims : Livin' Large
                 c. The Sims : House Party
                 d. The Sims : Hot Date
                 e. The Sims : Vacation
                 f. The Sims : Unleashed
                 g. The Sims : Superstar
                 h. The Sims : Makin' Magic
                 i. Extras
    5.    Miscellaneous Info
    6.    Credits
    7.    Copyright Info
    >>>>> Intro <<<<<
                  Part of the excitement of playing "The Sims" are the several Non-
    Playable Characters that appear during certain situations. If you're like me
    and had some problems looking for a certain character in the game, then I hope
    that this FAQ will be able to guide you into the right way. This FAQ will try
    to name all NPC's, and on what expansions they appear in. I don't want to ruin
    the excitement for everyone so I'll just give a brief description for each NPC.
    >>>>> Contact Me <<<<<
                Corrections, Additions, Clarifications, Comments and Suggestions are
    all welcome. I know that there are still many characters and descriptions
    lacking from this FAQ. If you know any extra info and would like to contact me
    regarding this FAQ, you can email me at Also feel
    free to visit my site, - a site which
    features interesting links, gaming news and more. You may also contact me
    through the message boards I'm administering at
                  I will, of course, give you full credit for your contribution. If
    you email me, please put Sims in your subject and indicate the version
    you read and the site where you found my guide. Do not ask me about serial
    numbers or technical problems 'coz most probably, I wouldn't know how to solve
    >>>>> Review <<<<<
    		Around 2 years ago, I was addicted to this new game everyone was
    talking about called "The Sims". I've been a fan of SimCity 2000 and I kept
    wondering if the new game was just as good so I decided to try it out.  At
    first, I discovered that my computer's specs weren't good enough for "The Sims".
    After hearing all the good things about the game, I just couldn't wait anymore.
    I was so eager that I bought a new PC right away. And then IT started; many days
    and nights were spent with "The Sims". "Mania" was the word to describe my
    fixation. I don't know exactly why I was so obsessed with the game. After all,
    there's nothing special about being able to control people's bladder and
    hygiene. The real world is already full of such problems.
              The obsession didn't stay for long. By the time, "Livin' Large" was
    released, I was already sick of the game. Not even a new expansion pack could
    renew my interest. But then, 2 years and 3 expansion packs later, I decided to
    give it another shot. And so I bought "Vacation" in addition to the "Hot Date
    and "House Party" expansions that I borrowed from a friend.
                  Now, I don't play "The Sims" as often as I did before. While new
    expansion packs like "Vacation", "Superstar" and "Making Magic" couldn't bring
    back that "mania", these expansion packs can still be considered as deserving
    additions to the best-selling "Sims". The 6.3 million selling game is not just
    a game anymore, it has also been embedded into popular culture. And now, two
    years later as I update this FAQ, a new Sims will be released, with just less
    than a month to go.
                Here's to more NPC's in the new installment!
    >>>>> NPC's <<<<<
    		This section is divided into 9 parts. I placed each NPC in the
    order of which they appear at the 7 different expansions plus the original game.
    >>>>> The Sims <<<<< (Original Game without expansions)
    1. Newspaper Delivery Person - Probably the most common NPC in the game.
                                   Appears everyday at around 9am to deliver the
    2. The Maid                  - For $10 an hour, the maid will clean up dirty
                                   dishes, toilets, wet floors, etc. All it takes
                                   is a phone call to avail of her services.
    3. The Gardener              - Appears every 3 days to water your plants.
                                   Similar with the maid, service costs $10/hr.
    4. Postal Woman              - She appears every 3 days to give you your
                                   bills. You'll find them inside the mailbox
                                   where she placed them.
    5. Repairman                 - Fixes everything from broken TV's to overused
                                   computers. The charge is a bit high ($50/hr). I
                                   suggest you let your sims handle the
                                   repair provided that they have mechanical
                                   points or else they might get electrocuted.
    6. Fireman                   - When your house is on fire, you can always call
                                   the trusty fireman for help. If you have the fire
                                   alarm installed in the room that is burning,
                                   he'll come automatically. If not, you can call
                                   him by phone but it takes more time for him to
                                   come that way.
    7. Police Woman              - In charge of the neighborhood's welfare, there
                                   are a few "rules" you must remember.
                                   Be careful having your parties late at night.
