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About The Game

The Settlers II is one of those brilliant little strategy games that mixes a bit of economics, a bit of combat, and a whole lot of watching cute little men stroll around the screen hitting things with various implements of destruction.
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The Settlers II

The Settlers II Review

By James Archuleta |

The Settlers II is one of those brilliant little strategy games that mixes a bit of economics, a bit of combat, and a whole lot of watching cute little men stroll around the screen hitting things with various implements of destruction. The problem is, despite very pleasing economic models and visual delivery, there really isn't enough to do to make long-term world-building very satisfying.

From the intro screen, you can tackle individual scenarios (in which you take on the role of different races) or elect the campaign mode, which puts you in the shoes of a lost Roman army. Starting on a small island with a scattering of supplies and men, combatants must learn the secrets of construction from ancient monuments left behind, and the secrets of war from the local inhabitants. As play continues, the ragtag band will discover that their only way forward is to take possession of a series of magical gateways that are protected by increasingly fearsome opponents that include Nubian, Viking, and Asiatic tribes.

The Settlers II's strength is the complexity of its economic engine. Players must acquire raw materials through the actions of laborers who operate out of the buildings that you construct. These base materials are used in turn to develop more complex items that the settlers need like tools, weaponry, and food. One example of how twisted this scheme can get is in the production of the gold coins that are used to improve your soldiers' skill levels. In order to produce coins, you must take raw gold to a worker at your mint - in order to get the raw gold, you must feed meat to the pick-swingers in your gold mine - in order to get meat you must take pigs to the slaughterhouse - in order to get pigs, you must deliver grain and water, produced at the farm and the well respectively, to the pig farm. As you can imagine, trying to sort out which resources are being allocated to which production facilities can get pretty confusing, and a well-run village will require a great deal of patience and administrative skill.

The Settlers II has a few failings that keep it from ever achieving the level of success that it seems capable of. Combat, which is a fairly large part of the game, is merely a matter of sending your troops to attack the enemy's buildings, and hoping that your soldier has enough luck to take the victory. Once combat begins with an opponent, there's usually very little reason to continue expanding the economic development of your country, as most of your resources will be directed towards creating more soldiers and weapons. The game also provides very little to aspire to technology-wise. Once players have learned how to build the basic building types, there's nothing else to discover, a fact that makes world building for sheer entertainment's sake very limited. Each of the levels is designed to provide players with a problem (e.g. low resources, enemies on both sides, etc.) that has a fairly specific solution.

With its crisp graphics and stunning sound effects (let's try to forget about the mind numbingly repetitive soundtrack for now), The Settlers II creates an atmosphere that's hard not to like, at least for a little while. And for those who are into strategy games that require linear thinking and specific problem solving, the game probably will provide multiple hours of engrossing play. But those who are looking for a more open-ended game may find that Settlers II's low number of construction options and snore-inducing combat keep the game well within the bounds of strategy game mediocrity.

The Settlers II Game Walkthrough

                          T H E   U N O F F I C I A L

    /-----  /-----  /-----  /-----  |        /-----  /-----  /-----
    |        |           |        |     |        |        |     /  |
    -----  >-----|     |        |     |        >-----|  >---<    -----
          |  |           |        |     |        |        |             |
    -----/  -----/     |        |     -----/  -----/  |       -----/

                               -----/  -----/
                                 | |      | |
                                 | |      | |
                                 | |      | |
                               /-----  /-----

                          V E N I   V I D I   V I C I

                       [F]requently [A]sked [Q]uestions


                   Post-Release Version 1.1 - MINOR Revision
                          Last Updated April 2nd, 2006
                       Written By Alexandru '2 Bad' Duta



Hello. My name  is  Alexandru  '2 Bad'  Duta  and  I  welcome  you  to  the
unofficial Settlers 2 FAQ.

This FAQ was written to satisfy my need of writing about  a  game  I  truly
love, and fate have it, I chose Settlers 2. With this opportunity I want to
thank Blue Byte Software for their amazing work.  This  game  is beyond its
time in both gameplay and graphics.

During the past years, three more games and a few add-ons were released but
none  of them could surpass the marvel that is The Settlers II.  I am truly
sorry that the Settlers concept has been destroyed. The Settlers III and IV
are pityful excuses for games that bear that name.

This is what I said back in July, 2003:

"Blue Byte should really consider  returning  to the old Settlers II system
when thinking of a fifth Settlers game... Enough said. I'll  leave  you  to
your reading. Enjoy!"

In  March,  2005,  my worst fear happened. Blue Byte released another game,
another Settlers game, the fifth one. Settlers V: Heritage Of Kings,  as it
is called brings new ideas and old ideas together, but fails to capture the
magic that was The Settlers.  Graphically,  it's not the best  you've  ever
seen,  it's not even close.  It's sort of Warcraft III,  but  with  a  more
detailed resource and micro management. And, in my opinion is not worth the
money. I would love to see a new and improved version of Settlers II, but I
am going to die of old age until that happens.

This is what I said back in June, 2005:

"On a final note, this is the last version of this FAQ. Maybe if I get some
really compelling e-mails I might do a follow-up, but, I stopped working on
this FAQ.  I regret not being able to finish through the FANpaign and other
campaign maps. I am an asshole. Sorry again."

It is  now April 2006 and  roumor has it that Blue Byte is  working on a 3D
remake of Settlers 2! YES! You read right, and I am pretty happy  about it!
If they actually  re-create the beauty that  is the Settlers 2 in 3D,  it's
going to be the best game ever. I'm actually going to buy it  retail.

However, Blue Byte  may only release it in German, and that  will be awful.
I just hope that some nice people will translate it for the rest of us.

Naturally, I'm  going to update the FAQ or maybe even write  a new one when
the remake is released. I can't wait!



