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The New Adventures of the Time Machine

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About The Game

The New Adventures of the Time Machine is an adaptation of one of the most fantastic and well-read adventures in literature, inspired by the work of H.G. Wells.The players discovers a future ravaged by temporal storms where people struggle to survive amidst the currents that drag their memories away into the depths of time. There is only one being capable of restoring the balance of time and only one being who can help you find your own time again - a mythical being, a Demi-God.Your challenge is to struggle to survive against the forces of time.

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The New Adventures of the Time Machine

The New Adventures of the Time Machine Review

By Chad Montague |

The line between visionary and madman is a fine one indeed. Rocket scientists and brain surgeons get mad props for their superhuman mental prowess, but for every straight shooter, there's a Dr. Frankenstein waiting in the wings. Anyone seen The Fly or Herbert West: Reanimator.. hmm, hmmmmm? The defense rests its case. And bearing in mind that B-grade horror film villains don't usually make quality computer game spokesmen, Cryo and Dreamcatcher deserve a little respect for delving into the depths of the past to pluck out a half-decent, eccentric genius to star in their latest sci-fi adventure. H.G. Wells, or Wales as he's referred to, would of course be the nerd in question.

Though the majority of his peers' vices range from grave robbery to trafficking with otherworldly powers, Mr. Wales' Achilles heel is a fondness for the concept of time. Predictably, this ambitious inhabitant of 19th century London's so obsessed with the ticking of the clock that he's gone off and built a vessel capable of propelling a man through the ages with the flick of a switch. As if Murphy's Law weren't enough of a deterrent to this kind of counterproductive behavior, the poor schmuck's gone and upped the ante by setting the cruise control dial for 800,000 years in the future. Yipes...even a half-wit could figure out what happens next. Stuck in an anachronistic rut with a busted Chronohedron and no AAA membership, this particular Marty McFly isn't going anywhere, nor can he expect help from a crusty old coot named Doc.

Normally, this would be the point where I go off on a tangent about the whole hailstorm of crap titles the press and public's had to deal with ever since Myst reared its plastic surgery perfect little head. Lo and behold, Cryo's saved everyone the trouble, because they've finally got with the program and published a 3D action/adventure hybrid that combines mindbenders with mindless violence. Like a poor man's Resident Evil, the New Adventures of the Time Machine plays out from a variety of third person camera views, displaying 3D characters tromping through high resolution backgrounds of striking scope. Actions occur in real-time, so combat, spellcasting, movement between scenes and acts of petty theft aren't drawn out affairs interspersed with cinematic transitions. Huzzah! Out of the point n' click dark ages and into the keyboard controlled light we come! (Ed. note: Wheeeeeee.)

Pop quiz: You're stranded in a desert city that's half ancient Egypt, half Planet of the Apes.. what do you do? Common sense would say reach for the spare cyanide pill, but in truth, the answer is that what you'll really do is manage to get devolved back into a kid before the first act has played out. Assume the role of a tyke who's adult memory is still intact, you'll have to scour the four corners of the city for helpful hints, conveyed via a linear stream of dialogue by the various citizens going about their business on the dusty streets. Prompted by a subtle nudge or two, intrepid adventurers can head off in search of useful items, firearms, answers to their lingering questions, and the occasional crystal through which magical powers of Chronomancy are awarded.

Challenge wise, the game's off kilter, as it targets multiple styles of play, not bothering to specialize in any one area. Though many puzzles, such as the system of teleporters built into a hanging bridge, will likely get the best of you, a few prove challenging due to implementation, not intention. Illustrating this point are movable objects and items, neither of which are highly discernable from the rest of the scenery. Fights come in many shades of difficulty as well, though the golden rule is strike hard and fast with ranged weapons, using magic for defensive purposes, a tactic made all the more sound by the fact that you've got a limited supply of Jad Garrul (mystical power) to contend with. Although unprovoked melee encounters aren't a common worry, you should be saving frequently, because fatalities may occur due to hit point loss or environmental hazards.

