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The Mystery of the Mummy

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About The Game

Inspired by the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Become Sherlock Holmes as you embark on a remarkable adventure. Investigate a mysterious case, full of suspense, of the disappearance of a famous archaeologist and a valuable Egyptian Mummy, in turn-of-the-century England. What begins as a simple case quickly becomes a web of intrigue, robbery, priceless artifacts, and potentially, a murder. Prepare yourself for a great adventure. Elementary ... I think not.

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The Mystery of the Mummy

The Mystery of the Mummy Review

By Chad Montague |

My faith in the developers of adventure games is at an all-time low. The last time I would say a really great adventure game was released was late 2000 when Funcom unveiled The Longest Journey. Syberia and Beyond Atlantis II were fair additions to the genre, but certainly didn't blow my socks off. At least they weren't insults to fans, like Schizm and Road to India were, though. So, it having been over 2 years since a pure adventure game made me go "Wow", I now look at new releases with much skepticism. And so it stands, as Dreamcatcher Games, The Adventure Company, released The Mystery of the Mummy, starring Arthur Conan Doyles famed detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Elizabeth Montcalfe, a soon to be in-law of our beloved detective, asks Sherlock Holmes to look into the death of her father - a very well-known archeologist. Watson, Mr. Holmes sidekick, will not be accompanying you on this journey though. Sherlock enters the home of Dr. Montcalfe and starts to investigate, gathering clues to a very odd mystery. This conundrum is made even odder by the fact that you will have no idea what it is. This would be frustrating, but as it doesn't really matter that you understand what is going on to play the game, it really doesn't interfere. Sure, it would be nice to get the game before the very end, but hey, why bother with a well-thought out and interactive story in an adventure game? Please note my sarcasm.

The Mystery of the Mummy is a first person point and click adventure with third person cut-scenes. The interface is extremely simple to understand. Moving the mouse around the screen will reveal hot spots, which you can either use items on or pick up items from. Also, moving around to other areas is indicated by a pointing hand. Two icons, a bag and a notepad, take you to the only non-hot spot objects you can use. The bag contains items you gather during your investigation. You will be able to pick up items from the bag to use with other items in the inventory or with the environment. The notepad icon takes you to several options. Letters contains all notes and papers you've discovered for later review. A log keeps track of all the surmisings by Sherlock. Loading and saving, as well as exiting the game are all done from this screen. There are only 6 save spots, but that is more than enough unless you want to return to an early point because you want to replay that scene.

One frustrating point is that there is no description of the item when you pick it up or a way to examine them closely once in your inventory. Sometimes, you might even miss that you've picked up an item until you go to your inventory and select it to see what it is. One of the more annoying aspects of control is the angle of the camera when you switch screens. Sometimes, you are facing the door you just came in and sometimes you are facing a direction opposite the one you are moving in when you switch screens in the same room.  What did you think of The Mystery of the Mummy?

The game is fairly straight forward. You explore each area of a room and you can't move on to others until you have solved everything in one area. For example, to complete a puzzle to gain entrance to another room or an object, you will have to find pieces to add to that problem by exploring and discovering clues. There are essentially five levels with maybe 10 major puzzles and several smaller, simpler ones. Many are timed and some will even cause you to die, so save often. The one big complaint I have about the enigmas is the fact that there were slider puzzles. Not one, but two slider puzzles await you in this game. To me, slider puzzles are filler and probably the ultimate in lame when it comes to adventure games. Some of the dilemmas were a lot of fun and some were too convoluted to understand. Sometimes, the game tries to give hints to solving the puzzles, but they are very vague and tend towards making the mystery harder to solve, not easier. However, not all is bad here, as I found a few of the puzzles to be really enjoyable, especially one near the very end that involves creating a picture.

