The Shadow of Zorro




The Shadow of Zorro

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About The Game

1822, Don Alejandro, Diego's father, thinks he recognizes the new head of the Pueblo garrison . It's actually Fuertes, an infamous war criminal know as the Saragossa Butcher and long believed dead. How did he survive his wounds? What is he doing in California? And who is the beautiful young woman with the sad eyes whose charm has won over Don Diego's heart?

Brave and romantic : Zorro is one of the most charismatic popular heroes to have ever existed and whose daring exploits have fed the minds of generations since his creation in 1919. Zorro's newest, most challenging video game, the defender of justice returns to confront intrigue and seduction. His skillful duelling paves the way for grand adventure.

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The Shadow of Zorro

The Shadow of Zorro Review

By Shona Hanisco

There's no use of beating around the bush. Zorro can be fun to play. But for how long? Are you enough of a devotee, who's prepared to sacrifice his/hers precious time for a game that has serious flaws in the visual department, as well as some major stumbling blocks in the gameplay concept? There's no doubt that fans might find the game rousing. Although, I fear that after you've played the game for a few long hours, it gets the strong tendency of becoming extremely tedious. In the end, it's obvious that I was mainly let down by the lame combat mode. Like most of you out there, I was eagerly waiting for this game just because of the swordfights. However, once you realize that you don't have the freedom of moving about, or doing anything else during combat, the whole game becomes rather monotonous.

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