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The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

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About The Game

Whether your Sims are relaxing on a lush tropical island in a luxury suite, camping with the family on a pristine mountaintop, or exploring the culture of the Far East, they’ll enjoy new activities to relax and rejuvenate. From building sand castles and catching rays to meditating in the Zen garden after a visit to the pool, players can quickly transform their Sims from bumbling tourists to savvy international travelers. Sims will also learn new customs including local greetings and traditional dances to take home and teach to their friends. With The Sims 2 Bon Voyage, players can send their Sims packing for the trip of a lifetime.

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The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Review

By Monica Bair |

Another six months, another expansion for The Sims 2. Bon Voyage is the sixth expansion for The Sims 2, not counting Stuff Packs, and the 13th overall expansion since Maxis unleashed this digital drug on us years ago. The various expansions have had their hits and their misses in regards to quality, so it's always a bit of a dice roll when installing a new one and taking your Sims for one more spin.

When it comes down to it, The Sims series has been about family. One thing about all the prior expansions, however, is that individuals were favored over whole families. Nightlife, for example, was all about romantic interactions and dates, or groups of friends. As anyone who's married will tell you, it's tough to Woo Hoo with a crying kid in the next room!

Bon Voyage, conversely, really adds a lot to the family dynamic in the game. This is obviously most appealing to role-players and other hardcore players who really get into the generational and familial aspects of The Sims 2. Entire families can go on vacations, upping their relationships with each other. And best of all, while on vacation, the rest of the family's affairs are in a time freeze. That means anyone can take vacations without risking job performance, friendships, grades, and so on.

At this point, it's safe to say that The Sims 2 has one of the best interfaces in gaming. It's simple, elegant, to-the-point, and easily grasped. Setting up vacations in Bon Voyage is perfectly streamlined into the rest of the game, with a simple phone call and a few dialog boxes the only things standing between your family and a sunny beach.

There's a lot to do on vacations, which is really the selling point. After all, if the vacations didn't have enough activities to do, the whole purpose of the expansion would be botched. There are many sights to see and even some secrets to discover, all of which are given to you in a checklist of sorts. If you managed to complete all 45 objectives with a single Sim, which will take at least three vacations to do, you'll receive a pretty decent reward for it.

Once a vacation is over, just like reality, a Sim's enjoyment of the vacation will carry with them to their daily lives. Certainly no one wants to go back to work, but you can choose rewards for your Sims such as temporary improved job performance, or even temporary boosted romantic attraction. Bad vacations result in negative consequences, because your Sims will carry their unhappiness to work and school with them.

Beyond that are souvenirs, which range from buyable items like little collectable statues to photographs of your journey. Vacation spots being the money pits that they are, you actually have to spend Simoleons (the in-game currency) to buy prints of your screenshots. Photographs and other souvenirs can lead to increased social meters, as your Sims' friends will want to talk about the vacation and its memories as well.

The problems with Bon Voyage, if we must be nitpicky, come from the fact that very little was actually changed for a Sim's home life. Granted that the temporary boosts from enjoyable vacations will be felt, but they are temporary and won't exactly make or break families. Also, vacations are very expensive, so it will take new families quite awhile before they can go on a long vacation. Established families, of course, won't have any trouble.

Sound and graphics are unchanged from previous iterations of the series of course, and there's nothing here that will convert you to The Sims if you never liked the series before. For Sims fanatics though, there will be plenty here to keep you entertained for another dozen hours.

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Cheats

To insert the passwords, below, press CTRL+Shift+C. Enter the cheats as they're shown for the desired resultů

  • AddneighbortoFamilycheat [!] - You can add your neighbors to your family (! = on / off)
  • agesimscheat on - Edit sims' age
  • aging [!] - Turn on or off aging (! = on / off)
  • aspirationLevel [#] - Raises your aspiration (# = value)
  • aspirationPoints [#] - Gives aspiration points (# = value)
  • autoPatch [!] - Uses available patch downloads (! = on / off)
  • changelotzoning [!] - Change the zoning type of a structure (! = residential / hotel / community)
  • Ctrl+Alt - Place anything anywhere
  • exit - Removes the cheat window
  • familyfunds [name #] - Gives a family money (name # = last name of family and amount of money desired)
  • Forcetwins - A pregnant sim will have twins
  • help - Calls up cheat list (put cheat name next to help for more info)
  • letterbox [#] - Inserts a letterbox effect (# = value)
  • lockAspiration [!] - Your sim won't lose aspiration
  • maxMotives - Motive maxed out for your sim
  • moveObjects [!] - Move things anywhere you want (! = on / off)
  • motiveDecay [!] - Effects motive gain or loss (! = on / off)
  • Plumbbobtoggle [!] - Hides Plumbbob (! = on / off)
  • showHeadlines [!] - Hides action balloons (! = on / off)
  • slowMotion [#] - The game can be slowed (# = value)
  • unlockCareerRewards - Unlocks rewards for your sim