The graphics are definitely dated and tend to detract from the gameplay. This is because the way the images were done, you often cannot see that key piece of evidence or necessary object. The screen images are extremely dark and important items tend to blend in so well to the environment, they are the environment. I'm not asking for huge hot spots, but a little gold hair pin found on a stair was just a dot that looked like everything else did, debris. Its hot spot was so small and there was no reason why a hair pin would be there. Yes, there was a patch of grey hair on the ground at the base of the stairs, but it still made no sense. I'm still puzzling as to how the grey hair and hair pin got there. Whose was it??

The sounds were simply adequate. The voice acting was ok, but not fabulous. Sometimes, the speech skipped though and that was annoying. The sound effects are pretty good and the explosions are perfectly loud. Nothing blows you away here, except when you get blown away by messing up a puzzle.

The Mystery of the Mummy Game Walkthrough




Sherlock Holmes - The Mystery of the Mummy
Released: July 2009
Official web site:
2009 Frogwares, Licensed exclusively to DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. by Focus
Home Interactive SAS for North America, Central America and South America.
Inspired by the character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Package design
2009 Dreamcatcher Interactive Inc. The Adventure Company.

This is an unofficial game guide/walkthrough for this game. Anything I missed I
would enjoy knowing about at the above referenced email address. 
If you chose to copy and post any portion of this guide/walkthrough elsewhere
at least give credit to me since I took the time to create it, after all karma
does have a way of coming back on those that steal.
This basic location guide/walkthrough contains solutions for all the puzzles. 
I finally sat down & wrote this after I got tired of my son constantly asking
me to help him on some of the puzzles.

Basic Control:  The use of the + controller is good but I have to admit that it
can get a bit dizzying & it is highly sensitive in this game. You can also use
the stylus to move and when the cursor changes to a hand with the magnifying
glass for close up of an area and a reaching hand when there's an item to pick
up. The hand with a wrench in it means that you have to use something in the
The L button will allow you to use the Inventory screen where you can pick up
items, combine them and use them on the play screen.
A Notepad screen is available when you click the L button and then on the
Notepad icon.
The Y button is used to access any documents & letters so that you may read
them for clues.
The R button is used to open the help/hint screen in case you get stuck.
**NOTE** Progression in the game is blocked in certain areas if you do not
complete an area and get the items needed to continue. This may cause you to
have to restart the game or backtrack and hopefully be able to access the
missing required items.


The game opens with a cutscene of the letter from Elisabeth to Holmes and him
entering the mansion.


Exam the sarcophagi around the room & note the dates on them. The majority of
the sarcophagi cannot be viewed too closely. Check the door at the back of the
room, it is locked and you must find the key.

Turn around from the door and look at the planter. Upon closer inspection you
will pick up the BES seal.

Walk to the front of the entryway where you see the two sphinxes. Examine the
sphinx on the left as you are facing the door. A secret compartment sides open
at the base of the stairs behind you.

Go get the KEY & enter the locked room.

[Khaepaseth Mummy Room]

Upon entering the room turn left and step forward a pace.

Pick up the THOTH seal off the floor from behind the statue.

Step back to the door and face right. Examine the statue there. 

Face forward again and step towards the mummy.

Look down and you will see a toolbox. Click on it.


Turn left and examine Khaepaseth and then turn and examine what is to the right
of the toolbox.

Walk towards the door on the right. Look to the right and pickup the TIE PIN
that is under the stool there.

Go through the door you are standing right next to.

[Amenophis Statue Room]

**Note: the sacrificial knife on the bottom of the curio cabinet**

Walk up to the statue of Amenophis and turn left. Take the SELKET seal that is
on the floor by the display case.

Turn around and examine the Amenophis statue to the left of you.

Step forward and examine the other case.

Turn towards the door that has a wall of pictures to the left of it. Examine
the wall of pictures and get a PICTURE OF ELISABETH.

Examine the floor in front of the door and examine the bandage. Sadly, the door
is locked.

If you look at the door to your left you will see that there is a puzzle on it.