Stomach the irregularities, though, and a jolly good romp can be had. Imaginative landscapes and fanciful settings yield their secrets to the prying eye, as do the mobs of individuals that roam tomorrow's horizons, going about their personal errands. Credible speech clips back up the script, which is a mish-mash of technology, religion, mysticism and science. Cryo's cinematic standards remain high, meaning that you'll periodically be treated to a collection of brief, yet breathtaking, animated shorts whose sole purpose in life is to enhance the visual impact of the surroundings. Even if you don't approve of the French on principle (and who does?), you've got to admire the gusto with which they approach their storytelling.

And zest's an admirable quality in a product, albeit one that plays second fiddle to gameplay as far as consumers give a rat's patootie. While the New Adventures of the Time Machine sallies forth intent on delighting global audiences, it doesn't bother to break any new ground, or even cover the old ground exceptionally well to boot. Be that as it may, the title's novel setting, thoughtful storyline, and awesome decor smooth out most of the warts. Sci-fi buffs can't go too far astray with this one, but PC owners who can't tell Captain Kirk from Yoda should stay light years away.

-- Scott Steinberg

The New Adventures of the Time Machine Game Walkthrough

          The New Adventures of Time Machine
             FAQ, Walkthrough (and Review)
         Author:  Sane Jake, Copyright @ 2002, 2003

          "Sane Jake" as opposed to "Mad Max"
             -- Lame joke, but it's MY lame


1       Legal Information       
2       About This FAQ  
  2.1     Updates
3       Bugs, Crashes and Other Problems        
4       Stuff You Should Know Right Away        
5       Quick Control Notes     
6       Minimized Spoiler Help  
  6.1     Chapter One:  Hourglass City    
     6.1.1   General Notes   
     6.1.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.1.3   Cut Scenes of Note      
     6.1.4   Combat Tips     
     6.1.5   Available Spells        
     6.1.6   Question and Answers    
     6.1.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.2     Chapter Two:  The Temple.       
     6.2.1   General Notes  
     6.2.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.2.3   Cut Scenes of Note     
     6.2.4   Combat Tips     
     6.2.5   Available Spells        
     6.2.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.2.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter
  6.3     Chapter Three:  Hourglass City Revisited        
     6.3.1   General Notes  
     6.3.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.3.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.3.4   Combat Tips     
     6.3.5   Available Spells        
     6.3.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.3.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.4     Chapter Four:  Escape From Hourglass City       
     6.4.1   General Notes   
     6.4.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.4.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.4.4   Combat Tips     
     6.4.5   Available Spells        
     6.4.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.4.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.5     Chapter Five:  Rebel Camp       
     6.5.1   General Notes   
     6.5.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.5.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.5.4   Combat Tips     
     6.5.5   Available Spells        
     6.5.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.5.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.6     Chapter Five:  Rebellion!       
     6.6.1   General Notes   
     6.6.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.6.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.6.4   Combat Tips     
     6.6.5   Available Spells        
     6.6.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.6.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.7     Chapter Seven:  Behind Enemy Lines      
     6.7.1   General Notes   
     6.7.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.7.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.7.4   Combat Tips     
     6.7.5   Available Spells        
     6.7.6   Questions and Answers   
     6.7.7   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.8     Chapter Eight:  Victory?        
     6.8.1   General Notes   
     6.8.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.8.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.8.4   Combat Tips     
     6.8.5   Questions and Answers   
     6.8.6   Things I Learned From This Chapter      
  6.9     Chapter Nine:  I Hate Mr. Fancy Pants   
     6.9.1   General Notes   
     6.9.2   Bugs You Should Be Aware Of     
     6.9.3   Cut Scenes Of Note      
     6.9.4   Combat Tips     
     6.9.5   Questions and Answers   
     6.9.6   Things I Learned From This Chapter

7       Spoiler Walkthrough     
  7.1     Chapter One:  Hourglass City    
  7.2     Chapter Two:  The Temple        
  7.3     Chapter Three:  Hourglass City Revisited        
  7.4     Chapter Four:  Escape From Hourglass City       
  7.5     Chapter Five:  Rebel Camp       
  7.6     Chapter Six:  Rebellion!        
  7.7     Chapter Seven:  Behind Enemy Lines      
  7.8     Chapter Eight:  Victory?        
  7.9     Chapter Nine:  I Hate Mr. Fancy Pants   
8       Cheating to See the Ending      
  8.1     Other Tricks    
9       Closing

1	Legal Information

This document is copyright 2002 by "Sane Jake".  It may not be reproduced in
any form, in whole or in part, without expressed permission of the author,
either verbally, written or electronically.  Plagiarism is a crime, folks.