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Game Walkthrough

The Sims 2: Bon Voyage Expansion Pack
Current Version 1.1 (Last Update: 10-02-2007)
Created By: AngelIz831 (Renae)
E-Mail Address:

Table of Contents

1. Introduction............................................(SBV000)
2. System Specs............................................(SBV100)
3. Version History.........................................(SBV200)
4. Legal Information.......................................(SBV300)
5. Credits.................................................(SBV400)
6. Vacation Hot Spots......................................(SBV500)
   6.1 - Takemizu Village..................................(SBV501)
       - Hotels............................................(SBV502)
       - Room Service / Dining Out.........................(SBV503)
       - Vacation Homes....................................(SBV504)
       - Community Lots....................................(SBV505)
       - Tours.............................................(SBV506)
       - Learned Abilities.................................(SBV507)
       - Rewards / Objectives..............................(SBV508)
   6.2 - Twikkii Island....................................(SBV509)
       - Hotels............................................(SBV510)
       - Room Service / Dining Out.........................(SBV511)
       - Vacation Homes....................................(SBV512)
       - Community Lots....................................(SBV513)
       - Tours.............................................(SBV514)
       - Learned Abilities.................................(SBV515)
       - Rewards / Objectives..............................(SBV516)
   6.3 - Three Lakes.......................................(SBV517)
       - Hotels............................................(SBV518)
       - Room Service / Dining Out.........................(SBV519)
       - Vacation Homes....................................(SBV520)
       - Community Lots....................................(SBV521)
       - Tours.............................................(SBV522)
       - Learned Abilities.................................(SBV523)
       - Rewards / Objectives..............................(SBV524)
   6.4 - Misclaneous Vacation Memories.....................(SBV525)
7. Customize Your Sim......................................(SBV600)
       - Jewelry...........................................(SBV601)
       - Clothes...........................................(SBV602)
       - Facial Hair.......................................(SBV603)
       - Glasses...........................................(SBV604)
       - Hair..............................................(SBV605)
       - Turn On and Offs..................................(SBV606)
8. FAQs....................................................(SBV700)

*Use the Find feature (Ctrl+F) to get to specific parts of the guide by using
the codes above.

Introduction - SBV000
The purpose of this guide is to help you understand what is new with this
particular expansion pack of the Sims. It's similar to The Sims 1 vacation but
with differences (as one would expect). Below you'll find the vacation hot
spots, vacation homes and so forth.

System Specs - SBV100
Below is the system specs that are needed just to run Bon Voyage. If you need
help in figuring out your system specs, go to start -> run -> dxdiag. A window
will come up displaying all your system information. Click the Video tab to
find out about your video card.

Windows 98/98 SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 1.3GHz (2.0GHz for Vista)
RAM: 512MB (1GB for Vista)
Disk Drive: 8x CD/DVD drive
HDD: 1.5GB free space
Video: 32MB DirectX 9.0 and T&L compatible
Sound: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Keyboard and Mouse

Version History - SBV200

September 9th, 2007 - v0.25 - Started this guide. Wrote basic information on
paper and trying to break it down into different groups.

September 10th, 2007 - v0.30 - Guide is coming along. Very Basic outline is
there. Have the basic ToC down and still playing Bon Voyage to see what has
been missed,

September 11th, 2007 - v0.50 - All the info about the different vacation spots
has been written out. Contains the rewards, what's on the vacation, what can
be done there and so forth.

September 12th, 2007 - v0.60 - Guide is almost all written out. Need to add the
information about some new Sim items like hair and so forth. From there, very
minor things are missing like the FAQ.

September 20th, 2007 - v0.75 - Finally added in the FAQ. One or two things are
missing but nothing too big. Need to add the rest of the travel memories but
all seems to be in place. Double checking all information and spell checking.

September 27th, 2007 - v1.00 - Complete guide. Most information is written out
So far, doesn't seem to be missing anything. Ready to be submitted to GameFaqs.

October 2nd, 2007 - I've had a lot of requests for the guide to be on other
sites. This update is just to include all of the sites that now have permission
to use it.