Go back and straight through Khaepaseth Mummy Room.

[Egyptian Gods Room]

Step forward one pace and check the 4 sarcophagi on the right. Click on the 2nd
one from the end.

Click on the lock of the storage space and then use the SCREWDRIVER from your
inventory on it. Take the KEY.

At the far end of the room is a large slab of stone with hieroglyphics on it.
Walk over to it and collect the SEBEK seal from behind it. 

If you check the doors to the right and in front of the slab you will find them
Step across the room and examine the case with the extract from the "Book of
the Dead".

Examine the cabinet on the left side of the room that holds the artifacts. This
cabinet is key information for solving the puzzle in the door.

Go back to the door to the right of the hieroglyphic slab. Try the KEY, then
use the SMALL BOTTLE OF OIL on it and then use the KEY again.

[Dusty Room]

Turn to the right as you enter the door and walk towards the boxes on the floor.

Use the HAMMER from inventory on the box in front of you and take the LARGE

Look up from the box and you will see a cabinet on the back wall. Move to it.

Use the TIE PIN in inventory on the cabinet to pick the lock and take the
WHISKEY BOTTLE you find in there.

Turn around and walk back to the door. Then turn and face the mirror. Click on it.


Leave the room & make the long trek back to the room with the wall of pictures
(Amenophis Statue Room).

Go up to the door that has the puzzle in it. You will see that there is a place
for four seals to be placed in it and we have 5 seals in inventory.

1st Door Puzzle Solution:

Top:        SEBEK seal - the seal that has a face looking right.
Second:   THOT seal - the seal that has a face looking left.
Third:      NOUT seal - female bending over
Fourth:    BES seal - the two headed one 

The door is open to the Study.

[1st Floor Study]

Take one pace forward into room and examine the bookshelves.

Turn towards the desk and pick up the NEWSPAPER and letter. Read the letter.

Turn right and step towards the desk at the end of the room. Pick up the BOOK

Use the MATCHES from inventory on the CANDLE that is on the lower left side of
the desk.

Examine the box to the right of the heater as you are facing it.

Use the LARGE, MEDIUM and SMALL GEARS on the box. Back out of close up.

Open the heater on the bottom and use the NEWSPAPER, WOOD and WHISKEY from
inventory. Use the MATCHES to light the heater.




Turn to the right inside the door and examine the white column on the wall.

**NOTE** The library appears to be colour coded.


Turn and climb the metal stairwell. 


You are on the upper level now. Turn left and go to the blue bookcase. Replace
the GREEN BOOK with the blue one from inventory.

Turn and go to the Green bookcase. Replace the RED BOOK with the green one from

Go downstairs and straight to Red bookcase. Replace the GRAY BOOK with the red
one from inventory.

Turn left and go 2 paces then turn and face right. Replace the BLACK BOOK from
inventory with the gray book.

Go upstairs. Replace the YELLOW BOOK from inventory with the black book.

Go downstairs.  Replace the GRAY BOOK from inventory with the yellow book.

Turn right and replace the GRAY BOOK from inventory with the BIG gray book.


KEY is now in inventory.

Trek back up the stairs and unlock the door to your left.

[Yellow Hallway]

Turn left and examine the Egyptian artifact. 

Turn right and go thru the double doors with the green curtains over them.

[Living Room]

Turn right and examine the case on the right. **Note** the lighter colour of
roman numerals and letters in the name on the plaque.

Momphis XI is missing but there is sand there.

Examine the gun on the left wall over the Momphis XI case.

Turn left and take a pace forward. Face right and open the curtain over the
door. Try the door. It's locked.

Examine the couch, pick up and read the letter that is under the table. 

Turn left and take a pace forward. Examine the lion head over the fireplace.

Turn left from the fireplace and take a pace forward. Examine the cabinet in
front of you.

Turn left from the cabinet and take a pace forward then face the family tree
painting on the wall. Examine the family tree.