Part 1      - Introduction
      1.1    - Legal Information
      1.1.1  - Disclaimer
      1.1.2  - Trademark Information
      1.1.3  - Copyright Notice
      1.2    - A Word From Alexandru Duta
      1.3    - About The Unofficial Settlers II FAQ
      1.4    - About The Unofficial Settlers II ASCII Logo
      1.5    - Getting The Unofficial Settlers II FAQ
      1.6    - Adding To The FAQ
      1.7    - Acknowledgements/Credits
      1.8    - Accurate Information
      1.9    - Revision History
      1.10   - Settlers II On The Web
      1.10.1 - Download The Full Game
      1.10.2 - Download Maps
Part 2      - The Basics
      2.1    - About The Game
      2.2    - General Useful Tips
      2.3    - Free Game/Unlimited Play Mode Help
      2.4    - Buildings
      2.5    - Industry System
      2.6    - Soldiers
      2.7    - Civilisations/People
      2.8    - The H.Q.
      2.9    - Advanced Settling
      2.10   - Cheating
      2.11   - Bugs
      2.12   - Keyboard Shortcuts
      2.13   - The FANpaign
Part 3      - Roman Campaign Walkthrough
      3.1    - Chapter I: Off We Go
      3.2    - Chapter II: Initial Contact
      3.3    - Chapter III: The Pass
      3.4    - Chapter IV: On The High Seas
      3.5    - Chapter V: In The Wasteland
      3.6    - Chapter VI: Divided Country
      3.7    - Chapter VII: The Snake
      3.8    - Chapter VIII: Sea Routes
      3.9    - Chapter IX: The Grey Island
      3.10   - Chapter X: The Last Gate
Part 4      - [World Campaign Walkthrough]
      4.1    - [Europe]
      4.2    - [Africa]
      4.3    - [North America]
      4.4    - [South America]
      4.5    - [Greenland]
      4.6    - [Australia]
      4.7    - [North Asia]
      4.8    - [South Asia]
      4.9    - [Japan]
Part 5      - Free Game/Unlimited Play Walkthrough
      5.1    - Old Maps
      5.1.1  - [The Dark Path]
      5.1.2  - [The Ditch]
      5.1.3  - [The Plateau]
      5.1.4  - [In The Mountains]
      5.1.5  - [The Triangle]
      5.1.6  - [Sea Of Lava]
      5.1.7  - [The Green Island]
      5.1.8  - [Good Old Times]
      5.1.9  - [Countryside By A River]
      5.1.10 - [The Black Valley]
      5.1.11 - [The Oak Forest]
      5.1.12 - [Tortoise]
      5.1.13 - [Island Of Hills]
      5.1.14 - [Four Islands]
      5.1.15 - [Plateau Of Dragons]
      5.1.16 - [The Amulet]
      5.1.17 - [Battle In The Middle]
      5.1.18 - [Trough The Desert]
      5.2    - New Maps
      5.2.1  - The Ring
      5.2.2  - Thor's Island
      5.2.3  - The Pancake
      5.2.4  - Paradise Island
      5.2.5  - Green Meadow
      5.2.6  - Cold Times
      5.2.7  - Christmas
      5.2.8  - Dead Land
      5.2.9  - Scorpion
      5.2.10 - Toe To Toe
      5.2.11 - The Gathering
      5.2.12 - Adventure Island
Part 6      - FANpaign Walkthrough
      6.1    - [Stranded]
      6.2    - [In Exile]
      6.3    - [The Limes]
      6.4    - [Deep Freeze]
      6.5    - [Oceania]
      6.6    - [Harbour Zone]
      6.7    - [New Ways]
      6.8    - [Desert]
      6.9    - [Intermezzo]
      6.10   - [Return To Rome]
Part 7      - [The Map Editor]
      7.1    - [Getting Started]
      7.2    - [Basic Rules]
      7.3    - [Placing Resources]
      7.4    - [Placing Enemies]
      7.5    - [Clear Way]
      7.6    - [Ratios]
      7.7    - [Objectives]
      7.8    - [Wrap Up]
      7.9    - [Testing]
      7.10   - [Publishing]
Part 8      - The End
      8.1    - What's Next?
      8.2    - Bye

Sections in brackets '[]' were never finished. I am a lazy fat bastard.


P A R T   1   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N



Please take a moment to read the following  important  information.  It  is
designed and placed  in this article to save my ass and, on some occasions,
to save your ass.

This  statement  has  NOT  been written by me, but taken out of a copyright
enforcement manual. You'd best not fuck with it.  I  might seem like a nice
guy, but if you fuck with me, I fuck with you!



This  FAQ is to aid in informing the public about the game  SETTLERS II  by
Blue Byte Software.  In no way should  this promote  your killing yourself,
killing others, or killing in any other fashion.

Additionally, Alexandru Duta claims NO responsibility regarding ANY illegal
activity  concerning  this  FAQ,  or  indirectly  related  to this FAQ. The
information  contained  in  this  FAQ  only  reflects  Blue  Byte  Software
indirectly, and questioning Blue Byte Software regarding any information in
this FAQ is not recommended.



All   specific   names   included   herein   are   trademarks  and  are  so
acknowledged: Blue Byte Software, Settlers, Settlers II, Windows, etc.  Any
trademarks not mentioned here are still hypothetically acknowledged.



This  article  is  copyright 2004 by Alexandru Duta.  All  rights reserved.

You are granted the following rights:

I.  To make copies of this work in original form, so long as
       (a) the copies are exact and complete;
       (b) the copies include the copyright notice  and   these   paragraphs
           in their entirety;
       (c) the copies give obvious credit to the author, Alexandru Duta;
       (d) the copies are in electronic form.

II. To distribute this work,  or copies made under the provisions above, so
       long as
       (a) this is the original work and not a derivative form;
       (b) you do not charge a fee for copying or for distribution;
       (c) you  ensure  that  the  distributed  form  includes the copyright
           notice,  this  paragraph,  the  disclaimer  of  warranty in their
           entirety and credit to the author;
       (d) the  distributed  form  is  not  in  an  electronic  magazine  or
           within  computer  software  (prior  explicit  permission  may  be
           obtained from Alexandru Duta);
       (e) the distributed  form is the NEWEST version of the article to the
           best of the knowledge of the distributor;
       (f) the distributed form is electronic;
       (g) the author is notified of set distribution.

You may not distribute this work by any non-electronic media, including but
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speech.  You may not distribute this work in electronic magazines or within
computer  software  without prior written explicit permission. These rights
are  temporary  and  revocable  upon  written,  oral,  or  other notice  by
Alexandru Duta.

If you would like  additional rights  beyond those granted  above, write to
the author at "" on the Internet.



Sorry for taking SUCH a long time before I did this update.  I had a lot to
do...  like pass my mid-term and actually think about the future  'cos  I'm
not gonna be writing FAQs 'till I hit 50.