Legal Information - SBV300

I don't own The Sims 2. That right belong to Maxis. This guide is not to be
used on any other site then the ones I have listed below. With this guide, you
are to only use it for personal purposes. You can't alter it, claim it, make
money off it. Should you wish to use the guide, please contact me.

GameFaqs - 
Cheat Code Central -
Game Border -
SuperCheats -
Neoseeker -
IGN - 

Credits - SBV400

Thanks goes to SaberBlade for double checking my guide as well as helping me
gather some of the information.

Vacation Hot Spots - SBV500

Going on vacation is the new way for your sims to sit back and relax. Be warned
that going on vacation isn't cheap so before going, make sure you have enough
funds for your trip. Funds you'll need is for hotel stays (for all sims going),
house sitting money to watch over your pets and/or toddlers/babies. It costs
250 up front for the house sitter. If you'd like, have an engaged couple take
a honeymoon instead of a vacation. Once your Sims are ready, head over to the
phone and choose vacation then book it from there. Remember, the longer you go
out from the date, the cheaper it will be. Same applies for Sims going. Less
sims means less money it will cost.

If the Sims go 'now' the cost will be 500. A day later it will be 483. Two
days out will cost 466. Plus three days out will be 450. Four days later will
be 433. Heading out five days will be 416 and six being 400.

Once you picked your vacation spot, you can choose the hotel you'd like to stay
in or choose it upon arrival.

[Takemizu Village - SBV501] 

"Combined with beautiful scenery, screne locals, and delicious foods, the
Takemizu Village offers a peaceful and relaxing vacation for your family and
friends. Learn about the local customs and history while enjoying the beautiful
sights. Come stay at this tranquil vacation spot that promises not to 
disappoint." For those who have the Seasons Expansion pack, the seasons for
vacation spot are Spring -> Spring -> Autumn -> Autumn. 

[Hotels - SBV502]

There are four different hotels you can choose from in the Takemizu Village.
choose from at that hotel. Before you decide on your hotel, here's a bit more
on each of them.

Flaming Dragon Hotel: Price . The seasoned traveler always expects the
best and that's what the Flaming Dragon is all about. Enjoy our private Zen
Garden and get a good night's sleep in our four-star establishment. 
Prices start at 640 for a single and 777 for a double.

Jade's Exclusive Villas: Price . Looking for more privacy then the average
hotel provides? Stay at the Jade's Exclusive Villa and enjoy a private home
away from home. Prices range from 447 for a double and 914 for four beds.

Steaming Dragon Hotel: Price . Come cool your heels at the Steaming Dragon
Hotel. Reasonable rates and comfortable beds await you! Prices are 392 for a
single and 639 for a triple.

Takemizu Village Resort: Price . A stay at the Takemizu village Resort is a
statement to the world that you are ready for some enlightenment. Book a room,
steam away your troubles in the sauna and let the rest of the world fade away.
Prices are 755 for a single bed and 872 for a double.

[Room Service / Dining Out - SBV503]

Once you're nice and snug in your hotel, you can order room service. This is
one of the vacation memories you have listed. To order room service, go to the
phone then choose room service. The foods you get are the normal ones - pork
chops, hamburgers and so forth. There's a few new foods you get - Fried Chicken
and Lime Seared Prawns. There's also Filet Mignon and a glass of water. For
the dessert Sims, there's Nectarine Tartlette. Costs vary on the type of food
you decide to order.

[Vacation Homes - SBV504]

If you plan to take many vacations, it may be a good idea to invest in a home
for your vacation. While you don't get bills for this home, you can only stay
in them for the length of your vacation. In the Takemzi Village, you have two
houses you can pick from that are already located in the bin. To buy one, click
on the phone, choose Real Estate then buy Vacation Home.

Green Thicket Manor - This sophisticated dwelling is the perfect home-base for
an exciting family vacation. Cost: 33,140

Pearl Mist Estate - Enjoy a thrilling mountain view and the comforts of home at
the Pearl Mist Estate. Cost: 26,742

[Community Lots - SBV505]

What's a vacation without places to go? In Takemzui Village, it offers a few
relaxing places with a lot to see and do. You can buy two souvenirs in the
community lots. Pagoda by Oh The Memories is a small building while the
Doll by Oh The Memories is a small wood like doll. Both are priced at 75.