                                   The policewoman will come and charge you $$$
                                   for parties 11:00PM and beyond. But she'll
                                   warn you first. Also, having a burglar alarm
                                   around the house is an advantage since it
                                   automatically calls the police whenever a
                                   burglar robs your house. If your burglar is
                                   caught, you'll be given $$$$$ to compensate
                                   for the stolen items. For Livin' Large : the
                                   police will come if you use the chemistry set
                                   while having 2 or less logic points and she'll
                                   complain about the stench of the chemicals.
                                   Again, she'll fine you ($500 this time).
    8. Pizza Delivery Guy        - Tired of having to cook the same meal all the
                                   time? You can call your nearest pizza place
                                   for a delivery right at your doorstep. Pizza
                                   costs $40 each.
    9. Burglar                   - (See Police Woman) Creeps into your sims'
                                   house in the middle of the night.
    10. Repo Man                 - Looks like someone from Pest Control. His
                                   reporizing gun will absorb your house objects
                                   if you don't have the money to pay your bills.
    11. Social Worker            - Take good care of your SimBabies or they just
                                   might be taken away by the Social Worker. Pay
                                   attention to their warning, 'coz it is the last
                                   and only one.
    12. SimGhosts                - Ever wonder what happens to your sims when they
                                   die? Well, they're not OVER yet! They still come
                                   back from the dead once in a while to haunt the
                                   living. Done in random, the dead sims do their
                                   haunting at around midnight. You must have the
                                   dead sim's urn or tombstone in order to have them
                                   appear as ghosts.
    >>>>> The Sims : Livin' Large <<<<<
    1. Servo                     - The robot maid costs a whopping $15,000. Servo's
                                   an all-in-one maid, repairman, gardener and cook.
                                   Works anytime (24 hours) as long as there's
                                   something that needs to be done. Click on his pod
                                   to get him going.
    2. Grim Reaper               - The Grim Reaper is a cool addition to the Sims
                                   game. This time, you're allowed to plead and
                                   play a Rock, Papers, Scissors game to decide
                                   the fate of your dying Sims. If you win, your
                                   Sims will live but if you lose, he might turn
                                   them into zombies. Then again, he might just let
                                   them die if he feels like it.
    3. Genie                     - Comes with the Antique Lamp. Just clean the
                                   lamp and he'll appear. Be careful! For every
                                   two good wishes there are 3 bad ones. The Genie
                                   can be used only once a day.
    4. Tragic Clown              - He'll appear if you have the Tragic Clown
                                   Painting. As the name says, the clown will
                                   bring nothing but misery to your Sims and
                                   lower their overall mood. (Read Miscellaneous
    5. Male and Female Monster   - Your Sims may turn into monsters through the
                                   chemistry set. You have to make a chemical of
                                   purple color to do the trick. Your sim will
                                   remain that way for a few hours during which
                                   he/she will throw a fit and destroy whatever
                                   object crosses its path. Everything except the
                                   art easel! Yes, the monster loves to paint!
                                   What's more, the painting can be sold for a
                                   LOT of money!
    6. Space Aliens              - They are the only NPCs that can't be seen. They
                                   appear through a purple light to abduct your
                                   Sim. This happens only if your sim is using
                                   the telescope. After a short time, the abducted
                                   Sim reappears, albeit with a small difference.
                                   His/her personality has been changed.
    7. Evil Clone                - You have to make a Dark Green chemical through
                                   the chemistry set to create a clone. Since it is
                                   an NPC, you cannot control it. The clone is an
                                   exact opposite of your Sim (personality-wise).
                                   They fade away in a matter of hours.
    >>>>> The Sims : House Party <<<<<
    * This expansion features a lot of NEW NPC's (for your party needs)
    1. Headless Ghost            - During the party, have a Sim with six or more
                                   charisma & creativity points "tell a story" while
                                   gathered around the bonfire. There's no telling
                                   when a headless ghost might just appear......
    2. Drew Carey                - Throw an especially good party and he might
                                   just drop by along w/ his limo. Like all party
                                   guests, he will mingle and have fun, especially
                                   with female guests.
    3. Male and Female Strippers - Err...I mean "Entertainers". Buy the large
                                   cake under Miscellaneous and click on the
                                   command, "Hire Male/Female Entertainer",
                                   depending on what you choose. Be careful though
                                   'coz the entertainer might stir some jealousy
                                   with the other people in the party.