The same applies for the "New Adventures of Time Machine" game - although it
should not be reproduced even with the expressed permission of the authors.
I mean, even if they BEG.  Even if they offer sexual favours, do NOT
reproduce the game.  For the love of everything holy.

2	About This FAQ

Similar to my "Siege of Avalon" FAQ, this FAQ is divided into two sections:
One gives general hints and tips hoping to point you in the right direction,
while the second gives outright solutions and is the "walkthrough" part.

In addition to a guide, this FAQ comes complete with my charming comments
about its design and my opinion of it in general.  If that isn't forewarning,
I don't know what is.

2.1     Updates

Nov 6, 2002:  Added "Extra Sandscraper" and how to get the extra spells
June 2, 2003:  Added the "Free Lemur" trick.

3	Bugs, Crashes and Other Problems

When the blurb on the website mentions that if you notice slowdown, it's due
to the game "keeping the world alive", it's basically saying that there are
memory leaks, folks.  The fact that the game crashed the first time I tried
to play was a bad sign alone.  The fact that it continued to crash
periodically in the first chapter made me rapidly lose confidence.

In addition, in the first Chapter, events don't always fire off properly.  I
spent a good portion of time wondering why I couldn't go any farther, only
to discover it was the GAME that was at fault - not letting me pick up items
I NEEDED.  So far, it only happened once, and I'm not quite sure what the
trigger was.

Oh yeah - and if you think that all the crashing isn't bad enough, the game
docks you a magic point every time you save.  Considering you only get
restored for free at certain points, this is seriously bad news, folks.

4	Stuff You Should Know Right Away

First off:  It costs you point magic point (they have a fancy name for it in
the game) to save.  Each and every time.  They consider it costing half a
point - I don't care, it still means that you have to choose between magic
use and saving.

Second:  You will not get your life and MP restored except at certain points,
and they are not frequent.

Third:  You are given no warning when things will get nasty.

Fourth:  The camera is your enemy.  I'm not sure who the genius was who
thought up the engine they used, but it makes things hell to navigate.

Fifth:  Sometimes skipping cut-scenes is of great help, and at other times
they will mess you up royally.  I'll try to note when skipping them is a bad
idea, and when you'll want to cut 'em as soon as possible.
(At points it's almost vital that you skip 'em)
That's right - they discourage saving often by docking MP per save, but at
the same time they force your to save often because they don't give you any
warnings before things like boss fights.

If you thought "All right, a challenge!" . well, you're probably in a
minority.  I can handle stuff like that - you just save periodically and
have a "scouting" game so you don't have to worry too much.  But throw in
the crashing and that's one obstacle too many.

5       Quick Control Notes

A quick reference of the default keys (which you can change) can be accessed
by hitting F1.

Arrows move you, with up moving forward and down carefully (slow as molasses)
backing up.  Holding ALT while pushing the arrow keys performs evasive
manoeuvres (hop left/right/back, and duck if you hold up).

(I'd just like to say it'd be nice if evasive manuvers were worth doing)

"C" activates your spell selection.  When a spell is highlighted, push a
number key to hot-map it.

"I" activates your inventory.  When an item is selected, push a number key
to hot-map it.

Spacebar is a general purpose action button (except for combat).  Hold it for
things like turning stuff or pushing/pulling.

Ctrl is used to attack and cast spells

To use an inventory item, hit spacebar while holding it (don't be near
anything you could use it on).  To hold an inventory item, click it on the
item selection menu so that a hand appears near it.  If you talk to someone
while holding an inventory item, it will discuss that item instead.  

Running works with left shift only.

For a demonstration on how to use a spell, select it near a Lemur from the
spell section screen (as opposed to using a hot key)

6	Minimized Spoiler Help

This section tries to be as spoiler free as possible, but addresses some
sticking points that might be a problem such as events that didn't fire
properly.  Chances are if something's not working, it might just be game
error and you'll have to go back.  Sorry.

6.1	Chapter One:  Hourglass City

What a creative name for a city with a giant hourglass in the middle.  At
least the main character has a half-decent voice actor.