Immortal Zen Garden: Come bring your friends and family to this relaxing
destination where you are surrounded with beautiful scenery and social

Lucky Shrine Park: Come and relax at the Lucky Shrine Park. Pay a visit to the
shrine, have a bite to eat, relax at the lake, or challenge your friends to a
game of Mahjong.

Takemizu Pagoda and Market: For centuries local vendors have come to sell their
wares outside the great pagoda of Takemizu. Beautiful clothing, hand made
jewelry, rare souvenirs, and local cuisine can all be found here in the shadow
of the great pagoda.

Takemizu Village Hot Springs: For years, the Takemizu Village Hot Springs has
revitalized the energy and spirit for those who have visited here. Sit back and
loosen up for this tranquil experience.

Three Comers Food Mart: This food mart is the first place all Sims should
experience. Not only provides the most exotic foods and great atmosphere, it's
cheap too!

*Secret Area: Pagoda in the Shadows: Nestled in a quiet valley, this graceful
structure exudes serenity. Yet you feel an inexplicable hurry to reach it. It's
almost as if it were... your destiny. **Can be reached by taking tours or
digging the map up. The map you need is "Map to Pagoda in the Shadows"

[Tours - SBV506]

When your sims aren't learning new things or visiting all the shopping areas,
have them take a tour of three different areas for that vacation spot. While on
these tours, a chance card (like the ones you get for your job) will pop up.
From there, pick an answer to see what reward or possibly negative effect you
will get.

Historical Walking Tour: Take a guided walk through some of the ancient,
historic, and most popular destinations in the region. It will cost 100 per
person. Do you want to go on this tour?

River Boat Tour: Glide down the river and experience nature firsthand on this
river boat tour. It will cost 200 per person. Do you want to go on this tour?

Bamboo Forest Tour: Take a helicopter to the edge of a natural, untouched
bamboo forest and walk amongst the bamboo on this tour. It will cost 300 per
person. Do you want to go on this tour?

[Learned abilities - SBV507]

During the time you're on vacation, there will be a few new things that your
sim will want to do. They'll want to learn the local dance and wave. Each one
is native to the area. In Takemizu Village, the local gesture is a bow. It will
be a greeting that the locals will do to you. Keep doing it once you've had it
done to 'master' the gesture. The local dance for the area is Tai Chi. I
found this one to be rather annoying to learn. You have to go to a place that
has music and wait for someone to start. Once they do, join in. From there, you
will learn it.

Aside from the local gesture, you can learn to do an acupressure massage for
500 and have them done to do for 1000. While here, you can learn to teleport
from the local ninja. You'll have to chase him around the vacation spots and
answer his question. The questions are like chance cards. Don't forget to stop
by the secret lot to learn the dragon tale from the Old Man.

[Objectives - SBV508]

With the vacation slowly coming to an end, there are different objectives that
your sim wanted to do on that particular vacation. Roughly, there are about 14
or so different things that could have been done at Takemizu Village.

Vacation Mementos: Ate chirashi, Drank tea, Learned Acupressure Massage, Tai
chi, the Dragon Legend, learned to Bow and learned teleport, raked Zen garden,
Went on a Far East vacation, Wished at Lucky Shrine and Won at Mahjong.

If your sim really enjoyed their vacation, they will be able to choose from 6
different rewards that will stay with them for about 48 hours. What you can
choose from are Carefree, Refreshed, Productive, Je ne sais quoi, Industrious,
and Forgiving.

Carefree gives you one additional want slot. Refreshed gives your sims a boost
in skill building and badge building, homework can be done faster. Productive
allows the social, comfort and fun needs to decay slower. Je ne sais quoi
makes it easier for romance with your sims while Industrious makes promos at
work much easier. Carefree means that your sims will be much harder to annoy as
well as furious relationships will be forgiven.

==[Twikkii Island - SBV509]==

"If you've never been to a beach then you definitely don't want to miss
spending your next vacation on Twikkii Island. You'll be dazzled by the rolling
waves, exciting culture, and the world famous Pirate Wreck. So come visit and
take a break in a beach hammock, shop for some stylish local goods or get a
soothing massage." Those who have Seasons Installed, the seasons are summer all
year round.

[Hotels - SBV510]

Blossom Wood Hotel: Price Range . A quaint and cozy tropical rest stop. Stay
the night or stay for good! Enjoy your hotel stay! Prices start at 328 for a
single and 682 for a triple.

Double Palm Resort: Price . A stay at the Double Palms is a statement to the
world that you are ready for a relaxing vacation. Book a room, get a massage
and let your worries disappear. You're looking at 435 for a single and about
835 for a triple.

