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The Sims 3: World Adventures

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About The Game

Players can take their Sims on new journeys to famous real-world inspired destinations around the globe and seek out new adventures. While exploring the landmarks of an exotic city, there is no telling what the Sims will find. From mastering martial arts in Shang Simla, China, discovering rich culture and famous landmarks on a romantic getaway to Champs Les Sims, France or exploring the depths of ancient tombs in Al Simhara, Egypt, players can take their Sims on a journey that will change their Sims' lives.

Players can accept challenges to search for secret treasures, learn new skills and chase down new personal opportunities, meet new Sims with unique personalities, share their culture and bring them home, discover new styles on their travels, and share everything they encounter on their adventures with the world through personal photographs, movies, and stories.

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Experience thrilling adventures in exotic new locations such as Egypt.

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The Sims 3: World Adventures

The Sims 3: World Adventures Review

By Monica Bair |

The Sims invites expansion. In fact, you could say that both the premise and popularity of the game are founded on its ability to extend the simulation of "everyday life" into every possible area. With a format that celebrates our own seemingly ordinary interests, the developers have found no shortage of material, from pets to college to dating to business. It's an arrangement that has generated 17 expansions and over 100 million sales since the series was first launched back in 2000, so it's no surprise that EA is hoping to continue the streak with The Sims 3: World Adventures.

The new expansion puts an international twist on the game and gives players the chance to send their families off to exotic vacation destinations in China, Egypt and France. In addition to exploring the local towns, buying goods and interacting with locals, the new expansion also includes entirely new adventure-based gameplay that combines simple puzzle solving with exploration and collection missions. And of course, there are plenty of small but enjoyable additions that allow players to add even more variety to their Sims and their Sims' homes. It's a great first expansion for the current version of the game, delivering a cohesive but diverse set of new challenges and tossing in a whole bunch of new toys besides.

The big focus here is on the three new towns -- Shang Simla, Al Simhara, and Champs Les Sims. Each has a wealth of homes and shops to explore, new skills to learn, plenty of mission-based challenges and, of course, loads and loads of detail and atmosphere. With enough cash, Sims can merely make a call and be whisked away to any of the three locations. The length of the stay is determined by your Sims visa level, which increases based on your success in meeting the new town's unique challenges. At the start you'll be using a simple base camp, complete with the beds, baths and cupboards you'll need to meet your most basic needs.

The most obvious source of fun and profit in the new towns is the adventure board. Here you'll find postings from locals who need help, either collecting precious metals, influencing other locals, or exploring tombs. In some cases, a local will need help with each of these tasks in a long unfolding narrative. Of all these tasks, exploring the tombs is the most outwardly exciting and, while the pyramids in Egypt are the most satisfying, all three areas have tombs that offer lots of risks and rewards. It won't take many gamers long to figure out the tricks to get from the entrance to whatever treasure is contained within; secret doors, block-pushing puzzles and hidden traps are all relatively easy to spot and require only patience to work around.

Unfortunately, the idea of taking a family vacation isn't terribly attractive in this game, at least to me. Before you've built up your visa, the short visits mean that time is at a premium. During my first outings, I took the whole family (well, except for the toddlers, who can't travel) and I wound up spending too much time jumping back and forth between one Sims exploring tombs, another meeting locals and another learning a new skill. Even with the necessary sleeping and eating time, it just didn't feel that efficient. When you consider that all Sims need to recover before taking a second trip, it just made more sense to send the individual members of the family out in shifts. Not only was it more efficient, but it even allowed me to really focus on a single set of story elements.

Each location is packed with local color.My other criticism about the adventure-based gameplay is that it's sometimes a bit too straightforward, particularly when measured against all the other tasks and challenges The Sims has been known for. The tomb sequences obviously benefit from a tighter, designer-driven format, but this makes them feel clearly distinct from the core gameplay that arises out of the Sims' needs and attitudes. The inclusion of food, tents and, yes, even showers that you can carry around in your backpack are proof enough that even the designers knew that exploring tombs doesn't exactly fit with the core Sims gameplay. I certainly don't want to make too much of this difference because, frankly, some players will appreciate and enjoy the contrast.

Luckily, exploring pyramids and burial grounds are just a small part of what World Adventures is all about. There are plenty of shops to visit and lots of new friends to make, and many of those elements are incorporated into the adventures. Having to convince a family to let you into their home to search for a hidden book in their basement, or trying to get three random people to give their honest opinion about a local business, reveal more of the evolutionary gameplay that attract so many players to the series in the first place. At one point, we were asked to play matchmaker for two Sims but wound up falling in love with the girl ourselves and, in the midst of it going oh-so-right, found ourselves confronted by male members of the household and being asked to leave amid a flurry of bright red minus signs.

The Sims 3: World Adventures Cheats

During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) to bring up the cheats console. Enter the codes below for the desired effect.

  • constrainFloorElevation [true/false] - Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures
  • enableLlamas - Enables llamas, obviously
  • jokePlease - Summon a joke
  • hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] - Hide all meters and effects
  • quit - Quit the game
  • help - Lists all available commands
  • slowMotionViz [x] - Slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal)
  • resetSim [x] - Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home where [x] is first and last name
  • fps [on/off] - Toggles frames per second in upper right of HUD
  • fadeObjects [on/off] - Toggles object fade when camera zooms
  • testingcheatsenabled - Turns on Testing Cheats (See Below)
  • disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off] - Hold Alt to avoid object snap when toggled
  • kaching - While on the lot, this gives you $1,000
  • motherlode - While on the lot, this gives you $50,000
  • moveobjects on/off - Move anything (including Sims) in your Buy/Build mode
  • familyFunds [x][y] - Give money to a family, where [x] is the family's last name and [y] is the amount
  • fullscreen [on/off] - Toggles windowed mode
  • unlockOutfits [on/off] - Unlocks outfits in CAS (Create a Sim) mode. Note: Must be enabled before entering CAS

Updates by NoteworthyMalific and lisanena

During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) to bring up the cheats console. Enter the codes below for the desired effect.

  • constrainFloorElevation [true/false] - Force terrain adjustments regardless of objects, Sims, and other structures
  • enableLlamas - Enables llamas, obviously
  • jokePlease - Summon a joke
  • hideHeadlineEffects [on/off] - Hide all meters and effects
  • quit - Quit the game
  • help - Lists all available commands
  • slowMotionViz [x] - Slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal)
  • resetSim [x] - Resets the named Sim with neutral motives, no moodlets, and teleports Sim back home where [x] is first and last name
  • fps [on/off] - Toggles frames per second in upper right of HUD
  • fadeObjects [on/off] - Toggles object fade when camera zooms
  • testingcheatsenabled - Turns on Testing Cheats (See Below)
  • disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off] - Hold Alt to avoid object snap when toggled
  • kaching - While on the lot, this gives you $1,000
  • motherlode - While on the lot, this gives you $50,000
  • moveobjects on/off - Move anything (including Sims) in your Buy/Build mode
  • familyFunds [x][y] - Give money to a family, where [x] is the family's last name and [y] is the amount
  • fullscreen [on/off] - Toggles windowed mode
  • unlockOutfits [on/off] - Unlocks outfits in CAS (Create a Sim) mode. Note: Must be enabled before entering CAS

Updates by NoteworthyMalific and lisanena

The Sims 3: World Adventures Game Walkthrough

Copywrite ExtremePhobia (Brandon Fusco) 2010  |

Before I actually Introduce the guide itself, I'd like to ask you to give me
your feedback. Unfortunately, even after over 100,000 hits on my guides I
can still count the amount of feedback I've gotten on two hands. I'm still
pretty new at this and I want my guides to be helpful so I would really
appreciate any feedback, good or bad, about my guide.

