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The Matrix: Path of Neo

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The Matrix: Path of Neo follows the story of the blockbuster motion picture trilogy and for the first time allow gamers to play as Neo and become "the One". As Neo, the choices the player makes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences may have a different result than the original films. Alternative scenarios filled with new characters, content and storylines have all been written and planned by the Wachowski Brothers to expand the Matrix universe. From the cell call to Neo's former self Thomas Anderson to the flying street battle in the rain against Agent Smith, you are in control. Dodge bullets, master martial arts, read codes, fly, run and jump off walls in the battle for humanity.

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The Matrix: Path of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo Review

By Chad Montague |

We might as well get it out of the way and tell you right from the beginning that The Matrix: Path of Neo is a whole lot better than 2003's spin-off, Enter the Matrix. It looks better, it plays better, and taking control of the former Mr. Anderson is more satisfying than running around as Ghost or Niobe any day of the week. But more than that, Path of Neo tried to do things technologically on consoles that few other titles rarely attempt. Its Windows counterpart, however, doesn't exactly push the limits of its hardware with a surplus of particles, shadows, lighting effects, and animations... regardless of that fact that Path of Neo has a lot to like in just about every element of its production.

Speaking of which, when industry press first came out of E3 proclaiming that the game had one of the best uses of a license they'd seen in quite some time, they weren't joking -- everything about Path of Neo screams "Matrix" at nearly every turn. Whether it's the cool green coding effect you'll get during loading screens and pause menus or the meticulous recreation of the trilogy's most famous environments, everything you'd expect to be here is here... or at least, everything you'd expect from a game about Neo. After all, the story this time around is told exclusively from Neo's perspective, so the highway chase from Reloaded and the massive real world battle between Zion and the machines in Revolutions didn't make the cut.

Training levels teach you how to wield deadly tools of destruction.But one of the things that makes Path of Neo stand out is that there's still a lot to do despite its narrow character focus. When Neo is trying to flee from agents at the start of the first movie, for instance, players don't just have to worry about running from cubicle to cubicle before making it to an outside window -- Now Neo's escape is a lot more elaborate. He'll have to shimmy across various ledges, avoid agents and police officers next to construction zones, and sprint down several flights of stairs before zooming off with Trinity on a motorcycle. This kind of expanded storytelling bleeds into every other level of the game as well -- especially in the early going, when the brief montage of Neo's facial reactions learning martial arts we've grown accustomed to gets replaced with full-blown playable training levels.

Strangely, the training levels in Path of Neo are actually one the game's biggest detractors. As helpful as they may be, they're the slowest moving and clunkiest stages of the entire experience and aren't a good example of what players can ultimately expect. Unfortunately there are six of these levels in all, and other than the famous battle with Morpheus in the dojo, fail to have the drawing power that most initial stages in action games usually do (thanks in tandem to its lack of aggressive AI, available moves, and straight-forward level design). This is why I'm not surprised that a lot of my colleagues' early impressions of the console versions were overly pessimistic; the inaugural stages of Path of Neo really don't impress much at all.

There can be an impressive number of characters onscreen at once.But that's probably what makes the remaining two-thirds of the game are a more enjoyable experience. Because once you've made it past the dry and uninspired instructional areas, things really begin to pick up (and pick up fast) and that's when Path of Neo's more impressive elements come to light .

The Matrix: Path of Neo Game Walkthrough

vinaydear (vinaydear yahoo com) 
May 23, 2006 

The Matrix : The path of Neo

Get past distorted dimension

TIP: Get past Distorted Dimension

1st appearance: 

Turn right and jump the gap.

Go left of the arch and follow the hallway to the door.

2nd appearance:

Jump to either platform and go upstairs.

Cross mini-bridge and enter far right of the door.

3rd appearance:

Go all the way to the left wall of the area.

Turn left towards the hall, and then run up the back wall.

Go towards the door on block, but don't jump.

Land on the red platform, and proceed down the stairs and through the door.

4th appearance:

Beat ants, get Exile to talk (walk up to her).

Move block (focus, r1) off switch, stand on the switch.

Beat ants, wait untill Exile opens the gate for you.

Go through the gate, and the door will be on the left.

5th appearance:

Go up the right set of stairs, turn around to face stairs at top.

Door is on far black platform.

6th appearance:

Run straight, jump across the blocks to the door on the block.

Jump across the gap to door.  


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