Potterhouse Bungalows: Price . Looking for more privacy than an average
hotel provides? Stay at the Potterhouse and enjoy a home away from home. For a
double room, it'll be about 936 and having four beds, it'll cost you 1,524.

Twikkii Beach Hotel: Price . For ocean-front relaxation and easy beach
access nothing beats the Twikkii Hotel. A single room will cost about 875,
where a triple will run you 1,118.

[Room Service / Dining Out - SBV511]

Like before, you can order room service. You won't get the memory in your
travel memories if you've done it before but it's still a choice. Same foods
as the Takemizu Village with the same prices so nothing new there. As before,
dining out is there for those who'd like to eat out instead of having it all
delivered to their room.

[Vacation Homes - SBV512]

Once more, you can buy a vacation home for your sims if you do decide to travel
a lot. There's only two preset ones but you can build your own. The two preset
ones are listed below.

Brickstone Chateau - 73,299: The elegant home features private beach access
and comfortable accommodations. Brought to you by Brickstone.

Brickstone Retreat - 19,167: The newest model of the Brickstone family offers
luxurious accommodations and the perfect vacation environment.

[Community Lots - SBV513]

You once more get to explore the areas that are on the island. There are many
different stores to visit for clothes, jewelry and so forth. Don't forget that
you also can get two new items as souvenirs. They are a Little Chest of Booty
and Private Island Figurine. The chest is just a small treasure chest where the
island figurine is a palm tree on a small island. Both items are priced at 75.

Ancient Ruins of Numchuck: The locals do not know much about this mysterious
ruin. Did the same group that built the Majestic Ruins of Jumbok IV build this
as well or was this built by an undiscovered civilization? Come reveal the
secrets that are buried underneath.

Fruitville Village: While picking up some groceries, stop by and enjoy the best
fruit salad available on the island. This specialty dish is made with a native
recipe handed down from generation to generation. It will juice you up!

Majestic Ruins of Jumbok IV: This ancient civilization is bound to pique your
curiosity when you visit this location site. Lost ruins, ancient magic, and
monkeys will surely keep your blood boiling. You'll go bananas over it!

Seawater Beach Paradise: Aching for a place to spend some private time with
your significant other or family? Seawater Beach Paradise is the most exotic
space on the island, offering a romantic atmosphere, wonderful food and great

South End Beach: Come and explore the beautiful sands and waters of the
infamous South End Beach where Bilious Bob the Pirate washed ashore while
searching for the Monkey Ruins of Jumbok IV.

Twikki Beach Boardwalk: Take a stroll down the boardwalk and enjoy the tasty
local food; exciting shops with trinkets and jewelry and energetic fiery

Whitesand Hot Springs: Hot water has never felt so refreshing! When you step
into one of these relaxing hot springs, all of your worries, stress, and
troubles will surely melt away! After soaking, stop at the food stand for a
tasty treat!

*Secret Area: Mysterious Hut: The lone shack is shrouded in the mists of the
jungle. A strange energy seems to emanate from it, and it somehow seems to be
standing guard... but against what?  **Can be reached by taking tours or
digging the map up. The map you need is "Map to Mysterious Hut".

[Tours - SBV514]

On this particular vacation spot, you're given the choice of three different
tours. chance cards will pop up again during the tours.

Glass Bottom Boat: See Beautiful and colorful tropical fish up-close in the
comfort of a glass-bottomed boat on this tour. It will cost 100 per person. Do
you want to go on this tour?

Helicopter: See the tropics from above, as you take in glorious vista after
vista on this breathtaking helicopter tour. It will cost you 200 per person.
Do you want to go on this tour?

Parasailing: Feed your appetite for adventure with this exhilarating
parasailing tour. It will cost you 300 per person. Do you want to go on this

[Learned Abilities - SBV515]

While on your long awaited vacation, your sim will want to learn some new
things. As before, they want to learn the local gesture and dance. Each one
is unique to the area. On Twikki Island, the gesture is to hang loose. Sims
will put their thumb and pinky out, shake their hands and body for it. The
local dance for the area is the hula dance. Sims will move their hands right
and left twice while moving their hips to the music. To learn these, wait for
the locals to do them and join in.

Aside from the local gesture, you can learn to do an acupressure massage for
500 and have them done to do for 1000. While here, you can learn to teleport
from the local ninja. You'll have to chase him around the vacation spots and
answer his question. The questions are like chance cards. Don't forget to stop
by the secret lot to learn the dragon tale from the Old Man.