With that out of the way, welcome to my guide for the Sims 3: World Adventure.
If you are having any trouble with the game, I hope that this guide helps. 

Aside from the Table of Contents below, you should be able to use the search
function to find most specific things. For instance, if you needed help with
the Tomb of Discovery then, hopefully, you should be able to hit ctrl+F and
type in "Tomb of Discovery" minus the quotes to find it. I tried to copy as
much in game text down as exactly as I could so you can search for strings
of text in the guide to find what you're looking for. Otherwise you'd never
find anything in here.

Table of Contents
A. Before you Travel...............xxTravelxx
B. Before you Raid Tombs............xxTombsxx
C. New Traits.......................xxTraitxx
D. New Lifetime Wishes...............xxWishxx
E. New Skills.......................xxSkillxx
F. Mummies........................xxMummiesxx
G. Types of Adventures..............xxTypesxx
H. China............................xxChinaxx
I. France..........................xxFrancexx
J. Egypt............................xxEgyptxx
K. Contact Information............xxContactxx
L. Credits..........................xxCredsxx
M. Thanks..........................xxThanksxx
N. Legal............................xxLegalxx
O. Version History...................xxHistxx

Before you Travel     [xxTravelxx]
Here's what you need to know about travelling. It costs money to travel and
you can only stay for a few days. Once you come back from your vacation it will
take some time to recover before you can travel again. At first you'll only
be able to travel for three days at a time. Eventually you'll be able to stay
for as long as 15 days.

To do this, you need to collect Visa Points. To do this, you need to go on
adventures. When you are dropped in a different country, you'll find yourself
at a camp and there will be an adventure board right next to you. You can use
this to find and start Adventures. Sometimes you'll get one and run a quick
errand for someone with the simple reward of a few Visa Points, some cash, and
maybe some Ancient Coins (more on that later). Other times you'll get the first
adventure in chain. Either way, keep doing these and you'll get Visa Points.
There are three ranks of Visa to gain (you start at zero). Get to three and you
can buy a vacation home and stay longer. You will even be able to buy a special
certificate with Ancient Coins that allows you to stay even longer (but only
up to 15 days).

Ancient Coins are a special form of currency accepted by only three vendors in
the game. You can trade Ancient coins for certain special items like a Skeleton
key or Mummy snacks. The two main ways of collecting Ancient Coins is by going
on Adventures and finding them in tombs. Sometimes you won't be able to buy
items with your coins right away, even if you have enough coins. Sometimes, for
the best items, you have to get your Visa rank up with Visa Points first.

Remember that you don't age when travelling so you can go to your vacation home
and work on improving skills, build a large garden, or make money using
skills like your writing.

Before you Raid Tombs     [xxTombsxx]
Before you start wandering into tombs, the best way to explore them is to do
so while doing an adventure. Usually you'll find an adventure that will
eventually lead you to a tomb. The people who gave you the adventure will
likely assist you by giving you keystones to open doors and giving you an
extra reward for finishing a tomb. Almost every tomb in China and France and
most of the tombs in Egypt are all connected to an Adventure chain. So try and
sit tight.

Now, before you go into a tomb, you need to be well prepared. You need to buy
supplies. There will be a vendor in town who sells all sorts of useful camping
equipment. You should never leave to go tomb raiding without a good supply of
dried foods, a few Shower in a Cans, and a tent. Without these things, you'll
have to leave a tomb to eat, sleep, and not gross yourself out.

Inside of tombs there are a few things that you will see often and should be
familiar with. Perhaps the most import are the special tiles. There are two
special tiles. One will have feet on it which means you need to stand on it
to activate it and there are tiles with gears on them which mean that you can
stand on them but you should probably use a statue instead because the tile
needs to be held down. Always be on the look out for these because they will
usually reveal important things like more tiles, stairs, and doors.

There are occassionally holes in the walls and floors. If you see just a single
hole then you can stick your hand in it and perhaps you'll hit a switch or find
an important item. Keep an eye out because these can be hard to spot sometimes.

Sometimes you'll see multiple holes in a group on the wall or floor. This means
that it's a trap. Traps can either be disarmed by tinkering with them, crossed
with bravery, or deactivated by using a switch or statue. Sometimes you won't
see the traps and they'll just pop up as you walk over them. Sometimes you
won't see the trap but you'll see an oddly colored tile that you can inspect.

There will be certain parts of walls that are fake and can be pushed open.
Sometimes these sections will be oddly colored and sometimes you won't be able
to see them unless you put your cursor over them and it changes. Sometimes
you open these by "inspecting" the wall and pushing it open and sometimes you
open them with switches and tiles.

Most statues can't be moved but one particular style of statue can be. You'll
find out really early what kind of statue can be moved. It doesn't mean that
every statue of that type can be moved but most can be. These statues are
usually used for activating tiles but if you push them over traps, they can
also disarm the traps as well. If you move your cursor around the edges of the
statue, you can change the angle that you approach the statue from and thus
change how you move it.

Keep an eye out for treasure. You'll see it all over the place, including both
in chests and on the floor. Check every where. In particular, keep your eyes
peeled for Relics. These things are usually worth a decent amount of money
and sometimes they are worth part of a set which is worth even more money.
In some cases you'll even get parts to a whole and be able to build something
like a sarcophagus.

There are different types of Keystones which usually are used to open doors
but on occassion open chests or disarm traps. Keep your eye open for these.

The last thing to watch out for are Mummies. These guys are really tough and
even with maxed out Martial Arts you might not defeat them. This guys will
appear if you look in their coffins or are stealing treasure nearby. They will
wander around until they attack you and then they will either die in the fight
or beat you and then shamble off back to their coffin.

New Traits        [xxTraitxx]

   Adventurous Sims enjoy traveling and exploration more than other Sims, are
   able to go on new trips sooner, and improve their Visa levels more quickly
   *Gains a +10 Moodlet for going to a new place.
   *Doesn't have to wait as long to travel again.

   Displined Sims do not fool around. They have the dedication and 
   perserverance to become the best martial artists in town.
   *Sims learn Martial Arts faster

-Photographers Eye
   Sims with the Photographers Eye naturally learn photography more quickly
   than other Sims and tend to earn more Simoleons for the photos they take!
   *Make more money for photographs taken
   *Learn Photography skill faster.

New Lifetime Wishes     [xxWishxx]

-Private Museum-
Req: Have a current relic collection worth $20,000
Reward: 32,500 (37,000 with Ambitious trait)
Description: Collectors and purveyors of the ancient arts have a keen eye for
beauty, detail, and value. Relics of all kinds are of interest to them, and
they actively seek out new acquisitions in tombs, markets, and dig sites to 
expand their collections. Only the most persistent and dedicated Sims possess
a Private Museum.