It's not often a FAQ of mine gets to this point. I tried to write more than
five FAQs and until now, none of them made  it  this  far.  I  keep  boring
myself... and getting too lazy and never finishing anything. I really don't
know what came over me now.  This FAQ got further than I ever expected. And
I thank you, the reader, for that.

I hope everyone likes this version of the FAQ.  It has been updated and now
contains Settlers II and Settlers II Gold Edition information, the FANpaign
information and more.

Lately, I've been feeling that it's all gonna end soon.  A  couple of  more
updates and my part will be over. The FAQ will cover just about everything.
I just hope that some of you will contact me to give me pointers on what to
do next.

Until the next revision, keep on settling!

- Alexandru "2 Bad" Duta



Welcome to the post-release v0.9 of The Unofficial Settlers II FAQ.

What  does  that  mean? Post-release is after the game is released, version
0.9  is  a minor revision written after 0.85, "Unofficial" means absolutely
nothing,  SETTLERS II  is the  name  of  the game and FAQs are [F]requently
[A]sked [Q]uestions.

Here's  how revision classification works. If a new version of the FAQ only
has a small  amount of information changed or added,  the version number is
increased by 0.1. This is called a "minor revision."

If a  new version  of the FAQ has  a substantial amount of new  information
changed  or added, the version number is increased by 0.5. This is called a
"standard revision."

If a  new  version  of the  FAQ has  a  huge  amount of  added  or  changed
information,  major parts  of the FAQ are rearranged, or major parts of the
FAQ are rewritten,  then the version  number is  increased by  1.0. This is
called a "major revision."

Currently  we're still in the 0.x stage, meaning a very preliminary FAQ. As
soon  as I  have  amassed sufficient info   in here, I'll boost the version
number to 1.0.



The incredible ASCII logo was done by me and added in v0.2 of the FAQ.

Please  keep  in  mind  that,  as is the rest of this document, the logo is
copyrighted.  This  FAQ  may  not  be  split  into  parts  and distributed.
Therefore, the logo may not  be  used  independently  from  the  Unofficial
Settlers II FAQ.

Thank you for respecting global copyright laws.



There are a few places on the Internet where you can get the newest version
of this FAQ. It was designed to fit into the  Dirty Little Helper database,
but it got into GameFAQs  as well.  Whatever the case,  it  will  always be
accessible through my own website. Here are the links:

Dirty Little Helper:
:  (not approved)
AOL: (not approved)


I  always  check  and update the  GameFAQs  and  DLH.Net  sites and provide
them with  the  newest version of the FAQ. Please note that other sites may
not have the latest FAQ version.

If  you would like  to post the FAQ on  your website, please let me know so
that you'll be kept up-to-date  and have the latest version available. Plus
your site will be listed here!



If  you  want  something  added  to  the  FAQ,  please  send  an  e-mail to
"",  explaining  what your addition is. It  will be
reviewed,  and if accepted,  added to the  next FAQ version. In the e-mail,
please supply your name and e-mail address.

Please  note that  all submissions to the  FAQ become the  property of  the
author (Alexandru Duta) and that they  may or may not  be acknowledged.  By
submitting to the FAQ,  you grant permission  for use of your submission in
any future publications of the FAQ in any media.  The  author  reserves the
right  to  omit  information  from  a  submission  or delete the submission



In this section I will try to thank all those who sent me information  that
actually made  it into the  FAQ. They will be forever  remembered for their


Geoff Barnard (
Great guy.  Really helped me out.  His contributions can be seen throughout
the FAQ. Thanks man! The Settlers will never die!

Colin Attle (
Some guys actually do win.  I  would like to thank Colin for his submission
and for the fact that he put up with my late, late acknowledgement.

James Lowry (
The first guy who actually tried to tackle my chapter three problem. Thanks
man, but  I finally got it working. I really appreciate your help. I really
like  the "Black Belt! Hit Sir Armor of Gothic here until he stops thinking
conscious thoughts." bit.



An  attempt  has  been  made  to  make  the  information  in  this  FAQ  as
accurate as possible. To my best knowledge, all the information supplied in
this article is 100% accurate.

To  this end, I keep reading and re-reading  the FAQ,  playing the game and
more  to  make  sure  that everything is perfect.  If  for  some reason you
noticed something don't hesitate to contact me at



v0.1 - June 1st, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- first public release.

v0.2 - June 7th, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- added two more chapters to the walkthrough... Unfortunately  my  copy  of
   Settlers II is fucked up and I can't play chapter 3. I will try to add it
   in the near future. Sorry.

- put my head together for a few corrections and alignments.

- got me a new ASCII logo. Worked on it for about 15 minutes. Cute, eh?

v0.3 - June 14th, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- added a few new rookie tips.  I  think  that the Rookie section could get
   renamed  into something like "Game Tips"... or something; because some of
   them are getting really technical. A rookie couldn't handle it.

- some more spell-checks.

- submitted  the  file  to  GameFAQs  and DLH.Net. I hope it gets approved.

v0.4 - June 21st, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- I managed to add secondary information. I will finish the walkthrough  as
   soon as possible. I do have a life (not really, I'm just lazy).

- a  lot  of  spell  checks  and  corrections.  I  refuse  to  use a normal
   spell-checker. They fuck up the FAQ.

- included some comments and suggestions recieved by e-mail.

- found the game to be abandonware ... anyone can get it for free!

- added Gold Edition information.

- FAQ is online at GameFAQs; yee!

v0.5 - June 28th, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- added to the walktrough. Gettin' really fussy 'bout it.

- spelling mistakes got waxed plus some fixation issues.

- corrected some minor problems: forgot to label some paragraphs.

- FAQ is online at NeoSeeker.  They really know how to ask.  Make you think
   you wrote the best FAQ ever. Nice guys.

v0.666 - July 5th, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- completed some more chapters. Not much.

- got a whole bunch of feedback so I included that too.

v0.7 - July 12th, 2003 - MINOR Revision

- almost completed the FAQ. Not long now.

- miscellaneous corrections and additions.

- added FANpaign info.

- FAQ  is  online  at  DLH.Net!  Bernd  Wollfgramm  himself  asked  for  my
   permission! WOW! I sent it to them a while ago but no reply. Now all of a
   sudden the big honcho asks ME?! ...could be a typo. Or a "form" e-mail...
   Really, really, really cool! Still, the FAQ is there :)

- FAQ's website is currently down. Makin' it look pretty.

