The Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition




The Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition

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About The Game

1492-1540: The Age of Discovery, Exploration and Conquest. The stage of history belonged to Spain. Now it belongs to you...

Set sail from Spain. Outfit your expedition and head west into the unknown. And if you make it back with gold and maps, the Court might make you Governor General or even a Viceroy. Discover the New World. Explore the Mississippi and the Amazon, The Great Lakes, The Straits of Magellan and more. Visit 200 different native settlements, from small tribes of hunters and farmers to the mighty cities of the Aztec and Incan empires. Aztec and Inca cities have great treasures of gold, but how will you get it! Trade? Trickery? Conquest? The natives are the key to your success, and the mirror of your soul.

This updated Commemorative Edition brings the classic game back with new visual and audio improvements for an all-new way to experience the quest for the New World.

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The Seven Cities of Gold: Commemorative Edition Review

By Shona Hanisco

The Seven Cities of Gold was remarkably addictive for those players interested in empire building and world discovery. Set during the heyday of Spain's exploration expeditions, the game features aspects of both role playing, economic management and adventure. Most of the exploration and navigation is accomplished through use of a top-down perspective whereas much of the administrative aspects are dealt with via 3D screen shots which contains some very nice artwork.

Three levels of difficulty provide varying degrees of challenge and determine the amount of help the Crown is willing to dispense. You can play at the novice, journeyman and expert level. Once on solid ground, the speed of your explorations relies on various factors such as terrain forest, mountain, river, desert, jungle, plains and mode of travel boat, horse, walking. While exploring, you come into contact with local inhabitants and your decisions on how to interact with them sets the tone for success or failure. Do you use diplomacy and set up trade or are you more interested in conquest? Do you lull them with false promises and then utilize treachery and attack without warning? These and other options are available. Of course, the main thrust of your exploration will be to discover gold and build riches beyond imagining, thus providing means for future expeditions.

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