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The Princess Bride Game

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Players journey through the classic story to help the Princess and her True Love defeat the dastardly villains, survive the Fire Swamp, gather valuable inventory items, concoct miracle remedies, storm the castle, defeat Prince Humperdinck and win the game. Along the way, players can act as and interact with their favorite characters from the movie, such as Buttercup, Westley, Inigo, Fezzik, Vizzini and Miracle Max. Additionally, they can compete for high scores and advance through dozens of levels in 5 Game Episodes, including As You Wish, Battle of the Wits, The Fire Swamp, Miracle Max and Storming The Castle.

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The Princess Bride Game

The Princess Bride Game Review

By Chad Montague |

While most games based on movies tend to suck, some of them have made great leaps into success: Goldeneye, The Warriors, and LEGO Star Wars, to name a few. Unfortunately, The Princess Bride Game is not one of them. The game takes players to the fictional world originally established in the Princess Bride novel, but is clearly based on the charming 1987 movie of the same name. You will experience your fantastical journey through five 2D Flash games strung together by nonsensical cinematics.

You begin the first mini-game by taking control of Westley, the story's main protagonist, as you participate in simple click fests to do various chores around the farm to woo the heart of the local princess. Only in this world can washing windows get you hot chicks. The second mini game involves answering trivia questions, which usually ask you to rhyme words or answer simple riddles. The third game features 2D platforming, which forces you to switch between the sword-wielding Westley and the high-jumping princess as they solve puzzles together to traverse across the Fire Swamp. The fourth game encompasses a Where's Waldo-style spot-the-item-in-the-background type of gameplay along with a mix-colors-to-form-different-colors mini game. Finally the fifth and last game requires you to unlock all of the game's cut-scenes to gather items to build a convoluted Rube Goldberg contraption to take down the tyrannous castle.

Hey, check out the holocaust cloak on the right.The main problem with the Princess Bride Game is that since the game is aimed at a younger demographic, it is extremely easy. While the first mini-game is the most complex out of the five and gets progressively more challenging, that isn't saying much. It's supposed to be complex in the way that real-time strategy games make you micromanage tactics, but in the end, doing chores feel like, well, chores.

Meanwhile, the trivia portion of the game will have you scratching your head, not because the queries are so challenging, but because they are so mind-bogglingly easy. One question displayed a picture of a candle holder with four candles, and asked, "How many candles are there?" Another question asked me, "Does a candle light up or darken a room?" Of course, all of us intellectuals know that a lit candle darkens a room, but this game is obviously skewed toward a much more, shall we say, younger demographic. If you're reading this complex piece of literature, which you are, you need not apply.

The platforming segments are shallow and equally easy. It's almost impossible to die because obstacles don't often hit you. And when they do, they don't hurt much. As for the Where's Waldo segments, those can be pretty fun if you're into those books; however, even that mode is easier than it should be because the backgrounds are pretty small. The fifth mini-game, which forces you to find and click on items in the various cinemas, is a cute idea to wrap up the game, but comes off as a little tacked on.

Never get in a land war in Asia, and never platform.Because I can't think of a way to transition into the graphics, I'll just get on with it: the game's graphics might be pleasing to the eyes of a 4-year-old, but adults will know better. The game features a second-rate straight-to-DVD animation style and characters look like generic spin-offs of their movie counterparts. To be fair, it is a Flash game, but to also be fair, aren't games of this caliber usually free? The sound on the other hand fairs a little better than the visuals. That's mostly due to the voice acting, most of which was stripped right out of the movie. That's right, most. Some of the characters have new voice actors, but all of the returning cast members add no new lines of dialogue. Also on the auditory side is the in-game music, which, with the exception of the Storybook Love Song from the movie, is cheap and generic.

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