- added the legal information.

v1.0 - June 1st, 2005 - MINOR Revision

- abandoned the rest of the FAQ.  I'm sorry, it's just that I am a lazy fat
   bastard. Hope you can do well with what you have here.



Because this game  was  released  in  1996, there aren't a lot of fan-based
websites around. Even the official Blue Byte website leaves the Settlers II
out of the loop. No information about  it  is  given at all. I did a search
but couldn't find more than a few reviews and some cheats...

Blue Byte Software:



Yes,  it's true. The Settlers I and II are now abandonware!  Download  them
free  of charge and enjoy! Even the Settlers II Gold edition is  available.
The best site for abandonware is The Underdogs. Here are the links:

Settlers II Gold Full

Settlers II FANpaign

Settlers II Demo

Settlers II Gold Demo

Settlers II Mac Demo



I found only ONE website that  still  has  downloadable Settlers II worlds.
The  second one was suggested by Geoff;  It's  in german but you can handle
it. The third one was submitted by Colin.

Insider Settlers II -
Welt Siedler?! -
Settlers 4.Net -


P A R T   2   -   T H E   B A S I C S



The Settlers II is a strategy/economy game.  It features real-time resource
management  coupled with a  well-designed economy system that can rival any
of today's  3D management sim.  Another  important part of  the game is the
unique fighting technology.

Unlike other sims, where you get to build and provide an army but never get
to use it, in Settlers II you get to conquer enemy territory as ruthless as
possible.  An entricate  system allows  the game  to  function as a  whole,
uniting both types of gameplay into one package.

Is Settlers II a tactical real-time strategy game? Or is it an economy sim?
Like I said before: both game genres beautifully merged into one.

To succeed in the world of Settlers you will need to understand the system.
To build and train soldiers, you'll need a steady economy and ways to train
them. Shields, swords, beer and gold are just a small part of  the numerous
requirements that you're going to have to fulfill.

Brace  yourself for a ride unlike any other.  And belive me when I say that
this will be a  long ride.  Only one chapter  of the game  can run for more
than 15 hours. No. Don't even think it. The Settlers II is not a slow game!
The game is carefully  balanced to provide the best gameplay,  even at such
seemingly long play-times.

Another aspect I must point out is the graphics. It is obvious that it does
not  live up to  today's 3D  high-tech souped-up  ultra graphics, but for a
production year of 1996, it really holds its own! 1024x768 hand-drawn frame
by frame animations really make this game a technological marvel.

Play this game, understand it... and you will soon love it.



In  this section of the FAQ,  I will try to point out certain mistakes that
rookie players may come across, and help  some intermediate players go pro.

This  section addresses  people  that  have  played,  or  have  a  somewhat
adequete understanding of the game system. If you do not, just advance down
to the walkthrough, and complete the first chapters... they're a tutorial!

* if you ever run out of wood something called "The Emergency Program" will
   get activated.  You will be notified in the messages box. This "Emergency
   Program"  gives you  enough wood and  stone to build a  woodcutter and  a
   sawmill. Just WAIT for those to be built, so that the game can continue.

* if you find your soldiers disappearing from their chosen locations (these
   can be Barracks,  Guardhouse, Watchtower or Fortress), try looking around
   for a Catapult. These things throw stones at close military locations and
   kill a soldier per hit! To destroy a Catapult simply conquer the military
   building  next to/around it. HINT: If a  military building is  under fire
   from a catapult, you will be notified in the messages window.

* `something's not right!  I should be getting that particular resource but
   it's not working!'.  The only real answer to this one is: you screwed up!
   The  game is fully  designed and bug-free (at least my version is). Maybe
   you should check the industry chain to see whether you missed something.

* if  you find it that your soldiers are all  privates and the enemy's  are
   sergeants,  officers or  whatever... it means that you're gonna get  your
   ass kicked.  Soldiers will fight better, resist more and serve you better
   if they are higher in rank.  They  advance in rank if you  get them  gold
   coins. Try to make them at the Mint.

* `a mine is exhausted. What now?' This is easy.  There are only two things
   you can do. Send a geologist there; he will analyze the mountain and tell
   you in a few  seconds if the  entire mountain is dry, or  if you  need to
   build  another mine in another location. If the geologist comes up empty,
   it means  that the mountain  has been bled dry of resources. Find another
   one! P.S. Sometimes ALL THE MOUNTAINS  are without minerals.  Also,  if a
   mine gets exhausted, DESTROY IT, so that you don't lose more food on it.

* if  you  find  that  your  opponent  is  capturing  more and more of your
   military buildings you can HALT his attacks by building catapults.  These
   kill off his soldiers BEFORE they get a chance to get out and attack. Try
   it out. However, this will not last long.  If  he's  not  a  moron, he'll
   figure out a way to overpower your catapults. Always  PRE-BUILD your army
   to handle ALL kinds of attacks. If this is happening it's all YOUR fault!

* if  you  have all you need to make a soldier (beer, sword, shield) but he
   is still not appearing,  remember  that you have to have A BEER, A SWORD,
   A SHIELD and A HELPER  (free guy)  in  ONE  (the same)  storehouse (H.Q.,
   storehouse, harbor). Try restricting some of them so that everything goes
   into one.

* remember to place flags  as frequently as possible so merchandise traffic
   can go  A LOT faster. Also,  note that  flat ground is better than hills,
   which  SLOW UP your  carriers.  Always build a Donkey Breeder to speed up
   congested roads. At one flag there can be a maximum of 8 items deposited.

* some people actually asked 'How can I attack?'.  This is because the game
   itself fails  to explain some  of the basic of actions. To attack another
   player, simply click on his military buildings. A menu appears, that lets
   you decide HOW the attack will unfold.  After that, click on "attack" and
   you'll see a battle take place.

* if you find the game too tiersome or demanding, it means that you're some
   kind of a  retard.  Why are you asking me for advice? Delete the game and
   go to sleep.



The Settlers II features two  main game types. The "Campaign" mode and  the
"Free Game" (original) / "Unlimited Play" (Gold Edition) mode.

The first one is carefully dealt with in part three of this FAQ. The latter
is the main attraction in part five.  However,  there are some aspects that
should be cleared up now.


When starting a new game in this mode, you are required to make selections.
These settings will  greatly affect the  game you are about to play. Here's
what you can chose, and what it does:

* Scenario - this  determines  what  map you're about to play. There are 18
              maps embedded into the game.  They  differ in size and  player
              capacity. In the gold edition you can select the first 18 maps
              or the mission CD maps (12 maps) or player-created maps.