6.1.1	General Notes
*  People won't really stop to chat - if you want to talk, you'll have to
     chase them down.  This gets old fast - but get used to it.
*  Yes, the kid trader is an important character.
*  Before you can leave, you will need to have collected the weapon (it
     sort of looks like a "U"), the ointment, and the compass.  It will be a
     good idea if you also have the healing herbs.
*  The "Temple" has a cave-like entrance.
*  Feel free to kill anyone who acts like a jerk - if he doesn't have back-up.
*  Don't attempt to enter the dessert without a ride and a compass.  (If
     you're curious, it's a horribly done cut-scene.  Excuse me?  Instead of
     just standing there watching demons form, why not at least animate him
     TRYING to escape?  Or fighting?  Or ANYTHING??  Idiots.)

6.1.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  If you can't seem to pick up the weapon or the ointment, the game has
     screwed up.  You might as well restart.

6.1.3	Cut Scenes of Note
*  You can safely skip any cut-scene, but it's advisable not to skip any
   after you have the compass.

6.1.4	Combat Tips
*  Recoil is awful, and everyone is effected by it.  Dodge first (the
     ALT-arrows work well enough) and then retort.
*  The characters do have some degree of auto-aim, but it's very slight.
     Take advantage of what little you have and what they don't.

6.1.5	Available Spells
------------------------	Deharmonize
  Your basic attack spell.  You're better off using a weapon, even though it
  does less damage.  MP is just too scarce.	Ointment
  Basic healing spell - items are more powerful, but good in a pinch.	Invisibility
  There will be many times when it's useful.

6.1.6	Question and Answers
Q:  Okay, I'm a kid.  Now what?
A:  Talk to some people.  Someone has a good suggestion.

Q:  Cool!  I have spells!  Now what?
A:  You're not the only person that's changed.  Talk to anyone else who
    seems to have as well.  One of which was not in the hourglass area
    during the "Wave".

Q:  How do I get the ointment?
A:  Look around - notice any other obvious "sprites" (non-background items)?

Q:  What do I use the bowl for?
A:  In all honesty, it might be a red herring.

Q:  What do I use the knife for?
A:  You don't need it in this chapter.

Q:  Where is the relic?
A:  Someone's already pawned it, sorry.

Q:  I can't get the weapon!
A:  If he makes comment about not disturbing anyone praying and NO ONE IS
    THERE, the game has messed up and you'll have to restart.  Otherwise,
    just wait for the guy to leave after a certain significant event.

Q:  WHAT is the weapon?
A:  Some sort of funky blaster that sort of looks like a "U".  It's on an

6.1.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter

This little section was inspired by  I felt it only
appropriate to mimic given the (lack of) quality of this game.

*  Stealing is okay as long as you don't get caught.
*  When attacked by evil spirits, just stand there and let them kill you.
*  No one cares if you whack a guard in broad daylight if he was a jerk.
*  Quality Assurance is an oxymoron as far as this game is concerned.

6.2	Chapter Two:  The Temple.

6.2.1	General Notes
*  You will want to save here.  Screwing up the puzzle or the battle
     that's ahead will be irritating otherwise.  This game has no auto-save
*  Listen closely - you will want to turn up the sound here.
*  The walkway puzzle is randomized.
*  Do NOT enter the sphere until you've explored everything there is to
*  Feel free to kill anyone you don't like who doesn't have back-up to help
   him.  Slaves don't count as back-up.  ;)
*  Vents and ducts should not be used under fire.
*  You will be restored to full after passing this chapter.
*  (from Jerr Brarg) You can free the Lemur.  The Lemur is itching to go
	postal.  Advice:  Don't stick around when he does.

6.2.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  Is it me, or does the game REALLY love crashing in this area?

6.2.3	Cut Scenes of Note
*  By all means skip the scene where "Mr. Fancy Pants" starts to lecture you
     if you've seen it once - it places you at an advantage.

6.2.4	Combat Tips
*  Unless you MUST fight (you have one mandatory battle), don't.  These guys
     can't hit a running target, quite often this includes point-blank range
     too.  Take advantage of it.