-Bottomless Nectar Cellar-
Req: Have a current collection of Nectar Bottles worth $10,000 AND Have at
least 50 bottles of Nectar in the Nectar Cellar
Traits: Natural Cook
Reward: 30,000 (34,500)
Description: High quality Nectar comes with a heavy price tag, but Sims of
discerning taste know that it is worth the cost. Nectar obsessed Sims seek to
stock a cellar full of Nectar racks with the finest, tastiest juices infused
with the sweetest fruits, and be known by friends as a true connoisseur of fine

-Seasoned Traveler-
Req: Reach Max Visa Level for all 3 Destinations
Traits: Adventurous
Reward: 60,000 (69,000)
Description: Sophisticated Sims who travel extensively and spend time in
foreign locales become worldly and wise, but only those who work hard at
earning the respect and trust of the locals will be able to acquire a coveted
max level Visa in France, China, and Egypt! Through Opportunities and 
Adventures abroad your Sim will befriend others and become welcome wherever
they go.

-Physical Perfection-
Req: Reach Level 10 of the Martial Arts and Athletic Skills
Traits: Athletic or Disciplined
Reward: 27,500 (31,500)
Description: On the path to Martial Arts mastery Sims must hone their bodies
and minds through challenges and rigorous training. Your sim must seek out the
Academy in Shang Simla to start practicing the basic moves. Only through hard
work and dedication will your sims sculpt the perfect body, and attain the
skills necessary to rise in the ranks of the Martial Arts mastery.

-Martial Arts Master-
Req: Reach Level 10 in the Martial Arts Skill AND Obtain Grand Master Rank
Traits: Athletic or Disciplined
Reward: 30,000 (34,500)
Description: Martial Arts Mastery is attained by only a dedicated few, but to
become a warrior of legend respected by Sims worldwide requires skill,
dedication, and fortitude. Your Sim must journey to the Academy of Shang Simla
in order to train rigorously in the preparation to compete in the Tournament
Sparring Matches in order to earn the rank of Grand Master.

-Great Explorer-
Req: Fully explore 6 Tombs in Each Location
Traits: Adventurous
Reward: 35,000 (40,000)
Description: With a thirst for knowledge and experience, explorers are always
in search of their next big adventure! Though they face hardships untold and
dangers unnumbered, nothing will stop explorers from traversing the deepest, 
darkest tombs found around the world!

Req: Reach Level 10 of the Painting and Photography Skills
Traits: Artistic or Photographers Eye
Reward: 30,000 (34,500)
Description: Whether slowly crafted through the precise stroke of the brush on
canvas, or captured in a moment by the eye of the camera's lens, artistic works
can evoke in Sims feelings of beauty, anger, excitement, and joy. Mastering the
artistic skills of Painting and Photography is a sure path to happiness for 
Sims who value the creative arts above all else.

-World-Class Gallery-
Req: Have a current collection of photographs worth at least $25,000 AND have
at least 10 photographs from each location placed on your lot.
Traits: Artistic or Photographers Eye
Reward: 32,500 (37,000)
Description: Sims with keen aesthetic judgment value photographs of all sizes
and subjects. Whether a beautiful foreign landscape, or a candid portrait
snapped on city streets, collectors have an eye for beauty and value. A World-
Class Gallery is built by Sims who want a collection rivaled by none.

New Skills    [xxSkillxx]

Martial Arts

If you want to study Martial Arts then the place to be is China. China is the
home of the Phoenix Martial Arts academy.

Not only is Martial Arts easy to learn but you can also be rewarded for it too.
In china you can partake in an adventure chain that will reward you with Visa
Points and cash while you train. 

If you don't want to learn from the adventure chain then head over to the
Academy in China and start practicing on the dummy. After you get to level 3
you can start practicing on the block breaker. Finally, once you've hit level 5
you can start training simply by meditating. Not only do you learn martial arts
skill from this but you also gain some other neat benefits too.

Really the most important things you gain from meditating are the ability to 
Zeneport after a few hours of meditation and a boost in efficiency. Zeneport 
will allow you to go to any point in the neighborhood that you can see 
instantly. You will also see a moodlet develop while meditating. Basically you 
become calm and can do things faster and better. What this means is that if 
you meditate and then study at the library, you'll learn even faster.

Unfortunately if you Zeneport, you also lose the productive moodlet. However if
you meditate for 150+ hours you'll become a Master of Meditation and be able to
use the "Tranquil Transference." This will teleport you like Zeneport but you
will only lose 30 minutes of Meditative Focus. You can do this as long as you
have 30 minutes of Focus left meaning that you can do it multiple times and you
don't have to be meditating to do it.

But... Remember the block breaker? This can be used to make you money. Once
you've gotten your skill up and are capable of easily breaking a few Thin Stone
Blocks at a time you can move up to the Space Rock. Space rocks will drop gems
and you'll get better at finding gems and break the rocks faster with some

All gems may be sold as is or cut for (usually) more value. You can get gems
ranging from under $30 all the way up to about $1500. But the gems you want
aren't just normal gems. You want the Tiberium crystals. If you manage to find
tiberium, don't leave it in your inventory for too long or you will start to
get sick. If you put it out, the gem will likely grow and when it reaches the
form of a Large Spire Cut, it will be worth roughly $40,000.

It takes roughly 30 minutes to break a space rock. It's not the best method of
income but it can really provide a boost.

Also, remember that just because you've reached level 10 in Martial arts, that
doesn't mean that you're a Master yet. You can still be defeated quite easily.
Like the chess system, you have a hidden skill value for sub-categories of a
skill. You improve in sparring the more you spar and you improve in board
breaking the more boards you break. It is worth it to become a master at 
sparring because this will help you defend yourself against Mummies who are
very skilled and may curse you if you lose.


Nectaration is how you make Nectar and Nectar has two nice qualities. The first
is that when you drink Nectar you can receive quite a few moodlets, sometimes
bad if the drink is a bad mix but usually good especially with the right mix
of fruit. The second benefit is the amount of money you can make doing this.
But first you need to buy a Nectar Maker which runs for $1,500 and can only be
found in France.

You can make over $2000 in a very short period of time provided you have the
right fruit (THAT is the tough part). Better still, if you store the Nectar in
a basement on a good rack, your Nectar will increase by 10% of it's base every 
day. For instance, if you start with a $500 bottle then every ten days it will 
gain another $500 in value. A full rack of such bottles would start at $7500
and gain $7500 every 10 days.

Clearly it's an investment. Where your Nectar Makers are located doesn't change
the quality of your Nectar but where you store it does. Whether it's stored
inside or outside doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what floor of the basement
you store it on, as long as it's in a basement. The only actually differences
in storage come from which type of rack you store it on and whether you store
it below ground level or not.

The good rack and below ground level will net you 10% value increase per day.
Any other combination won't be as good. You can also store the really old
bottles you may have gotten in France (the ones that are thousands of years
old) and they will age and gain value in the same way but it will be at a rate
based on some other number, not the value you got it at. For instance, I had
a bottle worth $9,626 and it only increased in value to 9,823 the next day. A
far cry from the 10,588 that would have been a 10% increase.