[Objectives - SBV516]

With the vacation almost over, there are several different objectives that
your sim wanted to do on the Island vacation here at Tiwkkii Island. In total,
there are about 11 different vacation memories.

Vacation Mementos: Ate Pineapple Surprise, Found a Beach Treasure, Received a
Voodoo Doll, Learned the Sea Chantey, Learned the Hot Stone Massage, Learned to
Fire Dance, Learned to Hang Loose and Hula Dance, Made an offering at the
monkey ruins and played on the Pirate Ships, Went on an Island Vacation, Dig up
a Treasure Chest

If your sim really enjoyed their vacation, they will be able to choose from 6
different rewards that will stay with them for about 48 hours. What you can
choose from are Carefree, Refreshed, Productive, Je ne sais quoi, Industrious,
and Forgiving.

Carefree gives you one additional want slot. Refreshed gives your sims a boost
in skill building and badge building, homework can be done faster. Productive
allows the social, comfort and fun needs to decay slower. Je ne sais quoi
makes it easier for romance with your sims while Industrious makes promos at
work much easier. Carefree means that your sims will be much harder to annoy as
well as furious relationships will be forgiven.

.::[Three Lakes - SBV517]::.

"Planning on roasting a marshmallow under the stars? Or are you looking to try
your skills at log rolling or axe throwing? Three Lakes provides the perfect
vacation destination for those who seek and enjoy the great outdoors. With
fresh air and nature all around you it's nearly impossible not to savor every
second." For those with Seasons, Three Lakes runs on Fall -> Fall -> Winter ->

[Hotels - SBV518]

With this vacation spot, you have the choice between 5 or so different hotels
to lavish your sims in. Prices for each of them vary. Cheapest one is free as
it is a campground where the most expensive is 1,289.

Axewood Campground: Price Range: Free. Looking for a real down-to-earth nature
experience? Stay in an outdoor tent to feel like your got the most out of your
forest foray.

Blau Hills Resort: Price Range: . A stay at the Blau Hills Resort is a
statement to the world that you are a friend of nature, but still like sleeping
inside. Book a room and steam away your troubles in the sauna to the sounds of
babbling brooks and mountain winds. Rooms range from 438 for a split double
and about 722 for a double.

Hunter's Bedrock Inn: Price Range . A rustic mountain getaway for the
traveler who wants to spend their money on tours and souvenirs, not tents. It
may not be cushy, but it's comfortable. Prices for rooms range from 379 for a
single and 555 for the triple.

Sky Vista Hotel: Price Range: . Rustic not your thing? Stay at the Sky
Vista for an easy traveling experience. Enjoy accommodations where you can
admire nature through a thick glass window. You're looking at 945 for their
single and 1,289 for their triple.

Three Lakes Cabin: Price Range: . The Three Lakes Cabin is a great place to
stay. Its old fashioned housing brings the best in wildlife. You will never
want to leave! You'll need about 309 for a single and roughly 790 for the

[Room Service / Dining Out - SBV519]

Nothing has really changed from the previous ones. Foods are still the same as
they were before. You can still get the memory for the room service should you
not have it already. Makes it easier for those who just want to sit in their
hotel room to relax.

[Vacation Homes - SBV520]

Interested in owning a home? Well, you're in luck since you can buy one here at
Three Lakes. Whether you want to build or buy, you can take a peak at what's
already there in the bins.

Copper Ranch Retreat - 30,467. With its beautiful mountain and lake views and
the comforts of home, Copper Ranch is the ultimate mountain retreat.

Villa di Simoleon - 43,063. This elegantly rustic dwelling is the perfect
home-away-from-home for a vacation never to be forgotten.

[Community Lots - SBV521]

Explore the great outdoors with the variety of community lots in Three Lakes.
Shop for clothes or whatever you'd like to spend money on. You can fork out 75
for new items again. This time they are offering your sims a Lumberjack's Pride
as well as Bit o' Vug. The Lumberjack's Pride is an axe in a slice of wood.
With the Bit o' Vug, it seems to be some mountain crystal that is white with
purple on the inside.

Lumber Mill Range: Lumber Mill Range is the perfect place to vent out your
Sims' frustration by challenging your friends to a good old fashion axe
throwing or a log-rolling duel. After a glorious victory celebrate with some
tasty flapjacks!

Smooth Rock Spa: Come visit the most steaming rock springs on the planet!
They're guaranteed to clean up the dirtiest of lumberjacks and sooth the nerves
of any harried traveler.