6.2.5	Available Spells
------------------------	Dispel Magic
  Removes all spells - beneficial and negative.	Freeze Time
  Freezes an enemy.	Chrono Mask
  Basically a minor armour spell to help protect you.	Slow Motion
  A special spell you can only learn if you trade in your hourglass (hold it
  and talk to the Lemur)	Sand To Ash
  A more powerful attack spell you can only learn if you trade in your
  hourglass (hold it and talk to the Lemur).	Kronos Thingie
  An attack spell that once it hits, continues to attack over a period of
  time.  You can only learn it if you trade in your hourglass (hold it and
  talk to the Lemur).  Personally, I think this would be the best choice -
  since running in a straight line seems to totally throw off your enemies'
  aim (shrug), it would allow hit-and-run tactics.

6.2.6	Questions and Answers
Q:  How does this puzzle work?
A:  Listen very carefully.  You can't map it out - each time, EACH LOAD,
    the path changes.  Examine the sign and LISTEN.  And LISTEN again while
    you walk on the path.  Turn off the music if it helps.

Q:  Do I have to kill that ghostly guy? 
A:  Yes.

Q:  How do I get that one crystal?
A:  It can be hit with spells.  Try a few.

Q:  Should I trade in my hourglass for a spell?
A:  It's really up to you.  In my opinion you're better off hanging on to at
    least ONE hourglass strictly because when used, it restores both life
    and magic to full at the same time, and is VERY reliable to use in combat
    compared to items, which are hard to use not only because he stands there
    like a moron, but because the control is so horrible it takes awhile to
    get it to work.

Q:  Arrgh!  Is the boss invincible??
A:  Yes, and so are a lot of his buddies.  The mechanic and his slave are
    not.  The slave isn't trying to kill you.  The mechanic is.  What I'm
    trying to say is that you can't kill the boss, sorry.

Q:  HELP!!  The boss is invincible!!
A:  Explore the machine room before the event is triggered.  Something that's
    not working then will be working when he's active.  I'd suggest not using
    the vents even if you've opened them due to his placement when you enter
    the room there.  Believe it or not, it's much safer to run past him, out
    the door, past the area with everyone shooting at you, and into the
    machine room.  They're that bad a shot.

6.2.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*  It's perfectly fair to play background music during sound-based puzzles.
*  Mr. Fancy Pants doesn't need to actually open doors to go places.
*  No one can hit a moving target.

6.3	Chapter Three:  Hourglass City Revisited

6.3.1	General Notes
*  All the carts that were blocking your path before have been removed.
     Additionally, several doors have been opened in the centre of town.
*  A great deal of stuff in this chapter is optional but valuable.
*  Make sure all quests are complete before entering Val Subek's place.

6.3.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  None that I know of that will mess up your game.

6.3.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  None

6.3.4	Combat Tips
*  Avoid combat -- or at least combat where they can shoot back.

6.3.5	Available Spells
------------------------	Mind Block (Veil of the Nautilus)
  It's not its official name, but that's what it does.  This spell, found at
  the back of the sphere, protects against any mind-altering effects or
  MP stealing spells.	Gateway
  This spell is REQUIRED.  Opens up gateways.	Cheap of Salt
  Steals MP from other magic-users.  Must be a magic user - if they use
  weapons, it won't work.  Good spell, especially if you use Time Stop on an
  enemy first.  Requires Hourglass.	Slow Motion
  Slows enemies down.  Requires Hourglass.	Speed Up
  Speeds you up.  Requires Hourglass.	Sand To Ash
  Powerful attack spell.  Requires Hourglass.	Counter Time
  Removes spells cast on others.  Negates armour and stuff.  Requires

6.3.6	Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I reach the city?
A:  Talk to the old guy a lot.

Q:  Where are all the sandscrapers?
A:  There's two near the city gates.  One is on a crate.  One is invisible
    outside the kitchen.  One wanders around the torture area.  One is behind
    a gate and you'll need an item to tempt it out.  The last one is in Val
    Subek's (I call him Dr. Doom) courtyard.

According to Chris, you can hit the one sandscraper in the square (that you can never seem to 
catch) with a Time Stop spell and then you can grab it... but it's a difficult target and hard to

Q:  Can I catch the one in the city centre?
A:  See Update.

Q:  What do I get for all seven?
A:  An item that casts an armour spell on you, can be used infinitely at no

Q:  Where is the doll?
A:  The pen in question is nearby.  You'll have to pass a crate puzzle to get
    it, and you'll need something sweet, too.  