    4. The Mime                  - Bore your guests to death and the Mime will
                                   surely come. While he will try to raise the
                                   mood by a bit, the mime is also known to steal
                                   objects in the house! So keep a close eye. He'll
                                   leave only if the party mood gets better.
    5. Pink Gorilla              - Sometimes, the Pink Gorilla appears as
                                   replacement for the Female Entertainer. The
                                   gorilla will entertain the kids, too. (Read
                                   Miscellaneous Section).
    6. Caterer                   - Call him when you're throwing a party. For an
                                   all-you-can-eat fee, he'll replenish your buffet
                                   table & punch bowl whenever they run out. But be
                                   careful, he's known to forget his work during
                                   the party. He likes to stroll around & chat with
                                   guests and his bad social skills will ruin their
                                   social ratings. He will also rummage through the
                                   costume trunk so keep a watchful eye.
    7. Party Crasher             - These rowdy crashers come during mediocre to
       (Guy w/ bandanas)           fairly good parties. They tend to destroy
    8. Party Crasher             - Can be easily spotted from the crowd by their
       (Euro Punk)                 outrageous outfits and dyed hair. You can't
                                   find them in your neighborhood and they appear
                                   only during parties.
    9. Boxers                    - When you hire a male entertainer through the
                                   large cake, there is a small chance that a fit,
                                   nerdy or tragic clown (if you have Livin'
                                   Large) boxer will appear instead of the usual
                                   male stripper. He will do the same things the
                                   stripper does. (Read Miscellaneous section)
    10. Santa Claus              - Yes, there is a Santa Claus in The Sims! Buy the
                                   plate of cookies just a little before midnight
                                   & place it on a table beside the fireplace.
                                   Make sure you have a Christmas Tree nearby and
                                   he'll appear while your sims are asleep. He'll
                                   leave a gift for each of your sims plus an extra
                                   special present! The "present" is randomly chosen
                                   but I got a stereo once.
    >>>>> The Sims : Hot Date <<<<<
    1. Mrs. Crumplebottom        - Perhaps the most interesting NPC in Hot Date,
                                   Mrs. Crumplebottom guards Downtown from any
                                   "improper acts". Just don't have her in the
                                   same room while your sims kiss, hug and make-out.
                                   As the Old Prude would say, "Why don't you get
                                   a room?"
    2. Rental Shack Person       - He comes as Jack if you have Gimme Gamble's
                                   rental shack or Zack if you have the Rental Shed
                                   au Naturel instead. Your sims will need to
                                   approach him if they need to rent anything
                                   Downtown or in Vacation Island (Note: for the
                                   latter, Sims : Vacation is required)
    3. Waiters/Busboys/Cooks     - They are required if you want a smooth-running
                                   restaurant. Podiums automatically hire
                                   waiters, Dishwashers = Busboys, Stove = Cooks.
    4. Janitor Sonya             - Responsible for keeping the Downtown area
                                   clean and working, you can often see her mumbling
                                   to herself or dancing with her mop.
    5. Cashiers/Shopkeepers      - Each type of cash register hires corresponding
       Bartenders/Barmaids         sets of shopkeepers. Required when building
                                   shops. The Ice Cream and Hot Dog stands
                                   automatically hire store clerks as well. The same
                                   trend follows for future expansions, where new
                                   shops (such as Sushi Bar, Coffee Shop) are
    6. Pianist                   - Just place a piano in Downtown and she'll
                                   appear during play mode.
    7. Violinist (Carlo)         - Not sure how you get him to appear but my guess
                                   is that you need to build a posh restaurant,
                                   meaning the most expensive amenities. Your sims
                                   can interact with him by requesting a song or by
                                   tipping him with $20. Don't tip him and you might
                                   just end up with a cheesy mini-puppet show.
    8. Claire the Bear           - Often seen in the front yard digging for
                                   scraps in the garbage can. If you have a teddy
                                   outside, she will talk to it. She also appears in
                                   Downtown to disrupt picnics by raiding the picnic
                                   baskets. With Sims Unleashed, Claire the Bear
                                   will be able to enter your house and do much
    9. DJ                        - The DJ will only appear if you have the turntable
                                   from House Party. He'll make sure the audience
                                   gets into the groove. You can interact with him
                                   by requesting a song and he'll put the record on
                                   for you.