* Alliances - throughout the Campaign mode, your alliances are already set.
               Well, in Free Game mode,  you have the opportunity to  change
               who you're fighting with.  There are several choices: "people
               vs. people": every civilisation for itself (read section 2.7)
               "human vs. computer": kinda simple to understand,  "every man
               for himself":  need I say more?!  Also NOTE that once someone
               attacks  an ally, all other allys of the attacked become your
               enemies. Complicated at first, you'll catch on eventually...

* Objective - here's where you set up what you want to do.  Again, you have
               several choices. "None": which actually lets you do whatever,
               "conquer 3/4 of map": you have to expand your territory, this
               can be achieved without any  fighting and  "total domination"
               where you have to be the ruler of all.

* Merchandise In H.Q. - how much stuff will be in your H.Q.  when you start
                         the game. Can be: "low", "normal" or "a lot".

* Exploration - do  you want to explore  the enitre map,  or do you want to
                 see everything from the start? You choose: "on" or "off".

* Start Position - the last thing you need to decide is the  start position
                    of every player... yourself as well as the others.  When
                    maps  are  made for  Settlers II,  the  creator  assigns
                    certain spots where the H.Q.s  will be  placed,  so that
                    everyone has a fair chance. If you want this, choose "In
                    sequence". Otherwise, choose "random".



There are a lot of buildings in Settlers II. Most of them can be built.  To
ensure a certain difficulty and to make things easier for the player,  some
buildings are disabled in the first few chapters  of the game.  As chapters
progress, so will your knowledge of buildings.

Still I thought it was a good idea to quickly run through all the buildings
in the game... just so you know what's going on.

In Settlers II, there are three main types of buildings.  Small, medium and
large,  plus a special  section:  mines.  To build something,  just hit the
spacebar. Whoah! So many green buildings and so many flags! I know... Well,
now you can see what CAN BE built over that particular part of land. To get
on to building,  simply  click on a green marker, then select what building
you want to build.

In the world of the  Settlers,  you have to connect the new building to the
main hall, the H.Q., by roads. This is easily done.  Click on  the flag  in
front of the soon-to-be-built building. Whoah! Circles and arrows! With 'em
you can build roads. Build a road to your H.Q. Good.

Now only one more thing. You can see that a builder and a carrier have come
out from your H.Q. This is good, but not THAT good. Why? Well, the building
materials are going awfully slow. Why? Beacuse the road is too long for one
carrier. You need to build  flags ALONG the road, so that more carriers can
help to carry the materials.

Experiment with this and you'll quickly get the hang of it.

Also, remember that EVERY BUILDING needs to be occupied to work. That means
that you have to have  THE RIGHT PERSON, with the RIGHT TOOLS and the RIGHT
SKILLS to  fill the job.  How can you do this? Using the metalworks to make
tools  for the needed jobs.  People will train themselves in their required
skills. If this sounds all too confusing, just play the game.

For more of a tutorial, read the Roman Campaign walkthrough.


WOODCUTTER: The most basic of  structures.  The  woodcutter  provides  your
             settlement with raw, uncut wood.

FORESTER: Pretty soon, you'll see your supply  of wood drop.  The  forester
           maintains the woodcutter's needs. IMPORTANT: 1 forester can plant
           enough trees for 2 woodcutters! Also, NEVER build a forester next
           to a farm! Farms need space around them to grow crops... but  the
           forester will plant trees ON THE CROPS, so the farm is useless.

QUARRY: This quaint little hut will supply you with  another raw  material:
         stone.  You will  need stone to  build  medium and large buildings.
         Build these next to stone deposits.

FISHERY: Placed near a water source, the  fishery will  secure  you a  good
          supply of food. However, after  a while, the fish will  disappear,
          rendering the building  useless.  IMPORTANT: This is a good source
          of food early in the game!

HUNTER: This is the worst  supply of  food ever.  I never  build these huts
         because pretty soon I find myself destroying them. Hunters  provide
         meat for a short, very short period of time... untill all the wild-
         life in the area dies. After that he's completly useless.

* Geoff Barnard disagrees...                                              *
*                                                                         *
* ` were a bit unkind about the hunters too. I use them without any *
* great concern, no point  at  all  to  suggest  that  players  shouldn't *
* bother.   Yes, they don't produce a lot of food, but like the fish it's *
* free. As long as you replant woods where the  wildlife  originates,  or *
* leave some woodland alone, then the wildlife never  runs  out. Or seems *
* not to.  If a hunter and a fisher can be near your mines, then that's a *
* bit help. Of course, in some maps...'                                   *

LOOKOUT TOWER: If you want to see beyond your territory,  then the  lookout
                tower is for you.  I never build these, they're useless.  If
                for some strange reason I want to explore without expanding,
                I call my scout.

WELL: One of the most important buildings in the game is the well. This guy
       will provide you  with water,  needed for pig farms, donkey breeders,
       breweries, bakers and so on. IMPORTANT: Always  build  wells  NEXT to
       the building it's supposed to supply!


SAWMILL: To build you need building  materials. The most  important one  is
          made-to-measure  planks.  They  don't just  grow on  trees...  The
          sawmill turns the woodcutter's logs into planks. For a normal game
          you'll need about six woodcutters and three  sawmills.  IMPORTANT:
          Build the sawmill close to the woodcutter to speed-up the process.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE: The pig farm supplies the slaughterhouse with live pigs, so
                 that  they can  become someone's  meal. The  slaughterhouse
                 turns pigs into meat for miners. This is a very good source
                 of food.

MILL: The grain harvested at the farm can be turned into flower...

BAKERY: ...which, along with water, gets turned into bread. This is another
         steady source of food. IMPORTANT: Keep the mill next to the bakery,
         and the  bakery  next to a well! It will significantly increase the
         production speed.

IRON SMELTER: If you have a  few mines going,  you're  probably  extracting
               iron ore and coal.  The iron  smelter takes  these and turnes
               them into iron. That is distributed to the armory  or to  the

ARMORY: This is where the weapons that your soldiers will  carry get  made.
         It needs iron and coal  to  make  shields  and  swords.  IMPORTANT:
         Usually, the shield/sword ratio is 1:1, but I have seen annomalies.

