The Even More Incredible Machine




The Even More Incredible Machine

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About The Game

Solve up to 160 fully-animated puzzles ... or build your own! It's time to strap on your inventor's helmet, crank up your machine and hang on! Knock bowling balls onto conveyor belts with spring-loaded boxing gloves. Rummage through more than 50 nifty doodads and wacky devices in the parts bin. You get to do about a gazillion strange and cool things as you solve the 160 puzzles.

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The Even More Incredible Machine Cheats

Level 19 "Fandango" in really hard puzzles -- an easy solution.

Fandango is the one that many people seem to have trouble with. The planned way is almost impossible to find, the most widely used unplanned way is still quite hard. But there's a really easy solution to the puzzle.

Instead of putting a bike pump left to the soccerball, put a PIPE left to the soccerball, and make it so it would point from Mel to the ball. The Mel will sneak past the ball. *surprise surprise* To prevent him from falling in the aquarium, put a laser by it, so Mel would go over the laser.

When he falls on a teeter-totter, he would turn left, when he will slide off. To prevent this, tie the upper end of it, to the upper end of the uppermost teeter-totter (which is close to the monkey)

Now you have countless options. You could guide the Mel over to the final switch, and use the laser and the lava lamp to do it. Or you could put there a mouse and connect it to a conveyor. Or you could use the activated monkey to connect with a mouse and gears and all. Or you could complicate it more than needed. Or you could.

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