Also, as for best mixing combinations, you can try a variety of things. You
don't have to use just grapes, you can use any fruit. If you use a sufficient
amount of special fruits like Life Fruit or Flame fruit then you will receive
the benefits of the fruits like gaining a longer life. There are two mixes that
you should try though.

9 Life Fruit, 1 Pomegrenate - this has gotten me a bottle of roughly $605

6 Life Fruit, 3 Flame Fruit, and some other fruit (maybe expenive grapes) -
This second combo will give you well over 100 points from positive moodlets.

You should be mindful of the challenges associated with this skill because they
greatly increase the value of Nectar Making and one of them will tell you how
good a fruit combination will be before you waste the time and fruit to make


To start taking pictures, you need to buy a camera. You can buy cheap,
disposable cameras but they're cheap, disposable, and don't have any nifty
features. For the two better types of cameras you'll have to travel to Egypt.
Once you have a camera, head over to the book shop in Egypt and buy the book to
learn photography. Start reading.

This will get you up to level three fast but after that you just have to
practice. Walk around and take pictures of everything. Take pictures of sims,
furniture, landmarks - whatever you can think of. After a couple of pictures
of the same thing or sim, you won't gain any experience for it. Try again
another time and you may gain more experience.

There are really only two main aspects of Photography, collections and money.
The better you get at photography and the more challenges you finish, the more
money you will make on pictures. You'll be able to add different filters and
mix things up to get the max value. It's not hard and it's fast for the most
part. It's a decent source of income.

As for the collections, pictures are broken up into sets. If you finish ten of
these then you will finish a challenge as well. Otherwise, finishing these sets
is just for fun. There are sets for all sorts of things. When you take your
first picture of a collection, it will be added to your journal and you can
see what else is in that collection. Have fun trying to find all the parts to
a collection.

Mummies     [xxMummiesxx]
So you want to become a Mummy, huh? It's not so hard, just collect fragments
of the Sarcophagus of the kings. Put one together and you'll get one of two
types. You'll either get the Blessed or the Cursed Sarcophagus. If you sleep
in the cursed Sarcophagus frequently in a short period of time, you will become
a Mummy. If you want to change back, just sleep in a Blessed Sarcophagus.

Unfortunately there's no way of knowing which one you'll get before you make
one. You can save before you build one however and then if you don't get what
you want, quit, reload and try again.

There is also something called the Mummy's Curse. This is not the same thing!
You get cursed by losing in a fight to a Mummy. It won't always happen but if
it does, you'll die in two weeks. Whenever you select the sim, your screen
will darken. To cure this, make your way through the Sphinx tomb.

Types of Adventures   [xxTypesxx]
There are a few common types of Adventures. Below is not a comprehensive list
of every possible adventure you can go on because a lot of them are random and
a lot of them are very similar.

The most common types of Adventures are Collection, Convincing and Reporting

Collection adventures are when you are instructed to collect something like
a mineral or gem from the landscape or shop and return it to a person. Usually,
if you zoom out to the Neighborhood view, you will see little icons for the
item that you need floating around the landscape, directing you on where to
find what you need. These will come up a lot. The items and the number of them
that you need may change but they are all basically the same.

Convincing Adventure involve talking to local sims. Usually you have to
convince so many sims or a specific sim of something. To convince a sim you
have to talk to them and get them to like you. Usually about a dozen positive
interactions will do. Sometimes it takes a lot more, especially if you only
need to convince one sim. Once you've gotten the sim to like you, then you
choose the orange option from the wheel to convince them.

Reporting Adventures are really simple adventures. Above your moodlets box, a
little button will pop up saying Repot in or Deliver Item. Just click that and
you will be taken to the person. This will usually start an Adventure chain or
and a long adventure.

                    ####   ##  ##  ######  ##    ##   ####
                   ##  ##  ##  ##    ##    ###   ##  ##  ##
                   ##      ######    ##    ## #  ##  ##  ##
                   ##      ######    ##    ##  # ##  ######
                   ##  ##  ##  ##    ##    ##   ###  ##  ##
                    ####   ##  ##  ######  ##    ##  ##  ##


After you get the quick tour over the landscape, your sim will be dropped in
front of base camp. If you go up the stairs, you'll find your living quarters
equiped with all sorts of nice stuff that, if you don't have much money, you
probably don't even have at home.

More importantly, at the base of the stairs is the adventure board. If you use
it then you can "Check for Adventures!" This makes up the bulk of the game and
since these adventures don't seem to need to be done in any order, I'm going to
list them, what you need to do to get through them, and how to navigate the
tombs (if any).

======================   Halls of the Lost Army Chain   =======================


                         ***  Seeking Adventure?  ***

I am searching for an intrepid adventurer who can retrieve an
ancient Relic for me. I've searched all over town and no one has the guts.
Please contact me, Chen Hong, if you are interested.

I Recommend you purchase some adventurer supplies at the market beforehand,
including a tent, some dried food, and perhaps a shower-in-a-can if hygiene is
a concern. The general store will have everything you need and more!

This is even easier than it normally is. You can Report to Hong the same way 
you would in your own neighborhood, by zooming out and finding his picture on
the map. Then you click on the picture and pick "Report In"

OR you could just click the "Report In" button just above your moodlets.

                           ***  Treasure Hunter  ***

Thank goodness someone finally responded! Come on, there's work to do. I've
heard rumors that a nearby tomb holds a valuable treasure. Retrieve it for me,
and you will be handsomely rewarded. You'll need this key to get into the tomb.
What are you waiting for? Get to it!

This one is a little tougher. You do actually have to zoom out and use the
icon to navigate to the tomb. If you have trouble finding it, it's the giant
building in town.

==========================TOMB - Halls of the Lost Army========================

I am going to give directions based on objects in the game rather than your
camera. For instance I'll try to say things like "to your Sim's left just
after they walk through the door." This is really the only way to give 
directions since your camera can face any direction at any time.

Once your Sim has navigated to the tomb and gone through the double doors,
you'll find yourself in a big room (still above ground) and just to the right
from the door you walked in will be a gray tile with foot prints on it. Direct
your Sim to stand on the tile and it will present you with a hidden staircase.
Go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the staircase, just to the left of the stairs will be a place
for your key on the wall and a locked door just beside it. Insert your key to
open the door.

On the otherside of the door you'll find yourself on a sort of path formed by
colored tiles. Just to the left after coming through the door (on the path),
you will see another gray stone tile but this time with a gear on it. What this
symbol means is that while stepping on it may unlock something, it requires
something to stay on it for it's effect to continue. Kind of like the statue
off to the side of the room.

Objects like this statue that can be moved, will present you with four choices.
They are Push, Pull, Push Far, and Pull Far. The Push and Pull options will
push or pull the object in a given direction. To choose the direction, let your
cursor rest on one of the four sides of the object. You'll see a double headed
yellow arrow appear pointing in the direction that it will move. Push far and
Pull Far will move the object until it hits a special tile or you run into the
wall, whichever comes first.

So to make this statue work for you, put your curson on the side of the statue
that's closest to the special tile. You'll see the arrow appear and it should
point roughly towards the special tile. Now click on the statue and then click
"Pull Far." Your sim will move to the statue and stand exactly where the arrow
was and then pull the statue until it hits the special tile. Go through the

You'll see a statue resting in the middle of the path with a special tile to 
it's left (from the door) and a blank brown tile to the right. Move the statue
to the left so it rests on the gear tile. This will cause the blank brown tile
to become a standing tile. Go stand on it to unlock the door.