METALWORKS: Iron  can  also  be  used  to make tools. The metalworks  needs
             processed  iron  and  planks  to  function.  IMPORTANT:     The
             metalworks eats  up a lot of planks and iron  that  need  to be
             diverted  to the armory. Close this building when its tools are
             not needed.

MINT: If you started to extract gold from a gold mine, you need to  convert
       that gold into coins, so that you can start  training your  soldiers.
       The mint makes gold coins from raw gold and coal.  IMPORTANT:  Always
       give coal to the mint! More gold coins means better soldiers!

BREWERY: After you have a shield and  a sword  in your H.Q., a  beer is all
          that's needed to create a soldier (strange, I know). Beer is grain
          and water.

STOREHOUSE: If you expand your territory a lot, you've probably noticed how
             your H.Q. gets overburdened with materials. To take some of the
             pressure off it, you can build a storehouse that will house all
             the materials from that area of the territory and will act like
             an H.Q.

SHIPYARD: In certain levels,   you will be allowed to expand your territory
           by  discovering  new  lands.  That can be done by riding the high
           seas. For   that, you need a ship... lots of ships. Supplied with
           planks,  the  shipyard  will  build   you  ships.   The  shipyard
           also builds boats which can be used to transport goods over small
           areas of sea.  IMPORTANT: When you don't need   the ships,  close
           the shipyard!  It builds ships even if they're useless. It wastes
           the boards.

CATAPULT: To keep your borders safe, to prevent the enemy  from moving  too
           close  to your territory, you must build  catapults.  They  throw
           rocks at your enemies' military buildings, killing soldiers. They
           are also useful in slowing  down  enemy attacks. IMPORTANT: Check
           to see if your  catapults have stone to throw. Make sure stone is
           delivered to them!


FARM: One of the most important buildings in the game is the farm. It grows
       crops of grain that are needed throughout the  entire system.  You'll
       need lots of them if you're going to sustain such a powerful  empire.
       IMPORTANT: Always leave enough space  around the farms for the  crops
       to grow, otherwise the farm's useless.

PIG FARM: Supplied with  grain and  water,  this  building will breed pigs,
           that will later be turned into food.

DONKEY BREEDER: To help the carriers along the roads, donkeys can be  used.
                 They need grain and water,  but can  prove very  useful  in
                 helping  congested  traffic  around an H.Q. or  storehouse.
                 IMPORTANT: Only build a donkey breeder if you have a stable
                 economy. It's not THAT important.

HARBOR: One of the most entricate buildings in the game, the harbor acts as
         a storehouse/H.Q. The only thing that sets it apart is that this is
         the place where  expeditions start. This is where you'll send  your
         ships out to sea. After  your  shipyard builds you a ship, you need
         a harbor to  get it  going.  This  will be  explained  more in  the
         walkthrough. IMPORTANT: DON'T  build  a harbor  unless the  mission
         requires it! It really screwes up your material/merchandise traffic
         along with your H.Q.!


BARRACKS: The simplest form of military building there is. It can hold only
           two soldiers and can control a small area. IMPORTANT: Don't build
           a barracks unless you have to. They don't prove to be useful.

* Geoff makes another point...                                            *
*                                                                         *
* `...I always build barracks. Yes, they are not so much use defensively, *
* but they are faster, and more economical. When I want to expand quickly *
* to get somewhere,  I build barracks. Then, when I know where enemy are, *
* then  I  build  the  slower  (more costly) types.   If I do need bigger *
* buildings  where  barracks are, they can always be replaced. As in many *
* of the games,  getting  to  the  resources  first  is  important,  then *
* barracks seem a pretty good thing.'                                     *

* James helps me a bit...                                                 *
*                                                                         *
* '...I'll also admit that I've been skipping Barracks  completely  until *
* lately.  Recently,  I've  been building a  few as  temporary structures *
* when I can't quite get at  that 'perfect spot',  and tearing  them down *
* when when the 'real' building is done.'                                 *

GUARDHOUSE: The most adequete military building for  expanding.  Until  you
             make contact with the enemy, it's the best choice.  It can hold
             up to three soldiers.

WATCHTOWER: This is a good strong-point military building. This is beacause
             of its capacity to hold six soldiers. It  is  the  best  border
             military building, if you made contact  with the enemy.  It can
             handle   attacks  and  can  hold  off  until  support  arrives.
             IMPORTANT: These buildings take a lot of time to build and they
             use a lot of soldiers. Don't build them unless you need a  firm

FORTRESS: The  biggest,  most advanced  military  building  out  there.  If
           properly supplied with trained soldiers,  it can hold off a whole
           army without any reinforcements, thanks to its capacity to handle
           nine soldiers.

* James completes...                                                      *
*                                                                         *
* '...It should also  be noted  that each larger  size of building  has a *
* control  radius one  greater than  the  preceding one.  If I've  got it *
* right, the Guardhouse has the same radius as the Headquarters. So while *
* the larger ones are slower to build, they are a bit more efficient from *
* a space management standpoint.'                                         *


GOLD MINE/IRON MINE/COAL MINE/GRANITE MINE: When you happen to stumble upon
                                             a mountain, build a road up  to
                                             it, place a flag then click it.
                                             Send    a  geologist  there  to
                                             inspect the area. If  he  finds
                                             any    deposits,    build   the
                                             appropiate mine  on  the  site.
                                             For mines to work, they must be
                                             supplied with food.  IMPORTNAT:
                                             If  a    mine  gets  exhausted,
                                             quickly  destroy  it so that no
                                             more  food will be delivered to

There's much more to say about the buildings and the entire industry system
but you're going to have to read trough the walkthrough to find out.



There are several main  industry systems in  Settlers II.  Here's  a  brief
overview.  To discover  and fully  understand them all, just play the game.


FISH - Fishery
MEAT - Hunter/Slaughterhouse - Pig Farm/Well - Farm
BREAD - Bakery - Well/Mill - Farm


TOOLS - Metalworks - Iron Smelter/Swmill - Mines/Woodcutter - Food
SOLDIERS - Armory/Brewery/Mint - Iron Smelter/Well/Farm - Mines - Food

I'm sure there  are  more  combinations but these are the only ones I could
think up... it's late and I'm really sleepy. If you can do this list better
go right ahead. I won't mind.



In Settlers II, you need soldiers to expand your territories and to protect
your H.Q.  To create a soldier, you need a shield,  a sword (Armory)  and a
beer (Brewery).