Three Lakes Market: Three Lakes Market has it all! We've got everything from
denim jeans to good old fruits and vegetables. You even might find that one
particular souvenir or collectible mountain jewelry you've always wanted to
take home.

Three Lakes Plaza: Got a craving for flapjacks? Head on in to Three Lakes
Plaza! Here you'll find the best flapjacks in town! Whether you decide to dine
indoors or out you'll leave here with a happy face.

Wallowa Park: A favorite vacation spot among the Three Lakes locals, Wallowa
brings out the best in the wilderness. You can relax by the grill or just have
a fun outing with friends.

*Secret Area: Hidden Burrow: Rumor has it that a beast lives in the wooded area
near the Hidden Burrow. Although no one has confirmed this, many travelers are
now wary of approaching this secluded natural hideaway. Others have bravely
ventured there in hopes of finding this beast and taming it. Perhaps you'll be
lucky enough to catch a glimpse (or more) of the fabled creature. **Can be
reached by taking tours or digging the map up. The map you need is "Map to
Hidden Burrow".

[Tours - SBV522]

Another set of three tours can be done with this vacation. Chance cards will
appear as before so no surprise. You can get good/bad cards and there is no
right answer.

Logging: Experience the rugged and exciting mountain lifestyle with this
logging tour. It will cost 100 per person. Do you want to go on this tour?

Bird Watching: Get a glimpse into the lives of the local birds with this bird
watching tour. It will cost 200 per person. Do you want to go on this tour?

Nature Trail: Enclose yourself in native flora and give your legs a workout on
this nature trail. It will cost 300 per person. Do you want to go on this

[Learned Abilities - SBV523]

Sims will want to enjoy the locals gestures as well as dances. Have the locals
around to learn them. Native to this area is the greeting of a chest pound.
Sims will beat their chests with their fists. The local dance is the slap dance
which is where your sims will slap themselves as they dance.

There is a local massage that your Sims can learn for 500. The massage is
the Deep Tissue Massage. You'll also have to make a detour to find the local
Bigfoot so your sim can collect that vacation memory.

[Objectives - SBV524]

As the vacation winds down, your sim will have wanted to do about 10 different
things while on vacation here in Three Lakes.

Vacation Mementos: Ate Flapjacks, Made friends with Bigfoot, Looked at the
Three Ring Display, A Bullseye in axe throwing as well as winning at log
rolling, Learned the Deep Tissue Massage, Learn to pound on chest and slap
dance, Slept in a tent and went on a mountain vacation.

If your sim really enjoyed their vacation, they will be able to choose from 6
different rewards that will stay with them for about 48 hours. What you can
choose from are Carefree, Refreshed, Productive, Je ne sais quoi, Industrious,
and Forgiving.

Carefree gives you one additional want slot. Refreshed gives your sims a boost
in skill building and badge building, homework can be done faster. Productive
allows the social, comfort and fun needs to decay slower. Je ne sais quoi
makes it easier for romance with your sims while Industrious makes promos at
work much easier. Carefree means that your sims will be much harder to annoy as
well as furious relationships will be forgiven.

<[Vacation Momentos - SBV524]>

In the game, there are 12 memories your sims can get that don't fit in with the
rest of the areas. Most of them are pretty straight forward and don't need to
be explained much. Listed below are the memories your sims can get while on
their vacation.

Take a Tour, Take 5 different tours, Take all 9 tours, Visit a secret lot,
Visit all 3 secret lots, Learn all Local Gestures, Order a Photo Album, Order
Room Service, Find a secret map, Have a Good Vacation, Have 3 Good Vacations,
Have 5 Good Vacations.

/-[Customize Your Sims - SBV600]-

Being able to make your sims has been around since the Sims first started. What
is so different with Bon Voyage is that they are taking it to the next level.
You're now able to add jewelry to your Sim. For those with the Nightlife EP
installed, you have some new turn on's and offs. Along with this new EP, you
will get new hairstyles, clothes and glasses.

