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The Sims 3 Deluxe

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About The Game

Those crazy Sims are back, and more complicated than ever. In this life simulator, players are given the opportunity to play god, creating, influencing, and maybe even destroying the lives of virtual people. Unlike previous games in The Sims series, The Sims 3 features a continuous neighbourhood, ensuring that whatever happens outside the home is as important as what is going on behind closed doors. With a wealth of new customization options for Sim appearances, homes, careers, and family relationships, The Sims 3 provides players with more tools than ever to create their very own virtual soap opera. The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition comes packaged with the original The Sims 3 game, in addition to a copy of its expansion, The Sims 3: Ambitions, which introduces new career options and control mechanisms into gameplay.

Game Features:

  • • Create-a-Sim: with more options than the previous Sims titles combined, you’ll almost certainly be able to create the individual you’re visualizing
  • • Customizable content: download skins and furniture items from the internet if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the game’s huge catalogue of items and skins
  • • Complex relationships: choose your Sim’s favourite mood, music, and colour, and watch them develop relationships with other Sims based on shared or opposing interests
  • • Your dream home: with newly-refined building and buying tools, constructing an idyllic abode is simpler than ever in The Sims 3
  • • Create-A-World: use in-game tools to construct cities for your Sims to live in, and import images from Photoshop to ensure the look you want can become a (virtual) reality
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The Sims 3 Deluxe Videos

The Sims 3 Trailer

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The Sims 3 - Create-a-Sim Trailer

See how to make your Sims crazier than ever through this gameplay trailer!

The Sims 3 Official Trailer

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The Sims 3 Deluxe

The Sims 3 Deluxe Review

By Sophia Lee |

Sul-sul! Hubble herbi! Yargbo bay tazzle! If you’re confused, you obviously haven’t played The Sims 3, the latest installment in the most popular game series of all time. Does The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition shake up the neighbourhood, or is it just another bland suburb of an increasingly samey series?

For those unfamiliar with The Sims games, they basically function like a virtual dollhouse: you build and furnish a home, and create Sims to live in it. You’re playing God and directing your very own soap opera, which can lead to some hilariously sticky situations if you have a twisted sense of humour—or, weirdly enough, if you leave your Sims to their own devices.

Create-a-Sim mode has always been fun, and The Sims 3 has the best character creation system yet. You can make Sims that act like people you know. Want a Sim who is an inappropriate nymphomaniac? No problem. Want to make one with a poor sense of humour who sleeps heavily and is kind of a klepto? You can do that too! Sims’ traits have huge effects on how they interact with each other: the personality system is deeper than anything the series has seen before. Of course, personality isn’t everything. With tons of face and body features and clothing options, you can make Sim versions of anyone you want.

For the first time, Sims coexist in a seamless open world. No more load screens when switching families: your Sims can visit and party with the neighbours in real-time! This change is a big one for the series, making the game feel a lot more fluid and alive. In The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition you concentrate on your Sims’ personal stories rather than micromanaging their relationships. Sims benefit from getting out of the house once in a while, so going for a walk around the neighbourhood is always worth it, whether you’re putting in extra time at work to get that promotion, going shopping for clothes, or in hot pursuit of your latest love interest.

The open world looks and sounds really cool. The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition has great graphics and runs smoothly while still being cartoonish. The Simlish language—poorly imitated in this article’s introduction—sounds hilarious, adding an extra layer of zaniness to their kooky interactions. Some of the sounds are ripped straight from the older games, but I found this kind of nostalgic, probably because I’m a nerd. The music is pretty cheesy and sounds like something from the worst (but also best) infomercials, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

While The Sims 3 improves on a lot of the tedious problems of the old games and is a lot of fun to play, it isn’t perfect. The game’s content lacks when you think about the expansions of previous Sims games. The Sims 3 cherry-picks a lot of the best features from past titles, but many are also missing, showing that EA is repackaging the same old content for new expansion packs. Currently, there are eight expansion packs and seven stuff packs available for The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition, so if you want to get the most out of your game, prepare to invest… Heavily!

The Sims 3 is well worth your time if you’re already a fan of the series. There are tons of new items, career paths, and ways for Sims to interact, and the whole game has been overhauled to be a lot more user-friendly. People who didn’t enjoy the other games probably won’t find much to get their teeth into, but The Sims 3 changes the series formula enough for you to at least give it a shot. If that doesn’t convince you, consider this numerical evidence: The Sims 3: Deluxe Edition’s Z-Score is 90/100!


The Sims 3 Deluxe Cheats

Control+Shift+C Codes

While in game, press Control+Shift+C on your keyboard to bring up the code console.


Protection from Death

Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard, and near the gate, there is a strange bush called a "Death Flower Bush" - Harvest the flower from it. Keep this flower in your sim's inventory, and if you die, you will automatically offer this flower to the Grim Reaper, who will ressurect you in exchange for it. This flower will not reappear, but there are Unknown Special Seeds (requires level 7 Gardening to plant) dotted about near the graveyard (and a few other places) which may grow another Death Flower (and sometimes more if your Sim has the Green Thumb trait to revive the plant.)

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