In the game, there are several ranks of soldiers.  A higher ranking soldier
will fight better and resist much longer on the battlefield. Here they are:


To advance in ranks, the soldiers need to be supplied with gold coins. They
can be made at the Mint,  which  makes  coins  from  raw gold and coal. The
coins are then taken to military buildings, and after a while, the soldiers
in them will get promoted.

* Geoff completes...                                                      *
*                                                                         *
* 'It is FAR more efficient to promote them in a fortress than a barracks *
* I've  sort  of  worked  out  again the  table I had regarding gold coin *
* consumption  for  military promotion. The way it seems to work (given a *
* start  point  of  all  privates)  is  that  the first coin promotes one *
* soldier one step.  The second coin promotes two soldiers one step each, *
* the  third  three  soldiers,  the  fourth  4 soldiers. By now the first *
* soldier  is  a 'general',  so  the next coin promotes the next 4 by one *
* step. And so on. So, the table is as follows, for promotion of eighteen *
* privates all the way to Generals:                                       *
*                                                                         *
*             Soldiers   Buildings    Coins per Bldg   Total Coins        *
*             --------   ---------    --------------   -----------        *
*                                                                         *
*  Fortress      9          2              12              24             *
*  Watchtower    6          3               9              27             *
*  Guardhouse    3          6               6              36             *
*  Barracks      2          9               5              45             *
*                                                                         *
* As a rule I would very rarely let gold go to the two smaller buildings, *
* as they are  so  much  less  efficient.   A watchtower is not much less *
* efficient, so will not be any problem.'                                 *



Throughout the game you will be faced with the meeting of other races. They
will be  your allies or  they may be your foes.  You can tell them apart by
their  appearance, and  by the fact  that each civilisation  has their  own

Here is the list of civilisations and their leaders:

ROMANS: Octavius, Julius, Brutus
VIKINGS: Erik, Knut, Olaf
JAPANESE: Yamauchi, Tsunami, Hakirawashi
AFRICAN: Shaka, Todo, Muga Tscha

There are  NO  differences between the races.  The buildings and the people
are the same... unfortunatley.  They  may  look  different but the economic
system is identical.


2.8 - THE H.Q.

The center of your settlement will always be the Headquarters. The H.Q.  is
a building,  the only building you have when you start a new  chapter/game.
From there, the settlement will start.

The H.Q. can hold virtually everything in the Settlers II world. From every
type of person (woodcutter, carpenter, stonemason, etc.) to donkeys, grain,
gold and soldiers. Everything can be stored here.

You clearly understand now that the loss of the H.Q. means a terrible blow,
even if  not fatal.  Destroying an enemy H.Q. will completely disorient him
and leave his economy crippled.

This can also happen to you, so remember to build storehouses that can take
over the role of H.Q. Also remember that when an H.Q. is destroyed, all the
merchandise that was in it will get destroyed. The people, soldiers and all
will not perish, they will run around the surrounding territory looking for
a storehouse.  If there is one IN THE NEAR VICINITY, they will be saved, if
not they will slowly DIE.

To access the H.Q., click on it. A menu will appear that reveals everything
it can hold and their amounts. There are NO LIMITS to how much  merchandise
the H.Q. can store.

Playing the game will reveal more about the H.Q. and its importance.



To better control your world and  industries,  you are given the  chance to
survey  and adapt  them to your  needs.  This can be  achieved at the "Main
Selection" menu (bottom, second button from the left).  Here's what you can


Foodstuff - Here you can decide: Where is the food taken?  Which mines  get
             the most of it?

Grain - There are  several industries based on grain.  Here  you can  chose
         how much grain each of them gets.

Iron - Both  the Armory and the Metalworks  require  iron made in the  Iron
        Smelter.  You can chose which of them gets more.  IMPORTANT:  Always
        give  the  iron to  the Armory!  Only supply the Metalworks if  it's
        absolutely needed!

Coal - One of the most needed resources  is coal.  It is used to make iron,
        swords and shields and gold coins. IMPORTANT: When available, always
        get the coal to the Mint!

Boards - A basic need of the settlement is wood. Processed lumber is needed
          by the Metalworks  as well as the Shipyard. However, it is wise to
          only supply  them when they need it.  If not,  leave  it  all  for

Water - This is a pretty straight-forward requirement. Changing this is not
         needed, because it's much wiser to just build more wells.


Ever  notice how the carriers always know what to pick up from the  ground?
There's an order of importance, of what items are needed more and should be
transported first.  Here is where you make  that list.  Here's what you can
chose:      - coins;      and here's what I recommend:     - coins;
             - weapons;                                     - weapons;
             - beer;                                        - beer;
             - iron;                                        - gold;
             - gold;                                        - coal;
             - coal;                                        - food;
             - iron ore;                                    - boards;
             - boards;                                      - stone;
             - stone;                                       - iron;
             - logs;                                        - iron ore;
             - water;                                       - tools;
             - food;                                        - logs;
             - tools;                                       - water;
             - boats.                                       - boats.


In this menu, you can decide what tools should  be built by the Metalworks.
Here's  what you  have to choose  from: tongs,  axe, saw, pick-axe, hammer,
shovel, crucible, rod and line, scythe, cleaver, rolling pin, bow.

* James has a bit of advice...                                            *
*                                                                         *
* 'It should be noted that if you don't like Hunters (I avoid using them) *
* then it is wise to turn off bow production on the tool production menu, *
* as they're the only ones who use them.'                                 *


This is where you can make adjustments to all  military matters.  The upper
value  corresponds to the recruiting rate of your army.  The higher  it is,
the  more inhabitants are recruited as soldiers.  Below this is the setting
to  protect  your huts.  If this  value is set  at maximum,  your huts  are
defended  by the strongest  unit. To raise the number of attackers  leaving
your huts per attack,  choose the next setting. The number of defenders who
counter the enemy in the event of an attack is shown by the fourth display.
The  final three  values correspond to the  occupation of your  huts in the
interior, in the center of the country and on its borders.

The best idea is to max them all out. Put as many soldiers as you have;  if
you have them.


There are some more menus present in the "Main Selection". They're all just
statistics and such. Browse through them to  see what they're for. Some are
quite useful and some are just... crap.



This is a section I would've rather not added. But it's  already so obvious
that people are gonna cheat. It's our nature. Since I want this  FAQ  to be
one of the best ones out there, I have to cover this too. Enjoy.