The next room looks a lot scarier than it is. You'll see a bunch of statues
just to the left. Push the middle statue twice. The first push will move it
onto the lightning trap and deactivate it. The second push will let you out
from behing the statue. At the end of the room, you'll find a locked door and
a special tile buried under a pile of rubble.

This is also not so hard. Just click on the rubble and choose "clear." Your Sim
will take out a tool and start digging. Once that's cleared away you'll find a
standing tile under it. Stand on it to reveal a secret door and a hole in the
wall. If you use the hole in the wall, it will remove the lock from the door
you were trying to open earlier. But we want loot so don't go through the door
just yet.

Instead go through the secret door you just revealed. There are a lot of
statues in  here. You'll enter the room and be staring at a group of four
statues blocking off a chest against the wall. To the right will be three more
statues blocking your path plus one more just sitting alone. If you turn to
face the statues to your right, you want to "Push Far" the left statue of the
three. You now have access to all three chests by moving just one.

Now go back out and through the real door that you unlocked by using the hidey
hole in the wall. You'll come into a room with a locked door, another key hole,
and a well on your right. Click the well and then "explore." You'll be given
an option of whether you want to explore a tunnel or not. Explore it and you'll
come out of another well. You'll be in an enclosed room with a chest. Loot the
chest for the key, then explore the well in this room to return to the other
well. When you come out on the other side, use the key to leave the room.

And You've completed this Tomb! Make sure you loot the three chests, especially
the glowing one, and then use the standing tile to open the door and head back
out of the tomb.

===================================END TOMB====================================

Once again, this is an easy one. Just click the "Deliver Relic" button above
your moodlets. Enjoy your rewards!

=======================   Ancient Monks Retreat Chain   =======================

                      ***  Potent signs of Potential  ***

I would like to invest in the Martial Arts training of a talented individual.
One of pure heart, patient fists, and discipline. Applicants should speak to
Bao Louie. Do not waste my time!

Report In 

                         ***  The Journey Begins  ***

Yes, you might do. You seem strong, focused, but there is anger in your eyes.
Or perhaps confusion? Nevertheless, your path with me begins now. Before you
can know the way of the Resolute Fist, you must first learn Martial Arts. Go!
Visit the Shang Simla Academy and practice on the equipment there. Return to me
once you have learned the skill.

Just outside of the Imperial City you'll see the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy
and that's just where you're headed. So head. In the back yard of the Academy
you will find all sorts of things. What you want is the the wooden poles with
arms. Practice on that. After you gain your first skill point. Report in.

                   ***  Learning from the Master's Palm  ***

Much like a child who has taken its first steps, you have entered a new phase
in life. But also like the child you have so far to go. An acquaintance of
mine, Xi Yuan, is a well-respected master of Martial Arts. There is much you
can learn from Xi Yuan. Spar with Xi Yuan 2 times, then return to me to tell
me of what you learned.

Find her on the map and travel to her house. You may not be able to use her
icon so just "Go To" her house. When you get there, give her a friendly
introduction and then you should be allowed to spar with her. Do so twice.

                         ***  The Sparring Report  ***

I do not think that hurt too much. You learn quickly for someone so new to the
way of the Resolute Fist. I understand now what Bao Louie sees in you. I have
no more to teach you for now. Return to Bao Louie.

Dunno why this had to be a seperate opportunity but do as it says. 

                        ***  Meditation is the Key  ***

I hope this past lesson was not too painful. No... you seem to have escaped any
bruising from the instruction. My dear pupil, the time has come for you to
learn the finer points of meditation. Travel to the Scholar's Garden and
meditate for 2 hours. I hope you find what you are seeking.

This is actually a little misleading. Yes you need to meditate but just
because that's what you are supposed to do, doesn't mean you can. More tha
likely, you won't be able to meditate just yet. So head over to the Garden
(or the Academy) and practice on the board breaking stones or the sparring
dummy until you reach level 5 of Martial Arts. Now you can meditate. Do so
for two Sim hours. If you meditate for three hours you can then just Zeneport
to Bao Louie if you like. 

                     ***  The Writings of Qin Shan Hu  ***

You have had a most startling and unexpected vision. I knew you would see
something. I did not know that you would see... this. It is the keystone to the
Ancient Monk Retreat. Use this key to enter the tomb and retrieve an ancient
Relic, one that contains the ancient writings of Qin Shan Hu. Bring this to me
and I will reward you with Ancient Coins.

The Monks Retreat is out of town past the Academy. Head there. The way in is
at the very bottom of the long stairs outside. It's standing tile. Take the
stairs to your right.

========================TOMB - The Ancient Monks Retreat=======================

In the first room, look to the left to see two piles of rubble. One of them
will have a hidey hole for you to inspect. Do so to find a chest. Then use the
key stone to enter the tomb proper.

This room will have all sorts of training equipment and a couple of statues.
The statue across the room to the left has a hidey hole behind it so pull that
statue out a little. Use the hidey hole and then move the two statues onto the
tiles that appear.

If you'd like you can detour through the door that was already unlocked before
you moved the statues. There are five bedrooms with treasures. The middle room
and the room furthest right have hidey holes and one of them opens a secret
room to the far left in the hallway with a chest in it.

Detour or no, go through the door you just unlocked. Then go down the stairs
and through the door at the end of the L shaped hallway. There's a well in this
room which will be very helpful. Jump into the well and get soaked. Then go
through the single door in the middle. Anywhere on the dark tile that you walk
you will find a fire trap on the floor. You can, however click on the floor
and inspect it to reveal the trap and then either try to disarm the trap or
try to cross it (it's an option, if you just try to walk you'll get burned). If
you set off a trap remember to go resoak yourself.

After you've gotten beyond the traps whether through perserverance or
cleverness, Push, don't pull, the statue onto the gear tile in the middle to
open the door at the back of the room. Go through the door and collect PART of
your reward.

The rest isn't necessary for the opportunity. You can just Deliver the Writings
if you want but the game won't consider the tomb finished.

If not you can go back to the well room, resoak, and then head through the left
door. Just pick Attempt to Cross on all three traps.

Resoak and go right. In this hallway, use the hidey hole on the left to shut
off the flames directly in front of you. You should now be able to take the
left route. Use the hole at the end of the left path, then return to the split
and reuse the one on the left and then use the one on the right. Now go down
the long right path and you'll see two more holes in the wall. Use both and
then turn around and take the short path to the next hole. Use that hole, then
return then reuse the hole closest to the corner. You should now have a clear
path to the door.

NOW you're done!

===================================END TOMB====================================

Just click the button to return the writings to Bao Louie. Claim your Reward.

=========================   Smashing Boulders Chain   =========================


                          ***  Confounded Boulder!  ***

I am a common adventurer in need of assistance! If you have a desire to learn
the ancient art of smashing giant goulders, please contact Jiang Lu as soon as
you are able.

Report in: 

                           ***  Sign my Petition?  ***

You are the only Sim to respond to my ad, so I suppose we are stuck together. A
friend of mine knows of a magical object that can even the mightiest of
boulders. However, this friend won't share this information unless the locals
are ok with it. Convince 3 locals to let us have the item, then return to me.