Q:  How do I get the doll?
A:  You can't feed the beast directly, and apparently even while dead it
    will stop you from getting the doll.  You will have to find something to
    put your offering on instead -- something in the pen background 

Q:  What do I get for the doll?
A:  Depends on who you give it to.  Give it to the boy, and get a full-health
    item.  Give it to the girl for a flute.

Q:  What does the flute do?
A:  Supposedly it stuns Lemurs.  It does make them pause, but not for long.

Q:  What's the point of the kitchen woman?
A:  Talk to the gardener first.

Q:  What recipe does the kitchen woman want?
A:  Tea.  

Q:  She doesn't like it.
A:  Tea is bitter straight - find something to make it more appealing.

Q:  She still doesn't like it.
A:  Do you use fresh leaves for tea, or are they usually dried first?

Q:  How do I dry the tea?
A:  Nuts to you.

Q:  How do I get ointment?
A:  Trade the bucket.

Q:  How do I fix the machine?
A:  Turn it on full blast first - and move any crates in the way to get a
    good idea of the problem.

Q:  I still can't fix it.
A:  There are two parts to this puzzle.  The first requires one setting, the
    second requires another.  Play with it a bit.

Q:  The guard won't let me in! 
A:  You'll need to tell him something he doesn't know first.  Visit the
    torture grounds and try to listen in unseen.

Q:  How do I free this guy?
A:  Play with the controls.

Q:  How do I stop the guard from interrupting me?
A:  Leave the area and return.  When the guard says he needs to freshen up,
    get off the  platform.  There is a bug that's on YOUR side that involves
    the fact that no one is allowed to do more than one thing at one time.

Q:  Do I have to free him?
A:  It will help in the next chapter, but no - you don't.

6.3.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*  Apparently, being dead doesn't stop you from threatening someone.
*  Freshening up is the most important thing in the world, even over
*  Very noisy machines run silently.
*  Dr. Doom is really a nice guy who likes to study time a lot and hates
*  Slow-moving rodents are very hard to catch.
*  People trapped on torture machines may occasionally float free and rotate.
*  When angry guards approach you, the best thing to do is stand there while
     they toss spells at you.

6.4	Chapter Four:  Escape From Hourglass City

6.4.1	General Notes
*  You will get a wave at the beginning of this chapter, meaning full HP/MP
*  Grab the key as soon as possible.
*  You're allowed to shoot through things if your arm goes past the barrier.
*  Combat is not an option - you must flee.
*  Invisibility spell is mandatory here.
*  You now have a body guard.  If you have nothing equipped, she'll give you
     her weapon.  If you have the weapon equipped, you will give it to her.
     Give it to her, let her deal with the guards.  She's invincible.
     And annoying.  But on your side.

6.4.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  None

6.4.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  None

6.4.4	Combat Tips
*  Run away, use invisibility spell.
*  Let the Chief fight instead.

6.4.5	Available Spells
*  None

6.4.6	Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I escape?
A:  You will need the key first.  The guards will come when you ring the
    bell, but they WON'T notice you if you're in a cell.  They also leave
    the door to the guard room open when they leave.

Q:  If you freed the guy from the torture machine, he can help you.
    Black Salt will restore his memory.  He's also now a kid.

Q:  The Chief took the gun!
A:  That's not a question.  But let her have the gun - she's invincible and
    will fight for you.  Let her be your bodyguard.  Sing the theme song
    from the movie.

Q:  Where do I run?
A:  East door.  If you took a different route, you're allowed to go back.

Q:  How do I get out of here??
A:  You'll need to push the crate from one area to another.  I highly
    recommend using the invisibility spell.

Q:  I got the crate, now what?
A:  You use it in the first area.  

Q:  I'm on the roof, now what?
A:  The Chief will help you with the lift.

Q:  How do I jump?
A:  Space near gaps.

Q:  I can't use the board!
A:  You can't stand on it to use it.

Q:  How do I reach the 2nd lift?
A:  You'll need a counter-weight.

Q:  The Chief is with me on the 2nd lift.  Now what do I do?
A:  You'll need to use the lift. and you'll need to push something left
    behind in the courtyard.

Q:  How do we got to the pens?
A:  You'll need something heavier than two kids.

Q:  My tripadon is useless!
A:  He's thirsty.  And that wasn't a question.