    >>>>> The Sims : Vacation <<<<<
    1. Vacation Director         - A familiar sight during family excursions, she's
                                   in charge of coordinating with the Vacation
                                   Island Staff in order to make your sims enjoy
                                   their stay. Ask her all that you need to know
                                   about Vacation Island.
    2. The Beach Shark           - Found in the Beach Portion of Vacation Island.
                                   These wandering entertainers help keep kids
                                   (and their parents) in a good mood.
    3. Archie Archer             - Found in the Forest Portion of Vacation
                                   Island. These wandering entertainers help keep
                                   kids (and their parents) in a good mood.
    4. The Yeti                  - Found in the Snow Covered Portion of Vacation
                                   Island. These wandering entertainers help keep
                                   kids (and their parents) in a good mood.
    5. Hotel Staff               - They range from the Front Desk Clerks where
                                   your Sims check-in to the Janitors that keep
                                   watch for any mess 24 hours a day.
    >>>>> The Sims : Unleashed <<<<<
    1. Miss Lucille              - Found in the old town, she can read the palm of
                                   your sims and turn any zombie sims back to human.
    2. Pet Judges                - The name says it all. They give out first, second
                                   and third prizes to deserving pets. They also
                                   give out special awards if your pet is not
                                   yet exactly in the show quality range.
    3. Animal Control            - Had enough of those skunks and raccoons? You can
                                   call animal control to get rid of your pests.
                                   It'll cost you however, a mere $20.
    4. El Bandito                - Creeps into your sims' lots in the middle of the
                                   night to scavenge for scraps. They can sometimes
                                   cause a considerable amount of noise to wake your
                                   sims up.
    5. Skunk                     - Another midnight visitor, courtesy of Unleashed.
                                   Aside from decreasing the room bar, they don't
                                   Possess any harmful effect except when you try to
                                   pet them, thus decreasing your sim's hygiene bar
                                   to zero.
    6. Pet Trainer               - Are you sick of having your pets peeing all over
                                   the place? Think they need some training? Then
                                   don't fret! For a small fee, all you need to do
                                   is to engage the services of the Pet Trainers in
                                   Old Town. Just go to the nearest pet shop and
                                   you'll be sure of finding them there.
    7. Sax Player                - His function is similar to the Violinist, if
                                   you have Hot Date. The only interaction allowed
                                   however, is "Listen."
    8. Gardeners                 - They sell their produce over at the Old Town.
                                   Ask them all you need to know about growing
                                   your own vegetable garden.
    >>>>> The Sims : Superstar <<<<<
    1. The Superstars            - With the Superstar expansion pack, your sims get
                                   to have that chance to rub elbows with big names
                                   like Marilyn Monroe and Avril Lavigne. The only
                                   interaction available is "Ask for Autograph."
    2. Obsessed Fan              - With 3 stars and up, your sims get to have their
                                   very own stalker hounding them! They'll follow
                                   you everywhere! At work or at home, they also
                                   leave 'special presents' (black roses) to your
                                   superstar sims. Having them in the same room as
                                   your sims can also decrease overall mood.
    3. Butler                    - For $500 a day, the butler can perform all the
                                   tedious work such as making phone calls to the
                                   maid or gardener and repelling stalkers. They
                                   even take care of your sims' babies! The best
                                   part is that they stay until night, thus saving
                                   your sims a lot of precious time.
    4. Paparazzo                 - Monitor your sims' actions well for there are
                                   paparazzi wandering about Studio Town. They tend
                                   to be picky so it's best to use them for your own
                                   advantage with controversy stunts and photo ops.
    5. Directors/Photographers   - These are the people whom your sims have to turn
       Fashion Designers           to in order to land jobs in Studio Town. Whether
                                   it's a modeling career you choose or a tiny bit
                                   for a soap, it's best to choose your combinations
                                   wisely, else your sims might have their stars
    6. Masseuse                  - Her services are open to anyone who visits
                                   Studio Town. Your sims don't need to be
                                   celebrities to enjoy her massage, which comes in
                                   three different intensities.
    7. Lana                      - New in Studio Town? Haven't got a clue about
                                   stardom? There's no reason to worry at all for
                                   Lana will be glad to help! Ask her anything you
                                   need to know about Tinseltown's ins-and-outs.