Turn left from the painting and examine desk. Examine the open cabinet under
the desk and take the PIPE CLEANER.

Turn left and exit the room back into the Yellow Hallway.

[Yellow Hallway]

Go down the hallway one pace and look down on the floor to the left. Pick up
the FORK.

Enter the first door to the right.


Turn right and note that the blackboard has been erased.

Turn left from the doorway. Examine the box on the wall to the left of the door.

Examine the floor to the left of the door and grab the FAKE REGISTER from under
the dresser. Go to inventory and examine the Fake Register.

Walk forward to the fireplace and note that there is a fire lit there.

Examine the painting over the fireplace.

Turn right and move towards the window.

Click on the window. 


Examine the spyglass.

Turn around at the desk and take the letters of resignation.

Turn left fm desk and look down. Pick up the letter from Parkay and read it.

Go around the desk but DO NOT open the small door you see in the wall. It is a
one way door that leads back into the library.

Exit the room from the door you came in.

[Yellow Hallway]

Go back into the Study.

Walk over to the painting over the fireplace. Use the FORK from inventory on
the crack in the bottom of the painting.

Take the CANE and the REAL REGISTER. Examine the real register.

Exit the room

[Yellow Hallway]

Turn right and enter the door to the right.


Walk over to the sink and pick up the SOAP.

Turn left and examine the bathtub.

Drain the water from the bathtub and find more sand there.

Exit the room.

[Yellow Hallway]

Turn left and go 2 paces to the Living Room.

[Living Room]

Walk over to lions head over the fireplace and use the CANE from inventory on it.

Take the PACKAGE and then open the PACKAGE from inventory. You now have FOUR

Turn right from the fireplace and go to the door with the purple drapes over it.

Use the FAKE REGISTER from inventory at the bottom of the door. 

Use the SOAP from inventory on the lock of the door.

Use the PIPE CLEANER from inventory on the lock.


Use the KEY now in inventory and unlock the door.


Go left around the table and then straight back to the nightstand. Examine the


Start with the top missing piece and go around clockwise. All four pieces will
be in your inventory.

SQUARE SHAPED PIECE in lower right corner.

Drawer will open.

Pick up the letter and read it.

Pick up the hieroglyphic chart. *NOTE* this is the solution to the next puzzle.*

Turn around and take one pace forward. Turn right and face the painting on the
wall and a desk. You can examine the hat but it holds no real clues.

Examine the painting.


Using stylus: 

Press the Big Eye.
Press the Woman with the Ankh
Press the Cat
Press the Man with the Staff.


SCEPTER is now in inventory.

Turn around and look up at ceiling fan.

Use the SCEPTER from inventory on the pole of the ceiling fan.


Go towards the front of the room where you saw item fly to.

Pick up the SCARAB BETTLE from floor.

Exit room.

[Yellow Hallway]

Go back to the Study.


Walk up to the desk and click on the left side where you see the white coffee
rings on the desk blotter.

Use the SCARAB from inventory on the wheel. Turn the t-bar shape. Another
secret compartment opens.

Read the two letters inside and then click on the gun. 

Turn and go back to the door but do not leave.

Click on the box to the right of the door as you are facing it.




Exit Room.

[Yellow Hallway]

Head back to Living Room.

[Living Room]

Go to the cabinet in the upper left corner of the room. The one you examined
earlier. Click on the cabinet and then use the KEY from inventory.


Leave the room.

[Yellow Hallway]

Turn right and go over to the Egyptian statue.

Use both FAKE and REAL SCEPTERS on it. Then click on the statue.



Where would we be if there wasn't a basement in this mansion along with a
hidden stairwell down to it.

[Wine Cellar]

Look down after you enter and pick up the RAG. 

Step forward a pace and turn to face the room. Look down and pick up the EMPTY
BOTTLE from the lower right part of the shelf. 

Turn left and take another pace forward look down and pick up the second RAG.