Cheats taken from Dirty Little Helper, without permission.

1. Type  THUNDER  while playing the game,  you will see an exclamation mark
    and this enables some cheats:

    [Alt][F7] - Reveals the entire map
    [Alt][1] through [Alt][6] - Changes the speed of the game.

    If you have version 1.51 (Gold Edition) use WINTER instead of THUNDER.

2. You can edit the .rtx files in the directory SETTLERS2DATA MISSIONS as
    per below:

    !ADD_WARE   0   20  -  change it to  -  !ADD_WARE   0   199
    !ADD_WARE   1   50  -  change it to  -  !ADD_WARE   1   199
    !ADD_WARE   2   46  -  change it to  -  !ADD_WARE   2   199
    and so on...

    !ADD_PEOPLE   0   100  -  change it to  -  !ADD_PEOPLE   0   199
    !ADD_PEOPLE   1     4  -  change it to  -  !ADD_PEOPLE   1    99
    !ADD_PEOPLE   2     2  -  change it to  -  !ADD_PEOPLE   2    99
    and so on...

    Notice you can change people 0 (unemployed guys) to 199 OK!

    You'll  start with some 298 privates and 99 of the other soldiers due to
    the 199 swords and shields being allocated to the 199 unemployed guys.

3. EditCheat:

    Go to the Settlers II savegame directory and edit the "mission.dat" file
    to play all the missions:  Remove  everything from the  file...  type in
    1111111111 and save it. You'll now be free to chose whatever chapter you

4. Play Settlers 2 in "Campaign mode", start a game, save it.  Then start a
    Free Game  and  DISABLE (off)  exploration.  Reload the previously saved
    game and you'll be able to see the whole map.


2.11 - BUGS

This is  a new section that is currently under development. There are a few
bugs in  the  game,  especially  in  long  games  (many hours) with lots of
players. I didn't (have the nerve to) find any but...

* Geoff noticed some...                                                   *
*                                                                         *
* 'One I  have  hit on a number of occasions (in bigger games) is where a *
* battle has taken place over a building, which is now empty.   A soldier *
* (of either side) is  just  about  to  re-enter  the building, either to *
* capture it or to re-occupy it.  Just as he is at the flag, the building *
* is destroyed.   The game seems to 'lose' the soldier, but also lock the *
* flag-point so you cannot do  anything else with it.   The soldier stays *
* frozen at that point. The rest of the game continues OK.                *
*                                                                         *
* Another (again in bigger games) is  that  you  build a building, and it *
* never gets occupied.   The person to occupy it is  certainly  there, so *
* it's not lack of tool etc.   The game has just 'lost' the event. If you *
* slow down other activity in the game, destroy the new building and then *
* re-build,  then it gets occupied.   I think there is a maximum capacity *
* on  the  Event Pending list, and sometimes it just overflows. Maybe the *
* 'New Occupy' is a low priority amongst the other events.'               *

* ...and so did James.                                                    *
*                                                                         *
* 'I have on  occasion encountered a crash  bug that terminates the game. *
* I generally don't know what causes it, but in a  recent game I did find *
* that  something  had  happened  to  kill  the message  queue.  That is, *
* whenever I looked at it, the game died.  This was  especially  annoying *
* at the end of a long game...'                                           *

Geoff also spotted the fact that the computer DOES NOT send out geologists.
It already knows  exactly where the minerals are.  Seems the computer has a
small advantage.



Taken from the game's readme file, without permission.

Normal Keyboard Layout

P                 - Pause.
H                 - Go to the Headquarters.
B                 - Go back to previous position.
N                 - Opens the messages window.
L                 - Shows map.
M                 - Main selection menu.
SPACE             - Switches construction aid function on or off.
C                 - Display building names.
S                 - Shows status of houses.
Z or Y            - Zoom current window.
V                 - Acceleration (turbo mode) on or off.
I                 - Info window.
ALT-W or ESC      - Closes active window.
ALT-Q             - Exit from game.
F1                - Load game menu.
F2                - Save game menu.
F8                - Readme "Keyboard layout".
F9                - Readme "What's new".
F10               - CD Audio Player. (can crash the game)
F11               - Midi Player. (can crash the game)
F12               - Option window.
Cursor Keys       - Scroll the main map.

In The Messages Window

DELETE            - Deletes the current message.
G                 - Go to site of event.
+/-               - Next/previous message.



When Geoff and I first started to talk he mentioned something about another
Settlers II campaign. I had never heard of it.  It seems that a while back,
in 1998, some big Settlers II fans started to  do  another massive campagin
with worlds they created to be VERY challenging. This seems interesting.

Another 10 missions filled with intreaguing riddles?  New  puzzles and sea-
worthy challenges? And it's just 2 megs to download? Wow!

The FANpaign was created to be VERY difficult, to present seasoned Settlers
II fans  with almost unsolvable maps that would keep them busy for a fairly
long time. So, to help people  out and to have  the best Settlers II FAQ, I
decided to include a walkthrough for it too.

If you don't have the FANPAIGN there is a link to it in the 1.10.1 section.

The FANPAIGN walkthrough is part six of the FAQ.


P A R T   3   -   R O M E   C A M P A I G N   W A L K T H R O U G H


Boardlog  of  Octavius, captain of the  Tortius.  The morning entry for the
12th day in the month of Mars in the  fourth year of  the god-like  emperor
Travianus Augustus Caesar. The Tortius is on course,  driven by a wind from
the southwest. Tomorrow we will have crossed the treacherous Sea of Storms,
if all goes well, we will have reached the Latonic Provinces  in four days.

The second  entry on the evening  of the same day.  Clouds are gathering on
the horizon. We are still on the sea of storms and I  am praying to all the
gods, we are expecting a long and dark night.

The morning entry for the 18th day in the month of Mars.  The storm pounced
upon  us like  a predator  in the night,  and I had  to throw out  the drag
anchor. For four terrible  nights the wind drove us deep into the darkness.
The  lookout  was  the first  to notice the danger,  when a lightning  bolt
illuminated the fighly close rocks.

The  Tortius  no  longer exists.  What remains  of my  trusty  ship  is now
driftful on the sandy coastal beach of this unknown island.  The stars tell
me that we are nowhere near  the familiar Trading Rocks.  We cannot hope to
be found soon,  but let the  gods be thanked  we are still  alive,  and th 

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