This isn't so bad. You just need to find three locals, befriend them, then
choose the "Convince" option. If you've already made friends with some locals
then you can just reuse those locals. Otherwise find, some locals, I usually
use the merchants because they are always in the same place, and talk with
them to become friendly. Around 15 or so positive interactions (and no
negative interactions) should be enough for each person. After that, choose

Once you have convinced three people, the well known "Report In" button will

                          ***  A Friendly Interview  ***

I knew the local populace would come around to the idea of boulder smashing.
However, it seems Bao Louie won't take my word as the truth. Bao Louie wants to
speak to you personally about this whole boulder smashing business. Go answer
Bao Louie's silly questions so that we can get to boulder smashing.

Just hit the button to be directed to Bao Louie. 

                            ***  Village Valuables  ***

Finally, an even headed person with whom to do business. Jiang Lu cannot go a
single sentence without ranting about smashing boulders. I will share this
information with you, but first you must prove you will benefit the greater
good. Shang Simla's coffers have run dry and the city needs funding to expand
the local works. Gather 3 pieces of valuable Lapis Lazuli and deliver it to me.
I will in turn give it to the city. You will be paid for your assistance, I
assure you.

You know how to do this. 

                              ***  Pangu's Axe  ***

You have proven to me that you would not abuse Pangu's Axe. You are ready to
learn about it. It is a magical tool, forged by the sorcerers of Dong Huo to
destroy the barricades of his enemies. Fortunately, those times are long
passed, ad you are not Dong Huo. I now bestow you with the key to the Temple
of Heaven! Within its halls you will find Pangu's Axe. This will be very

Zoom out and find the Temple of Heaven icon. There's a staircase in one of
the two small buildings outside the main temple. Go down the stairs.

=============================TOMB - Temple of Heaven===========================

Once you've gone down the stairs, immediately to your left will be rubble.
Clear the rubble and go through the door and then down the next set of stairs.
Use the keystone and through the door it unlocks.

Ohhh and then go down THOSE stairs. You'll find yourself on a red wood path.
Follow the path around and you'll go through a meditation/prayer room. Keep
following the path out and around until you come to very large room with rails
that guard you from falling into gaps in the floor.

Alright, now it gets tricky. Go down the stairs at the end of the red wood path
and explore the well there. When you come out on the other side you will see
two more wells. Beware the fan shaped designs on the floor, they are traps.
Beyond one of the wells is a set of stairs. Go up those and then down the next
set of stairs.

You'll be in a tight hall with a few traps that you have to "attempt to cross"
or disarm. Go past the traps and the first set of stairs around to the second
set of stairs. Go up and then back down the next set of stairs.

In this hall you'll see a small room with a trap on the floor and a hole in the
wall. Get past the trap, then inspect the hole to open a hidden door with a
chest. Open the chest then head up the stairs. Click on the Axe on the wall and
take it!

Now go back down the stairs and back up the stairs and back down the stairs and
back up the stairs that you passed in the long hall with the traps. You should
end up in an area with nowhere to go except now you have the axe so smash the
boulders and loot the chests here. Now go down the stairs and continue back
and up the stairs then back down the stairs into the well room.

You can explore the two wells in here if you didn't already but you won't find
anything of useful, you'll just add them to your number of Dive Wells explored
which will help you get the Well Spelunker challenge.

Go back through the well you came through and up the stairs to the room with
the red wood path. This time there will be another set of stairs next to the
original ones that you can go down. Go down this second set of stairs, watch
for traps and grab the chest then explore the well in this room.

Once you make it to the other side, follow the hall, smashing rocks as needed
and you'll eventually return to the entrance of the Tomb. Now just Deliver the

=====================================END TOMB==================================

Just click the button to deliver the axe. 

                            ***  Boulder Smash  ***

I thought this would be incredible but... I wasn't quite prepared for the
reality of the axe. I do not feel comfortable holding it. You should carry it.
It took me some time but I narrowed down my most despised boulder. Smash the
boulder blocking the entrance to the hot springs. I desire a Relic within the
tomb blocked by the boulder. Destroy the boulder, find the Relic, and return it
to me.

Go to the Hot Springs (NOT the Dragon Springs). At the top of the hill where
the rest house is, just outside you'll see the boulder and a well. Smash the
boulder and explore the well.O

============================TOMB - the Hot Springs=============================

Stand on the standing tile just through the first door. The doors will open.
Don't go forward yet. Wait for the steam traps to put out the flame trap on the
floor. Then just walk to the other  Check the chest then explore the well.

Once on the other side, there will be three doors. Go through the door on the
left and pull the statue onto the gear tile. Then go back, through the right
door and do the same. Make sure you inspect the hole in the floor in this room
to open a hidden room. Go back to the well and stand on the standing tile. You
can now cross the middle room. Hop in and explore the well at the end.

On the other side of the well you'll see a forked hallway that looks impossible
to cross. Walk forward and you'll see a long, narrow room in the middle wall of
the hallway. There's a statue in here, push it onto the second gear tile. Now
leave the statue there and go into the that you just cleared the path for.
Stand on the standing tile here.

Now go back to the statue and the middle and PULL the statue back to the first
gear tile. Now you've opened a room on the other side of the hallway. Go into
it and stand on the tile there. Now return to the statue and push it onto the
gear tile at the very end and then enter the room on the first side that you
just opened. Clear the rubble and check the chest. Then proceed to the well at
the end of the hall.

In the next area, clear the rubble in the hall and check behind it to find the
Relic in one of the chests. Check the chest on the other side of the hall and
then continue to the end of the hall and explore the well there. This will get
you out of the dungeon. Now just Deliver the Relic.

====================================END TOMB===================================

Just click the button to deliver the Relic. 

========================   Dong Huo's Treasure Chain   ========================

                            ***  A Curious Note  ***

I have discovered the most interesting note in my home that contains
information about ancient treasures and relics. I seek help in uncovering this
treasure. Interested parties should seek Abi Yat Sen.

Report In 

                 ***  The Concern of Illegible Handwriting  ***

It is most fortunate that there are fellow treasure seekers in Shang Simla. Let
me introduce myself - I am Abi Yat Sen. Shall we find the treasure? Centuries
ago, the evil warlord Dong Huo stole a priceless heirloom from my ancestors. I
believe this note says where the relic is, but I cannot fully decipher it.
Perhaps you could convince Bao Louie, a merchant, to do so?

This is a convincing mission. You need to go talk to Bao Louie and become a
friend of his before he will decipher the note. Just keep talking and doing
friendly interactions that he seems to like and every so often, ask him to
decode the note. Eventually he will give in. 

                     ***  Deep Within the Forbidden City  ***

Hmmm, yes, I can see why you failed to decipher this note. It is written in the
ancient code of Dong Huo's army, known only by his lieutenants. And, of course,
myself. I have deciphered the note explaining the location of Dong Huo's
treausre! You will need to first find the key, which is at a location I'll
detail for you on your map. That key should unlock the chambers holding the
treasure. Good luck finding the key!

Go to the city. Go around behind the shops in the market and you'll find a
hole in the ground. Search it to open a staircase.