Q:  I'm not writing the questions, you are!
A:  Good point -- that means I'm talking to myself.  But that still wasn't a
    question.  Wait a sec... hmmmm...

6.4.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*   If a prisoner shoots you in the back, as long as he didn't open his cell
      door then you're not allowed to do anything about it.
*   If you are invincible you have every right to be small and annoying.
*   Guards will ignore crates that appear to be moving by themselves.

6.5	Chapter Five:  Rebel Camp

6.5.1	General Notes

*  Do not enter the arch without the Sounding Stick.
*  You can show something to the kid in exchange for something VERY good.
*  Getting the cactus heart is merely amusing.  Show it to the tripadon
*  Anything effecting your Magic is also striking your mind and can be
     countered with the Veil/Mind Block.
*  You will get a wave (full restoration of MP/HP) near the end of this

6.5.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of

*  Occasionally the Sounding Stick will reveal that you're standing in the
     MIDDLE of a trap.  You are now screwed - reload before you have to sit
     through the Game Over screen again.

6.5.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  None

6.5.4	Combat Tips
*  If you have cover, use hit and run tactics.
*  Stand near walls to throw off aim.
*  When in doubt, shoot as rapidly as possible.
*  Your attack spell does more damage than your weapon.

6.5.5	Available Spells
*  None

6.5.6	Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I get the Sounding Stick?
A:  You have to touch the Wrist Jadar.  The #2 man will take priority over
    touching it until you've done all his conversation paths.  You may have
    to try several angles for it to work.

Q:  What do I trade the kid?
A:  Something hourglass shaped. 

Q:  What does the Cactus Heart do?
A:  The caretaker of the tridapons will give you a swig of booze whenever
    you show it to him.

Q:  I hate these sand traps!
A:  So do I.  Take baby steps and use the Sounding Stick constantly.

Q:  When do I use the Crystal Vial?
A:  There's a glowing spot in the East side of the Sea of Eternity.

Q:  Why am I taking damage?
A:  The Mermaid's song is messing with your mind.

Q:  How do I end the chapter? 
A:  Equip the conch.

6.5.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*   Children can consume mass quantities of alcohol without throwing up or
      getting drunk.
*   Sand traps are square.
*   Mermaids are scary looking.

6.6	Chapter Five:  Rebellion!

6.6.1	General Notes
*  This is the only time you'll be able to blast the bejeezies out of
     everyone and where the combat will be fair.  Keep that Freeze spell handy.
*  You can upgrade your weapon here, and it's essential that you do so.
*  Your first boss fight will occur in this chapter.

6.6.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  When Dr. Doom (Val Subek) is with you in front of the big machine, you
     will be trapped in the field and forced to take damage the entire time.
     You can not skip this cut scene, and you can not prevent the damage.
     Activate all armour spells that you can first, and make sure your health
     is in the green area.

6.6.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  None that you can skip, but see Bugs.

6.6.4	Combat Tips
*  Everyone except the boss can be hit with Freeze first.  It's a cheap and
     easy way to kill all your opponents.

6.6.5	Available Spells
*  The Lemur in Dr. Doom's place can still teach you spells for an hourglass.
*  There is another Lemur in the boss's room, but I never got him to let me
     take the other two spells.  Since I beat the game without them they
     can't be that useful.  And I don't care to play it again.

According to Chris, there is a document in Dr. Doom's lab that mentions 
how the Lemurs fear quartz.  Therefore, approach with the quartz vial 
in hand to force the Lemurs to allow you to learn the spells.

According to him, the spells are "Mermaid's Song" which confuses enemies
(I imagine it's about as good as the flute that was supposed to do the
same thing to Lemurs...) and Chronomantic Armour -- which probably WOULD
be useful.

6.6.6	Questions and Answers

Q:  Did you know that the figure number is the sign of the devil?
A:  For one thing, there are periods between each number.  For another,
      that's an old superstition having to do with the number three.  Nine
      was lucky because it was three times three... I'm not sure why twice
      times three repeated three times is evil.

Q:  Where's the new weapon? 
A:  Temple.

Q:  How do I get the key to the door? 
A:  Unequip, talk to the child guard in the temple.