[Jewelry - SBV601]

With the jewelry, you can add silver/gold rings to your sims fingers. They fit
on index, pinky, and thumbs. These can only be worn by teens and up. You're
also welcomed to add new bracelets to your sims. With these, you're given some
choices of watches. They can be worn on either hand. The bracelets come in gold
or silver or a butterfly/heart pattern. There are also a beads pattern that is
on some of the bracelets. Along with those, you can add a new necklace to your
sims. There's a nice variety to them. Some come in colors while others have
different items hanging down. Some are unique to each area of the vacations.
From the age of a child and up, Sims can wear them. Next your Sims can put on
some earrings. These range from colored studs to hoops to different designs
from the vacation locations. Last new jewelry that has been added is facial
piercings. Your Sims can now have lip rings, eyebrow rings, nose rings and the
alike. With the nose, you can also have studs. Colors are the standard gold and
silver. Lip rings can be placed in the middle, right or left side. Nose can be
either side as well a ring in the middle.

[Clothes - SBV602]

Along with new jewelry, you have some new clothes for your Sims. Mostly, the
new clothes come from the different vacation areas. For women, there's 5 new
kimonos, all in different colors. 6 new tropical outfits with different colors
as well as with or without lays. There is one lumberjack for the women. Along
with those there is 4 hiker/backpacker outfits, again with different colors.
For the male gender, there are 3 grass skirts/socks for that tropical feel. 4
outfits are lumberjack for the Three Lakes vacation spot. The hiker/backpacker
has 4 outfits whereas the kimonos have 6. Also for the men, there's 4 outdoors
one for like summer. For the fall time, there's 5 long pants for men. There's
the same for teens of both genders. Mixed with that is some new summer clothes
for female kids but nothing too spectacular.

[Facial Hair - SBV603]

Men are given some new facial hair. There are only three new ones but it's a
start. They come in all the hair colors. First one is a curled up mustache at
the ends that curl towards the nose with a gap in the middle and a small
goatee that just covers the chin. Second one is a really shaggy one with lots
of loose hairs covering the chin, upper lip, and cheeks. Last one is a very
subtle line of hair that extends from the lower lip to three quarters of a way
down the chin. Men do have one new set of eyebrows to match the subtle goatee. 

[Glasses - SBV604]

Some new glasses have been added for this particular EP. For females, there
are 7 new glasses. Four of them are big round ones with semi-thick frames. The
colors are black, bright green, white/yellow, and pink. The other 3 are big,
long, and have a lens covering part of the nose and all of the eyes. The frame
colors are two yellow and one white. The lenses are black, pink, and a yellow /
gray. All of them are see through. For the males, there are also 7 glasses.
Three of them are big square block ones with white or gray frames plus black or
gray see through lenses. The last 4 are slanted squares with a slight oval look
to them. The frames are gray, black, and white with blue, orange, and black

[Hair - SBV605]

Finally some new female hair has been added. There's only three and that come
in the normal colors. First is a long hair that has bangs extending down the
face and seems to go a bit of ways past the shoulders. Next are similar to
those but with shorter bangs and have a grass bandana around the head. Those
bandanas come in two colors. Men are given 5 new hair styles (if you wish to
call it that). First two are the different colored grass bandanas while the
others are big like hats that go up a few inches with a band around the bottom
of the hat. The hats come in tan / thick dark brown band, tan / thick rust
colored band, and the last is a tan / small black band.

[Turn On and Offs - SBV606]

For those with the Nightlife EP, you have some new turn offs. They mostly deal
with zombie/plant people and so forth. Sims can also now be attracted to Sims'
skills - like cooking, cleaning, etc. Job performance can also be selected as
one of the turn on or offs. 

~[FAQs - SBV700]~

First off, don't send me emails asking for cd keys, where you can download the
game or anything like that. I'll just ignore them.

1) What is so great about Bigfoot?

1a) He comes will maxed skills, all gold badges, very easy to be promoted in
the job area. He can be a zombie or a vampire but not a plant or werewolf. He
also can't become romantic with sims or have kids. He will age and die like any
other sim.

2) Who is the Unsavory Charlatan and what does he do?

2a) He's the pickpocket NPC. He'll try to con your sims' money but if you fight
him, you can win it back. Calling the police won't get him arrested but instead
he'll just not visit any community lot your sim is on for three days.

3) Who can go on vacation?

3a) Children and up can go on vacation. For those with pets, you'll have to
keep them at home as they can't go on vacation either.

4) Can I invite my vacation friends over?

4a) Yes you can. They will stay in your home for three days. The same applies
to all your sim friends.

5) Can I build Hotels?

5a) You can build them and set the lot Hotel (See the Secrets and Cheats on GF)
but you can't actually run the hotel itself. 

6) How can I get the treasure that's worth 5000?
6a) Luck really. You just have to keep digging.

If I come across any other common questions, I'll make sure to post them.

[End of File]

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