=============================TOMB - Under the Shops============================

Once down the stairs, check the coffin to open a secret door. Before you go
through that door, inspect the wall opposite the door to find a hidden door
with a chest behind it. Now Go through the door and explore the well in there 
to open another secret door in the room. Go into the next room and down the 

You should see three big boulders leaning against each other. Just before the
giant boulders on your left (as you approach them) you'll see a hole in the
wall. This will hold goodies. After you pass the boulders and walk around to
the left (not through the door) you'll see a hole in the ground which opens a
secret room. You can smash the boulders and explore holes under them for some

Go through the doorway right next to the three boulders (you may have just
smashed) and follow the left wall. Go through the next door and still stick to
the left wall (so you do a U-turn) and grab the vase there. Now go back to the
doorway and then continue the way you were going but stick to the right wall
this time (you'll go past some hay bales). Keep following this wall and you'll
come to a room with a well. You can go back and explore the other rooms for
various items and coins. Come back when you're done and search the well.

When you come out of the well, you'll be presented with a bunch of statues.
These statues will be cleared in two moves. Pull far the front most statue onto
the gear tile then pull far the statue just behind it in the only direction it
can move (towards the well.) Walk through the door and through the little room.
Move through this bigger room to the false wall door in the back. Inside is
a keystone. Take it then go back out the door and to the doorway right in front
of you. Clear the pile and then cross the room out into the hall.

You've already been in this hallway but you're further up now. This hallway
could bring you back to the area which held the three boulders but you want to
go in the other direction past the broken wagon. Follow the hall to the end
(watch out for the trap at the narrow section) and put the keystone into the 
slot by the door.
====================================END TOMB===================================
Find Bao Louie and give him the keystone. 

                      ***  Haggling the Final Details  ***

Progress! The treasure cannot be too far behind if this cluse is any
indication. I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the trove is
in Shang Simla! However, it is on property owned by a local merchant. If you
can convince Liu Pei to work with us we can finally find the treasure.

Befriend then convince the sim (the food merchant).
Report to Bao Louie. 

                     ***  Stealing the Warlord's Gold  ***

Good work! Well, are you ready Sim? It is time for you to return the treasure
stolen from my ancestors by the cursed Dong Huo. Take this key, enter the
treasure trove, and return the Relic to me. You will be well compensated for
all you have done for me and my family.

Running up the middle of the city is a big path that leads to
the Halls of the Lost Army. On either side of the path are trees and grass.
On the side closest to the shops you'll see a couple of statues and a
standing tile. Go down the stairs that appear.

=======================TOMB - Dong Huo's Treasure Trove========================

at the bottom of the stairs you'll see a different set of tiles in front of the
wall to your left. You can inspect the wall and reveal a door togo through and
collect some goodies. Collect said goodies and then return to the previous room
and use the double doors to proceed. Walk down the long hall ways until they
open into an area with two curtains on the wall and the keystone slot in the
middle. Use the keystone and go through the secret doors on either side. Take
the stairs.

In this room walk past the statues to the double doors. Go through the doors
and in the next hallway you'll see traps on the floor. Disarm or cross them,
then take a left and disarm or cross the trap on the wall. Take another left
and go through the little gated area to find a red statue.

Pull the red statue off of the wall which should destroy a trap. Then push the
statue all the way down the hall to destroy another trap. Once you get to the
end of the carpet, in the area with the horse statue, the wall next to the
soldier statue can be inspected. Go through, collect loot and then stand on
the tile. This will open a secret door on the other side of the room so go
around to the front door of this room and go through the secret door to collect
the keystone.

Now go back into the hall and back to the four-way intersection. Go strait
across and past the two door. Take a right at the T-intersection and go all the
way down the hall. At the end, just to the right will be a nook with a standing
tile. Stand on it, then go through the door it opens. walk into the room and
just before the beds, next to the folding divider will be a stone table with
another keystone. take it and leave the room out the other side through the
front door.

Go directly across the hall into the next room, collect the nectar bottles on
the floor. The back room of this wall is fake, inspect it. In the next room,
collect the nectar bottles on the floor, some from the back racks and then
taste the nectar from one of the racks on the right. I recommend the Plum
Cherimola Blan Grapes. Jump into and explore the well for another keystone.
Head back out the front door to the main hallway again.

Go back to the four way intersection and you will take the right in a second.
There is a trap on the floor. Right next to it, preventing you from passing
is another trap but this one is hidden. Deal with the trap you can see without
stepping on the other trap, then use the hole just on the other side of the
trap to disarm the hidden on. There's a vase here. There is a trap in front of
the two statues on either side of the vase. Get past them (Disarm or cross) and
grab the vase and hit the hole in the wall.

Directly across from the hole in the wall is a door, go through it. Be careful
of the trap just in front of the statue in this room. There are four display
cases to loot. Loot all those, then grab the keystone on the table. Leave the
way you came. Get to the four way intersection and take a right and then
when you get to the end, take another right.

Insert your keystones into the four slots. This will reveal four standing tiles
so stand on those. Walk to the end of the hall and pull the two statues in
front out. Pull them out about as far as the door but make sure that you don't
trap yourself behind them. Then push the red statue back. Now enter the door on
the side of the hall that you just opened.

Explore the six side rooms thoroughly for a variety of loot, coins, money bags
and whatever else you can find. Make sure you have the treasure for Bao Louie
and then check behind the throne. Hit the switch inside the hole on the ground.

Go through the hidden door, clear the rubble to the left and take the vase from
the chest. Go up the stairs on the other side of the room and then you'll be
back in the first room. Go up the stairs here to get out and now Deliver the

====================================END TOMB===================================

Deliver the treasure to Bao Louie.

                        ***  You There! Stranger!  ***

Greetings. My name is Bao Louie. I require an outsider's assistance in a
particular matter I am not quite ready to discuss with you. I promise you it
will ultimately be worth your while. Please, explore the Dragon Cave fully. I
do not know what you will find, just that you will find it.

The Dragon Cave is pretty easy to find. It's the giant stone Dragon's Head on
the hill side. When you get there, "Inspect" that back of it's throat to get
in. then go down the stairs.

============================TOMB - The Dragon Cave=============================

Time for your second tomb! Alright, this is the Main Room. Walk down the path
to the door at the end. Go around the corner to your left and at the end will
be an unassuming wall that you can inspect. Inspect it and take the loot from
the room. Then leave this room back to the curved room. There will be a door
on the inner wall of the curved room. Go through it.

==============================TOMB INTERMISSION================================

Now Report In! What a waste of time, huh? Anyway, do so, and then run the
errand and find the platinum. Then Deliver it. Then do the same for the Lapis
Lazuli. The last item is a Relic. You probably have one in your inventory
already if you haven't sold them. If not then you can buy one from the shop
keeper in town. Deliver the Relic. Now you will have to wait. (What a pain.)

                        ***  The Pilgrim's Walk  ***

I have the completed statue ready for you, Sim. Before it is active, you must
first take what the Monks of the Order of the Resolute Fist refer to as the
Pilgrim's Walk. You must carry the statue to several sites within Shang Simla.
Go to the Scholar's Garden first.

Visit the Scholar's Garden, Visit the Temple of Heaven, Visit the Dragon Cave
and then Report in.

