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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire

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About The Game

Finally, players can find a home in Skyrim thanks to Hearthfire, the new DLC package from Bethesda. Display trophies from your in-game achievements, defend your home from giants, and even raise a family in this relaxing expansion that makes the world of Skyrim more immersive than ever. Use the new workbench to process raw materials, craft the necessary supplies to build your home, or to manufacture wooden ornaments to decorate your fantasy living space. Wall-mounted mudcrabs: a dream come true!

Game Features

  • • Defend your home from wandering monster invasions
  • • Construct anything from a one-room cottage to a palatial mansion
  • • Till your own garden and reap the rewards
  • • Own livestock, including chickens, highland cows, or even a collection of beehives. Build a stable for your pony!
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Videos

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In Hearthfire, the second downloadable expansion to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you’ll finally settle down after all those long adventures. Here you’ll be able to raise an adopted child with your spouse...

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Review

By Gus McZeal |

Nope, Bethesda Game Studios isn’t trolling you: Harvest Moon has merged with Skyrim, courtesy of the new Hearthfire DLC package. Apparently, a lot of budding homemakers play Skyrim, presumably because the game has trapped them at home and they need a place to escape to that doesn’t actually involve leaving Tamriel. Building a customized home has been one of Skyrim’s most-requested DLC options, and finally, Bethesda has answered your prayers—unless you have a PlayStation 3. Sorry bros.

Although there are already multiple in-game homes for players to buy in Skyrim, there hasn’t yet been an opportunity for people to build their own houses. I thought Dragonborn heroes had better things to do with their time than dink around at home with the wife (or husband) and kids, but apparently not. Hearthfire lets you buy a plot of land in either Hjaalmarch, Falkreath, or the Pale (if you’re rich you can build homes in all three), and harvest resources to start constructing your ~*DrEaM HoMe*~. The house can be as big or small as you want. Build a cozy one-room cottage, or a palatial estate with a hedge maze and secret alchemy lab.

Process minerals and lumber on the game’s new workbench, which can also be used to craft numerous ornaments and decorations for your home that you can put into specially made display cases. Fill your house with mannequins, taxidermied skeevers, or wall-mounted mudcrabs. A Martha Stewart dream come true! You can till your own garden, care for a highland cow, spend time with your favourite pony in your hand-built stable, or gather honey from your collection of apiaries. The choice is yours.

For the first time, heroes in Skyrim will be able to raise their own families. Move in with your wife or husband and adopt some local orphans. Be sure to raise your kids well, or they might grow up to be necromancers. Having a house and family finally gives you something concrete to protect in Skyrim, and your homestead will definitely need to be defended. Jealous giants want to fuck up your shit, and your children will be frightened if you let rogue skeevers hide under their beds. Families are serious business.

Skyrim’s Hearthfire DLC is available via Xbox live and costs 400 Microsoft points. It earns a Z-Score of 83%. There’s still no word as to whether this DLC will be made available on the PlayStation 3, but all signs point to “probably not,” given Bethesda’s track record with Skyrim’s downloadable content.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Cheats

Full Achievement Guide

Proud Parent (10 points):

Adopt a child To adopt a child, travel to any major city in a hold where you own a home, or have a fairly large constructed plot with extra wings attached. Inside the city, you’ll be given two letters by a courier. One will instruct you on how to remodel your home to build a Child’s Room. The other is from Honor hall in Riften, asking you to speak with Constance to adopt one of three children. You won’t be able to adopt without first constructing a Child’s Room in your home. 

Landowner (10 points) Buy a plot of land Travel to any Hold and a Courier will arrive, giving you a letter instructing you that a plot of land is available for purchase in one of three holds. If you’re Thane, you won’t be met by a courier, but you can still travel to the Jarl of Haafingar, The Pale, or Falkreath to purchase.

Land Baron (10 points): Buy three plots of land Purchasing land is simple, just look at the previous achievement for details. Plots can be purchased in Haafingar, The Pale, or Falkreath. You’ll need to gain favor with the new Jarl of Falkreath before he’ll sell by completing Radiant Misc. quests. Each plot will cost $5,000 and can be purchased by asking about homes to the Jarl, or to the Jarl’s steward.

Architect / Master Architect (10 / 10 points): Build three wings on a house / Build three houses To complete Master Architect, you’ll need to build all three wings onto each of your purchased land plots. Building homes isn’t easy and will require several steps and a lot of patience.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Hearthfire Game Walkthrough

One of the new features that Bethesda added in the big world of Skyrim, is the opportunity for players to purchase a plot of land within the game.

After downloading the Hearthfire DLC (400 MSP), you will be ready to purchase land and build your house. Unlike the house you can buy in the major cities in Skyrim, having your own estate gives you a lot of things to do, aside from making it your armory and your home base.

If you just downloaded the DLC, you might be a little confused on how to access the content.

STEPS in Purchasing your Land:

1. Go to any major city in Skyrim and you will meet a courier.

2. The courier will approach and tell you the good news that Jarl is selling land you can buy. At the end of your conversation, you will receive a letter from the Steward.
In Hearthfire DLC, the plot of land that you can buy will vary from three different locations; Falkreath, the Pale, or in Hjaalmarsh. In my playthrough, I got an offer to purchase land from Falkreath.

3. Head to the location you are asked to go to and seek the Steward. In my case, I went to the house of the Jarl of Falkreath. Once you find the steward, he or she will tell you that you can purchase the land for 5000 gold, but only if you have the money to buy it.

4. After you purchased the land, head to the marker the steward marked on your map.

5. Once you find the empty land, it�s time to start building your house. Head to the bench with blueprints on it.

6. As you can see, you will need materials in order to make your house. Look for a chest near the bench where your blueprint is and you will find some materials that you can use.

All done! 

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