Go back to the door and then face the wine racks on the wall.

Get the STICK that is half way down in the first part of the rack and the
bottle of SPANISH WINE.

Move up a pace, face the wall rack and get the bottle of BOURGOGNE and bottle

Turn left and face the rack get the bottle of BOURDEUX from the upper corner.

Turn left, take a pace forward and face the wall rack. Take a BOTTLE OF LIQUEUR
from the self and get a bottle of GIN.

Now turn and go to the table that you see in the left corner of the room.

Take the MATCHES and the WATER FLASK from the table.

Look down and pick up the STICK from the floor next to the stool.

Turn around and check out the sand on the left side.

Turn back and face the table and pick up the HAMMER.

Examine the picture on the front of the cask above where you picked up the
hammer. *Note it is the solution to the puzzle*

Go back to the mattress you see on the floor and lift it.

Use the HAMMER from inventory to open the trapdoor. Take the STATUE.

*NOTE:  Make sure to grab all of the items here because you will not be able to
come back and get them if you forget.*

This is a good save point if you haven't done so already.

Go back to the rack where you grabbed the bottle of GIN and examine it.


Order of bottles to be put on back shelf:


Another hidden door opens to the left of the racks.

Go into inventory and combine a RAG with a STICK twice, then use the GIN on the
two newly made TORCHES. (aren't you a great scout!)

Use the matches on one of the sticks and you now have a torch. 
**NOTE-the torch is a limited time. There is a blue gauge that appears on the
lower screen.**


Once through the door to the Lab, turn right and look down. Use the HAMMER from
inventory on the clay vase there. Pick up KEY 1.

Step forward and pick up KEY 2 from the box on top of the table.

Turn left and take a pace forward. Turn and face the table in the center.
Examine everything there including the bandages and the notes on reincarnation.

Walk around the center table and get the SMALL BOTTLE OF OIL from under it.

Examine the tables along wall and read everything.

Puzzle solution is on one of these notes:  

D = Clockwise
G = Counterclockwise
At the same time or you will die.

Walk over to the door to your right (the door at the end of the worktable) and
look down. Pick up the SAND there.

After you have read all the notes, examined the bandages, gotten the sand and
the bottle of oil along with the two keys. Go to the desk you see in the back.

Move the chair to the left side of the desk and then step up on it to get the

Time to save your game again. **NOTE - If you do not solve this puzzle right,
there is a cutscene showing Sherlock getting blown up.**


Place the KEY with the "D" in the right lock
Place the KEY with the "G" in the left lock
Each key has two arrows over it.
Press the outside arrows for both keys then press Turn button under them.

The drawer should open.

Take the STATUE.

Use the SMALL BOTTLE OF OIL on the door to the left of the drawer.

Use the 3rd KEY on the door.

[Storage Room]

Inside the storage room there is a very small speck of orange you can see walk
towards it and pick up the OIL LAMP.

Go back to the door you came in.

Use the SMALL BOTTLE OF OIL in inventory on the OIL LAMP in inventory.

You will see 5 big urns on the floor of the room with each having a symbol on
it.  To keep it simple because they are hard to see on the DS screen I've made
a mini graph as you are looking into the room. Use the items from your
inventory as follows:


Droplet urn = WATER FLASK                       Triangle urn = SAND
                               No marked urn = nothing 
Flame urn = MATCHES                             Swirl urn = EMPTY BOTTLE

Go over to the door and put in S then V then K.

Take the STATUE from under the Flame urn.

Exit the room to the Lab.

Walk straight across the room to the door on other side of the desk.

[Rotating Room]

I will freely admit this is the most annoying room in the whole game. To help
keep yourself oriented in here: there are a total of 4 statues. Two on each
side that face each other. On one side you will see that the statue closest to
the door has a crooked staff in hand and the other statue has a spear. The
opposite wall has the statue with the spear closest to the door and the other
statue holding the crooked staff in the back.