For all of these you merely have to zoom to the neighborhood view and visit
each one in order. Wait until it tells you to go to the next place. The
Dragon Cave and the Dragon Maw are the same place. Then just report in as per

                       ***  Knowledge of the Past  ***

Sim, I think I know who can help us gain entrance to the Dragon Cave! A local
by the name of Adaeze Min claims to know the secret. Speak to Adaeze Min as
soon as possible so that we can proceed.

Just go speak to Adaeze Min. 

                 ***  The, uh, Potion... of Remembrance?  ***

Ah yes, the Dragon Cave. I remember parts of the story. A great adventurer
named James Vaughan fixed the Dragon Cave almost a century ago, but apparently
failed to do so entirely. I... seem to have forgotten the rest. Bao Louie sells
a Potion of Remembrance, but I cannot afford it. Deliver 2 pieces of platinum
to Bao Louie in exchange for the potion.

Zoom way out to find the Platinum that you need. Should be all over. Then
take the platinum to Bao Louie and then take the potion to Min. 

                            ***  Oh Sin Pah!  ***

Yuck! I hate the taste of this foul potion. If I could only remember things I
would not need to drink it so often... Ah, my head! I remember now! James
Vaughan had an assistant named Sin Pah who kept a journal of Vaughan's
adventures. Sin Pah died mysteriously at a young age, but his descendant Maya
Wang, still has the journal. You will need to convince Maya Want to let you
have it.

Piece of cake. Find the sim, befriend them and then convince them. 

                         ***  The Diary of Sin Pah  ***

My dear Sim, it seems if you are to complete the prophecy you must journey to
Champs Les Sims, France. According to the journal, I believe the Nectar
Merchant at the Nectary there will know about Vaughan's keystone. Travel to
Champs Les Sims and speak to the Nectar Merchant to discover the location of
the Keystone!

You don't have to do it now but to continue this opportunity you'll need to
return home. Feel free to enjoy your vacation until time is up.

Travel to France! Once you are there, you will notice an icon to travel to on
your map. Unfortunately you can't just hit the "report in" button or anything
because this is an opportunity from China and you aren't in China. Anyway,
visit the nectary just past the museum and speak to the woman there. 

                     ***  Speaking to the Groundskeeper  ***

What what what? You say you've come here on a mission from Shang Simla? Why,
that's on the other side of the world! I remember this James Vaughan from the
journal. I believe he got into a fight with Monsieur Landgraab and rescued some
woman or something. Who knows? Speak to Albert Frouchier, who is a direct
descendant of Landgraab's groundskeeper.

Find Albert, perhaps in town. You'll have to zoom out to the map and look for
the yellow-orange icon again. You'll have to find him, befriend him and then
convince him to talk. 

                         ***  Quid Pro Keystone  ***

Greetings monsieur! Yes, my grandfather spoke often of this James Vaughan. A
bumbling fool that one was! I believe I can help you locate your missing
keystone. After all, I would hope the people of Shang Simla would do the same
for me! But, I will require certain favors. I very much love Opal. It is a
beautiful gem, is it not? Bring me 1 pieces of Opal and I shall grant you
access to the vault holding the keystone.

This should work just as it did anywhere else. If you zoom out, you SHOULD see
pieces of opal lying around. Find some and then click on him and then deliver
the opal. Of course if you already own some, you could just give that to him
too and save yourself some trouble. This will give you access to the vault
under Chateau Landgraab. Go there!

To get into the mansion (which is where you want to go), go around the back of
the building and you'll see a path leading up to the back door. Just off to the
right side by a lamp is a hole in the ground. Use the hole to flip a switch and
turn off a trap before the back door. Now go through the back door.

============================TOMB - Chateau Landgraab===========================

Notice how only the room you are in lit up? You're technically a tomb. Take the
left hand door. You'll come into a room with a lot of doors. Be careful of the
scorched spots on the floor, these are traps. Inspect them and then cross or
disarm them as needed. In this many roomed door, you want to go in the middle
doors on the right side of the hall (as you walked in). These'll be double
doors. Be careful because there is more than one set of double doors in the
room. You'll come into a very empty room with a staircase leading up.

Take these stairs up and then the next set of stairs up again to the third
floor. Take the stairs up to the next floor for a chest to loot. Be careful
because there are two traps in this small space. Loot the chest then stand on
the tile to deactivate the traps if you haven't already. Go back down the
stairs once.

Use the keystone to open the door leading out. You'll come to a forked
hallway. Take the right fork and you'll pass some statues and then a couple of
pedestals with treasure on them. If you take the loot from the left stand, it
will activate a trap. You can keep the loot and replace it with anything else
from your inventory or replace what you took. The statue on the stand to your
right you can take without activating any traps.

NOTE: If you have reached level 5 of Martial arts then you can take both
pieces of treasure, meditate and then Zeneport out of the trap.

After you pass through the hallway and through the double doors, you'll find
yourself in a bedroom. Take the vase of the table to the left of the bed and
then head to the bathroom which is the only other door in this room. Head
through the bathroom to the bedroom on the other side.

In this room there are two nooks. One has a dresser and mirror. On one of the
walls in the other nook is a not so hidden door. Go down the stairs on the
other side of the hidden door. If you continue all the way down you'll find
yourself in the basement. You'll be in a hall with two doors and a burn mark on
the floor. The trick here is that the trap is actually on the wall, not the
floor. Deal with the trap and then proceed through the door on the left side of
the hall. Open the shiny chest to grab the keystone you are looking for!

Ok, not quite done yet. Look on the table just next to the chest for another
keystone. You can go through the single door in this room to find a bathroom.
Use that if you need. You can also go through the big arches to find a grape
vineyard. Feel free to harvest if you'd like. Otherwise head back to the hall
with the trap and go through the door that was originally on the right side of
the hall.

You'll find yourself in a very small room with an obviously fake wall. Go 
through the fake wall. You'll find yourself in a Nectar Cellar. In the middle
of the room is a wall that sticks way out. Inspect between the two candles.
You'll find yourself in another small room with two chests. Open both then head
up the stairs and you'll come out of the Landgraab mansion. Don't Worry, you'll
return to finish the rest of the mansion.

===================================END TOMB====================================

Return to China

                      ***  Why... That's the Keystone  ***

Sim, this is your old friend Bao Louie. Welcome back to Shang Simla. Is it true
you have found the keystone that the bumbling James Vaughan lost in faraway
France? I must see this keystone that can fulfill the prophecy of the Dragon
Cave. Bring it to me!

Deliver the Keystone to Bao Louie

                         ***  Preparing for Battle  ***

I have grim news of what lies before you. Dong Huo, the cursed warlord of
centuries past, is that which the Dragon Cave was built to contain. He was
trapped previously, but now he wakes. He must be defeated by a master of the
way of the Resolute Fist. You are that master. Train to the highest level of
Martial Arts and break a Space Rock and you will be one step closer to
fulfilling your destiny.

Train your way to a level 10 Martial Arts skill. You can of course do this by
breaking blocks. So find any place in China where you can break blocks (for
instance the Academy). Go there and practice breaking blocks and work your way
up to harder and harder blocks. You must reach level 10 AND THEN break a space
rock or it won't work. Once you've broken the rock, report in.


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