    >>>>> The Sims : Makin' Magic <<<<<
    1. Apothecaries/ Vampires   - These beings have their own world in Magic Town,
       Gypsy Clerks               where they reside. Your sims may opt to barter
                                  or sell products to them. They're not exactly
                                  willing to make small talk since they believe it's
                                  bad for business.
    2. Mystery Man              - Who exactly is the man in the pink suit? His
                                  origins remains a mystery but his purpose is
                                  obvious - to market the products of Magic Co.
                                  to the residents to Sim City. He'll present you
                                  with a sample of Magic Co.'s product upon your
                                  move to a lot. You can also choose to inquire
                                  about Magic Co. products from him in Magic Town.
    3. Snake Charmer            - The name says it all. He also barters products on
                                  the side.
    >>>>> Extras <<<<<
    * This section features NPC's that are not applicable for any of the other
    sections above but are nonetheless, official NPC's of The Sims. There are many
    websites that feature new NPC's or NPC replacements. Those user-created
    NPC's/alternatives shall not be included. Only official Maxis/The Sims releases
    will be included here.
    1. Clown Catcher             - When all else fails, these experts can take care
                                   of your little "clown problem" in a friendly,
                                   professional manner. This NPC is available for
                                   download from the official The Sims website,
                          It is included in this FAQ
                                   since it is an official NPC of Maxis, creator of
                                   The Sims. Livin' Large is required.
    This FAQ currently covers 62 NPC's. There could be more. Again, if you know any
    additional info or if you wish to make corrections, please see the Contact
    section for more details.
    >>>>> Miscellaneous Info <<<<<
    Killing your NPC's
    I tried to burn, drown and confine my NPC's but none of these strategies seem to
    work. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that you cannot kill NPC's. They may
    disappear after a long time of "solitary confinement" and they might get stuck
    during a fire but they will not die.
    Get rid of that Clown !
    The Tragic Clown can be a nuisance to your sims. Here are some ways to get rid
    of that pest.
    1. Don't buy the Tragic Clown Painting.
    2. Put the painting on top of the fireplace and let the painting burn. The
       clown will burn as well.
    3. Keep your Sims happy and he will leave.
    4. Download the Clown Catchers from
    Surprise Cake Dancers ! (by Joseph Grabko)
    Buy two cake dancing cakes. Then, hire a male cake dancer. Then, try to hire
    another male dancer with the other cake. The message "You've already hired that
    cake dancer!" will appear. Ignore this, and click "OK". Keep trying to hire
    another male cake dancer, and sooner or later you will either get the Tragic
    Clown or Elvis. The same can be done with hiring two females, but you will get
    someone in a pink gorilla suit.
    Submissions of other strategies/miscellaneous info dealing with NPC's are
    >>>>> Credits <<<<<
    Maxis : Creator of The Sims and all expansions.
    Chris Edric Tan : For lending me "House Party" and "Hot Date".
    Christopher Manson ( : For pointing out that Claire the Bear
                       appears in Hot Date.
    Glynnys Chua ( : For pointing out that each order of Pizza
                  costs $40 instead of the $30 that was previously stated.
    Alyssa ( : For pointing out an NPC I missed, Santa Claus.
    Si ( : For supplying info regarding the Boxer.
    Catania Tami ( : Made some corrections regarding the Grim
                 Reaper, Monster, Boxer, Pink Gorilla, Mrs. Crumplebottom and Rental
                 Shack Person.
    Joseph Grabko ( : For pointing out corrections
                  regarding the party crashers and extra info about the monsters,
                  pink gorilla, caterer, headless ghost, Drew Carey and boxers.
                  Contributed one tip under Miscellaneous info section.
    Anders Aughy ( : For pointing out that the Santa Claus
                 appears in House Party instead of Livin' Large.
    Ryan Seney ( : DJ NPC contribution.
    Copyright 2002 A.C. Chua ( Albino C. Chua )
    This FAQ is meant for personal use. You may distribute it to other people who
    might find this FAQ useful provided that you do it for free and no money is
    generated from this FAQ.
    If you wish to put this FAQ on any other site, please email me first !
    This FAQ can be found at :
     <- The most recent version of my FAQ can always be found here.
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