Click on the center of the room until you are facing two of the statues and can
reach them. 

Click on each statue once.

Turn and click on the center of the room until you are facing the other two
statues and can reach them.

Click on each of these statues once.

A panel in the floor next to the door you came in should pop open if you did it
right and you need to work your way back there and pick up the STATUE.

Click on the center of the room until you are in the center again. Your
objective is to now reach the door opposite the one you came in. *NOTE: I found
that once I got to the center of the  room and then clicking towards the
statues OPPOSITE the door I really wanted to go to, I was able to get to the
door I needed.*

Read the gold plaque on the door: 
"It is better than God
 It is worse than the Devil 
 Poors get plenty
 Rich need it
 If we eat it we die
 What is it?"
Solution:  Nothing.
Wipe off the goop from the spot at lower right of plaque and put the BRAHAM
seal in it.


[Dusty Egyptian Room]
Geez this guy is way over the top into his theme of keeping Egypt alive in the

Walk over to the big tub of water to your right.


Click on the tub and two vials will appear on the screen - one holds 5 unites
and the other holds 3 units and you need a total of 4 units to complete this
Instructions:  click on a bucket to use it and then click on the tub of water
then click the correct vial. To empty a bucket, click on the crack between the
tub and scale.

Fill the Small bucket.
Pour the Small bucket into the Big bucket.
Fill the Small bucket.
Pour the Small bucket into the Big bucket.
Empty the Big bucket into the crack.
Pour the Small bucket into the Big bucket.
Fill the Small bucket.
Pour the Small bucket into the Big bucket.
(You should have 4 units)
Place the Big bucket onto the scale.


Place the 4 STATUES from inventory into the chessboard. One at each corner.



[Dusty Egyptian Room]

Pick up the BOARD from the ground.

Examine poor Parkay.

Take PARKAY'S BAG. (More a lady's handbag)

Examine the door that is blocked.

Exit Room back to Rotating Room.

[Rotating Room]

Use the BOARD from inventory on gap to the right inside of the door.

Cross the gap and take the CHAIN from the wall.

Go back across the board and cross to the middle of the room.

Look straight up and use the CHAIN from inventory on the ring that is in the
center of the ceiling.

Click on the hole in the wall which is next to the door to the Lab.


[Wine Cellar]

Take one pace forward.

Turn and click on the knob of the barrel that is on it's side.

Use PARKAY'S BAG on it to collect the gunpowder (BAG WITH GUNPOWER now in

Examine the letter that was in the bag.

Walk to the table and take the LANTERN.

Turn around and take the PAINTBRUSH from the top of the keg sitting close to
the blocked up doorway.

Walk over to the giant pile of wine bottles on the floor and pick up BROKEN

Turn and face the brick wall with the doorway.

Examine the door and not the "3" at the top of the arch of the doorway. *Note:
This is the solution to the puzzle*

Use the PAINTBRUSH from inventory on all the stones that create the arch to the
doorway. If you do this properly then you will be able to finish the puzzle. 

You will see + signs on every third stone. Click only on the stones that have
the + on them all the way around the arch starting at the lower right corner
and ending on the left side.
The doorway should then open for you to go up.

[Entry way]

Go over to the table next to where the panel opened for you to get the FIRST
KEY. Read the note which is on the floor.

Go back to the fallen chandelier and use the LANTERN from inventory on the one
candle that is still lit.

Walk back to the halltree with the mirror on it to the right of the front door.
Take the HAIRPIN that is lying on top.

Use the HAIRPIN from inventory on the halltree just below where you see the
paper sticking out from it. DIRTY PAPER is in inventory.

Go back to the fallen chandelier and use the DIRTY PAPER from inventory on the
candle. **Note:  This is solution to next puzzle*

Go up the first flight of stairs and use the LANTERN on the unlit space to
right of the painting (there's a small bracket there)


To solve this puzzle click above or below the lever to move them.