Q:  How do I stop the machine? 
A:  Ask Dr. Doom.  (Val Subek)

Q:  How do I short-circuit the machine? 
A:  Use a tool.  And then use your bare hands.

Q:  How do I kill the boss? 
A:  Personally, I just tossed on defensive magic and stood my ground, firing
    with the new gun.  If that does work, run and let Ashimira do her thing.  Told you, 
    she's you're bodyguard.

Q:  How do I free the King? 
A:  Man, child, sage, Khronos.

6.6.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*   As far as this game goes, Quality Assurance is an oxymoron.
*   Short circuits are best handled with your bare hands.
*   I found all the killing in this chapter the only brief point of stress
      relief in the whole game.

6.7	Chapter Seven:  Behind Enemy Lines

6.7.1	General Notes
*  This chapter is bug central.
*  You will get a wave at the end of the chapter, so don't use items unless
   you have to.

6.7.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  When riding lifts, sometimes the lift goes through you and you are screwed.
*  When riding lifts, if you hit the spacebar at any wrong time or wrong
     direction, you are incapable of doing anything else until he finishes
     talking, often screwing you.
*  Do not walk out onto the tracks where the mine cart gets pushed off - he
     will make a comment and step backwards.  The problem is he does not
     necessarily know enough to do it right, and he will continue to make
     comments and try to step backwards.  You can't skip it, and the game is
     in effect, completely pooched.  Force a close by hitting ALT-F4.
*  Sometimes you're allowed to use the disrupter on a different floor and
     still nail the top floor robot.  If you can, this is a bug that's
     worked in your favour.

6.7.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  When the female priest is talking, skip the scene.  She'll start attacking
     immediately afterwards.  By skipping the scene, at least any defensive
     spells you've cast will still be in effect.

6.7.4	Combat Tips
*  Cast freeze, shoot 'em with the gun.
*  You can't fight robots.

6.7.5	Available Spells
*  None - you will get no more new spells from this point onwards.

6.7.6	Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I defeat robots?
A:  The only way is to take control of them with various control panels.

Q:  What do I do about the robot on the top floor? 
A:  You have to use the Disrupter near him.

Q:  Where is the Disrupter?
A:  In the middle floor robot.  Perhaps you can arrange an accident.

Q:  Why doesn't the bridge work?
A:  As a safety feature, the bridge will not collapse if anything is on it.

Q:  I've taken control of the top floor robot, now what?
A:  You actually need him to be on the middle floor.

Q:  How do I control the robot when the controls are on the top floor?
A:  You'll have to find another way up.

Q:  How do I leave this place?
A:  You'll need to take an alternative route from the bottom floor to the
    middle floor.  This route is the only way to reach the mine cart.

6.7.7	Things I Learned From This Chapter
*   Again, as far as this game goes, Quality Assurance is an oxymoron.
*   "Wales" (sic) will never be Mario.

6.8	Chapter Eight:  Victory?

6.8.1	General Notes
*  People still can't hit a moving target.
*  Robots hate robots.
*  Mr. Fancy Pants is still invincible.
*  Ashimira scares Mr. Fany Pants.
*  I hate this game.

6.8.2	Bugs You Should Be Aware Of
*  None that royally screw the chapter.

6.8.3	Cut Scenes Of Note
*  None

6.8.4	Combat Tips
*  Time-Freeze, then gun or spell.
*  If that doesn't work, run.

6.8.5	Questions and Answers

Q:  How do I help Ashimira?
A:  Robots hate robots.

Q:  What do I do about that flying robot?
A:  You can't fight it.  You need to deactivate its power source, and you
    have very little time to do so.

Q:  How do I kill Mr. Fancy Pants?
A:  You don't.

6.8.6	Things I Learned From This Chapter

*   Whoever built the robots offered the same quality assurance as this game
      was given.
*   Mr. Fancy Pants is very annoying.
*   All Evil Overlords LOVE organ music.
*   Ashimira scares Mr. Fancy Pants.
*   I hate this game.

6.9	Chapter Nine:  I Hate Mr. Fancy Pants

Yes, you read that right.  Insert "I Love Lucy" opening here, except of
course it should read "I Hate Mr. Fancy Pants" and it should show his face
with a cross-hair super-imposed on it.

6.9.1	General Notes
*  Yes, you must do the tired reaction in response to the tired clich 

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