Click all three levers so they are in the down position.
Click the middle lever twice so it is all the way up.
Click the levers to the right and left of the middle one to the middle
position. (One click each)


Finish going up the stairs. You can go around to the left but you will find one
door locked and the other is hot & there seems to be a fire behind it.

Turn right at the top of the stairs and there is an open doorway that reveals a

Click on the wall within the doorway and enter the Yellow Hallway.

[Yellow Hallway]

Turn to the right and if you open Montcalfe's door fire will pop out at you, so
you close it quickly.

Examine the walls and floor as you move down the hallway.

To the right of Montcalfe's room there is a painting on the floor. Examine it
and get THREE HOOKS and a PIECE OF PAPER with writing on it.

Turn around to face out into the hall. Click on the painting on the floor. The
SECOND PIECE OF PAPER with writing on it.

Further down the hall is a third painting on the floor and it will contain the
THIRD PIECE OF PAPER with writing on it.

After examining the other clues on the floor and lower parts of the wall, head
to the Study.


Go to the window at the back of the Study and you will see a square on the window.

Use the THREE PIECES OF PAPER in your inventory and rotate them if necessary to
create the picture of the "Shield".

Exit the room and go down the Yellow Hallway to the Living Room.

[Living Room]

The room is filled with smoke and a blue gauge appears on the right side of
your screen. If Sherlock is in there too long he will die from smoke
inhalation. You can always leave & go back in the room it does reset this timer.

Go over to the door with the purple drape on it (the one to the Bedroom) and
use the BROKEN BOTTLE from your inventory on the lower right part of purple
curtain. You now have something to cover your face and not worry about dying
from smoke inhalation.

Examine the left wall where Monphis XI display is. The rifle is missing.

Examine the shield that is over the couch to the left of the Bedroom door.

Click on it twice and it should open up and reveal a mirror that shows a giant
red X next to the painting of the family tree on the opposite wall.

Turn and walk left to the fireplace and pick up the SPEARHEAD that is on the
floor next to it.

Go left until you are next to the painting of the family tree and use the
SPEARHEAD from inventory on the wall where the red X was shown.

Take the THREE WEIGHTS, the KEY and the LETTER. Read the letter.

Exit room and go back to the Study.


Time to SAVE GAME again.

Go to the right inside the room and click on the shelf above and to the left of
the small locked door in the wall. Pick up MEDIUM COG GEAR.

Examine the clock that is to the left of the door as you enter.

Use the THREE HOOKS from inventory on the bottom of the 3 chains on the clock.

Attach the WEIGHTS from inventory as follows:

Gold   Blue   Silver

Click in the middle of the clock and use the MEDIUM COG GEAR from inventory.

Click on the face part of the clock twice and use the KEY from inventory on it.

Turn and go over to the small locked door and use the BAG OF GUNPOWDER from
inventory on the handle.

Use the LANTERN on the BAG.




Remember the cutscene showing that the rails are electrified.

Go left around the upper area to the blue bookcase. Touch the big blue book
there and a secret room opens up and the rails are no longer electrified.

[Secret Room]

Pick up the SHOVEL that is with the pile of coal to the left of the stove with
the contraption on it.

Use the SHOVEL from inventory on the coals in the stove.

Flip the switch on the left side of the kettle that has the spinning blades on it.

Leave the room and head back around towards the doorway. Look down and examine
the missing rifle.

Go down the stairs.

Go over to the Red Bookshelf and climb up the ladder. At the top you will see a
box lying on it's side to the left with a group of books to the right of it.
Touch the group of books to move them.

Read the dynamite use's manual and the receipt for the explosives. To the right
of those items is a FUNNEL pick it up.

Back down the ladder and exit the room back to the 1st Floor Study.

[1st Floor Study]

Take the CANDLE from the desk. 

Exit Room into Amenophis Statue Room

[Amenophis Statue Room]

Remember the SACRIFICIAL KNIFE in the lower part of the curio cabinet from your
first trip there? Go pick it up now. (The cabinet is on the right side of the
room towards the other end).

Take one pace back and move the tall vase on the right side of the room. Pick

Move to the front right side of the room ( the one with the two tablets in  the
display window).  Use the KNIFE from inventory on the lower drawer and get the

*Note - If you go to the other side of the room where the mummy is, there is a
trap door on the floor in front of it. You will not be able to do anything with
this gear box yet.*

Exit the room through the doors next to the case that holds the two tablets
back into Khaepaseth Mummy Room.

[Khaepaseth Mummy Room]

Use the KNIFE from inventory to open the drawers and take the TWO BRICKS.

Go over to the right side of the room (where you first picked up the Hammer &
Screwdriver). Look down and pick up the AXE.

**NOTE - you can waste time opening the other drawers in the room with the
KNIFE, but there is nothing in them.**

Exit the room into the Egyptian Gods Room

[Egyptian Gods Room]

Step forward one pace on the left side ad pick up the HALF EMPTY OIL CONTAINER.

Use the KNIFE from inventory to open all of the drawers and cabinets. Grab the

Exit room back all the way back to the 1st Floor Study.

[1st Floor Study]

Turn right and take a pace forward. You will see a puzzle that has been
uncovered on the wall. Click on it.


Use the Brick from inventory that has 1 break in it in the slot with 22 under it.

Use the Brick from inventory that has 2 breaks in it on the slot with 24 in it.

Use the final brick in the last slot and turn numbers to read 23.

Pick up the LEVER.

Exit the room back into Amenophis Statue Room.

[Amenophis Statue Room]

If you haven't done so already, move the rug that is next to the broken
sarcophagus case and open the trap door.

Use the LEVER from inventory on the machine. Pull the LEVER.

The sarcophagus in the Egyptian Gods Room will swing open.


Go forward through the Khaepaseth Mummy Room and into the Egyptian Gods Room.

Click to open the Sarcophagus. You can't do anything because it is too dark.

Exit room back to Amenophis Room.

[Amenophis Room]

Combine the Oil Tank and Ancient Lamp in inventory.

Step forward one pace and to the left. Use the OIL LAMP from inventory on the
lamp over the missing mummy sarcophagus.

Exit room back to the Egyptian Gods Room.

[Egyptian Gods Room]

Exit room by going down the stairs.

[Storage Room]

Go forward to the far left corner of the room and pick up the ROPE from the shelf.

Exit room into the lab.


Walk along the table that has the gadgets on it and pick up the WOODEN BOX.

Move around the table to the alcove that is visible. Remember the bomb is
ticking and you will now hit a count down timer to explosion.



Use the WOODEN BOX from inventory on the bigger box in the back left corner of
the room.

Combine the two CONTAINERS in inventory onto the HALF FULL GAUGE.

Use the HALF FULL GAUGE from inventory on top of the BOX.

Use the CUP from inventory on the left side of the HALF FULL GAUGE.

Use the CANDLE from inventory on the right side of the HALF FULL GAUGE.

Use the FUNNEL from inventory above the HALF FULL GAUGE.

Use the ROPE from inventory on the AXE in inventory.

Use the combined ROPE/AXE on the hook on the wall to the right of the HALF FULL
GAUGE. (It is right above where you see steam coming out of the machine).

Use the ANCIENT LAMP from inventory on the CANDLE.

Get out of the room QUICK!
If done right you will not blow yourself and the mansion sky high.

Watch the last CUTSCENE to get the answers to who the murder really was & see
the ending.

***I hope this is helpful to those who are playing this game that (like my son
& myself) were left clueless in certain areas where there was no guidance to
figure out what to do next.
The game isn't overly difficult but even vague clues help to complete the game
without having to use the Hints section for the game.***

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